We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Theory | CEO & President , COO & Vice President

Our business is centered on the equity, education and social development of the cannabis industry. The American history of marijuana and injustices done by our legislative system cause for a social and economical re-education of the industry. Read more>>

Anna Kennedy | Psychotherapist & Entrepreneur

Our impact on the community on a large scale comes from empowering individuals to reach their own full potential, potential in relationships, being active community members, being the best they can be in their chosen profession ,and maximizing their own wide variety of individual contributions to society. Read more>>

Courtney Johnson | Founder of Young & Established

I run a community center for the youth to have a safe space and exposure to learning opportunities, programs, food pantry, events, mentoring, access to washers and dryers, and many other resources to access for free. Read more>> 

Nengi Offurum | Founder & CEO

Black Women Owned Inc. (or BWO for short) was created with Black women in mind. The founder, Nengi Offurum, who is a Black woman experienced challenges like lack of mentorship, funding and networking opportunities. Read more>> 

Alexis Cain | Queen of TACE (#queenoftace)

In life, we’re told to give others their roses while they can still smell them, but the reality is people rarely do. At TACE DE LUXE our vision helps to change the narrative of the dead or as so like to say “transitioned” receiving more flowers than the living. Read more>>

Kayla C. | Business Analyst & Marketing Expert

Evening the playing ground for small business owners is my passion. Most importantly, I assist SMB’s in operating and structuring their business’ operations for maximum output resulting in higher earning power and employment in minority communities. Read more>>

Maserati Shellz | Entrepeneur/Artist/Producer/Podcaster/Community Activist

We at 8182 Entertainment believe that Today’s children are tomorrow’s future They hold the future in their little hands. What we give to them today is our tomorrow. Make sure everyone understands It’s the little things that are important. Read more>>

Cam Christian | Communitarian & Artist

Plantlanta combines social and environmental justice with pop culture. Read more>>

Cassandra Bellevue | Certified Life Coach & Author

I remember years ago hearing about a real-life case study that resonated so deeply with me. It was a case study about prison inmates. Every day they were to get up, after breakfast come out to the courtyard and collectively move a pile of heavy stones. Read more>>

Aiden/ Asher Childs | Entrepreneurs & Students

Our business helps the world by spreading positive daily affirmations throughout community on a everyday basis. With all the negativity going on in the world, the boys are letting their light shine and positivity through their affirmations. Read more>>

Art by Ayala | Visual Artist

My business helps the community or the world by an awareness of sustainability and the importance of Indigenous representation in Fine Art. Read more>>

Mark Zinno | MVP, Atlanta Program Manager

We are impacting lives of veterans and former professional athletes by breaking down barriers and stigma while helping them through transition away from the military/professional sports. Read more>>

Darius Baxter | CEO of GOODProjects

GoodProjects is an organization that is focused on providing basic needs to low income impoverished, primarily communities of color so that they can become the champions of their own story. Read more>>

Nakia Caesh | Myofascial Therapist | CE Provider

The most abundant resource on earth is the ability to heal. Healing is essential for our community to move forward. Healing from something as deep as generational wounds, PTSD, frozen shoulder down to a simple sprained ankle. Healing, recovery, reflection, introspection. Read more>>

Rose D’or | Beautician With The Hair Of Gold

I Totally Believe In Bad Hair Day! For Instance Nurses Save Lives Literally But I Save Nurses Life! You Are Much More Effective At Your Job When Your hair Is Done. It Literally Changes Your Mood! You Can Go From Feeling Blah To Conquering The World. Read more>>