Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

India Jackson | Event Planner & Event Designer

The thought of Risk taking is the number one reason people fail before they even start. I always tell my self yes it’s scary to task risk and i might fail but what if I succeed. I’m willing to take a risk and gamble on my self because I’m going to make sure that I win. Read more>

Aaron James | Vocal Artist & Wedding Host

I feel like risk taking is a major key in any successful business! Whether you’re an upcoming artist, full time entrepreneur, or part time hustler.. it all starts with that first step into the unknown. Most people are too afraid to take that first step because their fear outweighs their desire for success, or because they’ve become too complacent in their current state. But there’s no growth in complacencies.. you’ll only reach a fraction of your potential if you allow yourself to get too comfortable. And even if you fail, what’s that worst that can happen? You’ll either learn a valuable lesson that’ll help you succeed later in life, or, it’ll make for one hell of a story to tell!. Read more>>

Alexcina Brown | Author (Pen Name | The Blakk Dahlia) & Print Model

Risks have helped me to learn and grow in not only writing but all of my ventures. I started out as a print model with no contacts, no direction but I took a risk in putting myself out there, knowing that I was stepping into a world of constant rejection. For writing, I self-published my books without waiting on a company to validate my work. I believed so much in myself that I knew I could fly on my own. All of these activities have been a risk; whether if it’s risking my time, investing money, releasing my work as a beginner/unknown author, and even staying consistent when it seems that I’m not getting a return on my risk investments right away. In life, one of my biggest risks was moving away to New York City with little to no resources. I was starting over, and in that new beginning, I felt that I might as well shoot for the biggest market I could find. Not only did it give me a sense of peace in my personal life, but the move also opened doors for me to accomplish my goals while setting new ones. Read more>>

Dre Marquis | Actor, Content Creator

I have been taught, and even noticed in some instances that successful people take big risks. Yes, risks can lead to failures. Often times many of us acknowledge that out of fear. However, optimism guides you to the mindset that you can also succeed. In my life personally, I have taken several risks that have assisted with my growth. One in particular would be the risk to move to Atlanta from Chicago. I literally dropped everything. No connections, no friends, no family down here. Just me. And it has been challenging in just the few short months I have been here but I am truly grateful that I made this move. I know with my faith I will be successful. Read more>>

Jill Eden Wheatley | Family Woman, Attorney & Entrepreneur

Risk is extremely subjective. At first blush most people think of risk as “inherently dangerous” activity or high possibility of injury or death. For me it’s this question once asked of me. “What do you do if your dreams don’t come true, if you never get what you want so badly?” It would take a much more in depth interview to cover the journey but skipping to the answer…. “What is what you want worth?” I tweaked my dreams from specifics to what I had to be and feel at the end of my life. I wanted happiness and I yearned for purpose. So after breaking down to my core I pursued these with vengeance. . The greatest risk I ever took was the acceptance I would have to find happiness and purpose even if I did not marry or have children. It was agonizing. For some reason that pursuit brought me face to face with my husband. We married fast as we could and subsequently had twins. Read more>>

Jordan Mack | Actor & Unixorn

I think taking risk gives us the opportunity to truly see what we are capable of. Taking risks has played a huge part in my life and creative career. If it weren’t for the risks that I have taken in my life, I feel like I would be in an extremely dark place right now. Whether it was waking up one day and deciding to leave my home state for 3 years to live in LA, or deciding to live nomadically during the pandemic and ending up in Atlanta, risks have allowed me to truly learn about myself and be able to trust myself. Read more>>

Anthony Taylor | Director, Photographer

Bet on yourself. Every time. Always. Taking risks has played a major role in my life and career. I figuratively have an issue with treading water and/or staying in the same place for too long. If I’m not moving forward then I’ll start to fall backward, thats not the case for everyone but I know myself. Sometimes the best opportunities have been unscheduled and came out of nowhere, which can be unsettling and nerve-racking. But once you take that first step on that path, that fear can act as motivation. There are folks I know that are scared to lose something simply because its become comfortable, but if you want to grow you have to be ok with change. I do my best to not let the general idea of failing be something that will influence my decisions, but focus on the outcome and the benefit of its succeeding. Read more>>

