Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Kay Gravesande | HR Consultant & Career Speaker

I view risk as a necessary action. Although it is common for us to shy from it, we must learn to embrace it in order to grow and find comfort in being uncomfortable. I try to take calculated risks over blind risk, but I understand in entrepreneurship that is not always possible. Sometimes you can weigh your options, look at history and go for the most reasonable. Other times, you just have to take the leap and bet on yourself. Like most things in life, there are two sides to risk – people focus so heavily on failure and that often hinders them from ever taking the leap in the beginning. Why not focus on success? Since I have chosen to focus on success, I believe I have been able to create more opportunity for myself professionally and personally. Instead of running from risk, I have learned to make friends with it. I’m not saying I’m a dare devil, but I tip comfortably towards “aggressive” than I do ‘conservative” if we are talking investments. Read more>>

Christopher King | Entrepreneur and International Motivational Speaker

Risk was and is at the top of my food chain. With out risk their is no opportunity to fail or succeed. I’ve learned so much over the last twenty years of my life just by taking risks and winning and losing. And I value my losses and very wins as they have helped me to become the man and business man I am today. It helped me to develop a level of patience and persistence. Growing a unstoppable level of ability to never give up. Walking away from the corporate world to stand alone was a big risk. To be able to develop a lifestyle and practice of hustle to, yes I said hustle, survive. If you call your self a entrepreneur and you don’t have no hustle, well then how will you survive. It was a risk signing my name on the dotted line to start a business, it was risk to obligating myself to develop the community, it was a risk putting trust in the possibility to make an income of the service I provide to people. Read more>>

Lucille Butler | Head Farmer & Owner

Risk, I feel, is one of the strongest methods available to gauge one’s passion, or passions. It begs the questions “what am I willing to do””, and “how uncomfortable am I willing to be to see this blossom into something that brings forth joy?” For me, risk is something I’ve learned to hold hands with because the very nature of growing anything from seed or transplant outdoors involves risk. I think with Flora Gothica Farms, creating a brand around the goth subculture and aesthetic I associate myself with while also remaining true to who I am and where I’ve come from was risky. Trying to grow primarily heirlooms and special varieties of crops commercially (and profitably) versus the tried and true is, and continues to be risky. There are lots of other examples of this, but I’ve found, so far that each time I take a risk, if it works out, that’s great! If the risk wasn’t calculated enough, that’s still great, because I can take notes and share that failure and experience with others so they too can learn. Risk it for the biscuit, as they say!. Read more>>

Jeremiah Davis | Author

Writing itself is a risk because it requires a lot of time and effort, if done correctly, and is not always rewarding immediately. Writers are rewarded based on the amount of readers they can attract and even a good book is not guaranteed to garner a lot of attention. In addition, as a person who uses writing as a way to discuss different issues in the world, some of which are highly controversial, there is an added risk because if I write the wrong thing or say the wrong thing through one of my characters, there could be backlash, I could lose readers, or my work could be written off entirely. So, in essence, every aspect of what I do has its risks, but I feel there is no reward without risk, and that it would be detrimental to my work for me to conform to the wishes of everybody else when it comes to what and how I write. My art is my art, and I choose to use it in my own way. Read more>>

Sarah Powell | Brow and Beauty Specialist

If you do not take the risk how will you ever grow? Taking risks are scary but could bring you the most joy and change your life for the better. Life is all about taking risks because if you do not you will remain exactly where you are and never grow. Opening my own studio was a very big risk I had to take in order to grow more in my industry. I was at my previous salon for 5 years and just felt I was very stagnant. I was not able to build on top of what I was doing anymore. We all outgrow places and people and that’s okay. Another huge risk of opening my own studio was it happening all in the beginning of the pandemic, but I knew if I did not make the jump I never was. I have grown more in the past year in my career and as a person all because I took the risk. Read more>>

Jasmine Clark | GA State Representative & Sr. Lecturer in Microbiology

When I think of taking risk, I immediately think of the saying “going out on a limb.” The imagery is of someone standing on a limb and hoping it doesn’t break under their weight. The reality is being on the limb will elevate you from where you started and get you closer to where you want to go, if, and only if, it does not break. In this context, it is important, when taking a risk, to consider many factors: where do you want to go; how do you want to get there; is it feasible (even if it will be difficult); and what are the consequences if you are wrong? While I generally consider myself to be risk averse, and am not one to chase after risky situations, or will choose the least risky path forward, there have been times where I have felt the risk was worth it. One such time was when I decided to run for political office. Running for office carries many risks, as you are allowing yourself to be exposed to the public in ways many people are not used to. Your every move is scrutinized. Read more>>

