By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk.  We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken.  Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Dr. Synovia Dover-Harris | Publisher & Book Writing Coach

I think in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a risk taker and from the time I can remember I have always been known to take risks. I started with a professional corporate background like most of my friends whom are Doctors and Lawyers and Accountants and Nurses. However anyone that knows me can tell you I’ve never been much of a conformist and although just like them I am very educated holding a Bachelors, Masters, & Doctorate degree in Business I am an artist and creative first. Therefore I always knew I had to do something creative and risky. Read more>>

Amy Fuchs | Entrepreneur, Realtor & Mom

The adage of no pain no gain comes to mind also No Pressure No Diamonds rings true. Without risk, there is no opportunity for success. You must leap forward to reach for potential growth. I think having the strength to leap forward is a common trait in Entrepreneurs. Those with a strong Entrepreneurial Spirit are willing to leap. However, to be successful you must first look where you will be landing so you can ensure you will land on your feet and be able to stand up tall. InFocusPlus grew out of a business we were already experts in, the Real Estate Industry. Amy Fuchs and Jen Falk were successful top-ranking Realtors in Atlanta when the Film industry started arriving. Read more>>


Risk taking defenitly got me where I am today. I took the biggest risk when I quit staying in my comfort zone and quit everything I know to follow my dreams. I moved out to Colombia alone to help me get closer to my dream/career of becoming and international superstar. I stopped going to school, I quit my job, and I also sold my car. My dream and goal has always been singing/music/acting/ dancing/ creating content/ making videos/ etc. I am an entertainer. If I would have never made that leap to follow my dreams and take the risk of losing everything, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today and I wouldn’t have my platform. Read more>>

Monica Johnson | Founder & Owner MARJ Consulting, LLC

I believe successful people, particularly leaders, take risks. Mot people by nature are risk adverse. It is much more comfortable than stepping outside of your comfort zone to something unknown. However, I have learned over time that the less you become fearful of failure and learn that failures are lessons the more comfortable you become. I have taken huge risks, like quitting a job and starting a previous business that ultimately did not succeed. I thought what was the worst that could happen? Well, I ended up in a lawsuit over a dispute with a business partner and eventually dissolved that business. that was 15 years ago. Read more>>

Zeba Parkar | Inventor & Entrepreneur

I strongly believe in the mantra “no pains, no gains.” While making any major decision involving risk, I always ask “what is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t do this?” Invariably, the answer is always – failure. Failure doesn’t scare me, what scares me is unfulfilled potential and the fact that I will wonder in the future “what if I tried it?” Risks have shaped who I am in both my life and my career. Life is too boring if you are too comfortable with the status quo and don’t make any waves or at least some ripples. Read more>>

Natasha Edwards | Fashion Influencer

If you don’t take RISK, than you don’t experience possibilities, you only experience regrets. I rather take a risk so at least I can say I did it whether I succeed or not. Failure is going to happen but you wont know unless you try. You cant live life to the fullest without taking risks. I have taken lots of risks in my life and some of the risk were a success and some was a failure. but I learned from each one. I took a risk in moving to the city because I wanted to be more involve in The Fashion Community. At the time I didn’t have the financial means but I took a risk and when I did everything came together financially. To me RISK is like having Faith in believing in something you can’t see right away. Read more>>

Marcelo Ferreira | Director of Tennis at Universal Tennis Academy, High Performance Tennis Coach, Mental Coach & Tennis Consultant

Risk is an integral part of any successful story and it was definitely part of mine. I have always preached to my players that within their comfort zone mediocrity resides. No greatness can be found in there. However, the willingness and courage to get out of your comfort zone can bring about incredible success but there are always risks involved. Nothing that is truly worth doing comes easily therefore failing, stumbling and taking risks are all part of a long process that many times lead to incredibly satisfying results and inspiring success stories. Read more>>

Sakiyna Jones | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

Taking risks is something that is a ‘gamble’, however, I strongly believe in gambling on myself. Faith in God and my work ethic is the only reason that I am comfortable with being a risk taker. I have taken many risks. Just an example – dumping my savings to start my business because I truly believe the outcome will be something great. I’ve taken risks with making business decisions – which did not always lead to the best decision long-term, but its a learning lesson. I’m not really afraid of “failure” (however one defines that), because it’s truly not an option for me. The only way that I could fail, is by not doing/starting something that drives my passion. Read more>>

