Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Ronnie Wilson | Wine Connoisseur

Working in the medical field for about 14 years I decided to change my career into the wine industry. It is very scary starting all over into the unknown but because it is my passion I give it my all to be where I want to be. Going from the medical field to the wine industry is a big career change and very risky. Especially being a black woman I have to work extra hard to show that I can handle whatever is brought my way. The journey is worth every moment cause it makes me stronger. Read more>>

Bri Rose | Wig Maker

Risk taking can be very scary but they say success is behind that fear that is stopping you from taking risk: I’m not the biggest risk taker at all, I cannot stand the feeling of failing. However, with being a business owner you have to take risk and that’s something I had to learn. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my business because I was so stuck in a box and scared to try new things or put my work out because I was scared it wasn’t good enough, but i learned that that’s what life is about and you will always be stuck in a box if you don’t just take that leap of faith. You are going to fail, you are going to run into bumps in the road but no matter what you keep your head up Read more>>

Gabrielle Bage & Ebony Grant | Rock and Crystal Business Owners

Starting your own business is one of the biggest risks one can take. There is always that possibility that consumers might not love what you do as much as you do, and this is an even bigger possibility when you have a pretty niche market as we do. However, we knew what we were getting into and decided if we were going to do this then we needed to put all of our heart into it as well (not just all of our money)! Read more>>

Tamara Irving | Professional Dancer, Educational Consultant, Educator

Honestly in my 20s risk wasn’t as much of a factor as it is in my 40s, however I believe there is a place for it in everyone’s life. For me, I took a risk at the age of 24. I completed Howard University with a degree in Marketing, I was a professional dancer for the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team and working in corporate America. Still something was missing, I knew I had to take a leap or else I would regret it. I quit my job and moved to New York City to pursue a professional career in dance. Read more>>

Makenta Chism | Esthetician & CEO

I think risk taking is vital in entrepreneurship. Nothing about being an entrepreneur is certain. You have to have faith in the unknown and bet on it. While I used to be hesitant about taking risks, it now excites me. I now understand that although I may not always get my expected results from the risks I take, there is always a lesson to be learned, which is truly valuable and aids in growth not only my personal growth but in the growth of my business as well. Read more>>

Randy and Andrea Olson | Co-Owners of Everlasting Films

We have always spelled faith “R.I.S.K”. When starting a business, how much risk you are willing to take is one of the biggest factors in your success.. Taking a risk is difficult because you are not guaranteed positive results. There is no upfront sign that this calculated step is going to yield positive results for your future. Sometimes, you have to do things outside of the norm and outside of your comfort zone that, in the short term, don’t seem relevant. However, they have the potential of yielding long term results in the future. Read more>>

Kristen Williams | Eyelash4Me-2 and G&E PopUp Shop

Taking risks as a young entrepreneur was the best thing I could have ever done in my career. Starting out I was scared , nervous, and shy. It took me forever to come out and display my products to the world. I was scared thinking I would get shut down, people won’t like my products, or even laugh at me on live trying to showcase my designs. But, I decided in order for me to make this work and be heard I have to come out of my shell which was hard for me. I was like one of the worst conversations starters in history. Read more>>

Lauren Hill | Owner Creative Agency, Creative Director, Stylist

My life is all about risk. I take them, I make them and I learn and grow from them. I believe we take risk every day, Everyday something is either not taking the risk for or taking the risk for. It’s even a risk waking up everyday and being Black in America. Taking risk has played a major role in my life and career. As of recently, I’ve taken the risk to jumpstart life in another state. From living in New Jersey all my life, to starting fresh on the sunny side of Florida. I came into this new move understanding all the risk and also the risk of what I was leaving back home. Personally, I feel as though my whole career is a big risk. I’ve started things that other people may have not thought of or never done, especially where I am from. Read more>>

Gabby Sumlin | Boutique Owner

Taking risks has never scared me to be honest. I’ve always been someone who obsessives over the rewards, hopes, and excitements of life – so much so that it over shadows the fears of taking a risk or making a scary move. I’m a hopeful optimist through and through. Risk-taking is found in almost every aspect of my life. Business-wise, starting at all was a huge leap of faith. I worked a very comfortable job, with a life to match and uprooting that to start out on a venture that I virtually knew nothing about was down right terrifying! I think what’s even more terrifying is thinking about my life had I not taken that leap. The fear of “nothing” scares me way more than the fears that come with taking big risks. Plus, it’s exciting and if there’s one thing about me – I THRIVE with excitement in my life. Read more>>

Quashanta Hamilton | Intuitive Copper Jewelry Artist

I always thought that anything worth having, would come after taking a major risk or sacrifice and that’s how I started Quashanta’s Signatures! I was low on funds, faced homelessness, sacrificed time away from two (out of 7)of my children and used $20 I borrowed to buy my first set of jewelry tools and wire. So grateful that I trusted myself. Read more>>

Michael Lima | Owner & Creative Director for Atlantrum Vogue

I believe that a lot of people never hit that point where they feel “It’s Time” to take that big risk or to bet on themselves. At this point, I feel as though betting on yourself is far less of a risk than betting on another person or company. If I had not experienced the risk and reward starting my own project and surviving, I might have a different answer. Taking that first initial large risk was everything for Atlantrum as a Fashion Label, and to me personally. I look forward to the next risks we take in the pursuit of progress. Read more>>

