We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Helena Keasler | Owner & Soap Maker

The most important factor behind the success of Wit and Bubbles is joy. Deep, God-given joy. This joy overflows into the brand through lighthearted humor, thoughtful charity, and excellent soap. Every business has frustrating moments, but then joy rises up and reminds me to trust God and His timing. This joy comes across to the customer, event planner, or business owner as they interact with me and my brand. They laugh, see the quality, hear the mission to help end homelessness, and they love the bubbles. Wit and Bubbles officially launched on January 25th, 2021. Mother’s Day this year was huge– I sold out! Everyone and their mama wanted to send soap and a sweet card that read “You’re A-mama-mazing!” Over the Summer, favors orders began to pour in, for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, group events, and swag bags. Now Wit and Bubbles is expanding to support wholesale accounts, and we already have four. There is more to come, and unspeakable joy is paving the way. Read more>>

Nikki Stewart | Real Estate Agent & Master Cosmetologist

I believe the most important factor behind success is authenticity. If you line up your values and goals with your actions in your day to day life, you’re living an authentic life. I’m telling you, people can see that from miles away. People are drawn to it and they don’t even know what it is. Yet, I believe whole heartedly this is the key ingredient to success, and well, happiness. Read more>>

Sir Aimézing | The Most Marketable Influencer| Best-Selling Author| International Speaker

The most important factor behind my success is purpose. Not only is it my biggest strength, but the foundation for everything I do. We all play a role in the history of our world and I strive to evoke that out of everyone I encounter. The title of my book is Everyone Needs a Hero: Why Can’t it be you? My brand and business is Sir Aimézing LLC. Because every person is Aimézng in his/her/their own way. I have stared death in the face five times and am here to be a divine frequency sharing the light of our creator. His purpose for me, is the most important factor. Read more>>

Britta Borden-Tabor | Blogger/Influencer/Change Agent

The most important factor about my brand is to empower women to embrace their curves, make no apology for the women they are, and celebrate the woman they strive to become. Through faith and fashion, I want to help women know when they shine, they give others permission to do the same. Read more>>

Kanoee Reynolds-Scott | Author, Wellness Enthusiast, Inspirational Leader & Speaker

Serving Others. Right RELATIONSHIPS are the CURRENCY for success Read more>>

Nyalima Mustapha | Entrepreneur & Recording Artist

The most important factor behind the success of Grind By Faith Promotions is being consistent with a strong team. We believe being consistent helps us stay relevant and on our toes because it creates an environment to where we are constantly brainstorming on creative ways to improve as a brand. As stated in our name, we work through faith, and working with a team that has the same values as you, makes remaining consistent an obtainable goal. Read more>>

Kayla Richardson | Wig Specialist and Stylist

My most important factor behind my brand is that Kayla’s Krowns is personable and trustworthy because I really enjoy what I do. I started this business as a hobby right out of high school. When I am doing a unit or providing a service for a client, it is like my quiet time, my therapy and I’m in flow. Each unit has its own unique and personal touch. My brand has taught me patience, dedication and life balance. Read more>>

DJ Tay Cool | DJ

The most important factor behind my success is foundation. Your foundation has to be solid. The meaning I’ve created of that is having a good support system and also maintaining a character. Things are a little different being a women in the industry. We aren’t offered the same opportunities and actually have to work for everything. I remained humble thus far through my career and building relations and connections that can last forever. ” I gotta keep my name worth more than money and gold and remain humble around my people cause I don’t spoil my soul” – Meek Mill. Your name can take you places further than money. With a solid foundation you can conquer anything. Read more>>

Joshua & Shantrece Lewis | Creatives

The most important factor behind our success is trusting god. We’ve always believed god had a plan for us to impact people threw our creative gift. Our goal has always been to remain authentic and professional, while remaining humble. We hope threw our story, we can inspire other couples to walk in your purpose and don’t let fear be the reason you stop achieving your dreams. Read more>>

Anabel Navarro | Digital Media Consultant

A well-kept network of contacts. I am a true believer that your network is your greatest treasure. I have the joy of meeting people around the world, many of them beloved Venezuelans, and that has definitely been a key factor in Thamarana Media. I started my business in 2017, thanks to the fact that due to immigration issues I did not have a work permit for a while, and in a short time, thanks to my contacts, we won some contracts not only in Georgia but also in Florida, with Latinos and also Americans. Nothing better than people who know you, know your professionalism and responsibility and recommend you to others. All the stages in networking are very important, from creating those connections, maintaining contacts, taking care of them, and following up. Read more>>

Cheeko Fue | Entertainer artist musician grinder ultimate hustle

Persistency , consistency , faith and hard work . Always out grind the competition look out side the box in between the lines and punctuality is a major key . It’s the mental pre preperation or the calm before the storm . I’m mentally prepaired then I bring my thoughts to living works Read more>>

Doug Sceviour | Owner of TWT Bulls – French Bulldog Breeder

For me it is having a true passion for what you are doing. A real passion shows through to customers who then feel the energy and love for what are you doing and know it is authentic. When it comes to building a brand people like to follow a movement and go on the journey with you so not overly worrying about what people think and just being myself also seemed to help a lot. Read more>>

