We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.


I have been creating my entire life. I have always wanted to have a job that would allow me to create. As a kid I wanted to design planes for the navy. As a teen I loved fashion and music so I thought I was going to be the next Jay-Z with my very own Rocafella. Now as a man I have found my purpose through photography. Read more>>

Tanya Little-Palmer | Actress, Painter, Jewelry Designer

I can’t recall a time when I didn’t create. I didn’t want a doll house as a child, instead I played outside and constructed my own palaces from sticks and grass. Dandelions were my dolls. If I wasn’t outdoors creating some adventure, I was indoors painting, drawing or sewing. By the time I became an adult, there seemed no other choice for me, I was a creative and would remain so. Be it acting, jewelry design or painting, I live life expressively. Read more>>

Mychal Abbott | CEO of MJ Couture Boutique

I pursued a creative career, because it gives me a platform to show my creativity through fashion. While also being a creative in marketing, content, &’ web designs for the boutique. It’s my safe space and allows me to think outside the box during the process. I personally take pride in having the creative eye for many talents. Such as styling hair, make up, home design and fashion. However, I decided to choose the fashion route because I enjoy styling and putting pieces together. It’s something about creating an outfit that exhilarates my mood. Read more>>

Conspiracy Productions | Artist & Entrepreneur

I was never happy in the regular 9-5 setting, Seeing a way to get out the hood is what inspired me to want to get out the fastest way possible, and when I was growing up this was in music. Being a Rap artist, A Poet, and to owning my other side companies from scratch with no money, in a huge effort to give my family a better life than I had. Read more>>

Kevin Rousseau | Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert.

When I first started doing business & planning events around 2012, only the traditional medias received the main focus at that time, and many creatives, artists, musicians & small business owners were left behind unfortunately (if they didn’t have a healthy budget to promote their services or products). After the earthquake that literally destroyed Haiti, I went to study Business Administration in the Dominican Republic where this idea took shape in collaboration with a friend of mine. Read more>>

Aaron Cross | Videographer, Photographer & Graphic Designer

It all began when I was 22 years old. I worked as an Assembly and Team Leader automotive worker for various companies in Michigan. There came a day where I no longer wanted to work in those facilities and pursue KingA Productions full time. Since the age of 21 I always knew that capturing special moments brought out the joy in me! It took me years to realize that throughout my childhood life, I always had a camera in my hand. I used to play around with my father’s Sony Camcorder and I even used to have a Kodak Easy Share Camera in High School. After High School, I then began to work with my aunt Denise Phillips, who was a well know photographer in the Michigan area. I used to help take pictures and edit her photos for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Within a year of working with her, she gave me one of her professional Sony Cameras. SInce then, I haven’t stopped capturing those special moments that individuals like yourself can look over forever as history goes on. Read more>>

Ricardo Thornton | Creator/Photographer & biophilia

Ever since I could remember I always loved to create. I love the fact that i can take an idea in my mind and turn it into something that people can see, touch, have a conversation about. Being around dope talented photographers I fell in love with the camera. Photography is now another way for me to showcase the creative side of me that most people wouldn’t think I had. Short answer would be I love and appreciate art. Read more>>

D.J. Johnson | Artist/Educator

I chose to pursue and artistic career to prove to myself that it could be done. I was a Social Studies teacher, and although I loved teaching, I hated the way the way the curriculum for the subjects we structured. So first becoming a creative was something that happed out of the blue . I didn’t become a creative or even know I had any creative talents until I was 29/30. But it took another 5 years for me to believe a creative life was even attainable. So now to be and exhibiting artist and teaching graphic design is mind blown. Read more>>

Kahlen King | Fashion Model & Future Fashion Mogul

I have always been a fairly artistic person. I’ve loved art and the various expressions of art forms for as long as I can remember. Rather that be freehand art, music, painting, or poetry, I’ve always felt a strong connection to artistry. When I was younger I liked to draw all day, every day. I liked to follow streetwear trends during the early days of new streetwear, such as the Pyrex’s, the new age Supreme’s, the Been Trill’s, and so on, but I wasn’t too much into the craft of fashion and modeling. Read more>>

Catina Passmore | DJ and Integration Engineer

Why did you pursue an artistic or creative career? I decided to become a DJ 11 years ago in addition to my full time job then as a Programmer Analyst at the University of Alabama at Birmingham because I’ve always loved music and really just wanted to express myself through music and witness from a different vantage point the freedom and joy people feel on the dance floor. Admittedly no longer being in my twenties I felt compelled to make the decision. Read more>>

Syncere Ellis | Actress

The reason I decided to pursue an creative career (Acting) is because I was brought up in foster care and I hated everything about it I didn’t want to be bothered and I always wondered why my parents didn’t want me and why I had to be with people I don’t know. Growing up I always struggled with who I was trying to fit in with any and everyone just to seem like I was cool. I was picked on in school didn’t really have a voice for myself. It was then I didn’t want to be me and I found acting where I could be anyone I want and I get to forget who I was for a while. I’ve learned to not care so much what others think and to continue to love myself and love life.. Read more>>