Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why?  Takings risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Britney Chandler | Professor, Author & Podcaster

I truly believe risk taking has played a major role in my life. I wouldn’t have moved to a new city or have meet new people without a little risk taking. A few years back I was offered a part time job in a city I wanted to live in. It was a risky decision. I had a full time job, part time job, and family in the city I was already living in, but I felt something pulling me. I felt I needed a more creative atmosphere and although it was risky to leave everything behind and take the part time position, I took the risk. It ended up being a great decision and I now have a full time position with that company. You never know until you take that first leap. Read more>>

Anna Britting Davis | Atlanta Lifestyle Management

It’s funny actually, I’ve been pretty averse to taking risks most of my life- I love the feeling of my comfort zone. In life I’d say that hasn’t really changed, I love schedule and safety and routine and organization (hence the business I’m in) but, in business risk taking has been everything. Even starting The Britting Group was such a risk for me. I had no idea if anyone would see the value in what I was doing, if I was even capable to be a business owner. Since then, theres been more risk taking than maybe anything else. Every business decision feels like a risk. Read more>>

Whitney Davis | Master Cosmetologist

“No risk no reward” is the motto I live by. Taking risk for me Is what got me where I am today. I would be telling a story if I told you I wasn’t scared! I can’t say that I didn’t think I would fail cause success ain’t always pretty on the way to the top. However staying faithful to God is what got me through. The bigger the risk. The bigger the reward! Read more>>

Sir Gates | Entrepreneur

Taking risks is very important to both my life and career. Playing it safe all of the time will only get you so far in whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Sometimes in life, you have to be able to put your fears aside and take a leap of faith. Some of those jumps are very risky. They can have a high-risk factor or a low one but you have to determine which is right for your situation. I am one who is not scared to make mistakes are what most people call a loss. I look at every loss a lesson but how do you expect to ever learn the lesson if you arent willing to take risks to see if you will succeed or fail. Read more>>

Animal Brown | Podcast personality

I embrace risks. Almost seek them out. I believe no risk no reward. The worst that can happen isn’t a loss but a lesson. Which in turn is really the best thing. 10 years ago I took a big risk in leaving my comfort zone in Nashville TN and moving to Atlanta living with 3 friends in a 2 bedroom apartment with no job and money to barely last me a 3 months. But without making that leap I would’ve been stuck in the cycle of going nowhere slow that I was in. Read more>>

Chris Rice | Cinematographer | Photographer | Video Editor | Writer | Podcastor

The biggest risk I have made starting my business was betting on myself. After graduating from college my mind-frame at the time was to get a job and work for a video agency. After succeeding and gaining experience in the field my views on the workforce started to change along with my leadership mindset. Once I got my first loan and purchased my first camera, I knew it was no turning back. After that very day I have never looked back and kept pushing forward building my brand. Personally, I feel risks are necessary to take if you plan on succeeding in anything you are passionate about. I would tell anyone to go after whatever your heart desires because the biggest failure is to have never tried at all. Read more>>

Jacqueline Ciulla | Hairstylist/Suite Owner

When I think about risk, what also comes to mind is success, I’m a firm believer in taking risks in life since tomorrow is never promised or the outcome. In my life I have taken many risks that some may not make in there lifetime. I moved away from home at 16 started a new life at a new school with a huge cultural difference from being raised in NYC. That decision was a huge risk that led me to face some hard questions about what exactly I was going to make later in life. At 22 I started my own business doing hair it was my one true passion and driving force. The risk factor was I had sole responsibility on my brand/ business and it was solely up to me to build it into what it is now. Read more>>

Ashley Rock | Photographer & Videographer

My life would be nowhere near the same without taking risks. I can think of a million times I took a risk and it turned out awesome. Moving to Atlanta was my biggest risk. I think I had about $600 in my bank account and a lot of hope. My husband and I had no job leads, we signed a lease to an apartment and just hoped for the best. It was stupid if you really look at it. I worked for super cheap for some people just to make rent. I took gigs I didn’t want to work. I did a lot of trade for print shoots just to meet other creatives. But in some of those cheap/free gigs I found the BEST connections. Or people who stuck with me as my prices raised to my true worth. Read more>>

Antonio Baldwin | Content Creator

A risk is situation involving exposure to possible danger. A lot of people think That when taking risk, you have something to lose when in fact, a Fail, or a mistake is needed for growth. People don’t realize, you take risk every day! Stepping outside is a risk, driving a car is a risk, so if you’re doing it every day, why not take a risk that is worth it! I live for taking these leaps of faith, simply because I become a better person with each jump (Even if I jumped and landed in the same spot). With the content I deliver, I’m not sure who would like it, who would share it, etc., All I know is that out of all these people, one person will smile. Read more>>

Dr. Lucy R. Cannon, LCSW, CCDP-D, MATS | Owner, CEO, LEJ Behavioral Health Services, LLC

I have been in the mental health field as a seasoned Social Worker for many years. I have had the opportunity to work in many various roles as a social worker to include; clinician, supervisor, coordinator of day programs for individuals with co-occurring disorders disabilities, program manager, director, college professor, and now owner of my own consulting company. I believe my entire career thus far has required me to take risk to include working in various hospital settings, community based programs, public and private healthcare settings, and academic settings. Being a risk taker involves taking the necessary steps to work hard to get promoted to the next level within organizations. Read more>>