Tim Bennett | Mental Health Advocate & Teacher

Taking risks for any part of your life is the hardest thing to do. It’s taking a jump when nobody is there to catch you when you fall. In my life it was no different; Self Love University started with me not knowing where it was going but knowing there is a need for someone to talk about issues millennials face. My biggest obstacle was making that jump and being scared that my friends/family wouldn’t back me up. That wasn’t the case, I saw my biggest following once I started putting my face with the brand. It was a bigger joy when I found out my students at my high school found out about my brand. I get questions every day on how can they uplift their self-confidence or self-worth. Read more>>

Jenny Malibu | Salon Owner

I don’t think about risks. I just do and live in the present moment. Life is too short to give in to negative thoughts. Always follow your dreams and things will always work out!. Read more>>

Willie Franks | Business Owner

Go Big or Go Home is a motto that I’ve taken to heart these past few years. Whether you’re a businessman/woman or a entrepreneur you have to bet on yourself. I personally believe that risk taking is a direct representation of the belief in yourself and your brand. The more risk you take the more confidence you have in achieving your goals. When you know that you are capable of achieving something then you minimize the risk because even if you fail you realize that you are more than capable of tackling it again and again. Read more>>

Dev Shaw | Clothing designer & Entrepreneur

Honestly I feel like taking risk is a part of everyday life, especially if you want to be successful in whatever you are pursuing. I took risks for my brand plenty of times, & risks throughout life. I’ve been on the right ends of the stick & sometime the low ends. But every situation gives you a learning experience, it betters you as a person. At the end of the day you can’t be scared to jump, after all it is your life. Read more>>

Dakotah Aiyanna | Artist

I’m an artist. Which simply means that everything I do Is based on the opinions and perspective of others. I create For myself because it gives me freedom however it may not always be accepted by society because art is subjective and also because a lot of the world does not understand the value of art. Me waking up everyday and choosing art is a risk because I never Know if I’m going to get any job or opportunity that I apply for. All of my work (murals) is word of mouth whenever I send pitches to companies I never hear back from them the way I expect to. The journey of choosing art is discouraging but very rewarding because I’m being led by purpose and passion so I have Faith that I’m going to get to where my heart desires because I’m applying myself. I can Count how many times on multiple hands where my accounts were low and I had bills due and I was freaking out like hell and then I’m blessed with opportunities that seem to just fall out the sky. That’s where faith comes into play and perseverance. Read more>>

Taniah Rose | Career Strategist

I like to think of myself as a rather logical thinker, the thing with risk taking is that sometimes logic goes out the door and instinct takes over. Intuitive thinking and getting a sincere feeling of situations prior to taking a leap has been the strategy I’ve modeled many of my decisions and risks after. Career wise, I’ve taking risks that range from accepting a new position in a new state and moving two weeks later to venturing into a new sector of services for my small business. Each risk leading me to its own reward and validation that the risk was a worthy one. My latest risk has been the creation of my career advancement planner. I wanted to create something for planners (like myself) that was geared specifically towards motivating them to advance their career. The planner has monthly quotes, quarterly goal setting, weekly aims, interview cheat sheet and checklists to ensure you’re cognizant of your career goal and making necessary strides to achieve them. Read more>>

Destin Andrews | Visual Artist, Graphic designer, and Caricature Artist

Taking risk can play a different role in different lives . Some risks may be harder then others. In my life taking risk has played a significant role for me as a artist. I realized believe it or not that in order to be successful or on your path to success you will have to take some risk. That can be trying something new, putting more time in your passion, investments, etc. Before I started my professional art career taking risk was one of my first lessons. I was just starting as a Caricature artist and have been practicing for a couple months now not knowing when I would make my first sell or if I was good enough, but my trainer just told me to just start, I had enough practice. I was nervous and not sure how I would do or if the customer would like and buy the drawing but the main thing to realize is that I started and even better, I made my first sell. So sometimes you got to take a leap of faith to follow your dreams and find your true passion. Read more>>

