We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Day Kennedy | Stained Glass Artist and Store Owner

I think risk taking is so important. Nothing great comes from playing it safe. You can’t learn and grow as a person by playing it safe. I left the stability and paycheck of a corporate job to be a full time artist. I had no plan and no reason to think I would succeed, but I had to try. I couldn’t suffer through my desk job and look back years later wondering “what if”. But I have learned so much about myself and what I’m capable of. I have less fear, less anxiety, more confidence, and more drive to keep going and doing more. And I have so much more gratitude because I know it could have gone wrong, and I could have failed, but I didn’t. And I would never feel this happy and fulfilled if I didn’t take the risk in the first place. Read more>>

Chasity Davenport | Salon Owner & Master Stylist/Extensionist

I’ve always heard “without risk, there is no reward”. My career behind the chair started out in the middle of the Great Recession and as a mother, I could not risk waiting around in a dull economy to build a clientele. I worked a corporate job for years, doing hair on the side and quickly realized the success I had behind the chair outweighed what I was capable of with my other career. I was traveling for long periods of time, putting in far more work than was recognized until something finally clicked; it was time to take a risk, a MASSIVE risk, to build the life I wanted for myself and my family. This meant more flexibility with my schedule, my trips now included my family if they chose to join me and I was in a place where work felt a little different, it was enjoyable. Not just because I was good at it but because I loved connecting with people, building relationships, helping them solve problems and really feeling like I had purpose. Read more>>

Cajeanna Knox | Jewelry Artist

Risk taking is one of those things that stops MOST people from living the life of their dreams, and I admit it is very scary to jump into the unknown. For a while I kept getting intuitive nudges to leave my job to pursue the creative endeavor I’m doing now and I couldn’t do it, because I wanted to keep my security blanket and be on the safest path possible. But overtime it felt like I was drowning in work- doing my 9-5 and then coming home to fulfill orders, it became very stressful. I knew I had to let go some of my work load, so I came to an ultimatum-take a leap of faith and pursue my art full fledge, or take the safe route with a guaranteed income. After pondering both paths for a while I finally decided to take the risk, and I left my job. I’ve been a full time artist for 5 months and I must say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. Read more>>

Kc Garcia | Creator and Owner

Taking risk always sound so scary initial thought. However, once you realize what is possible and how to obtain your goal, nothing is impossible. Life can be so routine sometimes that we become comfortable and stop realizing what could happen if we were just a little more brave in decision making. Risk has played a huge roll in starting my business. Before starting, I worked in elementary and private schools. I’ve always loved Art of all types but painting and crafts were always my favorite. Maybe it was the school teacher in me but colors and textures are were always so fun to play with! I one day decided, there has to be more to life than cleaning cute kids noses all day, so with the support of my partner and family, I left my 9 to 5 to start my own creative journey! It hasn’t been easy but till this day one of the best risks I’ve ever taken! Carnation Illustrations just celebrated its 1 year anniversary with over 400 sales, 100 custom designs, and have helped over 20 other small business rebrand themselves! Read more>>

Edward Baxter | Entrepreneur , Master Barber and Instructor, Sound engineer for recording studios, live sound and film, and teacher, Fashion designer.

Risk taking is getting out of your comfort zone. You can look at risk as a big fearsome situation or a small hurdle, changing my environment was a risk. I was use to where I was at and not understood that the people around me was holding me back and hurting me because I allow it assuming this was it for me. Putting myself into situations that would risk losing my life and eventually did lose some of my freedom, jail time. So after understanding risk by taking hits that didn’t feel good to me I move away from all that hinder the greatness within me. Educating myself in whatever it was that I wanted to grow in was the first risk I took that follower along with moving to another state and city. I never let my pass be the reason I fail but I see it as life lessons that was suppose to happen to me. Taking risks that made sense to take that would better me and my career is worth the risk. Many more risks and years to go. Read more>>

Branden “Richgomery” Griffin | Artist, Actor & Entrepreneur

I used to hear people say “The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward” all the time & that’s actually a fun fact & truth ; Risk taking over the years, have been major/key moments in my life also my career Read more>>

Kevin Thompson | Event Coordinator

I think risk are decisions based on faith, and if you have high faith in your decisions and yourself, you will get the results you are looking for. It may not happen as quick as you want it to happen, but it will happen. Taking risk and putting fourth the right energy towards goals I wanted to achieve helped me step out of the box and start my business. Read more>>