Ivoree Larkin | Content Creator & Art Director

Taking risks pushes me to just simply go for it, no matter if the ending result is good or bad at the end you’ve learned a lesson. In my past years I use to play it safe and it always left me feeling complacent. I wasn’t growing, wasn’t learning, and I wasn’t happy so I had to flip the script. I’ve never regretted taking a risk in my life/career because it has made me resilient, confident, and has gotten me closer to where I want and who I want to be. Read more>>

Christina Ward | Actress & Aerialist

When I reflect on the risks that I’ve taken in my life I am able to pinpoint the exact moments when I knew my life would change. There is something so gratifying about taking risks that are measurable, not calculated, rather results-driven. That perhaps has been the primary impetus for how I’ve learned to dive when the timing was just right. One of the pros of risk-taking in my life and career is I have fabricated this sort of ready-made advantageous spirit. An essence of necessity to reset my narrative and account of life. This has developed in me a thick skin for rejection, an expansive awareness of myself, as well as, no fear in standing alone through the journey. In short, the risks of moving towards the results I want are great positives in my life. Those positives have led me to live in 3 major cities of the industry NYC, LA & ATL. The risks have introduced me to unconventional arts, like becoming an actual circus performer; silks, stilts, and all. Read more>>

Sloane Warren | Actor/Voice Actor/Producer/Writer/Neuromuscular Therapist/Energy Worker

I was taught from an early age by my father, who is an entrepreneur, that regret in life aren’t the risks we take and fail at, but the longing feeling of the risk that was never taken at all. That has always stuck with me, and really propelled me on my journey as I balance being a multi-hyphenate storyteller and owning my own neuromuscular therapy and energy work business. If I hadn’t quit my day job back in 2006 and jumped off that scary cliff into being self employed, I would have never had any of the experiences I have had today. It was a huge risk, since we had just bought our house and a new car that same year. But that risk paid off in such a rich and fulfilling life. Since then, I have had the distinct pleasure of working both in front of and behind the camera, serving two years as a Disney World cast member (a risk that my dear husband encouraged me to take when we had very young twin boys), working on TV and film alongside legends in this business like Al Pacino, Karl Urban, Laura Linney, and the list goes on. Read more>>

Nancy Karas | Transition Coach, Career Strategist and Change Management Expert

Three Mantras ~ Will Rodgers once said, “Go Out On A Limb, That’s Where The Fruit Is”. His words became my first mantra. We have two choices in life. We can wait for other people to determine our worth, or, we can take back our own power and raise the bar for ourselves. Realizing how much power we have to determine our own worth and then positioning ourselves for that success is the key. It’s the moment when you realize you are already wearing the ruby slippers, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. The Good Witch turns to her and says, “You already have the power my Dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”. This is also true for you. Early in my career, I watched people in leadership roles, some were great, others; not so much! It was then that I determined, if they can do it, (whatever it is they were doing) then so can I!! From that day on, whenever I feared moving forward, or taking a risk, I reminded myself of the people I had seen who had succeed with much less. Read more>>

Jalyssa Jimenez | Filmmaker/Content Creator

Taking risk and sacrificing for your art is a scary but beneficial tool to use as a creative. From what I’ve learned within the field, is to continue displaying your work to the public. No matter the outcome or result to how people may react to your craft. I am constantly vocal about topics on mental illness, body positivity, and the protection of women in my film work. As a result, I do come across viewers that demonize me and my content. There is also times that I am not fully satisfied with what I make. I am guilty of not being fully confident with my work sometimes. I however will continue creating no matter the outcome of my work. Because my art is my truth. My art is my therapy and is apart of who I am. Read more>>

Iyana Owens | Chef & Entrepreneur

Risk taking is something that has to be done when trying to start your own business. There will be so many people telling you not to do this and that. My whole career has been a risk. So many people close to me told me I was crazy and I wouldn’t like being a chef . They were wrong I love my job and now see those same naysayers trying to did the exact same thing I did. The fact that I inspire so many people is the best part. Read more>>

Halie Johnson Stanley | Photographer

I grew up in Perry, Georgia and naturally built up a clientele there when I was a teenager. When I was 20, with only $100 in my bank account, I packed up and moved to Athens. Taking this risk was such an important part of my business because it let my business (and myself most importantly) grow. Moving away and surrounding myself with new people encouraged me to expand in so many ways. It’s not like I picked up and moved across the country or anything, but I feel as if even moving several hours away planted the seed for me to eventually travel all over the country sharing my work through Love Stories Collective. Next comes the most important risk of all: quitting my service industry job. I knew that quitting my job would motivate me…and scare me a lil to be honest. I needed that slight fear of not being able to pay my bills to encourage me to hustle. And that it did. Read more>>