Mary Alice Gaston-Poole | Wellness Educator & Advocate

I remember standing there hugging a tree, looking down at the forest floor many hundreds of feet below me thinking to myself, “Mary Alice, what are you doing, girl? Get down now!” True, I was there, with my arms wrapped around the tree. Every part of my body was shaking as I waited my turn to zip 1,000 feet on a tiny cable across the Blue Ridge mountains. The guide told us to be sure during the ride to look out to the right to see the mountains. When it was my turn, I closed my eyes and pushed off the platform. During that ride, I opened my eyes and time slowed a little. The Earth seemed to open up, I felt warm, I felt good, and I knew everything was going to be ok. And, of course, I looked deeply to my right and tried to take it all in, the wonderful world and peace of it all, right then and there, in that moment, on a zip line. That’s risk. Read more>>

Levatta Levels | Chief Executive Officer of Higher Levels Educational Group

To take risks, one has to be daring, courageous, brave, confidant, and bold! Throughout my career I’ve had the audacity to believe I could make a difference. I believed that my purpose was to improve and change lives. Early on as a teacher and later as a principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent, I was audacious in my actions with the intention on changing and impacting lives. Read more>>

LaDarrius Hutcherson | Entrepreneur

My life is a sum of taking risks. Statistically speaking, the environment in which I come from is not set up for me to be great. Essentially, it’ was expected for me to fail, so I’ve always went against the grain and did things that society would not expect me to. I was the first generation college graduate in my family and everything leading up to that point were all risks. I believe in just going for it, whatever “it” is, just try it. I have never let hypotheticals keep me from being optimistic about my future and the potential I possess. After completing high school, every part of my life from that point on were all risks, from going off to college, completing college, starting a career, going back to college, starting a business, etc.. these were all things that had never been done in my family but someone had to take those risks and I will continue to be a risk taker and push the envelope so that the younger generation in my family can see that it can be done!. Read more>>

Courtney Ingram | Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

My logic has always been, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. Although it can be scary and uncertain, I know that without taking risks we would never reach our full potential and only become a fraction of whom we are destined to be. Taking risks has played a huge role in my life and where I am today. Moving to Atlanta in 2016 was one of those risks. I moved 16 hours away from home without having a job lined up or a clear plan of what exactly I would be doing. I literally only had money in my savings to live off of, faith, and confidence that I would find my way. After being in Atlanta for 6 months, I found myself at a job that I wasn’t passionate about which led me to my next big risk. I left that job and decided to go all in for my passion in the Health and Fitness Industry. Since then I have continued to successfully operate and expand my business and brand. Taking risks has helped me overcome fears and build a life for myself that was once only a dream. Read more>>

Quinlan Williams | Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

Risk is almost always worth the reward. Whether it be more access, more information, or more money. If you take a risk and fail, you just gained the information you needed to move past that obstacle next time. If you take a risk and end up in a higher spot than you were before, you just gained the access you were seeking. If you take a risk and create a brand new source of income for yourself, there’s your pay increase. For anyone wanting to be an entrepenuer, a creative, or anything that results in personal freedom, you’ve gotta take risks. I enjoy taking risks and challenging traditions, actions that have always gotten me more of the intangible things I strive for, access and information. I often ask questions that challenge the norm or use new ways of thinking to fuel my actions and goals. Read more>>

Harold Cochran | Entrepreneur and Content Creator

How I feel about risks, is “where there is no risk, there is no reward.” You definitely have to take risks in order to advance to the next level in your life. Five years ago, I took a risk and moved to Atlanta. I quit my job and literally gathered my life and moved. I needed change and experience. These last 5 years have definitely been filled with highs and lows but I wouldn’t have it any other way because they made me who I am today. Read more>>

La Shundra Worthy | Custom Designer

I think about risks as opportunities to experience something new, a chance to step outside of your comfort zone. Since I was younger, I’ve always been one to take risks. I was always the kid in the classroom raising her hand to ask a question, volunteering for something or answer a question so I’m in no way fearful of taking risks. Risk taking has played an integral part in my life and I attribute much of my success today to the fact that I didn’t allow the unknown to deter my path. In the last ten (10) years, I’ve relocated to two (2) states, Indiana and Pennsylvania where I didn’t know a soul. I’ll admit, the thought of living far away from my family and friends was terrifying, however, the drive inside of me wouldn’t allow failure to be an option. Taking that first step to relocate sparked my desire to travel more, network and experience life with a difference view. Of course there were ups and downs, however, the foundation instilled in me as a child enabled me to flourish during these times. Read more>>

