Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

The B.E. Well Naturalistas | Entrepreneurs

The Politically Correct Answer – The B.E. Well Company is the first black-owned, female-led CBD infused cooking oil line in the national market. It was founded by five dynamic women, The B.E. Well Naturalistas, who joined together to create hemp-based wellness products for those searching for alternative methods to traditional medicine. Here’s the Real Deal – One of our founding members was struggling with physical ailments and depression as a result of a series of personal life tragedies. The long-lasting effects of trauma took a toll on her physical and emotional well-being, so she was prescribed antidepressants and addictive pain medication to help address her symptoms. Read more>>

Courtney Woods | Master Promotional Graphic Designer “Tech Queen 88”

I’ve always had a creative mind and I knew at an early age that I’d be an entrepreneur one day. I decided that I wanted to design websites for a living when I took an internship my senior year at UAB. The internship required me to move content and data from a media company’s old website platform to their new website platform. I remember thinking how neat it was to log into the backend of a website and change things. So I started playing around designing on different platforms at home until I found the one that worked best for me. This is when I decided that I wanted to help people get their business online by designing websites for people. Read more>>

Aryonna Muhammad | Hair Plug

The thought process behind my business was honestly MONEY lol ,but when I really sat down and thought about what is my real reason for starting my own business, it was more so my twin girls. I started out as a Lash Tech while working as phlebotomist back in 2018. One year I got real sick with pneumonia while suffering with Sickle Cell Anemia and couldn’t work my job or do lashes. So then i came up with the plan of let me find something else to do or sell because even in the condition of feeling better I was not only subjecting myself to others and their health issues, I was also allowing them to subject themselves to me. Read more>>

Kristen Cardinal | Owner & Maker of Sincerely, Roots

I feel like there is ever the perfect time to start a business, you just need to go for it sometimes. So that was my mindset when I decided to start Sincerely, Roots, my natural and organic skincare/bath and body brand. I was 8 months pregnant with my 4th baby, it was during the pandemic, and I just really felt that deep in my heart that I needed to do this. I also had motivation in the form of my (at the time) 8 month old daughter. She was born with sensitive skin, and she also has eczema. I noticed that none of the products that we were buying on the market were helping her. She would get dry and bumpy red patches on her arms, legs, and torso. I just hated seeing her like that so I took it upon myself to start making a natural and organic soap that would help her. And now here we are:) Read more>>

Khristena Marcus | Custom Designer

What began as a hobby and creative way of making costumes for my performances, turned into an amazing opportunity to share my gifts and creativity with others. Eulalia Designs derives from my middle name, Khristena Eulalia Marcus, and was born out of the comfort of my two-bedroom apartment. Making dance costumes for myself and my alma mater’s dance team, the Howard University “Ooh La La! Dance Line”, was not only a way to help save money, but it was also the catalyst to transforming a passion into a business. Read more>>

Autumn Kilgore | CEO: The Comfy Rose Collection

I began The Comfy Rose Collection after giving birth to my daughter. I was going through postpartum depression and just trying to make sense of it all. COVID had just began and although I’ve always been a homebody, it is much harder when you CAN’T leave the house. I found that the only thing that gave me peace was taking my evening bath and looking forward to a nice set of pjs to put on. The relief that it gave me from my everyday life is what I wanted to offer to other moms. I knew The Comfy Rose Collection could provide just that. Read more>>

C’Naye Smith | Business Owner

My thought process behind starting my own business was actually healing. I was recovering from one of the most devastating 12 months of my life losing loved ones back to back. The icing on the cake was when I was 6 months pregnant with my second son my kids father was murdered. I had mentally hit rock bottom. I battled with depression for a year and coped with it by just trying to be numb. I no longer had the desire to do anything. I honestly didn’t care to heal or to overcome this burden I was okay with just being sad because it was a familiar emotion for me. Read more>>

