We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Robyn Tedder | CEO, Candor and Co Consulting

I feel the most important habit someone can have is making space for reflection. This habit of setting goals and reflection started when I was a TFA Corps Member. We were required to complete periodic reflections about our practice in the classroom. Quickly, I discovered when I made time to reflect, revisit or set a new goal I accomplished more with my students. Over time, I embraced reflection as a personal habit and I’ve used it to accomplish so many things. For the last several years, I’ve made it a ritual to begin the new year this way. I block off time from the end of December through January 1st to step back and reflect on what’s occurred that year and where I want to go next. I even block off New Year’s Eve to bring in the New Year quietly reflecting and creating a new section in my vision book, setting new goals and dreaming up my next big thing to accomplish. After I’ve set my goals, I block at least one day per quarter to reflect, check-in and reset where needed to ensure I’m still on the path to achieve what I want. Read more>>

Marissa Schmidt | Photographer For Creatives

Always being a learner in my field and a supporter of my clients and their talents has definitely helped me succeed. As well as cheering on fellow photographers as we are all growing and need encouragement along the challenging journey. Read more>>

Adan Bautista | Consultant Image Advisor

Commitment to excellence and constant development. Read more>>

Meg Schwarzrock | MEGapreneur – Manifesting Coach- Podcast Host of The Meg Rock Show

Learning that I was co-creating my reality at all times was pivotal in my success in life and in business. Whatever we think about, we bring about and taking responsibility for my self- sabotaging negative thoughts and patterns changed my life. What people don’t understand is that the quantum field is our soil to manifest what we desire. You cannot plant seeds in toxic soil and expect it to grow or to grow in a healthy way. To manifest what you actually desire, you must clear your quantum field of all negative thoughts, patterns, and programming, or what you desire will not grow. Your reality will be an energetic match of your beliefs. Asking the Universe for what I want, believing I am worthy of it, and receiving it like I already have it is how you become an energetic match for what I want. With belief… ask for what you truly want. What is it? Next, believe you are worthy of it. Most people want something and then deep down come up with all the ways they won’t have it. Read more>>

Cindy Rich | Custom Cookies and Sweets

As a former teacher, I feel that the organization and communication skills I developed have helped me be successful in working with my clients and also balancing my personal life. Organization is key in running your own business. When it’s a one man show, it helps to have a process that works for you so you don’t get swept up in the details. Read more>>

Todd Dean | Insurance Agent, Co-Founder of Nonprofit, and Business Owner

Reading and exercising are the main two habits that have contributed to my success. Both require a day-to-day commitment. Even when I don’t have time, I make time to read and work out. No excuses or exceptions. I encourage the kids I mentor to read every day until it is a habit, then be more specific and intentional about what you’re choosing to learn and watch how that can shape your future and with exercise, I always revert to Deion Sanders old saying, “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” Read more>>

Destiny Green | Certified PMU & Eyelash Technician

Staying consistent and never losing focus of my overall vision has helped me succeed beyond what I fathomed. To my upcoming and prospering business owners. Believe in yourself. Every day will not be easy. Also, nothing is given. You have to go out there and chase your dreams. In order to get what you want out, you must put in the work. Read more>>

Tenesha Carter | Beauty, Skincare Brand Founder & Creator

The habits that have helped me to succeed thus far is consistency and believing in my vision. Staying consistent with what I believe and love to do has worked, showing up and never letting outside influences affect my ultimate goals. Along the way, there have many who suggest what I should do, how I should do it and so on. Staying true to what I have envisioned for Aqualime Skincare to be and become in the future is what keeps me going and determined. Read more>>

Ashley Martin | Psychotherapist, Behavior Analyst, Author, & First time Mother

The habits that continues to help me succeed are actively being at peace. This means having balance daily when it comes to my health, emotional state, mental, financial, and social well being. Taking time out for me allows me to maintain motivation to achieve obstacles and complete task at hand. Read more>>

Felicia Jeffries | Barber School Owner & Small Business Influencer

Fostering the habit of praying and acting in faith has definitely created my pipeline of success. Read more>>