Eboni Montsho | Accountability Coach, Empowerment Speaker, and Business Success Strategist

The truth is you have no choice. You must give up something in order to obtain something else.  Personally, taking risks was never a matter of “if” but more so “when” and “what.” The truth is every risk that I have taken in my life has been the direct result of my past. As a teen, became a single mother. I was also a victim of domestic violence. My mindset and emotions were not healthy. Needless to say, this caused me to make unwanted decisions and establish associations with people that I should have been avoiding. At the end of the day, every situation I endured made me stronger – even if I was unable to see it at the time. Of course, there were sleepless nights and several days of lack. There were moments of frustration and levels of despair. In the midst of it all, I knew I had innocent lives to protect, and they needed to see a different lifestyle. For this reason, I went from running away from my problems to chasing risks. You see, many times it is necessary to look a risk in the eye and tell it what it will do for you. Read more>>

Katy Mariie | Photographer

I think that anyone pursuing an artistic career needs to be comfortable with taking risks. It’s a risk to create something personal and then display it for the world to see for fear of rejection or criticism. It’s a risk to put endless time, money, and effort into something that isn’t guaranteed. It was my biggest risk when I decided travel photography was what I was going to pursue. Man, was that an expensive decision. Not a hard decision though, admittedly I contain a questionable level of reckless courage to begin with. I’m comfortable with being outside my comfort zone and I believe because of that I can call myself a photographer. Read more>>

RockstarRican | Rapper

I fell like risk taking is very important in life and threw out careers. As far as myself, the risk that i took was that i decided not to go to college just to pursue a music career. One reason for that is because growing up, i always fealt like i was bigger than just going to school to work a regular job, my vision was way bigger, so i took the risk of chasing a music career instead of chasing a career to work for somebody for the rest of my life. Dont get me wrong, im not fully where i want to be in life, but for the most part, i refuse to give up before i reach my. Read more>>

MAYLEN CALIENES | Producer, Writer, Director & Founder of Latino Filmmakers Network

Life inspires you to take risks, it’s up to you to do it. As far as career goes you should always be taking risks. Especially in the entertainment industry which is a risky business of its own. If you are in the entertainment industry and have stuck to it, rest assured you are a risk taker because you already took the biggest risk in life just by being part of the most complicated industry that has its ups and downs but it is also a beautiful and rewarding industry if you get to tell stories. As an artist and creative it is important to take risks in your work to stand out but also for opportunities. After all, we create art and stories to share with others, to inspire and hopefully also to be change makers in creating a better world. All of that takes risk! Behind the cameras as producers and filmmakers we should be taking risks in making and green lighting those stories that should be told, especially when it comes to giving chances to underrepresented communities whose voice should be heard. Read more>>

JaMarius T. Jelks | Brand Developer/Content Creator

At the beginning I was nervous about making any type of investment because I didn’t see that growing up. Also my environment played a major part in my “common knowledge” of how to survive. However once I moved to Saint Louis, MO away from my family and Decatur I realized that I had to take care of myself. So I would have to risk/ sacrifice certain things in my life so I could obtain more and also be a help to others. Financial freedom is also a “real thing” up until 2018 I wasn’t making any money that I could invest, it was more about survival and graduating college. But I learned how most people learn once they graduate or have that safety net underneath them. The world is cold and cruel sometimes. But you have to invest your time, money, and energy the right way to understand the risk you are willing to take. The point where I realized I wanted more was when I became a job trainer/life coach and trained out of school youth ages 16-24. We watched Eric Thomas motivational videos on YouTube. Read more>>

Danica Duclos | Restaurant Owner, Published Writer, Creative Director and Producer.

