We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Stacey Ollinger | Stacey Ollinger, Co Founder SIDECAR

“The Sphinx must solve her own riddle. If the whole of history is in one man, it is all to be explained from individual experience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Read more>>

Myles Mecredy | Entrepreneur, Chef, Videographer, Photographer, Athlete

The power of knowledge is looked over far to often but i firmly believe that knowledge is the greatest gift a person can receive. Its ironic for me though; I’ve never been a good student in school. My mind would always wander to other places. But the places it would wander were other things I wanted to be learning about instead. I didn’t understand when I was younger that I wasn’t bad at school because I was unintelligent, I was bad in school because I was too curious about other aspects of life. While this may be the case for me, I still think school is incredibly import because it still gives people a foundation for learning. It is then up to us to take in the knowledge we are given. If we choose to do so, we gain the power to decide where our lives really go, how we can impact the world, and how we can leave something to be remembered. It will never be a mistake to listen to the world around you. Read more>>

Julianna Wells | Artist

One of my favorite quotes comes from Vincent Van Gogh – in one of his letters, he said “Not a day without a line” meaning he tried to draw every single day. Thinking about this motivates me to try and paint or draw everyday, and not let one slip past. Read more>>

Harrison Cosby | Director, Photographer, Cinematographer, Drone Operator

My favorite quote is one that my dad used to preach to me quite often growing up and even now. He would always say “control what you can control, ” and at the time growing up I didn’t really realize what he meant by that and would always just nod my head. When I took the time to listen and actually think about what he meant by that I began to live by it. I would always be worried about what the next person thought oof my work or trying to please and make everybody happy, but I realized that does not matter. The only thoughts and validation of my work or anything in life I need are from myself. After I began to live by the quote and actually apply its meaning, I have been less stressed, focused, and ready to take over. You can’t live always thinking about what people are going to say about what you do or your next move…just make it happen and you’ll love the results. It took me some time to realize the true meaning of this saying, but focusing only on what I can do to make myself better and not the opinions of others, or doing things out of my way, I was able to flourish. Read more>>

Rania Renno | Food Blogger, Recipe Developer, Mom-Boss

Throughout my life, i’ve always been drawn to a quote that reads “Be so good they can’t ignore you”. For me, this quote acts as a reminder, every single time i step forward to act, that i have the opportunity to be something great or i have the ability to be mediocre. It’s a reminder that even when things are hard, i have the chance to turn a difficult situation into a success story. This quote became important to me when i was a fresh college graduate with a degree in political science and no direction on what i wanted to do with my degree. I would scour the internet as i aimlessly applied to jobs, for a bit of inspiration. I stumbled upon this quote. “be so good they can’t ignore you.” Something so short and sweet has helped me get through some of the most challenging undertakings. I re-read this quote over and over and over again as i sat in my car preparing to walk into my first interview after college. “Be so good they can’t ignore you. Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Over and over again. Until it became my mantra. Read more>>

Carliss Johnson | Author & Owner of Sweet CJ’s Hand-Crafted Lip Care, LLC

My favorite quote or affirmation actually comes from the book of Proverbs Chapter 18 Verse 16 in the Bible. KJV “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” The first part to me means that God has given all of us gifts and abilities to create something. That something could be as small as a tube of lip balm or as big as an airplane, but we are all gifted with something. The second part talks about that gift making room for you and it’s my belief that once we tap into whatever our gift or gifts are, that doors will begin to open and opportunities will start to find us. The Proverb is in line with something I hear people say all the time: “If you do what you love, the money will follow” Personally I feel like once we tap into whatever our gifts are, we will find pleasure in doing it and it won’t feel like a burden or a chore. I actually figured out that I love writing about twenty years ago when I started to write some poetry here and there, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I realized that I had a passion to write books. I just decided one day that I was going to start. Read more>>