Nubia Cirelli | Real Estate Professional

I believe that anyone can be successful in any job, when they love and enjoy what they do. I love my work, I love meeting new people, help families to find a home it doesn’t matter if it is a first-time buyer or an experience buyer, the feeling of been part of a positive change in a life of others, it is very rewarding. I believe that people trust me on one of the biggest investment of their lives , because they notice that I look forward to help them achieve a dream and I don’t look at them as a transaction. So that has a huge impact on the success and referrals that I get from past happy clients. Read more>>

Ohavia Phillips | Multimedia Mogul & Maven

Thank you so much to the family for this opportunity. Thank you for always providing a platform for business owners to not only connect but make meaningful relationships. I’m appreciative. When I think about The Oh Show LLC, I feel like we define the word pivot. Seriously. The most important factor behind my success is I leave my brand open to changing. Let’s take 2020 for example, The show started taking off in ways I did not imagine. But my audience was changing. I felt it coming, and I ignored it. But then, it became obvious. So I learned not to stay so committed to one thing, but leaving your brand open to fresh ideas and perspectives. The most important factor behind my success is I leave myself open. For example, I change the name of my talkshow of five years (The Oh Show) to now BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WITH OHAVIA PHILLIPS. Did it feel weird? Absolutely. But it bought about many blessings. Like backing from Ortho Carolina and my Queen city podcast family, and some other things. Trust the process. Read more>>

DeVon Moore | Director, Editor, Producer, Writer, Filmmaker

Living in the moment. It’s that simple. I’m not trying to stress about the future or the past. When you live in the present, everything unfolds perfectly and the past is always provided closure. Read more>>

Tiffany Knight | Owner & Toddler Specialist

There is not doubt that the biggest factor behind the success of our rapidly growing brand is passion, purpose, professionalism, and of course our results. For many years I imagined living and not just existing. Now, i’ve built a brand doing what God has called me to do and walking in my purpose makes life worth living. When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. Our purpose is selfless and comes from a genuine place. We strive to create an early love for learning in a safe environment. We also act as a village, here to support mothers and their families. As a mother of a young boy I understand the importance of having allies and multiple resources on this motherhood journey, especially in the 1st 5 years. Read more>>

Shanon Thomas | Master Cosmetologist & Owner of HNM Glam Spot

I would have to say that there are multiple factors that have contributed to my success as a Master Cosmetologist, however the top three factors are my passion, ambition and discipline. I developed my passion for hairstyling as a teenager and authentically enjoy helping women achieve their vision for glam. My ambition compelled me to expand into a multifaceted beauty business that goes beyond hairstyling and includes makeup, nails, lashes, custom wigs and HNM Glam Spot beauty products. Discipline has helped me to balance my entrepreneurial efforts while sustaining a full-time position at the School of Medicine at Emory University. I believe that passion, ambition, and discipline are the keys to succeeding in any facet of life. Read more>>

Star Dillard | Marketing Strategist & Creative Coach

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is ME! I never gave up on ME! Even when it got hard and when people doubted me or when people didn’t quite see my vision, I never gave up! Yes I had my days where I doubted myself, and days where I found it hard to find clarity, but I never let that stop me or consume me! I adjust very well to most situations! I moved a lot as a child, so that’s one thing I mastered, and I’m thankful for that skill! Read more>>

Cinderella A Uduh | Marketing Consultant & Business Structuralist

The most important factor behind my success is my faith in God, focusing my energy towards my purpose and maintaining a fearless nature. I graduated spelman college in the midst of an economic rescission and quickly realized that nothing was guaranteed and opportunity is for those who earnestly seek it. I started Spice Affairs as resolution to the volatile instability that the corporate sector was subjecting my self and many of my fellow graduates. Spice Affairs became a representation of my will to do better for my family and future children, Although I wasn’t sure how I was going to build a successful business, I knew I wanted real economic development within my community and I recognize that what I learned from corporate America would help me establish a profitable sustainable business structure and pass that knowledge to friends and families, building my village one business at a time. Read more>>

.Tonya Meisenbach | BurnedBeauty2018 – Burn Survivor & Influencer

Transparency. It was very intimidating to completely open myself and my life up to the world for general consumption, but I realized that’s it’s the only way to earn credibility as someone who genuinely wants to build a platform to help other survivors. I have to let people get to know me and then they understand my goals. I never intended to start a career as an Influencer. At 48, I wasn’t even really sure what that meant, but when I felt the love and received positive feedback from other survivors just for doing my makeup and hair and posting the photos, I knew that I had found the best way for me to give back. Read more>>

Tamara Koré | Certified Fitness Trainer

The most important factor behind my success is that I honestly love what I do. The time sweat and tears put into pouring into my clients mean the world to me. Fitness is my passion, my stress reliever and my happy place…literally my EVERYTHING! It’s just makes the process 10x better when others believe in your abilities as much as you! Read more>>