We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Micah “Mickey” Chapman | Creative, Music Manager & Minister

A deep relationship with God, being optimistic and connecting with people that want to see me succeed. These habits help motivate me to keep going when times are tough and I feel like giving up. Read more>>

Elizabeth Stampfli | Wedding and Portrait Photographer

When I think of this question there are many different habits that helped me succeed. One of those being determination. When I enjoy what I am doing and I have a great passion for it, I become very determined to make it the best that I can. Having determination has pushed me to learn more to become a better photographer, to continue to grow and do different things that will help my business grow. Seeing the happiness that I have brought my couples has given me a lot more determination to get my name out there and to book more couples, so that I can provide the same happiness to as many couples as I possibly can. Read more>>

Arieanne Evans | Photographer & Collage artist

Thrifting…Collecting weird items . Any random thrift store like Value Village or Goodwill really fuels my creative career and pushes it to new levels. I’m able to recreate and use anything I can find to bring nostalgia to my images. Read more>>

Arabia La’SHAYe Marshall | Jewelry Designer|Fashion Stylist|Mental Health Advocate

I tend to stay intentional everyday. I wake up with positive mindset, affirmations, and setting goals that are daily or up to three months in advance. Read more>>