We had the good fortune of connecting with Bryan Green and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Bryan, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
I have to be clear about this… as comedy podcasters we are not running into a burning building to save cats. The risks we take are relatively small. But I think risk taking DNA is inherent in creators/artists. I also fell it’s compulsory. It is as if creative thinkers have “risk ignorance” built in to our brains. We make music, comedy, art without regard to our financial well-being, career trajectory, personal lives and at time, our family lives. We can’t help ourselves. If you’re called to create, in any capacity, you will create. Sometimes without regard to consequence. It’s a double edge sword. My co-host and I don’t often talk about the risks we are taking by creating our show. It’s a comedy podcast with an edge. Which is not everyone’s flavor of comedy. But we feel strongly it’s authentic to who we are and the personality of the podcast. The main risk we assume is that someone we know, a future employer, a family member or friend may not be amused by what happens in the studio. So far we have avoided those pitfalls because our show is not mean-spirited. But that feels like our biggest risk. I also think that fleeting nature of popularity is a risk we assume. When people don’t listen…the show will have a hard time benefiting financially. But we don’t dp the show for the money. I go back to our compulsory need to create. We love what we do regardless of risk or money.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
The Commercial Break is a comedy podcast. It’s an improv comedy chat-cast. Which basically means my co-host and I sit around and find humor in every day situations, pop-culture, timely news stories and life general. Krissy and I have been best friends for almost 20 years so this is really an extension of our friendship in all ways. We are truly absurd and we enjoy taking a story, twisting it into crazy knots and trying to get a laugh from one another.

I think part of the reason the show has resonated is that the friendship is on full display. We are not mean spirited by nature but the show can be edgy. I have been told that it’s obvious, when listening the show, that we share a collective history, sensibilities and sense of humor. From the first day I asked Krissy to join me on the show I told her : ” Let’s just pretend there is one more person in the studio with us. Let’s include them in the fun and talk to them as if they were already a friend”. I think that comes through the speaker also. We hope we are creating a bond by including that listener. Not a large group of nameless faces. a single listener that we envision is there with us. At the beginning that served us well…because there really was only ONE listener.

I had the idea in late 2019 to start a podcast but didn’t what to focus on. I made the quick decision that if I could just get an episode out there I could figure the rest out later. I asked Krissy to join to help the conversation move along. We started with 14 downloads that first show. Honestly, we were thrilled! We couldn’t imagine 14 of our family and friends would listen to us being idiots for an hour. As time went on I started to tighten the show content and focus on the absurdity of the life. Whatever we were doing was paying off. The audience was growing each episode by 100-200%. However, when we made the crucial decision to start marketing the show…that is when the growth really took off! We chose to spend time, energy, effort and money to get in front of new lisenters. It’s paid off for us big time! But it was not easy. It’s never easy when a passion turns into a business. Lot’s of lessons learned. Many sleepless nights. Many changes, big and small, to the show and the content. But we have always kept that focus on our friendship, creative freedom and that one listener. Now the show ranks in the Top 1% trafficked podcasts in the world and we have had more than 1,000,000 downloads in 2021.

We truly want someone to be able to turn an episode of the show and tune out for an hour. The world is such a serious place right now and with good reason. But we purposefully let others tackle those serious issues and opinions. We aim to make our podcast a refuge for laughter and insanity. It’s possible you’ll dislike us. But it won’t be because of our political views! We assure you of that. It’s a real life Commercial Break from the worldwide drama.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
If my friend came in to town for the weekend and I wanted to show them the best time ever I would do the following:

A Braves day game.
Early dinner on Buford Highway (Sushi Hayakawa anyone?).
Evening karaoke down the street.
Stop in at Clermont Lounge
Late night Bocadillo Latino Cubans at La Fonda

Brunch at The Peach & Pork Chop in Roswell
Pick-up volleyball game at The Chattahoochee River Park
A nap and brews while we shoot down The Hooch
Early Italian dinner on the patio at Osteria Mattone
Drinks at Rusty Nail
Late night snack from Waffle House on Roswell Rd

Breakfast at LadyBirds
Long bike ride on the Beltline
Pay short tribute to Paris on Ponce!
Nap and people watch in Piedmont Park
Better people watching at Blakes for a drink
Burgers at Fred’s Meat & Bread
Late night at Clermont Lounge


Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
It’s difficult to choose one person, book or moment to credit our success. Krissy (co-host) and I agree that our spouses have had the most influence on our ability to create and grow the podcast. It’s not an easy task to publish two+ hours of content each week. It takes hours of planning, research, recording and editing just to get the episodes out the door. Growing an audience in another task that takes a great deal of time, planning and execution. Anyone who creates art (musician, painter, actor, comedian) understands the challenge in finding the time to make it all happen.

Having the support of our loved ones is a must! My wife has to take care of two small children while all of the work gets done. On top of that, she is a sounding board for new ideas, a governor on bad ideas and a cheerleader for the show. She also works with us to grow the audience on social media, acts as the COO and directs promotional efforts. But it’s the support we cannot put into words that allows us to keep moving forward. The little affirmations after a tough day, the moments of silent support after new successes and feeling of unconditional love that works like a safety net when doubt starts using us toward the edge.

Our spouses have encouraged us to do the show in the first place. They have been champions ever since. We both agree a ton of the credit goes to them!

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