Faniah Felton | Sisterlocks Practitioner and Dance Fitness Instructor

I have become all things to all people, that I might save some. Read more>>

Dani Guevarez | Acting Coach & TV Host

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” This quote has stuck with me once I’ve heard it at an adult age. Although I may not follow 100% of the time because we do need a break from the hustle. This quote has minimized my procrastination. Read more>>

N.D. Jones | USA Today Bestselling Author, Owner, Kuumba Publishing LLC

I often include inspirational quotes at the beginning of my author newsletters. In a recent newsletter, I added the following quote by Satya Nani: “A little progress every day adds up to big results.” This quote resonates with me on a fundamental level. In only ten words, Nani aptly summarizes how I’ve managed to achieve many goals—regardless of the size. I’m a very detailed-oriented person. However, for details to make sense, I need also to comprehend the big picture—the overarching goal or purpose. Armed with such an understanding, I can then outline the steps required to reach my goal. What can happen all too easily, when a person focuses on the big picture, they may lose sight of the necessary steps to obtaining the goal. They can become overwhelmed by the big goal by failing to recognize the incremental steps they have taken to achieve the goal, or the goal feels so far out of reach they have little idea where to begin. Read more>>

Ashton Edmunds | Multimedia Journalist

“The highest human act is to inspire” by Nipsey Hussle is a quote that I live by everyday. Inspiring someone to chase their dreams fearlessly and helping them reach their full potential is something I strive to do on a daily. I tell myself, if I can inspire or make an impact in one person’s life, then I’m on the right track. I have so many different ways I want to give back to my community around me, help them be better and provide them with all of the necessary tools to become successful. The scripture “to whom much is given, much is required” is extremely important to me because if God continues to bless you abundantly, I believe you should use those same blessings to help those around you. Nipsey Hussle was someone that inspired me to the upmost from seeing him make a great impact in the same neighborhood he grew up in, to the way he carried himself and how he lived by everything he said is the same way I try to carry myself as a man. The Marathon Continues isn’t just a saying to me but something that I apply to my life because I know that everyday we’re all on this marathon continuously growing and getting better. Read more>>

Robbie J. Atkinson | Editor/Director & CEO of RPX Media Production

“In order to go where you’ve never gone before, you must do what you’ve never done before.” I don’t know where this quote originated from but it resonates with me on several levels and, in hindsight, applies to several changes that’ve taken place in my life. A lot of my unusual projects, collaborations, business decisions and even life decisions can be traced back to this saying. For me, this is a powerful reminder of a single principal: that in order to continue to grow you have to be willing to try something daring, scary, or simply different. Which, in turn, requires the willingness to continue to learn, to remain open minded, and, ultimately, is a principal that will fail if you only try it one time–you have to be brave and persistent even in the face of failure. I love this quote so much that I actually have it taped to a vision board that peaks out between both my laptops in my work space! Whenever I’m about to approach someone for a collaboration project, whenever I’m about to try to learn a new technique, take a risk or try my hand at a new endeavor–I glance at that board and, often times, defer straight to that quote. Read more>>

Breanna Perry | Writer & Blogger

My favorite quote would have to be the verse “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” – Philippians 1:6, because life for me is about growing and involving in my purpose. When there are challenges along the way this verse helps me to remember that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me here or to be stagnant. So, I never have to wonder if he is with me or if he is working on my behalf. Read more>>

Kathleen Hoyos | Immigration Attorney and Human Rights Advocate

“You are the architect of your own destiny.” My mom would say this to me every day in the morning for as far back as I can remember. I don’t know if it is a quote from anyone specifically and I don’t believe she knew if it was either. She is a single mother who emigrated here from Colombia and balanced three jobs at a time to raise me by herself and also take care of my grandmother. It is a quote that reminds me of how hard she worked and all that she sacrificed, so it always motivated me to make sure she saw that it had paid off. At the same time it empowered me, it made me an active participant in raising myself. It made me conscious of my choices even when she was working because ultimately I would be the one most affected by any choice I made. And it reminds me to be patient, architects take their time planning, designing and redesigning, calculating everything while remaining flexible to work with the materials at hand. So even today, somedays I just have to close my eyes and remind myself that no matter what is happening, ultimately, I am the architect. Read more>>