In the Webster dictionary my picture must be next to the word Risk-taker. Being that I was pregnant at 12; I’ve already foolishly risked it all. Therefore; everything after that was fair game, I had nothing to loose, but the world to gain. Read more>>

Amira Daugherty | Amira Unplugged (Amira Daugherty) | Singer, Rapper, Spoken Word Artist

My entire personal philosophy surrounded being open to any experiences, friendships, competitions, and opportunities, so long as they feel authentic to who I am. Being willing to take a leap of faith, whether it concerns a career move, a speaking engagement, or even the kind of lunch I will have today has put me into remarkable circumstances where I have been able to break barriers for other people who look and pray like me. Because of this, I have been the “first” a lot of times- from becoming the first Muslim President of my college’s Student Government Association, to, more recently, becoming the first hijabi woman to earn a Golden Ticket on American Idol. In those moments, I would be lying if I said there wasn’t an element of fear of taking those risks. When I put myself in front of hundreds, thousands, or MILLIONS of people as someone living at the intersections of Islam, Blackness, and womanhood, it is nerve-wracking- I know exactly the kind of horrible, cruel things the world is capable of saying. Read more>>

Kigwana Cherry | Curator of Pop-Up Awesomeness and Urban Farmer

One of my favorite quotes is by Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus: ” Take chances! Make mistakes! Get Messy! The other by Booker T. Washington: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.” When I started Pop-Up Augusta!, I didn’t know how it would be received in Augusta comparison to big cities, but it was worth the try and the pay-off continues to grow. Did I have failures and obstacles? Of course, but I learned from them, regrouped and executed. COVID of course hit the entertainment industry hard, so instead of sulking I created with my friends. We started a livestream and audio backline business. With venues closed, I opened up my front yard for my band, The Lady & the Gents, to perform for the community which turned into a series Live On Your Lawn. Taking my green thumb and turning it into an urban farming consulting business Farmer Musician. Read more>>

Alaina Booth | UGA Student and Video Producer

My career is so young that I feel kind of silly answering this question to talk about risks I’ve taken throughout my life and career, but the risks I’ve taken have gotten me to where I am. Taking a risk, to me, is another way of saying “I have the courage to trust myself even if I fail”. I was 18 when I started shooting for clients. For most of the jobs I took on, I felt unqualified for, but said yes to anyways. To me, there was no way to learn other than doing work that I didn’t quite feel ready for, because I don’t think you’ll ever feel ready to take on something outside your comfort zone. Every job that I took on that I “didn’t feel ready for” turned out great. The client was happy, I created something of quality, I learned something new, and built up confidence. Because I’m constantly pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, I’ve gotten to the point where nothing is too challenging for me. When faced with a challenge, it’s always a mentality of, “Okay this is a big mountain to climb, what does my first step need to look like.” Read more>>

Kristal Hacker | Business Owner & Photographer

When I think of risk, I box it in with faith. I look at it as an unknown factor but it is not viewed as negative in my mind. I could never imagine that after a year of living through a pandemic, I would resign from my corporate job of 10 years to put my all into my own business, Hacker Medias. During a pandemic, when so many people unwillingly lost employment I volunteered to resign. It was a move God was preparing me for, for the longest. I took a great risk for my family as my husband and I both financially support our home. With God literally pushing me out of my comfort zone and my husband supporting me, I decided to have faith and take the leap. The decision was not easy. There are so many thoughts that run through your mind; are you being ungrateful, shouldn’t you be happy with what you have, what if you fail, why are you doing this now with the state of the economy? My determination to follow my purpose was greater. Read more>>

Gary S. Chapman | Photographer

Every single move forward in my career has involved some kind of risk taking. To me, it’s a vital component to professional growth. Risk taking helps develop flexibility and creativity to adapt to changing situations. When I first started working as a photojournalist, I took risks moving from one newspaper to another even when I wasn’t sure where that job next job would lead. Then I made a big leap into freelance for magazines and commercial gigs, then into conceptual stock photography for another portion of my career. Again, as I made these changes, I wasn’t sure where I’d land. The humanitarian field where I concentrate now, has its risk taking components as well. Documenting community development stories in other cultures requires acclimating to a new environment quickly, and being open to the unexpected. Risk taking has provided for me a push forward, a way to continue growing and expanding my capacity to learn new skills and to apply those skills to whatever comes next. Read more>>

