Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Ashley Chambers | Dental Hygienist and Professional Model

For me, the most important factor behind the success of “Ashley Danay” is to show the younger generation of my family and hometown that if you can dream of something, that it can be achieved. I’m from a very small town in South Carolina that a lot of people like me don’t make it out of. Read more>>

Cori DeAngelis | Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer

I’d say the most important factor behind my success is knowing how to successfully run a business & not just take & edit photos. I’ve always been more of an entrepreneurial minded type person and it has served me well. Your skill level doesn’t hold very much value if your customer experience is lacking, so in addition to bettering my skillset over time I always want my clients to have an overall stellar encounter with my business from first communication to delivery. Read more>>


I have a few one would be The brutal murder of my grandmother Angela Womble in 1994. Because my grandmother was murdered and mu family never got justice for her murder I became a mortician. My grandmothers death motivated me to want more I developed a fascination for solving things crime scene
Investigation and forensics. My mother Regina lee has always been my superhero my role model my mom Went through so much in life but she always kept her head up. My Mom taught me how to be the women I am today and I have blessed to have her as my mom. Seeing my mom Get up and go to work everyday motivated me to want to get up and want to be all I could be. My support system has always been great my family has always encouraged and Motivate me to want to do More and be all I can be. My dream Has always been to make my mom proud of me because she put in so much, just so I could be great in life she sacrificed so much and I thank her for that. My mom is the main reason for my success in life. Read more>>

Jazmine McFarlane | Your Planner for ALL Events

The most important factors behind my success are Faith & Service, Faith in God, in myself, and in my clients. My mentor always says “hospitality is a service industry and we are here to serve” I truly take that to heart. Service for me is sacrificing myself for another. And when you hire Jazzy Lady Events that is exactly what you will get. People that give wholly of themselves for the client and the vision. Read more>>

Jenn Tilton | Pastry Chef/Owner

What is the most important factor behind my success? Let’s start with that I have dreamed of what success looks like, how it feels, and where I would be when I achieved it. To be honest, some of it felt really good and other times, it made me feel bad or more like a failure if I didn’t hit the mark to achieve it. Read more>>

Joel Blackstock | Clinical Director and Therapist

Looking to the future and seeing the way the industry is going is the most important thing that you can do as a business owner. The cognitive behavioral therapy and supportive counseling of the past was proving inadequate to treat serious trauma. We saw brain based medicine, like brainspotting, and experiential therapies as the future of trauma treatment. Read more>>

Anami Hayes | Visual Artist, Creator & Humanist

As mediocre as it might sound, having a good attitude and staying in peace despite everything is the true success. Many times in my life, I’ve felt very insecure or doubtful about how difficult situations will turn out and it’s very easy to be discouraged. However, I made a commitment to myself that no matter what happens I choose to be happy and to stay in peace. Read more>>

Tyrell Ware | Model&Actor

My faith in God is the most important factor behind my success. God has provided me with the ability to use my imagination to overcome obstacles. The will to perservere. He has provided me with genetics and has created the opportunities I have taken advantage of. All of those ingredients have allowed to become successful. Also, having a great parent in my mother, Flossie Ware, to support me and give me wisdom. Read more>>

Danika Stone | Author

The most important element in my own success is the simple refusal to stop when other people said I couldn’t succeed. Call it initiative, or determination, or just plain stubbornness, the final outcome was the same: I kept going when people around me walked away. I honestly believe there are numerous authors (and artists and creatives) what are one “no” away from a “yes”, but they never realize their dreams because they don’t stick it out. Read more>>

Trevor Lucas | Artist/Owner of Anomaly Art Studio

Being purpose driven and God guided instead of money motivated. If you chase your full potential, money and success will end up chasing you. And in following God’s lead you always end up exactly where you’re supposed to be and your motivations will remain pure. Your clients and associates can feel the authenticity and will gravitate to what’s real. Read more>>

omar soto | Filmmaker and Photographer

For me the most important factor behind my success having a mindset that “what I do is never enough” and that I can always improve my craft is the biggest secret and most potent tool during my career. Some people might find nice clothes, or fancy cars a symbol of success, but for me getting recognized and respected as a true artist has been for me the real meaning of success. Read more>>

Dania Morris | Mobile bartender and hookah service

It’s hard to name the “most important factor” because I believe my success is the result of a number of factors – and they’re all tied together to play a part in my success. These factors include being disciplined, not procrastinating, always putting my best work out there and going the extra mile for my clients , being honest, taking responsibility for everything I do, and sticking to my brand’s promise. Read more>>

Urmi Hossain | Full time employee in the financial services industry, blogger, youtuber and self-published author