Aleni Barkley | Photographer

Goal achievement is determined by your work ethic, open mindedness, discipline, and your ability to take risks. I took a risk when I resigned from my job. I was accustomed to playing it safe just to have an income. Once I became uncomfortable, I knew God was trying to move me. I would have stayed miserable being in an environment that hindered my creativity. My mother and I was watching an episode of I Am Athlete where Briana Owens was discussing her journey of quitting her corporate job to start Spiked Spin. My mom mentioned how she admired my generation for being risk takers and not being afraid to go after our dreams. Since taking that risk, I frequently receive confirmation that I made the right decision. The camera that I utilize was being advertised from a photographer on social media. It’s risky purchasing items from strangers, but that was one of the best purchases I’ve made. The seller saved me at least a thousand dollars, and the purchase allowed me to improve my quality of product. Read more>>

Jessica It’s All Good | Stand-Up Comedian & DJ

Honestly, I’d like to think that I am not a risk taker at all. I feel I’m big on playing it safe, however, I have a pretty big track record on taking huge leaps and risk when it comes to both my career and personal life. Two major examples include a story from both aspects of my life. For my career, I decided to move to Atlanta after losing my job in my college town. I had almost no money and had a rough time finding opportunities while I was here. I ended up being homeless for about 6 months and struggled pretty bad for about a year or two afterwards. Believe it or not, I actually gave up and moved back in with my parents in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. But a few more risk led me right back to Atlanta where the dream of being a famous actress turned into a career of stand-up comedy and DJing. Read more>>

Princess Modupe Ozolua | Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Considering I recently made some radical decisions, my perception of risk has greatly changed. Children take risks because they are usually unaware of the negative impact their decisions might might on them. Such as climbing a tree and sitting on a branch. They only focus on the happiness they believe they would experience when they accomplish their goal, not the possibility of falling and their breaking bones. As adults, although we want to enjoy the pleasure of climbing trees, we must first consider some factors such as possible insects on the tree that could bite us, how strong are the branches, the possibilities of falling and breaking bones or hitting the head on a rock, etc, After considering these and more, we might decide to simply forego the climb and enjoy the view from the ground rather than deal with fractures that might never heal or worse. Read more>>

Jasmine Davis | CEO & Founder of Be Beyond Ordinary, LLC

I think that taking risks is like vegetation for the soul. Many people don’t like to eat their veggies, but we all know that they’re good for us. It can be really hard to take risks, but I believe it is what the soul wants. We need to be able to spread our wings and fly. Honestly, taking risks has added more joy in my life. Once I got past the anxiety behind taking risks & making decisions to invest in myself without regret, I began to feel more in control of my life. It is liberating to be able to take a risk on yourself and the things that you want for yourself in life. Read more>>

Jessica Szabo | Stylist | Salon Owner + Wife & Mother of 3

I love talking on this subject- big risks, small risks, I love taking them! Throughout my life, I’ve always had the mentality of ‘not taking this risk could leave me missing out on a lost opportunity.’ I truly believe if I see the chance to jump on something, taking that risk the fun part! Sure, it could be scary and you could fail but what if you didn’t? Looking back on some of my major mess ups, I often think (truly) that I wouldn’t change anything. When opportunities don’t work out, I move on and believe it was because God has something He’s working on for me and that wasn’t it. But when you DO take the plunge and succeed, the rest falls into place as it should. Take that chance and if the outcome outweighs the risk, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Today, I have too many blessings to count because I said ‘psssh, let’s just do it!’ Read more>>

Stacy Pulliam | Real Estate Advisor / Activist For Social Injustice and Women’s Rights

Taking risk seems to be a major part of my life. At age 40 I successfully transitioned from the Beauty Industry to Real Estate. Talk about fearful, concerned, and every word in between, that was me. Being an entrepreneur is primarily made up of taking risk but to leave a business that you are comfortable with, not to mention a thriving clientele, to embark on new territory that was totally an act of faith. I’ve described it before as that inner pep-squad we all have inside of us that is saying take the plunge! You can do it! What’s the worst that could happen? Before you know it you have taken that dive into new territory, sink or swim, but you don’t go down without a fight. That pretty much sums up my entire life….Someone has to do it, why not me?. Read more>>