Tisha Raye | Podcast Owner/Host, On Air Personality, Media Correspondent

My thought process behind starting my own business was just thinking about how I needed to LIVE my LIFE and do what makes me happy for once! I knew what I wanted to do and went for what I wanted…BOOM!!! Read more>>

Katrina Tatum | Owner of Kuriously Delicious

This business stemmed from me cooking and creating healthy delicious juices for my friends. One day one of my close friends suggested that I pray about doing what I love as a business, and I did just that. A few months later God showed me a vision of a business where I was creating juices and selling them. This is a great opportunity to create generational wealth for my children. So I started creating products that were not only healthy but delicious. Read more>>

Iesha Chevry | Creative Enthusiast

My thought process was being able to create what hadn’t existed as far as how I perceive art. The healing process behind creativity for me and how any individual can interpret the work. So I decided to combine my love for fashion, individuality and self expression to create a business that enthusiastically connected the dots between personal style and unique idealism Read more>>

Tia Gordon J | Founder of Crypto Currency ATM Franchise

Starting my own business for me is about legacy building and economic development right from the start. As a very young entrepreneur, I saw the need for entrepreneurs to create jobs to sustain the infrastructure of local, state, and national community development. On a personal level starting my own business allowed me to create jobs and teach others important work ethics and skills sets that would service their experience for many years to come. Read more>>

Anesha Nixon | Lash Technician & Entrepreneur

I first took interest in doing lash extensions professionally when I was a senior in High school. I knew that since I was going to college I was going to need a side hustle to help pay for college. Taking the certification class to get certified in doing lash extensions was harder than I thought it was going to be. As time went on I thought it was going to get easier but I was highly mistaken. Even though it was hard I knew I wanted to start my own business so that I could be my own boss and work under myself. With me putting my own money into it to take a $300 course I knew my money couldn’t go to waste so that pushed me to keep going. It has now been almost 2 years since I first started doing lashes and I have gotten so much better. Making the decision to become an entrepreneur was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. Read more>>

Jassmine Smith | Apparel Business Owner & Content Educator

When I started Go Head Teach, we were at the beginning of the pandemic. I just finished the school year teaching virtually. That was a huge learning curve. Many of my fellow teachers were frustrated and overwhelmed. On top of that, we were feeling the brut of injustices in the black community. I had so many emotions, and I chose to channel them into creative expression. I designed tees that would specifically speak to black educators who wanted to make a difference and look fly doing it. I’d like to say it was a success! Read more>>

Bomaya Kamara | Bomaya H. Kamara, MSW | Macro Social Worker, Socialprenuer & Community Builder

I asked myself four questions: How can I use my talents and skills to make extra income and make a difference?; What can I do to contribute to the Sierra Leonean community?; How can I positively impact my Sierra Leonean peers?; What is lacking in our community? I realized that networking isn’t something we take advantage of in our community. Also, Young Sierra Leoneans don’t have consistent outlets where we can come together for work and play. Lastly, Young Sierra Leoneans back home (Sierra Leone) lack support systems for Personal and professional development. This is where Salone Linkup (SL) comes in – We want to be the link and go-to platform for young Sierra Leoneans living abroad and at home. Read more>>

W. Mahogany Ferdinand | Natural Hairstylist & Master Barber

My thought process behind starting my own business was to free myself from the rat race of working a regular 9-5. I’ve always been very talented and a business savvy. I quickly realized working hard for some else’s company wasn’t beneficial for me. Watching both parents being entrepreneurs I knew at a young age that one day I will too own my own business. I enjoy helping others and want to build a empire so that I can help more people and give them opportunity. I have a quote I always say “In order to enjoy what you do. You must find your passion and enjoy doing it and the money will follow”. It’s almost like a affirmation for me to remind myself to keep pushing. Read more>>