Chauncey Sims | Music Teacher & Musician

As a business owner, I recognize how risks play a great role in one’s success. Recently, I took a large risk in quitting my full time job in order to put all of my energy and time into my business. Initially, I wasn’t sure how this decision would fair or if it was even the right decision at all. It seems quite illogical, especially in a pandemic, to eliminate job security and income. However, I truly believe it was one of the best decisions I have made to date. I’ve set many goals for my business for the year and although we’re only 3 months in, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in reaching each mile marker and have confidence that I’ll surpass my goals simply because of a great risk. It truly gives the phrase “from great risk comes great reward” a new meaning. Read more>>

Ashley Maltbia-Burgess, MBA | Beauty Guru and Black Business Activist

I’ve always believed that everything I desire is out there, I just have to go and get it. From leaving my corporate job in Washington, DC 10 years ago, packing up my car, and moving to Atlanta in the middle of the night to taking a chance on my dreams by starting my hair care company, Maltbia – The Answer To Your Hair Prayers , after being in the financial services industry for years. My entire life has been about taking risks. However, as I learn and grow as an Entrepreneur I now believe it is not only about taking risk but taking CALCULATED risk. The type of decisions that are informed by your experiences and sharpened by your reality. Everybody wants financial freedom and to be their own Boss but let me tell you, this is no joke-the sleepless nights, the expensive lessons, the constant learning, the roller coaster of beautiful highs and bewildering lows. You just have to trust your inner voice and guidance-no matter what other people may think. Read more>>

Chef Q Buggs | Personal Chef and Food Enhancer

Risk taking…going all in. Not knowing if everything you’ve just invested will provide a return. I’ve done that a few times. I know I’ll do it a few times more. I have to constantly create. Creativity takes time and money. So far…so good. Read more>>

Neftali Hernandez | Actor & Entrepreneur

Neil Gaiman once said: “if you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained”. Risk-taking can be overwhelming for many and for good reason. It’s always easy to stay comfortable and complacent with what you currently have. Many people fear change. However, risk taking is pivotal in transformation. I think about many of todays great inventions and ideas and I can’t help but recognize that those people took many risks to bring their ideas to fruition. I’ve learned that a life without risk is just not worth living. You see so many people with incredible ideas and talents who drop their pursuits because society gives the perception that safety is the ultimate success. And although, to some extent, I believe safety is important and necessary, it may often lead to a lack of progression. I believe the ultimate success is to become the best person you are capable of becoming. When I made the decision to leave my full time job a few years ago to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Read more>>

Venus Austin | CEO & Founder

I think that risk is an important element in growing in your life or career. Creating BLANKWardrobe was a big risk in my life and career because I made a lot of sacrifices (and continue to do so) to nurture and grow it. The risks and the initial sacrifices have allowed me to continue to grow my brand and refine it to make it better. Although risks can be negative, it is important to make strategic risks that have the potential to have a positive impact on your life or career. Read more>>

Dominique Lakes | Media & Entertainment Mogul and Entrepreneur

In my opinion, risk is tied to confidence and faith. A risk is only worth the reward if you have confidence in your ability and faith in your results. You have to believe that your results are possible before anyone else does. What people don’t usually say about taking risks is that risks involve a level of anxiety. The anxiety comes into play because the true results are unknown, so there is an internal battle between going for the familiar and venturing into the unknown. I have always been a creative, so by nature, everything I do can be seen as different from the norm. I see things through a different lens than most people and my mind communicates different as well. Because I’m wired to think outside of the box, I am always in a space of trying to figure out how to make every day things feel new and fresh. With redesigning, repurposing, and reimagine, you take the risk of criticism and closed doors. Read more>>

Vick M. | Restricted Programs Lead

When it comes to risk, I feel it is necessary to reach that next level of success. When it comes to “leveling up” you’re going to have to step outside of your comfort zone and leave yourself a little vulnerable to be able to grow. When it comes to my own life/career, I’ve been risk heavy since my father passed in 2007. I was in my 2nd year of college on the pre-med program before I took a leave of absence if you will and enlisted in the Air Force, from there I took every opportunity to travel the world, take new assignments, try anything the Dept. of Defense would let me which includes leading a deployment and to flying faster than the speed of sound over Los Angeles and San Diego; anything that gave me pause, I signed up for it. Those risk lead me to living in Dubai for 3.5yrs as a defense contractor then to a year as a construction consultant then into my current role as a restricted programs lead for a Fortune 500 defense contractor. Pushing the envelope is not for the weak or timid, but it can pay huge dividends on just believing in yourself and taking the chance. Read more>>