Ariel Smith | The Food Truck Scholar

I think about risk as a decision that comes with an end result you cannot determine for certain but could take you to another level if it works in your favor. Risks aren’t safe. Risks aren’t comfortable. Risk make you uncomfortable, and they will definitely make others around you feel uncomfortable if you play full out and big enough. I will admit that a great portion of my life has been spent being safe; part of that stems from my family. They didn’t want me to make the same mistakes they did, and from that love AND fear, they instilled in me to not venture out. I lived a very sheltered life where even simple things like spending the night at a friends house was out of the question. When I got older, I struggled between taking more risks to live a fuller life and being afraid of what could happen. A lot of that fear presents itself in me being a first generation college student. I wanted to get out poverty and I also didn’t want to do anything that would take away the freedom I experienced in college, so I played everything safe…until safe became suffocating. Read more>>

Tyrique Frisby | Producer & Songwriter

Literally every decision you make in life come with some sort of risk, some big some small. Taking risk helped me grow as a person because after the decision is made , it has to be stood on. Read more>>

Tesia Kwarteng | Singer & Actor

A career is the arts is in itself a complete risk. Nothing is secure or guaranteed and it takes a lot of courage to choose this path, though most of us I think would say it chose us. To me, risk keeps us on our toes and can help us to fully learn how to trust ourselves. Even though it can be scary, the rewards we gain after taking a risk can fuel us to keep going. Read more>>

CrucialBGR | An Up and Coming Lyricist and Collective Head

When I’m fully committed to something, Nothing in me can sit still. Once I’m at that point I literally don’t even see a risk. I’m cautious, yes, but once I’m set on something I feel like nothing can stop me and no matter how far and wide it is I’ll have it. One way or another. being this person has helped, and still is helping through life because once I get to the end of it, I won’t regret not taking one single leap of faith. I would’ve already acted on anything my mind was set on. Read more>>

Sonya Welch | Writer/Owner, The W Theater Ensemble, Inc.

Growing up I always took the path of least resistance. I was never willing to take the risk associated with stepping out of my comfort zone. In my twenties I developed a passion for writing stage plays. I wrote mainly for the drama ministry at my church, but I later began dreaming of producing my stage plays on a larger scale. Problem was, I didn’t know where to begin. I immediately began to doubt myself as I pondered over questions like, how will I secure a venue, where will I get the actors and how will I pay them? The more I researched, the more I realized that producing a stage play takes a great deal of money. I didn’t have a lot of money, so it seemed like a huge risk to invest the little money I did have. After all, I wasn’t 100% sure I would turn a profit. Year after year I re-visited the idea and each time, I talked myself out of it. It wasn’t until 2012 almost 20 years later, that I decided to conquer my fears and take the risk. Producing my first stage play was not easy. I didn’t make a profit, but I did break even. Read more>>

Sejfudin Memic | Used Car Dealer & Entrepreneur

Risk is something that we all have encountered. Some will fear risk and some will embrace it. Personally, I think the riskiest thing is to not risk anything at all. In an advancing world, with opportunities in every corner, risk is something that you have to do in order to achieve huge success. Only those who risk going too far, can find out how far can one go. In the business world, in every sector, risk is what you would have to go through on a daily basis. For example, in my career, every vehicle I purchase is a risk. I’m risking my own money to buy a vehicle to sell, without really having the guarantee of it running, selling, etc. With that being said, risk is something that isn’t for everyone. There are obviously low risk and high risks in everything that you can do. However, one of the major differences between the risk takers is passion. Passion is one motivating factor that affects not only how much you risk but the degree of your risk. Any normal person would give up or play it safe, and that’s one of the biggest dividing factors between achieving great things. Read more>>

Chanovia Cook | Owner of Admire Her, Online Boutique

Risk-taking has this negative feeling attached to it such as dangerous, harmful, etc. Which in some cases are true. However, If done correctly i.e practicing smart risk-taking, changes the connotation to being a choice, opportunity, growth, etc. I personally like to look at it from both ends of the spectrum because some risks can or cannot be reversible. Taking risks is playing a major role in my online clothing store “Admire Her’. Every choice I make has some type of risk associated. The biggest risk I take is purchasing my products from different vendors. Not every manufacture or distributer will send customers samples of their garments. So to avoid losing money or wasting my time I have to do research and compare/ contrast before making a decision. I’ve also become an expert on different silhouette styles, fabrics, and colors. This has helped to mitigate the potential of me being at high risk of purchasing bad products. Read more>>