Josh Green | Musician and Installation Artist

I have found most successes to stem from a simple and consistent embrace of the uncomfortable. My productivity and creative clarity is at its height when I am pushing myself into difficult circumstances and scenarios. To this end, I begin every day with a cold shower, eat one meal a day, eat only meat, lift heavy things 3 times a week…Generally speaking, my habits are geared towards pushing myself towards doing things that are uncommon amongst even uncommon people. Read more>>

Jabari Cain | Atlanta Based Wedding and Engagement Photographer

There are a couple of habits that I try to instill every day to keep Cain’s Camera afloat. The first would be consistent marketing and engagement. It can be difficult to stay relevant with everyone’s social media feeds, but I try to stay engaged with my current clients, past clients, and potential clients. Not only my clients but my wedding vendors as well. This habit of consistency has helped over the years! Another habit is treating every client as if they are your first. Having this mindset will produce a positive client experience. Read more>>

Markel Dantzler | Digital Content Creator

I feel like my biggest positive habit that has helped me succeed is my time management. I am always on top of due dates and deadlines to not only stay on track, but to stay ahead. When you’ve planned out how to use your time beforehand, you can account for any bumps in the road that you’ll probably encounter. In my line of work, nothing is ever perfect, so I find it easier on myself to plan for the minor inconveniences so that they don’t hinder you as much in the long run. I love planning out my weeks because it gives a bit of structure to my life that keeps me from flying off the rails. Read more>>

Hope Giselle | Author, Advocate, Activist

I gave up on trying to force people to accept me. Read more>>

Marvin constant | I Am a Two Time Author and Owner of 40plusstrong.com

I always tell people make routines not habits. Habits often have a negative connotation associated with them. That along with I make expectations not excuses. Living by these two rules of life has really driven me to accomplish most of my goals in life. Read more>>

Jacob Wasden | Location Sound Recordist and Sound Designer

In my line of work there can be many habits, but I find the best habits are the ones that you go through before a production. For example, getting in the habit of asking as many questions ask you can about a production before hand and turn that information into a physical note to help aid in your preparation for the work. Hearing, writing, seeing, and reading out that information to yourself will greatly keep you on a more focused track. Read more>>

Tanisha Lisle | Event Planner & Portrait Photographer

I have a few habits that help me to be successful on a daily basis. First thing in the morning, I say a prayer, I thank God for allowing me to see another day. Some days I will meditate for 5 minutes to clear my mind. I work out in the morning so that I can receive that burst of energy that will carry me throughout the day. If I didn’t do it the day before, I take some time to compile a To Do List. This helps me greatly because I feel so accomplished when I can scratch off the things I have completed. Finally, I CHOOSE to have a POSITIVE attitude. This is so important, it is very easy to let one thing or one person destroy your mood. Choose to have peace in your life. Read more>>

Christa Lynch | Owner and Executive Chef of Brooklyn Braised

The habits that I believe have helped me succeed are my resourcefulness and the ability to pivot (especially during 2020 when my line of business was devastated by the pandemic.), Read more>>

Anna Mikhaela Reyes | Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Finding balance—knowing when to push myself and knowing when to rest—has been extremely effective for me. It’s important to recognize when you need to put in some extra hustle to realize your true potential—you can’t expect to reach your goals if you keep making excuses for your own progress. At the same time, being able to remove yourself from work mode is necessary to replenish your mental and physical health, which will benefit you and your work in the long run. Sometimes a moment away is enough to look back at your own work with fresh eyes in order to see a new perspective. Know your mind and mind your body!. Read more>>

Terence Penny | Artist & Youth Worker

Being consistent and allowing myself to be open to feedback has always been a big advantage for me as an artist. People have taken a liking to me because of of my willingness to say I’m wrong or need to learn something. Read more>>

Dr. Sharmon Monagan | Founder + CEO

I was recently asked what word best describes me. I reached out to some people that I know personally and professionally to get a more objective assessment. The word that kept coming back was resiliency. Resilience is the ability to bounce back and recover quickly from difficulties, challenges, or when things in life do not go your way. Resiliency has been essential to thriving personally and professionally during this past year of the global pandemic. There are several critical areas of resiliency that require both internal and external work including competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control. Although resiliency is not a habit; there are habits that lends itself to resiliency comprising of self-care; mindfulness; forgiving yourself for mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and moving forward; creating and tending to positive, purposeful relationships; staying focused; continuing to learn, staying focused, and setting big, clear goals. Read more>>