Courtney Houston | Creator and Founder of Shadowing Pros

I believe when it comes to “Risk Taking” it forces you to bet, believe, and trust in yourself more than you ever thought you could. The phrase “When there is no risk there is no Reward” really reigns true, because most times to get a different result or outcome you have to change your path. The biggest risk I took was moving away from my hometown (comfort-zone) to pursue my dreams in the Film/Tv and Theatre industry. That risk has allowed me to accomplish many goals and experience opportunities that I most likely would not have been able to do if I never moved away from home. Read more>>

RETROi$AWESOME | Recording Artist, Fashion Designer, & Actor

Throughout my journey I realized that risk is one of the biggest paradoxes of life. Its what separates the biggest winners from the average everyday person. Most people encounter the concept of risk & are automatically met with the feeling of fear/pessimism, which is understandable to some degree given that a risk is a 50/50 chance. But what makes risk such a paradox is that if its met with fearlessness & a positive attitude, you’re guaranteed to succeed, as if its not even a risk anymore. Taking risks have played a huge role in my life. Read more>>

Chris Jackson | Clothing Designer & Event Host

Taking risk is part of your journey for success. I took a risk starting my business during this pandemic. I had no options left once I got laid off from work due to an accident. Finances starting piling up and jobs weren’t available because of so many restrictions I knew at that point I still had to survive. I then had my logo created for me to start up a entertainment business but as I moved forward so did my idea and I created a shirt for myself to brand the image. The idea turned into ppl complimenting my shirt so I turned around invested in a printer and heat press then took off from there currently my merch has been covering all of my expenses and now I have New Era Snapbacks Available for purchase also. Without taking the risk I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today Read more>>

Tanya Blount | Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician

I’m all about taking risk, I think that is one of the things that stands out the most about me is that I am not afraid to gamble on myself. I started massage therapy 12 years ago. I was working in one of the hottest nightclubs in Atlanta at the time. The money was really good, but I knew that it was short term. I started promoting my business within the club and securing clientele. With the money I made in the club I was able to secure my first massage studio. The business was good but I realized I was leaving money on the table when my clients started asking for services I didn’t offer. I was about 9 years in when I went back to school for esthetics. The club life started slowing down and I ultimately let go of my location. I started doing mobile services for my regulars and became a licensed esthetician. Read more>>

Victoria Holloway | Podcaster

Anything you do for your business or ministry is a risk. Just getting something started is a risk, but you have to believe in yourself enough to take those risks. I’m not afraid to take chances because I’m confident in myself and the calling that God has placed on my life. I never look at my mistakes as failures but as opportunities to learn what not to do and continue to grow. Read more>>

Amanda Prainito | Personal/Private Chef

Risk taking is a very large part of why most people avoid becoming entrepreneurs. Taking the risk to start my own business was the best decision I have ever made in my career. Yes, it will be scary in the beginning, but if you have a passion please pursue it. The best thing about working for yourself is that you have the ability to create your own schedule and timeline for what and when things need to get done. The hardest part is that things often fall on you if employees are not reliable, or something unpredictable happens. Taking such a big risk and following my passion has made me enjoy my job more than I ever have in the past, even though it seems I work twice as much. Read more>>

Tayloer Morgan | Photographer & Travel Enthusiast

Taking risks helped me take some of the pressure and doubt off of myself. Prior to taking my leap into photography full time I was a bartender. I enjoyed bartending but I did not love it. I eventually had to take a moment and see that yes I can do both but only one was what I really wanted. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people I encountered bartending. It was a very big part of helping me embrace my travel bug. Bartending so that I could travel and create had become a revolving door for me. Realizing that I didn’t have limit myself to be happy and successful was the push I needed to take passion by the reigns and hold myself accountable in perusing photography full time. Eventually you have a moment with yourself and decide “Am I going to settle or go after what I really want?” In a sense you have to wake up from the dream to make it a reality. Of course that doesnt happen over night but, you have to actively take steps towards your goals so that they are no longer dreams. Its your reality! Read more>>

Ebony Shinelle | Model, Actress, & CEO

I personally feel as though taking risks are apart of life’s process to becoming your best self. Risks require you to be in uncomfortable situations and balance your self to find a comfort in what you have been challenged to overcome. Some of the most rewarding life experiences have happened when I decided to take a risk to try something new, go somewhere new, learn something new and even applying new things to my life consistently. Read more>>