Alex Levy | Intuitive Coach, Author, & Host of The Spirit Guided Life Podcast

I think risks can be one of the greatest gifts if we are open and willing to trust. I have found that it’s my fearful thoughts that hold me back, whether in my business, friendships, not my abilities. Every cycle of growth I have been through personally and professionally is because I took a risk in some way. I’m finding that rather than running away from what could be a difficult situation or learning experience becomes much easier when you run through it. Prior to moving to Atlanta six years ago, I was living in a beautiful home in Tampa Bay, was flourishing with my friends and career but heard the inner voice that It was time for me to move. Read more>>

Vero Parra | Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Risk-taking is definitely one of the most exciting and scary things a person can do for themselves. Throughout life, we all have to take risks, some small ones, and some not-so-small ones, I’d say whale-sized. Those latter ones usually end up changing our lives in more obvious and larger ways than we could have ever imagined and are usually, the ones that make our dreams come true. Whether it feels like it or not, everything we are doing (or not doing) in life is a decision. I believe risk can be scary, and it is definitely not something to take lightly. We must evaluate the possibilities and be aware of what may happen for each decision we make, and most importantly. Read more>>

Anton Traverso | Creative Entrepreneur

The foundation of entrepreneurship is risk taking, this much is obvious. So i’m not gonna be cliche and tell you about how I made “greater risk for greater gains” or any of that stuff. On the contrary, entrepreneurs are honestly some of the least risky people that I know, entrepreneurship is typically pursued out of necessity. An entrepreneur takes up the responsibility of creating and providing something that solves a problem in society or fills a gap in culture. The only risk you’re ever taking is based on how many people believe in what you have to create, being an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily risky if you know that there’s somebody that will want what you have, or if you’re confident in your ability to make them want it. Read more>>

Richard Perano | Professional Artist & Investment Advisor

As far back as I can remember, I have been a risk-taker. While I cannot imagine living life any other way, it’s not a claim I make casually or soley out of pride. Many of the risks I took as a child, as a youth and in my younger years were impulsive and not well-considered. When I chose to chase a rival through the “no running’ zone of the playground and accidentally knocked over Mother Superior, that was rewarded with a leather strap in front of my class and was clearly not a risk worth taking. On the other hand, when I chose to major in English Literature at Villanova University, the risk of not knowing how it could possibly lead to a career was I think a prudent risk. Read more>>

Miya Williams | Artist/Music Relations Consultant

Take the risk or lose the chance! T.S. Eliot said that “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far to go.” As I take a look at my life and my career thus far, I realize my life has been nothing but taking risks. As a creative, I believe our biggest fear is feeling boxed in, personally and professionally. I’ve steered away from situations and some opportunities that gave me a sense of feeling “boxed in,” and because of that the only language I’ve embraced, is taking risks. Being a risk taker can be immensely scary. Scary of not knowing the outcome, scary of sometimes taking the opposite route of what may not seem normal, and scary by just jumping out on faith. Read more>>

Yoshee So | Comedian, Executive & Life Coach

I’m a big believe in embracing risk in my life journey. Risk is a source of growth for me. Due to the nature of my work as a standup artist, risk is constantly showing up because I must deliver on delivering laughs at all costs. This has prepared me to approach risks in other facets of my wife as well. Risk is a given and if you can embrace it, you can define how you approach it rather than letting it manage you. Read more>>

Shemeeka Gentry | Owner of Raven Creations LLC

Owning a business is a risky and demanding along with having to balance it with other life components. Risk plays a part in seeing your finished product being displayed. For example, you do not know how others will perceive it. Getting exposure through social media ads and participating in art shows propose risks as well. Applying to participate in art shows costs time and money, so if you do not generate any money during that time it creates a loss. However, taking risks can also be enjoyable. Taking risks is all a part of the plan and has played a huge part in my life. I’m never afraid to take risks because I understand that risks can either be rewarding, help you grow, or teach you a lesson, but ultimately at the end of it you’re still standing. Read more>>

Adriana Zamudio | Salon Owner / Hairsrylist

Taking risks can be fearful. But when it’s for a career you want to build, every step is worth it. Read more>>

Tami LaTrell | Grammy Nominated Songwriter, Music Publishing Executive

I ask myself these 4 things: Am I capable? Will I enjoy doing it? Am I willing to be committed to it? And is it (the payoff) worth the sacrifice? Read more>>