“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jordan Landwehr | Artist & Photographer

A principal or saying that matters most to me is “time will promote you or expose you”. To me, this saying applies to morals, work ethic and how true you are to yourself. I try to just focus on the things I can control and have faith that it will all work out, and that saying is one I think about almost daily. Read more>>

Kyri Hayes | Owner/Artistic Director

We have a saying around my studio that is simply, “Stay true to Yourself”. To me, staying true to yourself means standing by your word. It means sticking by your OWN side when others may have a different viewpoint. If you wholeheartedly have a passion about something, push the gas and never apply brakes about it. Let your voice be heard and don’t settle or back down into a quiet corner. Dynamite comes in small packages. You may be the smallest one in the room. You may be the most timid voice in the room, but the world needs your voice. There is always someone looking up to you. The TRUE you. Read more>>

Taylore Simone | Fashion Model | EntreprenHER | Sag-E Actress

The value that matters most to me is my relationship with God. As a freelance model and actress in the entertainment industry, I have to make sure that I do not compromise my beliefs by accepting bookings that go against my values and morals. There are bookings that I just will not accept, such as scenes that are sexual, involve nudity, and include profanity. As a model, I am an ambassador of various brands, which means I am representing that brand and what the brand stands for. Read more>>

Zorriana Smith | Chandler & Writer

This is a great question and I love it so much because it is our values that shape every decision we make in life. For me, it is integrity. In my business, it is important for me to create solid products using this principle as a foundation. I would never sell something that I, myself would not use. I treat every handcrafted item as if I am making it for myself. My mom used to always say to me “whatever your trade is, be the best and be fair” and this is something that I always think of before marketing a new product. In being the best, I believe she meant that in a sense of me being the best that I can be and not in the sense of being the best there is. Read more>>