Mr Multi-Hustle | Radio/Media Personality(22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio)

With every dream comes a risk.You just have to decide is it a risk worth taking?!If so,let nothing or no one deter you from what heart is telling you.Big risk/Big reward I always say!!I took a risk and moved from Pa. to NV for a bigger market and thank God I did!!! Read more>>

Fab Brown | Owner UTO IV

In the music industry specifically I hear alot of artists, mainly rappers, brag on the highs of risk taking. The infamous quote “scared money don’t make money” is used alot and in some ways overly used and misunderstood by the masses. I Personally don’t subscribe to the idea of risk taking on the levels this quote is conveying. I see many people blindly taking risk, whether it be financial, patronizing certain “dangerous” venues, hanging with random people with the thought of networking and much more. In the same breathe I personally have taken many “risk” to get ahead or progress in the music business but I took those risk after educating myself on the possible outcomes before taking the initial risky step. Read more>>

Bryan Green | Creator | Co-Host , The Commercial Break Comedy Podcast

I have to be clear about this… as comedy podcasters we are not running into a burning building to save cats. The risks we take are relatively small. But I think risk taking DNA is inherent in creators/artists. I also fell it’s compulsory. It is as if creative thinkers have “risk ignorance” built in to our brains. We make music, comedy, art without regard to our financial well-being, career trajectory, personal lives and at time, our family lives. We can’t help ourselves. If you’re called to create, in any capacity, you will create. Sometimes without regard to consequence. It’s a double edge sword. My co-host and I don’t often talk about the risks we are taking by creating our show. Read more>>

Samaria Howard | Personal Trainer

Risk taking: how do you think about risk, what role has taking risks played in your life/career? I love taking risk . I am an extreme risk taker . I will do something very risky to get me out of my comfort zone and challenge myself . I know most people are scared to take risk because they are unsure of the outcome. I believe life is all about taking risk and doing something different . Read more>>

Rizzy Rackz | Musical Artist

I didn’t realize it at first because I was just a teenage kid when I started experiencing success from taking risk, but taking certain risk has played a key role in my survival. Now when I look at and study some of the most successful entrepreneurs I realize more often then not they reached those heights of success that they would not have otherwise reached without taking certain risk. Now by taking risk we expose ourselves to the possibilities of danger. Danger of failure, danger of taking losses in a variety of different ways. Some losses can be extremely difficult to recover from if at all. Read more>>

Kabir Animashaun | Photographer

Risk taking has played a vital role in my life and my career. I learned very early in my life that in order to make strides in this world, in order to make an impact, taking a risk is very very essential. Every successful person I studied had to take some sort of risk in order to reach the position they were in. Learning this helped me realize that I had to be ready to take risks. This knowledge has continued to play a vital role in my career, whether it’s making huge investments in camera equipments, or creating works that are nothing like the what is majorly on social media at the moment, or unapologetically incorporating my culture and tradition in my work. It has also helped me come to terms with failure, and understand it more. I learned that failure does not have to be a gut-wrenching experiencing. Read more>>

Klassic Jones | Editor In Chief of Under Raps Magazine, Concert Promoter, Artist Manager, Podcast Host

My entire career is built on risk taking. When I look back on my childhood and how hard we had it growing up and the mere fact the I had the audacity to think bigger then where I was is a risk in itself. I’ve invested in my events paying major artist to come out not knowing if the night would be successful. I’ve managed and taken artist on tour often times using my money to fund a lot of the endeavors, and every penny spent to bring Under Raps Magazine into a viable platform has been a risk. I guess the beautiful part is that I can risk it all win putting as well as those that I come in contact with in a better place. Like the sacrificial lamb. Read more>>

Rita Casman | Entertainer and Lifecoach

Risk sounds scary…I can assure you it is part of living your best life because it helps you attract what you want and make it happen. It helps you get over the “what if” by choosing the option that bests suits your needs and dreams! However, you do need to asses risk in the sense that you must analyze the situation. It is important to think about our options but also get into adventure mode. It is definitely easier when we have nothing to lose and everything to win, as well as having tried other options and not having success with them. The best example I can give you is how I got into acting. Read more>>