Eirpricia Turner | CEO/Founder of Salae Kitchen & Self-published author

My thought process behind starting my business was easy, I wanted my children to start where I ended and not where I started. I always knew I could not pass down my career to my kid and I couldn’t save enough to build generational wealth, so building businesses my children could own was one of my thought processes. My second was wanting to impact thousands by showing them it’s possible – just like it was for a little ol girl like myself! Read more>>

Nadia Reese | Educator and Creator

As a child, I lived in a household overflowing with creativity and chaos. I’m the third oldest of eight kiddos, so there was always “something’ going on in the Reese household. My mother, Shirley, was and still is a gifted creator. From sewing and crocheting outfits to decorating homes and creating wigs for alopecia clients, she was consistently doing and creating. Like her, I found myself wanting to create something, but in a different way. I wanted to create opportunities to share my joy. I found joy in learning, reading, mail, and stationery. Read more>>

Aubria Green-Slocum | Facials & Body Sculpting

I had just started back work, for a company I been with 7 years, after coming off maternity leave and it was in the midst of Covid19. Everyday the thought of how can I better myself, my family, & my household went racing across my mind. I’ve always gotten complaints on my skin and what kind of products do I use for my face and it got me thinking that would if I could help others feel confident in their skin care. So I invested in myself and went to a class for facials, skin care, and body contouring. Read more>>

Cathy Purdy | Fiber Artist

After leaving the corporate world after 20 years, I had the urge to stay connected to the business world and find a way to dive into new skill sets that would benefit me if I were to ever return to the workforce. I turned toward my passion for the creative arts and opened my online shop in just a few months. For years, this was something I’ve always wanted to do and now I had the time. Even though I had a long-time background in marketing, I knew this was the perfect way stretch myself to learn and do more. It’s experiencing firsthand everything about entreprenurship, digital marketing, and eCommerce. Read more>>

Blake Klepper | Owner of a Moving Company in Georgia

My name is Blake Klepper and since I was young, I have always looked at others and studied what they did for a living. I was very curious about what made them love their job. Most of the people I observed seemed to just be content with their lives and jobs. Working for a large scale company with a very average life seemed to suit most people. Once I became old enough, I decided to begin thinking about my own career. Was I going to ‘bend the knee’ and have my own average life? It was scary to think about coming out of high school. Read more>>

Tivoni Bryant | Event coordinator & Promoter

My thought process behind starting my own business came natural. I’ve always liked vending with my aunts at yard sales, and flea markets. I worked regular jobs, and sold my products or services at my jobs. I never lasted too long because I focused on being my own boss and my business more than I cared about the main job. So it was kinda in me from the start of my teen years to work for myself. My 1st business I didn’t have allot knowledge, but to go get a business licenses that was it. I struggled, and sacrificed for years before I got the principles of how a business is legally ran. It wasn’t easy, but I knew I always wanted to work for myself, create my own hours, and make my own money. I knew about the sacrifices that it would take. I’m a risk taker, so I knew my family and peers wouldn’t understand but I kept pressing. I never take no for an answer., so I don’t give up easy even through the storms. Read more>>

Somya Agarwal | CEO, Wife, Mother & Software Developer

Being my own employer and my own boss. This was my inspiration to start something of my own. I wanted to be independent but I also wanted an oversight to make sure that I am sincere & punctual, just like you are when you have to go to a job. Another reason was that I wanted to provide website design, maintenance, and marketing to small businesses at affordable rates. The tools to succeed in the online world are mostly free or cheap- but what prevents businesses is the high cost of services. I wanted to remove that barrier Read more>>

Eboné Almon | Creator & Host, The PHG (Professional Homegirl) Podcast™

When I first started The PHG Podcast, I wanted to debunk the narratives of what society thinks about Black women by providing a platform where Black women can live in their authenticity and fully be seen. Listeners are always amazed at my guests because they never heard women speak so freely on taboo topics that are not normally discussed openly by women. In addition, I wanted to normalize conversations that were and still are affecting my community and the women in it. The PHG Podcast not only humanizes my guests and their stories but encourages listeners to empathize with my guests and the road less traveled by some of them. I also wanted to shed light on professional women to encourage women of color that they deserve to take up space wherever their heart desires. Read more>>