Ansley Sukowske | Lifestyle Photographer

I really admire this quote because it hits home for me on so many levels, especially these days. Do what you love, what makes you happy, just don’t be afraid, and don’t hurt anyone along the way. If you do this, then the rest will just come to you. Find your passion in life, and go for it! We only have this one life to live, and if we can leave it just a little better than it was before, you’ve had a pretty good life. I try to tell my kids everyday to “have courage, and be kind”. Believe what you want to believe, but you must understand that not everyone is going to have those same beliefs, and may not agree with yours. No matter what, you should always be kind, because everyone has a reason to believe what they believe. With that being said, I will leave you with another quote that I admire, and that is “Live life to express, not impress. Don’t strive it make your presence known, but your absence felt”. Read more>>

Miriam Muhammad | Author & Mental Health Professional

My personal favorite affirmation is I choose Joy. It is extremely important to me because life will always present challenges and obstacles however our success is determined by our attitude in these moments and our outlook. If we make the choice to find the good and not let problems break us we can and will succeed. I choose joy!. Read more>>

Solomon Sisters | Jewelry Designers / Content Creators

One of our favourite quotes is from Albert Einstein. “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein To us it is encouragement to not be afraid to succeed or fail. To start a business especially a creative one, means that there is a lot of learning as you are growing. Allowing yourself to make mistakes without losing optimism turns everything into opportunities for growth!. Read more>>

Lomiekia Messam | Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

One of my favorite quotes/affirmation is: “What God has for me is for me”. I like that quote because every client I’ve had the privilege of capturing, I believe God has sent to me. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing clients/families. I’ve also had clients inquire that I haven’t been able to work with (for various reasons). I look at It as if it just wasn’t meant for me or wasn’t meant to be. I don’t question things like that because I truly believe everything happens for a reason and all things are working for my good. Read more>>

Yoko Rich | Owner of Rich Craft Candle

The Biblical quote that I live by, especially during trying times, would be “All things are possible, through Christ, who strengthens me”, which is found in Philippians 4:13 in the bible. My break down of that scripture is: can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me to fulfill His (my) purpose. I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace. I really love how this scripture, once broken down can really empower you to move forward and be strong in your journey. This is my go-to during those times when I’m ready to give up. I also have an affirmation I live by daily and I write it down everywhere, its “I am the Master of my Fate and the Captain of my soul”. I speak this affirmation, daily and throughout the day, because it’s a reminder that I control my emotions, and my responses so when dealing with the world, I determine the outcome with actions. So, I’m reminded of that by affirming this daily. Read more>>

Elaine Stephenson | Artist, Designer & Muralist

My favorite quote is by artist Henry Moore. “There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end to it.” I have always loved this quote because it speaks to the true motivation behind why I make art. I just cannot stop myself anymore. I have to be creating something, and I’ve found that at times in my life when I haven’t been making art, that I haven’t felt like myself or been fulfilled. Creating is the ultimate exploration of yourself and of the world. I really do think if I’m creating the art I want to create for my whole life, that I’ll never want to retire. Sure, I might slow down and what I create will evolve, but I aim to be creating up to my very last days. Read more>>

Katrina Green | Food Influencer

My favorite quote is “Don’t take anything personally.” In life and business you need others to come along and prod you. It provides you a chance to become stronger, I see nothing as personal and I choose to take it as a challenge. Building your own brand can become stressful at times but with a positive outlook you will be able to handle any obstacle that presents itself. My affirmation that I say daily to ensure this mindset is “Love life. Engage in it. Give it all you’ve got. Love it with a passion because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it.” Read more>>