Nala Jackson | Clothing Brand Owner

I believe that being ordinary is okay. However, if you want to be extraordinary and do extraordinary things, you have to take risks. Nothing great will come from being safe. If you have a dream, you have to believe in that dream so badly that you are willing to take a risk to get you where you want to be. For me, I have always been a person to dream big. I have risked so much money and then failed. I have risked dropping my college classes. I have risked putting myself out to social media and no one knowing who I am. I have risked people telling me to give it a break, and I chose to keep going. No one has the vision that you do. As long as you keep believing in that vision, the risks you take will be worth it. Read more>>

Lil Bird | Singer & Producer

I would say that risk taking is everything when it comes to truly growing. But there’s an important distinction to be made too. Some things feel like risks to your mind, but actually they are the proper next move and you’ve prepared to take that step. In this situation it’s just a matter of overcoming the fear you have, and stepping into the reality that you belong in. This is a constant experience in growing. Then there’s real risk, where you haven’t prepared and you may not know much about what it is you’re doing, it’s more a shot in the dark and you’ll be relying on your ability to adapt. This is less common, and I would say not always necessary, unless you really need to shake things up in your life. Read more>>

Willie Goodwin | Marketing Director

“Calculated risks that make CENSE”. That has always been one of my motos. I took a risk when I first started Good Cense Marketing in 2015 because there were so many big companies in Charleston SC that had huge budgets and could provide more services than a small company like mine just starting out, but I couldn’t let that stop me. I also took another risk in 2016 when I decided to move my small business from Charleston SC to an even bigger city, Atlanta GA. I moved my company because I value growth over comfortability, I didn’t have any family, friends, or even customers in Atlanta when I decided to move. It was hard at first, but I knew I had to hustle and build my clientele. Fast forward to 2021 and I have multiple clients and I’ve even helped run the marketing for the grand opening of a restaurant during a pandemic. Without taking those risks, who knows how my business would have grown. I’m all about risk as long as it makes CENSE. Read more>>

Beryl La Verne Hudson | Social Security Disability Advocate

I have always taken a risk in my life, and making the decision to start my own business was no exception. Working as a Social Security Disability Advocate for a prominent disability attorney in metro Atlanta was a dream job. Not only was this a great paying job, but I also had the opportunity to work and be mentored by one of the leading disability attorneys in Atlanta. After careful consideration, I took the calculated risk of starting my own business, while continuing to work full time. The risk paid off, and after a year, I was in a position to go out on my own. For me, risk-taking correlates with entrepreneurship, both charter you into the unknown. There are career, finances, family responsibilities to be considered. Ultimately I embraced the risks involved in my decision, and I have never regretted it. Read more>>

Erica Hunter | Owner/Baker/ Cake Designer

When assessing the risk, I always gage what the potential reward will be. For my business, it was a huge risk to not offer full fondant cakes. Traditionally most bakers use fondant and it just didn’t interest me at all. So I took the risk of offering bespoke one of a kind buttercream cakes, and the reward has been amazing. I’m staying true to my business model and building a reputation for my niche. Read more>>

Trevor Perry | Actor/Singer

I think taking risk are necessary as an actor. Without taking risks I feel like there’s no growth. When I first started doing theatre in town I was content on fitting into whatever role casting would place me. I felt like a passenger in my own life. Now my goal is to extend my grasp beyond what people expect of me. I love using my gender expression in my art. It’s liberating and I strive to be an inspiration to others like me. Read more>>

Shondra Glover | Entrepreneur -Chandler

I think about risk as an opportunity to improve any idea or situation. As a risk taker, I know the greater risks delivers the greatest reward. When I began my entrepreneur journey, my husband gave me some of the best advice. He said to me,” you should try it and if it doesn’t work, you can always try something else”. So with every risk and decision in my life/career, I tell myself this at the beginning. This advice serves as a shield that protects me from some of the difficulties that come with risk taking. It makes me feel as if I can do anything, even if the risk does not pan out exactly like I hope. There are risks you will win and some you will lose, but know that you can always try something else. Read more>>