We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Lisa Smedley | Costume Designer & Celebrity Fashion Stylist

I absolutely love my career and have been very blessed to do what I love. However it is hard work and always full of last minute surprises. I always have to be flexible and ready to change something on a moments notice. I think the one thing people are unaware of in my industry of Costume Design and Celebrity Fashion Styling is that its all glamorous. Its hanging out with the actors /celebrities. and that it happens overnight. This is a big misconception. There is a huge amount of research, organization, and sometimes being like a therapist where you have to get inside the directors brain, the actors brain and/ or artist to see how they are thinking or feeling that day. I have so many people who are just starting out, wanting to do what I do. They see the movies, tv series, celebrities , red carpet , and commercials I have worked on after its been finished. Read more>>

Ge Holla | Founder

Networking isn’t about what you want significantly. When you meet someone famous or celebrities, whether their considered A, B, C, List. Ask, how may I help or be assistance? Show others you aren’t selfish or just here for your benefit & growth. I assist those because I see part of myself in them. Read more>>

Terrence Albritton | Co-Owner

That in this business you have understand that your ideas for statement tee’s will be stolen. The Patent and Trademark office will not allow you to copyright graphic tee qoutes. Read more>>