Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Scott Whatley | Freelancing Creative. Branding | Strategy | Content

I get asked the question about risk a lot. mostly from people that are unhappy in their careers. It seems like there is a sense of security associated with working for a company. In my space ( creative work ) and a lot of other spaces, I think this is a flimsy thing to hold on to. I was once at a large agency and worked on one of the biggest accounts they had. I ended up leaving that agency and about 4 months later that account took their business somewhere else and nearly all the creatives I worked with were out looking for jobs… Read more>>

J.Lamar | Artist & Entrepreneur

I think without risk, their is no challenge. In order to be successful you have to challenge yourself do what could seem to be “thee impossible” in some peoples eyes. The reality is taking risk come with a 50/50 chance, it either works or it doesn’t. I took a risk by moving to Houston, TX in 2013 (which was the middle of my Junior Year of High School). I had my family, friends, football, & music to think about with that decision but I still had chose to leave to pursue the peace of mind I needed at the time. Read more>>

TuTxTuT Of KhamenLenz | Trap Artist & Master’s Director

Taking risk is everything for me. Even though taking risk is scary sometimes it always resulted in something positive or even allowed me to gain some sort of knowledge from it. I think taking risk is important when it comes to getting where you want to be. Without risk you won’t ever know your real potential. Not all risk ended well for me but I knew for sure With each risk came wisdom. One of by biggest risk was moving to Miami Beach, Florida to pursue my Master’s Degree in filmmaking & as well as my music. Read more>>

Anthony Woods | Photographer & Content Creator

I think risk is necessary for growth. In my life and career as a photographer, I realized I became stale when I didn’t take risks. After 6 months I stepped out and started pursuing the art I saw in the world rather that be boudoir or the traditional portrait photography vs trying to copy the other photographer. I saw major growth in my business as well as my personal life when I took the risk to not worry about what the next thought about me. Not only growth in my business but also growth in my confidence. If you walk around with out taking risk you’re living in a comfortable place, in comfortability we find complacency! Read more>>

Trinity Lowe | Body Sculptor

I believe that risk taking plays a significant role in your life. Risk is not a fear tactic but a growth tactic. What do I mean by growth tactic? Well think about it. If you don’t take risks, if you stay in a comfort zone or a shell. You eventually don’t explore the beauty in life, when it comes to a significant change in life. When it comes to drastic changes, they will always involve risks whether we subconsciously think about it or not. Risk is not a fear to me. Read more>>

Alysia Lok | Owner of Caramunchies & Snack Enthusiast

Everyone thinks starting your own business is a huge risk, but I wouldn’t say I’m a very risky person. Before I started my business, I set myself up with as many things to help me succeed before making the jump. I worked a stable 9-5 job in finance while living with my parents for 4 years after graduating university. I’m fortunate to have supportive parents that allowed me to live with them while I saved up enough to pay off all my student loans and also bought my first investment property. I’m also quite careful with my spending and never splurged on clothes, cars, or any material things. Read more>>

Kimberly Jones | Master Life & Empowerment Coach

The opposite of risk taking is playing it safe. I don’t know of anyone who has achieved any level of success or attained loft goals without taking risks. Risks can be subjective or objective in nature. Subjective risks are those that pretty much impact and affect us on a personal level. I can take emotional, relational, and spiritual risks that no one would every know about, because they are internal in nature. Objective risks are more readily identifiable because they involve putting things on the line like money, property or even our business resources. Read more>>

DLisia | Singer & Songwriter

Sometimes we have to take risks in order to fulfill our goals and dreams. In August of 2021 I took a huge risk and left everything I knew to move to a whole new city to pursue my dreams of being a recording artist. It has honestly been one of the best things I have ever done. It has it ups and downs but in the long run I know it’s all going to be worth it. I have accomplished so much already and I look forward to continuing on this journey. Read more>>