Caroline Reilly | Music Artist

When I think of risk taking, my thoughts immediately go to songwriting. As an artist, sharing songs that you’ve written is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. When I started songwriting, I felt like pleasing others with my lyrics and melodies. It became difficult for me to write while still trying to please others. Sometimes because I was writing about personal experiences and other times because I was afraid of what people closer to me may think if I write in a certain style or genre. Through time, I started to gain confidence in my songwriting process always making sure to remind myself that every artists unique style is what makes original music so captivating. I’ve learned how to express myself in a way that others will hopefully relate to! Read more>>

Akelliah Iman | Hair stylist/ Entrepreneur

Risk taking can be scary! Personally for me risk taking is a synonym for faith. Every risk I’ve taken I’ve trusted God with the outcome, and Of course I put in the work that needs to be done to achieve the goal as well! Taking risks has benefited my business tremendously because, I didn’t let fear talk me out success. Seeing how risk taking has impacted my business life, and personal life, only makes me want to take more risks. Read more>>

Danny Polo | Artist/Writer/Producer

I think that life is way too short to not do what energizes you. I had a stable career path and just kept on not being excited about the idea of simple security. I worked as a nurse and so many times encountered patients that were close to death, and would ask them what they have learned through life. I repeatedly heard them tell me that their biggest regrets were tied to not following things in life that energized them. So, I decided to learn from their advice and live life in a way that kept me energized and happy, even if it meant taking risks. Read more>>

Jalon Pero | Artist/ Producer

For me, taking risks plays a big factor in my career. With music it’s okay to always be open to change. I feel like it’s about how you execute it. My risks usually end up turning into something beautiful. Read more>>

Michelle Buffkin | CEO, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Aesthetician

The career and life I have today I owe to taking a risk and betting on myself! One conversation with a friend 16 years ago. I didn’t know at the time, the impact this decision was going to make for my future. I enrolled in The Savannah School of Massage in 2015 and completed the program in just 1 year. Continuing my education to further help people relieve their pain and discomfort. Receiving my Medical Massage Practitioner Certification in 2011. Read more>>

Shelby & Jordan Wormley | WE&Company Co-Founders, Storytellers

“risk /risk/ noun a situation involving exposure to danger. Feeling exposed, and vulnerable is uncomfortable and can be quite terrifying to some. Learning how to lean into that uncomfortability and trusting your unknown process is the first step and it’s a big one. But once you’ve taken it, you’ll discover just how capable and brave you are and have always been. You’ll never be about to turn back because you’ve already taken one of the greatest risk a person can take and that is betting on yourself and your capabilities. Read more>>

TAYAH G | Lash specialist & influencer

I feel that risks are going to be taken everyday in the business industry no matter what you do , one of the biggest roles that have been apart of my character is not to have any fears , fears over take the power of our brain and gives us doubts to a situation that could change our lives forever , so always go in open minded and be prepared for any results no matter if you win or loose . Read more>>

Nekeith | Recording Artist, Actor & Model

When I think about risk I wonder what is keeping me afraid of taking that route or what can happen or what would be the outcome if I chose to step out of my comfort zone. Taking risks has played a major part of my life and entertainment career. I always been fearless to step out of my comfort zone to make things happen no matter any circumstance. I love the thrill of not knowing what can happen next once I debut new music, knowing that I put my all into the project. I put it in the hands of god and my supporters and I just trust the journey. Read more>>

Ashley Jackson | Hair Stylist, Fashion Designer, or Creator

Risk taking should be changed to DREAM TAKING. In life, we are given limitations on LIFE from birth, fearing something we can’t see, but know it there. This keeps a person stuck in a box, of never pursing their dreams, their vision, and their purpose knowing that there is something burning deep inside of them.. Taking risks is apart of your own significant journey. Some people are blessed with a tribe, a mentor, or a team to guide their every move. If you are like me, (without any guidance), you move spiritually by divine guidance. You move with the unknown, the rhythm in your soul that moves you to your next step. Many call it a risk, but it’s a part of you that naturally move, to take what is destined to be yours. In this dual reality, we can’t think of failure as losing it all, instead one should look at this as a part of growth, strength, courage, and understanding that everything you are doing is getting you closer to that Dream that is worth the RISK. I say this is what life is about. Its your path, your journey, and your destiny. Read more>>


I am a FIRM believer in risk taking. You have to embrace risk! The hardest things for you to do in life is almost always the best thing for you to do. Most people have a fear of taking risk because they focus of what they will lose as oppose of focusing on what they will gain. In life and career you must believe in yourself and you have to maintain a positive attitude in order for you to succeed. Living by this rule has 100% helped me take any risk head on. Be Fearless in the Pursuit of YOU! Read more>>

FNDT Trap | Hip Hop Artist

Taking risk was cricket to me becoming who I am with my career. I’ve risked quiting my jobs and sacrificing my time away from my kids. Without me taken the risk I have taken I wouldn’t be successful today. Read more>>