The essential factor in my success is my tenacity. Every step, every goal I had in my life was achieved through my perseverance and determination
For instance, one of my short goals for 2022 was to publish my own book in 30 days and that’s what I did. I set this SMART GOAL for a 30-day plan. Read more>>

Racquel Johnson | Entrepreneur

The most important factor to our success will have to be the hair growth transformations our customers receives after using our products. When is comes to hair loss most people search for that thing that will help them restore the health of their hair. Some may be testing and trying product after product, which can be so frustrating. Read more>>

Teyana Benson | Dog Bath Specialist

The most important factor behind my brand is passion. When you have a passion for what you do, you cant be defected. When you start a brand, there will be many trying times, but me knowing this is my passion I always have faith that it will be successful. Read more>>

Katie Morgan Lester | Children’s Book Author & Illustrator

Determination has been a key ingredient to my success! I had been working full-time in marketing while writing & illustrating my first children’s book only as a hobby. Long workdays & spending time with my husband, son, family & friends, left little time for my love of illustrating. Therefore, it was a very slow process with my book. Read more>>

Kelli Best | Content Creator & Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success is a growth mindset. When you realize the amount of change that is required for having a business it enables you to be successful. When I started my business, I of course wanted to be successful but I learned the definition of success will always change with your experiences. Read more>>

Floyd Grant | Award Winning R&B/POP Vocalist and Entertainer

I believe the most important factor behind my success has been my Faith and Trust in God and Hard Work. Because being in the entertainment business and coming across so many opportunities and so many people. It takes listening to his guidance. Not all the time have I listened and ended up in not so good positions. Read more>>

Ra’Neiqua Broadnax | Entrepreneur & YouTuber

The most important factor behind the success of my brand and myself is my dedication. I know in my heart that entrepreneurship and living the life of a creative is what I am meant to do. I am my happiest when I’m working on my business and/ or creating. Even though sometimes, life happens and it may get hard and I may get a bit discouraged, I always make my way back to my ventures because I am so determined to succeed. Read more>>

Amy Headrick | Hoschton Coffee Company GM

I believe the most important factor is customer service. Not only providing a great experience, but also making the guest feel like part of the family. As a guest in a business if you feel comfortable, valued, and cared for you (usually) will be loyal to that business and recommend that business to everyone you know. We want to offer the guest a great tasting product, but more importantly a great experience. Read more>>

Tracey Lyons-White | Content Creator

I believe relatability has been the driving factor behind my platform. I enjoy allowing my followers to see a content creator holistically. My brand is not only a message but a reflection of a person who continues to learn and grow daily. It’s essential to see the downs and the ups and failures as much as the successes. Read more>>

Diana Toma | Professional Artist / Watercolor, oils & acrylic

I believe that my success comes from choosing to do work that I love. Despite the pervasive myth of the starving artist, I took the leap to become a full-time working artist and have discovered a whole new world of possibilities. Steve Jobs told a Stanford graduating class ”the only way to do great work is to love what you do” – and I agree. Read more>>

Tracy Morrell | CEO & Interior Designer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my unwavering commitment to excellence! Over time, my team and I at A Pop of Color Staging & Design, have created a value in our intellectual property; a skillset that is truly God given. God has blessed me with the gift of seeing a finished product in a blank canvas, based on minimal client input. I have established a brand known for turning clients dreams into a one of kind reality. Read more>>

Daniel Richardson | Owner

I got into the roofing industry about 5 years ago, and I started seeing all the inefficiencies and unkept promises contractors were making. I saw homeowners unhappy with the process and knew roofing didn’t have to be complicated. Owners often times try to stay insulated or avoid being involved with a customer directly. I learned very quickly that’s where things start to break down. No one taking ownership – not even owners. Read more>>

Jill Miller | Certified Real Talk” Trainer & Motivational/ Wellness Coach”

I teach our members that being physically fit and eating clean must be a lifestyle. A healthy mindset must take place for TRANSFORMATION. We must focus on the body, mind, and soul in order to improve our overall wellbeing. My instruction is centered around wholeness. This is why my members yield results and are very successful. Read more>>

Monnica Hines | Your local Soapologist

The most important factor behind my success in both my professional and entrepreneurial journey is my integrity. Integrity is one of the most sustainable personal traits one can have. In my business it represents transparency, consistency, customer service, and willing to admit when an error is made and quickly correcting it. Read more>>

Pete Rezac | Professional Photographers of America – Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer

The most important factor behind my success and brand success is that I’ve stayed in my lane of genre of photography, which is Black and White Film. I’ve been through times when I’ve been told film is a dinosaur, to watching it regain popularity. However, al though it I never abandoned it. I’m now known for it where ever I travel to teach around the country and I always, always, always have some kind of film camera and black and white film. Read more>>