Devonte Walker | Photographer & YouTuber

I feel that risks are a big part of life. I don’t believe you stumbled upon success without risk, because most success isn’t guaranteed which makes success a literal risk in itself. As far as how it has played a role in my career; I’m actually in the middle of a financial risk betting on myself and my business. Read more>>

Katie Cummings | CEO & Baker

Risk is just a 4-letter word that simply means: You have one life to live, go for it, take a chance, and believe in yourself. My mother took the risk to Homeschool me at 6 years-old. Creating a curriculum to fit my learning style. Katie’s Cakes was simply started from taking a risk talking to the Post Office Lady about my business. I had such great confidence in myself that I told her I would make a Lemon Pound Cake for $20.00. Read more>>

Dr. Eddie Connor | Best-Selling Author and Empowerment Speaker

The saying goes, “An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down without a parachute.” Undoubtedly, it’s a big risk to reap the rewards but you can’t reap the rewards without taking the risk. If you want to aspire higher and reach new levels, you have to take a leap of faith. Personally, for me to shift from full-time educator and professor to full-time entrepreneur was totally risky. Creating something from nothing, betting on myself, and beating the odds was undoubtedly risky but all the more rewarding. I did not allow my situation to shrink my vision. I realize that everything you’ve overcome in your history must be used as a bridge, to walk by faith into your destiny. I recalled times in my life that were risky but I persevered anyway. Times like finding the CAN in cancer to be an overcomer. Read more>>

Lauren St George | Brand Strategist & What’s Next Creator

I believe in taking risks. Calculated ones. I believe in dreaming big. But dreaming smart. I believe in setting big audacious goals. But not in the dark. I have taken calculated risks throughout my life whether that is investing, career or entrepreneurship. My approach has always been to move forward strategically based upon research and a plan. I never take a shot in the dark, but I will take big risks once I have done my due diligence. I started my first business at 22, ran a multi-million-dollar creative agency with work seen all over the world, changed careers in 2014 ready for a new challenge and recently launched my latest endeavor What’s Next in 2021. Taking risks throughout my life has made things a lot more interesting. I have worked with everyone from C-suite CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to university students with a new product startup. I have worked hands on creating design and marketing materials for my agency and developing strategy at a global consultancy to leading teams of 30+ to bring a single vision to life. Read more>>

Ashleigh Ewald | Writer, Advocate, & Podcaster

I think about risk as to the ultimate key to stepping out of the comfort zone and figuring out your own abilities. Taking risks has played a major role in my life because of just going after my goals and pursuing my passion for politics. I am an 18-year-old high school senior who has been taking risks throughout my life to discover my potential and turn my dreams into a reality. From becoming a published writer, delivering speeches at events, campaigning, and now realizing that it is possible to achieve your goals regardless of how challenging the past was, I am moving forward with a risk-taking mentality. Read more>>

Amanda Newman | Author & Artist. Ponderer & Dreamer.

Over the course of my life, I find that I fluctuate between twirling through minefields and a sudden onslaught of insecurities that I don’t have any business trying to fit into a world already oversaturated with artists and with writers. Where does wisdom lie in the tension of these extremes? What risks are worth the potential pain of a fail….which can I handle if they succeed? For me, it helps to have people in my life who know me well and love me without ulterior motives. I have people who will dream with me and sometimes push me off the cliff when I freeze in fear. One of the biggest risks I have taken is trusting people to that extreme. It is a trust that has grown over time. Who is your person? The one that you can risk trusting to help you untangle your dreams. This year, I took another big risk. For years, I have shared my writings in social media posts and blogs, but this year, I published my first book. I took a collection of writings from the year and compiled a book called “. Read more>>

Samantha Janco | Actor

I am a firm believer of “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” However, I never jump into any decision without fully considering all options and outcomes. The way I see it…If something feels right or will get you closer to what you love, whether that be in your professional or personal life, it is worth the risk. When I moved to Atlanta, I didn’t necessarily want to come. I lived in Wilmington, by the beach. I had a life, friends, and a job. The comfortable choice would have been to stay. The riskier one was to move. I didn’t have a job lined up. I didn’t know anyone. I wasn’t even sure which area I should look to find an apartment. I knew one thing – there were tax incentives for the film industry here, which meant opportunity. I trusted that the rest would work itself out. Read more>>