We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

CJ Washam | Fitness Influencer & Digital Marketing Coach for Fitness Professionals and Health & Wellness Brands

I want my legacy to be one that leaves people remembering me for being a innovator, trendsetter and most importantly a leader that helped lift the Fitness industry to higher levels than ever better. It’s super important to make sure people know i did everything in my power to make sure my community is represented and respected the same as all others in the Fitness industry, Read more>>

Su Nee | Musician/Singer & Songwriter

I want my legacy to be an inspiration to generations to come. I want to be remembered for not only my sound, but I want my voice to spread love throughout the world. And give people a reason to keep going even when at your lowest. Read more>>

J. Lavone Roberson | Author*Educator*Philanthropist

The Now I Am Nia Foundation, Inc. is my legacy. I started this business after my second cancer diagnosis because God gave me the word PURPOSE after praying one day. I was struggling with the fact that at 38 years old I had become a two time cancer survivor and a barren woman. I had always planned to be a mother and name my daughter Nia so when I heard God say PURPOSE… I knew he was speaking to me about my legacy. Nia means purpose. Read more>>

Ashley Bouknight-Claybrooks | Baker | Artist | Historian

I want people to remember the passion I put into every batch. Baking is a spiritual experience for me. Each recipe connects me to multiple generations of my ancestors who prepared dishes with so much love. Read more>>

Tamara Charles | Business Owner, Author and Philanthropist

I want my legacy to be where my children never have to struggle the way I did. I’ve always been the type of mother to teach my kids not to be another statistic like their mother, being a teenage mom and out of wedlock. I always teach my children to be better than I was when I was their age. I want all my kids to be successful and that to me is all I want my legacy to be knowing that they listened and did the right thing in life in order to conquer the world. Read more>>

Miguel Angel Sostre | Hairstylist & Lash Artist

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I saw my mother manage two famous hair salons. That upbringing gave me the opportunity to witness amazing transformations not only physical but also emotional. Those transformations is what pushes me to be a better hairstylist and lash artist everyday. Having the ability to meet so many people from different walks of life is a true blessing. I am truly honored to work in a field that forever evolving not only as a community but also as an individual. Read more>>

Jaylen Dowell | Entrepreneur

I am from Albany, Ga. My background and upbringing shaped me into the young woman I am today because I had to work for everything I have. I lost both my parents at only 9 years old. From that point until now, I basically had to figure things out for myself. True enough, I had family, but as I got older, I realized I needed to make the life I wanted for myself. Everyone has always encouraged my siblings and I to beat the statistics because with the tragic loss that we faced, and are still facing, you would expect one to give up — but we didn’t and for that, I am so proud of us. We do have our days, but for the most part we are holding it together for each other. Read more>>

Brandon Victrum | Owner of Pop-Up Productions

I am from a small town in middle Georgia named Chester. I was raised by a single mother & was her only child. We believed in taking care of ourselves and others. I have the type of large family that you may not have seen each other in a while, but whenever you do it’s like you never skipped a beat. I believe that being raised that way has helped me today by instilling in me to always take care of those around me. To also welcome others with open arms and to keep those I cherish near. Read more>>

 Luca Barolli | Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor

I’m from Parma, Italy, and begin Italian, is a ‘condition’, my childhood was based on food and play. Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Salame do Felino, Culatello, Pasta, Ravioli are the flavors I grow up with and that’s what I’m bringing to my clients. Read more>>

Angel Hayes | Business Owner

I am from the Westside of Atlanta, but my family originates from The Bahamas. I grew up in what would be considered a low-income area, so my access to some resources were limited. I knew from an early age that I was special and knew my potential would take me beyond what I knew growing up. Read more>>

Lovell Gates | Actor and Model

Hey everyone, my name is Lovell Gates. I go by Blerd of Mouth on social media. I am 31 and from Roxbury, in Boston, MA. The area I grew up in, I was surrounded by other kids who loved, Dragon Ball, Outlaw Star. Blade etc. We would exchange toys, games, movies and later comics. At the same time, meeting up in the parks or streets of the area to act out our favorite scene’s from shows/movies or making up our own fights scenes. I remember being introduced to comics and Blade little while after my father passed. Read more>>

Diana Eywa | Life Student| Aspiring Coach

I am from Pittsburgh, Pa. I grew up in the Hill District and relocated to South Oakland when I was about 6 or 7 years old. When I look back at my life growing up I became very grateful for the experiences I had on my journey. I realized that in order to be better and to not only be successful but to live a more whole and happy life, I have to change and heal my negative thoughts, feelings and actions I assimilated over time. Read more>>