Deysia Cooper | Professional Dancer

Being an entrepreneur, your whole journey is about taking RISK! No risk no reward still very much exists. I moved to Atlanta without even visiting before I came. I heard it was the “New Hollywood” and I’m a professional dancer…. it only makes sense to come here. I didnt have a long term place of living, I didnt have a job, nothing…. just $1,000 in savings and a car stuffed with things from my house in New York. Read more>>

Asia Ruoma | Founder CEO & Creative Director

When it comes to risk taking, I immediately get excited. I took my biggest risk when I decided to leave my hometown Washington, DC in 2015 to relocate to Atlanta. I left everything and everyone I know. I had no plan, and only the finances to move into my new place. But what I did have was my faith and a vision to become a successful clothing designer. Read more>>

Nick Mathurin | Celebrity Barber/ Fashion Blogger

I believe that when you are trying to achieve anything in life you are taking a risk. Wether it’s big or small, you have no idea what tomorrow promises, so you have to trust your process and have faith that it will work. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. But also, the more preparation, the less fear you will have facing adversity. I risk my whole full time schooling and job to pursue barbering full time. My goal was to become one of the best, and I could only accomplish that with consistent work ethic, strong will, and nourishing my passion for the industry. So I made sure to check all my boxes, and sure enough, my hard work paid off. Read more>>

Isaiah Foster | Photographer, Graphic Designer, & Videographer

For me taking a risk is everything to get you to the next level. If you never risk anything, how would you know what you are really capable of? I quit my job and moved to Atlanta over night. And since being here I know this was gods plan! best decision ever!! Read more>>

Bettina Bennett-Walker | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Technology Project Manager

Risk is a constant thing, but it is how we respond to risk. For example, I remember being in 3rd grade and for the summer my mom put me in swimming classes. During my time in swim camp the instructor taught me the basics in the shallow water. The instructor allowed us to practice on every step of how to maneuver in the water, whether it is for leisure or survival. Weeks passed and we were presented to run and jump in the deep end of the pool. At first I was hesitant because I never took the risk of swimming in deep water. Read more>>

Jamila Wright | Co-founder

Risk taking has been a constantly moving goal post for me. The more exposure to entrepreneurs taking “risky” chances, the more some actions move from being anxiety raising to a regular day at the office. Opening a second store in Atlanta felt too risky until I met someone that has a business not older than mine with 4 storefront locations already. Risk taking weighs your fear of failure against your need for comfort but desperate desire for growth. I have to self-reflect often to see whether fear or complacency are driving my decisions and train myself to imagine what my outcomes could look like if I focus on the growth potential. Read more>>

Michael McClain | Model, Fashion Influencer & Entrepreneur

I think that without Risk there is no reward. Only two months ago, I was a social media specialist for a global retailer, working hard to grow and scale their business for social media; all while ignoring my desires to do the same for my personal brand as a creator/entrepreneur. I was terminated from that position on December 2, 2021, and in that very moment, I knew it was time to be my own boss because I never want to be in a position to be fired again. Read more>>

Masha Vereshchenko | Designer at Electric Cat

I have to take risks. I think for people like me who aren’t lucky this is the only way. I’m a self-taught artist and a self-taught entrepreneur. Artists are notorious for not knowing jack sh** about business – that’s why most of us starve to death. As glamorous as it may seem, that’s not the path I want for myself. So I chose to learn about business and I’m learning as I go. If I take a risk and I fail, I look for the lesson in it. Read more>>



Brial Booker | Custom Jewelry Maker & Nail Tech

I feel that sometimes taking a risk is necessary. At times, without you taking that risk, you will be in the same predicament you were yesterday or the day before, which isn’t always a good thing. Risks take you out of your comfort zone and most times thats what is mandatory in order for you to reach your fullest potential. Taking risks plays a big role in my life. I took a risk to start my businesses with no money, no clientele, and low quality products. As I continue to build clientele my businesses flourished and the quality of my products improved. Read more>>

