We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Kimberly Fowlkes | Singer & Performer

My end goal is to be a well-known, award-winning singer and performer. I have been singing and dancing since I could talk. Singing and performing just feels euphoric. Read more>>

Ryan Constantine | Photographer

I don’t really think I have a “end goal” I want to be a photographer as long as a possible. As long as I can make a livable career off of doing what I love then I’ll be happy. Read more>>

Demetrius Washington | Photographer & Creative Director

My end goal for my career is to be fully shooting fashion & celeb work. I want to focus on creating interesting visuals whether it be editorials for magazine covers. To everyday content for celebrity clients. That’s always been the end goal for me in photography. Read more>>

Dana Harrison | Muralist, Sign Painter & Purveyor of Feelings

The end goal is acquiring desire. That may seem a little abstract, but all a self-indulgent artist really wants is to be desired, no? So much of the beginning of your art career is just getting people to notice you. After you’ve been noticed you to want to be desired—for art consultants to want your pieces on their projects, for businesses to want your work on the side of their building, for the public to want your work in their collection. Ideally I’d love to go big! Getting asked to and compensated for creating my own art on a large scale—billboards, ten story buildings, 360 degree murals. I want to share my feelings with the world. Read more>>