Celina McMillian | The Vocal Architect

“Great things never came from comfort zones,” is one of my favorite quotes when contemplating risk. Growing up in a single parent household, I have always been motivated to break any generational curses and beat all odds against me. Because HONEY I have experienced some things during this journey called life. I made a vow to myself that I would work with as many girls and women possible to support them as they discover themselves and make lemonade out of life’s lemons. So with very little business knowledge, I took a huge risk and founded Raising Our Queens (R.O.Q.), Inc. Approximately four years later. Read more>>

Nate Myers | National Recording Jazz Artist

I believe that risk-taking at times is necessary for growth. It’s had a huge impact on my career and actually got me where I am today. Being an artist/full-time business owner with a family was a risk within itself. If I hadn’t have taken the risk to leave my 9-5 and pursue my passion, I would’ve never discovered my full potential. As artists, we are vulnerable in sharing parts of ourselves (our work) with the world and we face the risk of it being rejected or criticized. Read more>>

Scott Onu | Artist

Risk is a funny topic to me. I’ve never been a risk taker in my life…until now. Risks have breathed life into me when the world wanted me and and my dreams to die. True risk is having the two plans that I have, Plan A: Make It and Plan B: Plan A better work haha. When I look back on my life I want no regrets. I’ve defied my Nigerian roots by forgoing the stereotypical doctor, pharmacists, and nurse and I even took it a step further by dropping out of college. Those jobs are cool, but I like a job interview you can wear jeans, hoodie, and grillz to. The biggest risk I’ve taken is truly believing in myself. I encounter so many people that are afraid of their own success, because of fear. You can’t fly if you never flap your wings. Read more>>

Brianna Gaynor | Clinical Psychologist

I am someone who tends to be cautious, I am a thinker. I am actually an overthinker, a skill which serves me because I think of the big picture and plan for ways to improve processes and consider how others are affected and what their needs are. It can also be to my detriment, as it tends to make it difficult to “shut down” my brain and disconnect. Because risk taking is not my natural tendency, it has been the most gratifying and terrifying aspect of life. Risks have led to many of my best choices. I chose to leave a job I was comfortable and secure in to begin a business with no guarantee it would work out. While at times I was uncertain, It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was and still trust that I am operating in God’s plan for my life. Read more>>

Leia G | Owner of CraavebyLeiaG

Business IS risk taking, especially when we’re speaking on entrepreneurship. You must take risk….. also you must understand that some risk will work out in your favor and some won’t! Prepare for both. Out of the bad, make sure you get that learning experience. Read more>>

Wolf Paradise | CEO of the Alive Infinite Brand / Music Producer

I think until you take a risk on yourself you’ll never understand what your capable of. We live life growing up learning and having experiences and at some point i think we all should find something positive that we can bring to the world or people around us . For me personally Art has been the backbone of my life growing up I’ve always done various art forms to express myself and life travels. At 28 now art is definitely beyond a hobby for me . I told myself at 26 if I honestly believe in myself and trusting all I’ve learned or skills I’ve gained I need to put my talents to work and make a living off of it. Read more>>

Lashonta Fullwood | Designer

When I think about risks, I only focus on the positive outcomes. If you focus on what could go wrong you hinder yourself from advancing and growing. Two years ago I took the biggest risk of my life and that was starting my business. I took my savings and bought everything that i might possibly need, two years later I’m still standing and going strong. Taking risks in my life have helped me grow mentally, emotionally and financially. Taking risks in my business has allowed me to engage and service people all over the world. I don’t regret any risk I have taken, it was either a lesson or a blessing! Read more>>

Mr Foster | 1/2 Of DFD Music & Music Business Executive

I think of risk taking as a learning curve about doing new things and exploring unfamiliar territory. Serving in the military was my biggest risk taking . Jumping outta airplanes, helicopters and deploying to third world countries in time of war to keep peace. Those experiences alone have made me relentless in the music business. While it still evokes a feeling of uncertainty or fear, you develop a new skill and there’s a stronger possibility of a positive outcome. Read more>>

Domo Miller | Podcast Host & Entrepreneur

I have always felt that taking risks was the same as having unwavering faith. I am a very spiritual person, and I grew up in a household that instilled faith in me. When you take risk, you are literally having faith that your higher power will guide you through whatever it is you may be facing. It’s called “taking a leap of faith”. Watching my mom independently raise me and my two siblings strengthened my faith, because there were plenty of times that my mom had no clue how she was going to make ends meet, but she would muster up the strength and courage to step out on faith anyway. Let’s just say we Never went without! Read more>>

Idalia LaPointe | Philanthropist

Risks are always a 50/50 shot. Sometimes you’ll take a risk and win other times you will fail. But each time you will learn something valuable. One of my biggest risks over the past decade was to leave the state where I had the greatest support system just so that I could do something different. That risk could have landed me flat on my tail. But I’ve grown and found my calling instead. That risk led me to find my purpose and create Dignify A Diva. I was able to finally put my hearts desire to help women and girls in need into a workable plan that I have now been able to successfully execute over the last 5 years! Read more>>