Julius Gipson | Rapper/Artist

I think risks are just as important as opportunities. Taking risks is what opens up doors for even more opportunities. Progress involves risks , unfortunately! Taking risks has played such an important role in my life being that it may lead u to conquer more than what’s expected of you. As far as my career , taking risks is a main priority because in the this industry nothing is guaranteed. Everything I’ve succeeded at involved me stepping out on faith and taking the risk. Read more>>

Brandon Whitley | Country Music Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Risk is always a component to anything worth going after. But when it comes to music, of course the risk is there and its massive, but still it has never been a real factor for me. Never a consideration, really. Music is just what I want to do. So nothing else every really made sense. So I don’t really think of it as risk, but rather “this is just what I’m doing. What do I do next in order to proceed?” And with that, I just try my best to listen to God and follow that guidance and have it to fall back on no matter what. Read more>>

Teresa Olokosu | Atlanta Luxury Realtor and Entrepreneur

I would say that one of the greatest risks I’ve taken at this point in my life is making the decision to become an entrepreneur and pursue a career in real estate full-time. During my undergraduate career, I studied Psychology with a pre-medical intent. I had full intentions of going to medical school and pursing a career in Psychiatric medicine. As I continued on the journey, I came to the conclusion at the latter half of my collegiate career that I no longer wanted to go into the medical field. Read more>>

Ro Coleman | Digital Marketing Professional

For me, risk taking is a HUGE part of growth and success. I’m fortunate enough to not have any major responsibilities like kids so I can take risks without having to consider much more than the advantages and disadvantages it has to my situation at the time — which is a large part of what allowed me to take some of my biggest risks in my career. That and some unfortunate life events. Read more>>

Demetrius Meech” Turner | Entrepreneur

when it came to starting my clothing brand it was a big risk. I knew it would go against the normal way of doing things in my family which might cause some family members to question my decision. However, I knew that with great risk comes great reward. Read more>>

Rebecca Malcom | Entrepreneur & Leather Designer

Risk is scary and exciting. You have to force your self to be your creative, despite the risk. When I started my leatherworks, I made a conscious decision not to google or look on any social media platforms to see what may be trending. For the better part of a year I would design sketches and look forward to going to my studio to make these pieces come to life. Did it work all the time, definitely not! Trial and error is actually a beautiful thing, it teaches what to do and not to do. Read more>>

Latoya Whitfield | Money Mindset & Business Coach

For most of my life I played it safe. I was taught to go to college so that you can get a great job with benefits. For most of my childhood I dreamed of impacting the world through entrepreneurship. I never heard these types of conversations. If I did, it mostly resulted in negativity. The biggest risk that I have taken in my career was leaving my corporate job. I was so unhappy. I’m sure I cried regularly for 4 years. I knew I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something. Read more>>

Erin Blake | Founder/Owner of LoveLivePlay LLC & Pediatric Occupational Therapist

I don’t like to call it risk taking because it leaves a negative connotation within the mind. Rather, I love to say taking a leap of faith knowing that all things will happen for my greater good and that God will always provide for me through all the good and challenging times. I decided to bet on myself and took a Leap of Faith in September of 2021 when God was giving me signs to better myself and my environment. Read more>>

Talia Addie | Designer/Fashion Connoisseur

I think risks are scary but necessary in order to succeed in business. No one wants to stay in the same place forever, we’re all meant to change and grow. Risks help us do both. Me being a business owner today comes from me taking a risk. Risk taking has played a major role in my career as well as my personal life. I took a risk by quitting my job and also by relocating to the west coast area. Both were much needed changes for me and my business. I have not looked back since. Read more>>

Sjacquis Johnson | Model, Designer, Actress, Creative Director

I feel like taking risk is what being an entrepreneur is all about, “without risk there is no reward,” is what they say, I feel like out without risk we’re not living. Taking a risk is like having faith, it’s like giving someone a chance, it’s like doing something for the first time, it’s like falling in love, It’s like trusting , it’s like waking up and getting out of bed every day, I say all the things to say you can’t live life without taking risk, It’s a matter of how big of a risk you’re willing to take in your most uncomfortable or Vulnerable time. Read more>>

Cassandra Kirk | Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk has fashioned a Court that Informs, Engages, and Empowers Communities daily.