Alex Rodiek | Musician / Entertainer / Actor / Model

This one is complex, which is probably why I love it so much. The Navy captain David Farragut said the phrase during the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. On its surface, it’s saying, quite literally, steer into the danger, and embrace the consequences. For me and my career as an entertainer, it is a reminder that diving head first into something can be risky. That risk may not always pay off, BUT, without the effort, there wouldn’t be a payoff anyway.
I use this quote as a reminder that you have to go out there and jump in, because if you don’t, you will absolutely miss something. And yes, risk be damned. Read more>>

Ashley Bovan | Credit Repair Specialist

There are times that we are all going to doubt ourselves. I’ve doubted myself plenty of times and I have constantly asked myself “Can I do this?”. The truth is you will never know what you can do until you try to do it. I thought leaving an abusive marriage would be impossible. But I did it. I thought being a single mother would be impossible but I’m doing it every day. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run my own business full time but I did it. I’m doing it. And I’m growing every day. Nothing is impossible. Read more>>

Tanya Potter | Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

The famous quote by Greek physician Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” is amongst my favorite quote. The food you consume has the power to heal or destroy you. Your body is a temple; therefore, you must put ingredients in your body that is of the Earth. In today’s times, food is laden with pesticides and are genetically modified. Because of this, we often consume ingredients that we cannot pronounce. The body is very forgiving. Once we redirect the body with healthy food choices, our body will take care of us. Using food as medicine is the pillar to optimal health!. Read more>>

Joseph Tova | Filmmaker

I do have a quote I keep dearly in my heart, and this one comes from Maya Angelou “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you” This quote talk about finding your passion and the pursue of continuous happiness. This for me is a powerful quote. Most of the time as an artist I have to fight the temptation of taking on project that has for me no creative connection to me or my brands. I try to always reminds myself to count every of my accomplishment on every project that tells stories or values I am aligned with. And if my name was attached to any Project I try to give my very my BEST. Read more>>

Jasmine Felder | CEO, Publisher, and Educator

My favorite quote was given to me by my mom. The quote is “Delayed is not Denied”. So many times we feel as if “not right now” means no or we are not worthy. As I speak personally for myself I would feel inadequate almost when I would hear the answers of “no”. Or I would be discouraged by failures. However! the delayed career, delayed relationship, or delayed success in business does not mean it will never happen. The strides and successes I am seeing in my first year of business I never would have imagined just one year ago. Faith and hard work go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot rely on faith without putting in the work and you cannot put in the work without knowing faith will place you in a room you never thought you were qualified for. So yes everyday I tell myself “Delayed is not Denied” my current setting does not govern where I am already predestined to go. Read more>>

Lorielle Jackson | Gift Box Designer and Creator of Pretty Brown Box

“The beauty of the journey is found not in the destination, but in the scenery along the way.” -Nina Bennett. A friend mentioned this quote to me one day when I was feeling overwhelmed by my workload. Life as a “solopreneur” is not something I was fully prepared for as a full-time science educator. The world of science and education is far different from that of creative business development and brand marketing. My journey as a small business owner has taught me so much about grit and the beauty of turning a dream into a reality. Read more>>

Quinetta `A. | Entrepreneur/Talent

My favorite affirmation is “Control you and let everything else go”. It has been my daily mantra everyday since my therapist mentioned it to me. It reminds me that I cannot make my life go a certain way, but I can control me and how I contribute to life and others. Also, with that being said, I control what others contribute to me as well. I find a way to center myself when I say it and find peace. Once I remember who I am and the boundaries I set up, I release the unnecessary stress and flow with the purpose. Read more>>

Tiffanie W | Content Creator

A quote that I resonate with daily is: It’s not on me; it’s in me. I can truly attest to this as it has been one of the main foundations of what drives me. Everything that I need to succeed is already within. This allows me to walk on my own path without seeking validation from owners. Read more>>