We had the good fortune of connecting with Anton Traverso and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Anton, what role has risk played in your life or career?
The foundation of entrepreneurship is risk taking, this much is obvious. So i’m not gonna be cliche and tell you about how I made “greater risk for greater gains” or any of that stuff. On the contrary, entrepreneurs are honestly some of the least risky people that I know, entrepreneurship is typically pursued out of necessity. An entrepreneur takes up the responsibility of creating and providing something that solves a problem in society or fills a gap in culture. The only risk you’re ever taking is based on how many people believe in what you have to create, being an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily risky if you know that there’s somebody that will want what you have, or if you’re confident in your ability to make them want it. From your point of establishment going forward your journey as a CEO is to increase those odds. Risks are taken when gambling on something unpredictable, true entrepreneurs operate from a point of certainty and therefore no risk is being taken by entrepreneurs who truly believe in their product. In the business world I see risk as a handicap, I never consider my actions a risk because at that very moment I am doubting them. To tell the truth, I believe risk taking should be normalized, and I did my best to normalize it my life. I do risky things every day, most of us do, however, I do them with certainty of the outcome and therefore they are no longer risky. A thought process like this can easily make itself notorious, people who think like this can be seen as crazy but what’s truly crazy is worrying about the same things every day. Solutions come out of clear and concise decisions, yes, acknowledging risk is logical, yet it is the grounds for fear and uncertainty and it often breeds failure. “Acknowledge the risks that you are taking but never let it control you,” this is a creed that I have chosen to live by, I do things irrationally sometimes whether it be because i got excited about it or because my heart told me it made sense, whatever It is, it doesn’t matter. If i have faith in it and I am at peace with it so it will be. This lifestyle has played a major role in my confidence and my perception of life. It serves as everlasting fuel to my growth because It allows me to live without any limits like a true entrepreneur. The goal is to eliminate the imaginary boundaries that the rest of the world expects you to have, success truly starts with your mindset. However you choose to think, ensure that it empowers you, and whatever “risks” you take, know that the potential outcome always deserves your complete conviction.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
As an artist I wouldn’t say that i’m particularly unique, I don’t have a preferred art style and i’m not really masterful in any specific category or technique. I enjoy all forms of art honestly and I practice what I can to the best of my ability, I have certain pieces that i’m proud of and I have made creations where I have surprised even myself, however I show no favoritism. I’m happy to say that my passion lies with creativity itself, the immeasurable human ability to take something that exists and manipulate it into something new or to create something completely from nothing is a undeniable gift. This gift constitutes everything that exists and therefore I find inspiration in everything around me, this comprehension that I have of creativity is very grand, and so you can probably see why it leads me to believe myself to be such a small fish in a sea of immeasurable creativity. I hold the same gift as everybody, but I live to pursue these gifts in others more than I practice it myself. This is where my life as an entrepreneur comes in, entrepreneurship allows me to take my love for the arts and it’s believers and amplify it into something that can inspire the world through cooperation. Artists are what makes me proud and excited, to see people finding happiness and developing greatness through their own creativity is what I live for. I got to where I am today professionally by introducing my art to the world of capitalism, which is never easy, but I don’t consider the difficulty. What I do is fun, I enjoy the challenges of getting people to find value in something they don’t necessarily need, because yet it is something that has been created nonetheless. That’s the beauty of creating value, there’s an unlimited amount of ways that you can do it. Not to say that this value is imaginary, but value is a merely a matter of perspective. The dollar bill has value to all of us but who or what created it’s value? Once you understand this, you understand the power of the economy that we have. imagine the value of the dollar is determined just the same as the value of your product and you have the first key to creating value for something even as simple as a piece of paper. In terms of value though, personally. I find all art and expression to be priceless. I want the world to know that art is something that we cannot live without, that it in fact is all around us and influences us each day. Art inherently is our superpower, and the most beautiful thing to me is seeing people wielding it with bravado. My brand, New Art ,serves as a representation of this belief and allows it to echo as a strong message to everyone who encounters our creativity.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I would take them anywhere that there is city life, any circumstance where people from all walks of life are caused to cohabitate very closely can be troublesome but it also causes for some very beautiful communities full of life and potential. The city is a no-brainer for this reason, you’re talking multicultural restaurants, mom and pop shops, stores that sell antiques and precious items that you may have never seen before, bits and pieces of history on every block. To me, a place like this is magical.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Nobody ever does anything alone, and motivations come in many forms, so it’s safe to say that this section serves as exposure for the gratitude that is lacking from the credits in many of our individual films of life. My credits are particularly slim, i’m willing to admit that I am typically busy patting myself on the back despite my efforts to be humble. Those that have supported me along the way often make a point to encourage me powerfully which inadvertently raises me to a pedestal of pride to the point where I fail to see them. With that said I am grateful for this opportunity to correct this oversight, I have my close friends to thank for their words and for their presence. I have my mother to thank for her love, support, and her shelter. I have my mentors to thank for their creativity, originality, and wisdom, and furthermore I have every experience, encounter, acquaintance, and opportunity given to me to thank for breaking me down and building me up in ways that have made me strong.

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