I am naturally curious and so risk-taking is in my DNA. If it looks impossible, it’s the task for me. Accepting the appointment to create, lead, and manage a new form of our Court was a risk, but it is a challenge I am glad I accepted. Accepting the risk showed me that every experience I’ve had was not wasted and could be preparation for my next step. As a Juvenile Court judge, I learned to be a judge – the early preparation of research and learning my case files, Read more>>

Brenda Pinnick | Painter, Visual Artist and Instructor

As an artist, the idea of risk taking may seem silly to some people. I mean, I’m my own boss, right? I’m not going to fire myself for a failed idea. In fact, I have stacks of risks in the form of paint on canvas. That’s what creativity is all about, trying new things. It may mean pushing color beyond expectations or perhaps an unusual composition or subject matter. I think in terms of expanding my creativity instead of it being a risk- that’s a much more comfortable idea. At or near the finish of a new work, I step back for few minutes so I can see with fresh eyes. I then ask myself, what is one bold thing I can add or change? Then I do it. Read more>>

Kenyetta Williams | Founder & CEO Of Nonnie Cosmetics + Boss Babe Women Empowerment Organization

Taking rise can sometimes be scary all depends on what you’re rising…. I’m very glad that I finally got over my fear I decided to take a raise and becoming a full-time entrepreneur starting my own Cosmetics a Business plus Women Empowerment and Organization I have the answer to say that is one of the reasons that I have taken in my life that I don’t regret making….. Read more>>

Jasmine and Gabriella | Momager and CEO

I love this question because ever since starting up…it began with a risk. My 6 year old daughter birthed this wild idea of having her own business in the middle of a world wide pandemic. So, at a time where no one truly knew how to navigate in general let alone start a business, but long story short we took that risk. Almost 2 years in and it has been a rewarding experience to see our business thrive and grow. Read more>>

Jermaine Baker | Musician & business owner.

Some career choices automatically requires risk, and i think that if i don’t
take certain risk, me and my opportunities will suffer. Read more>>

Dr. Cecelia Martin, PhD | Leadership Strategist & Motivational Speaker

Some call it risk, I call it faith and it is a the very center of my life. Faith is the key ingredient to an abundant life. I would not be where I am today and would not have accomplished anything if I played it safe. Acting on what you believe and taking risks is like Tarzan swinging from one vine to the next. It’s the reach in between each grip that is the scariest. But if you keep momentum and stay focused on the next goal, the next objective, the next outcome, the next vine, you can’t fail. Just keep swinging! There are indeed pros and cons but but the greater and most detrimental risk is not swinging or trying at all. Read more>>

Mic’a Sahara | Visual Arts Agent

Becoming an Artist was a huge risk in itself. Being born with a talent like creativity meant that I had to try almost everything to see what I’m the best at. Even with choosing to continue school, our society constantly warns us that studying art still won’t make us enough income, yet we still take the risk. And now as an Agent to all of the Artists that I represent, I have to take even more chances to create bigger opportunities for my business. Read more>>

Deuce Dinero | Musical Artist

When I first started making music, I worried about whether or not it would be accepted by my peers, family, and friends. I feared rejection. I feared that this craft that I loved so much would be taken as a joke by others. However, I tabled those feelings and dropped my first song ‘Numb’. Now I have multiple projects out now and some that are still in the works including my newest and most popular project, Nothing But Samples: Vol. 1. I now try not to look at risks as risks. I try to look at them as opportunities for growth and improvement. Risks in my eyes are just the fear of failing and without failure, one cannot learn from their mistakes and reach their full potential. Read more>>