Tynnetta Thompson | CEO and Hairstylist

My mission is to provide products that are safe, healthy and healing. Understanding the frustration that comes with finding quality products to use, it brings me joy to expand my business so that others may experience them as well. As I struggle with Eczema I know what it’s like to not be able to shop at the nice stores for your self care Products because half the time you can’t pronounce the ingredients and it irritates the skin. Rose Bird Essentials LLC Handcrafted and Healthy, cruelty Free and non gmo. Read more>>

Jus Vybin | Music Producer Singer Songwriter

I wanted full control of my time and consequently my destiny. I got to a stage where I started to think what’s life all about. I want to leave a legacy and tread my own path. I want to make money whilst I’m sleeping, there is only so much hours in the day working for someone and their agenda As a creator I own my intellectual property and it becomes a commodity that yields for life, it has an ability to compound and can move on to the next generation Life is growth, my own business gives me the ability to grow self and or empire as I deem fit with no hold back Read more>>

Haeshah Z. Davis | Owner & Chief of Creativity

Moving hundreds of miles away called for serious job hunting, right? I applied to jobs I was overqualified and everything in between. After applying to many jobs, I randomly got a phone call from a friend that asked if I could help her start her business, it hit me… I made a list of all the things I am an expert at. After making that list, I did a lot of research on people who already have similar businesses in what I was interested in. I started out as a “social media business” because I was afraid I would start something and not finish it. I wanted to see this through and I knew that, the day I spoke with my LS who is an attorney, she told me I can’t take anyone else’s money until I had an LLC. At that moment, I knew I couldn’t afford to get things trademarked and handle all other legal components, but I knew I could apply to get my LLC. As soon as we hung up the phone, I applied for my LLC and the rest is history. Read more>>

Christian Tyler | Master Dog Trainer, Author

After working for many others and not being afforded an opportunity for real success I had to take matters in my own hands. I figured if they can win with my help so can I. Read more>>

Shada Wooding | Phlebotomist & CEO of SecretlyWaisted\

I knew I wanted to start my own business with a product that would empower women and promote body positivity. There are so many women that frown upon their bodies without realizing how crucial it is to love your whole self. So I decided to start making waistbeads. I already knew that waistbeads were a great way to track weight loss and/or weight gain, but they are also a great gift to your body, showing how much you love it. We put jewelry on our hands, ears, face, wrists, ankles, and neck. Why not put jewelry on our waist to show how beautiful that part of our body is as well? Read more>>

Steven Stancell | Partner at The Walter Mitty Studios

Well on one hand, I really wanted to end the struggling artist cliché. I believe God has given us all gifts and talents and we can use those to make a living. You know…now, because of social media, people are able to clearly see how creatives aren’t just artist, they’re products that help companies connect with customers, increase sales, and build more public trust. Focusing solely on perfecting our crafts but missing other elements such as marketing and sales, can definitely keep a creative producing exceptional work and at the same time keep them broke. Read more>>

Yasmin S Brown | Author & Owner of Yiry-Elements

Start my own business was a way for me to help women of all ages become leaders after trauma through personal growth and self-expression. Read more>>

Alcelia Scott-Ford | Clothing Designer

My first love was always sewing. I worked in corporate America for 25 years. Although I had become very successful in my career, I would still make time to sew. When I got married, my husband was in the military. While I relocated a lot with my job, I also moved a lot when I married a military man. In the beginning, he followed me with my career, and then we had to decide who would have the dominant career. When we knew he would make Colonel, we decided it was time for me to give up corporate America to be home with our only child. As a military wife, there was always a ball to attend. I would end up making 2-3 ball gowns a year for myself. Read more>>