Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Madison Cromley | Mixed Media Artist

Being that risk is so deeply integrated in both business and the creative process, running my own art business is filled with opportunities to jump into the unknown, which I love! Read more>> 

Kassandra Jackson | Film MUA & Special Effects Artist

Risk taking to me is something I honestly don’t think about, I just do it, Most of the time, Im super excited to start an adventure or new endeavor. I believe and trust in myself completely when it comes to my career, so risks are just more obstacles to me rather than an actual risk. Im not afraid to dive in. Read more>>

Lance Carter | Artist and Social Media Influencer Personality

Risks are the key to self confidence. BET ON YOURSELF! I feel like risks are what make life. if you aren’t taking risks then you aren’t successfully living. it took some time for me to learn that. Read more>>

Dakota Driskill | Storyteller of Driskill Mountain Tall Tales

Anything worthwhile comes with struggle, I learned this from an early age. Growing up in the countryside of Loganville, GA – I’ve had my fair share of skinned knees, scrapes, and face plants in the red, Georgia clay. Read more>> 

Sheena Walker | Sheena Walker & Entrepreneur

I feel that taking risk is a essential apart of life, because without risk there is no reward. I took risk when I had a new born and decided to leave my nail suite to spend the first year of life with her. Read more>>

Anson Romney | Actor

Risks are prominent in every part of our lives. Instead of stressing over the risk of something failing, I like to view it as a good indicator that I’m doing something right. I believe that showing that hesitation is all the motivation you need to say go for it. Read more>>

Zoe law | Creative Photographer & Gallerist

You think of risk like its the end-all, be all, then it is the end. But you think of risk as a tool and it could offer help in many situations. My risk taking has shown me that even in instances where things don’t work out, I can always rebuild myself back up; try again, so I have created a great relationship with risk taking. You learn more from risks than anything, I believe. Read more>>

R C | Entertainment Mogul

Risk are necessary evils in business. My entire career is a risk. There’s no college class or trade school that provides a stream line to success in any area of art. It is the moments where it doesn’t make money or sense that challenge us the most. Unwavering faith in God is what it takes. Read more>>

Lauren Freeman | Family Lifestyle & Maternity Photographer

Taking risks is how I started my business. I had never even picked up a professional camera until the year I started my business. It was a big investment of time and money. I went for it and am thankful every day that I did. Read more>>

Kiana Bratdoll | Fashion | Beauty Content Creator

I feel like taking risks plays a big part in accomplishing any goals you have in life. You never know what you can become or where life will take you if you don’t take risks, Never sit around and wonder “well things could have worked out like this if I would have done this”. Read more>>

Richard Gallion | Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, and investor.

Honestly my entire life I’ve taken risk. We could start just by me growing up in Chicago. Going outside or sitting next to a window is a risk. With knowing that everything you do in life requires a risk it made me look at everything as an opportunity to grow with nothing to lose. Read more>>

Angelique Bates | Actress, Recording Artist, & Motivational Speaker

We all have need to take risk in our life. It’s just making sure they are smart risks and make sense. That decision is what makes and breaks a lot of people. Taking risks has played a lot of roles in my life/career. Read more>>

Maurice Jasmine Sutton Heard | Maurice Sutton, Jasmine Heard | Entrepreneur & Educator

Take a risk, or lose the chance is how we think about risk taking. You either take a risk which could result in success or failure OR not take a risk at all and just fail. Risk taking has played a major role with the startup of our vending machine business and in our overall lives. Read more>>

Dondi Springer | Urban Poetic, Digital creator, Poet, Author

I think about risk as you will win, or you will learn. In life everything has a level of risk tied to it especially these days, but you have to keep things in a positive perspective, and look at the lessons you learn from taking that risk. Read more>>

Boris Lukman | Actor & Dancer

Taking risks plays a critical part in my life and especially in my artistic career. The whole notion of being an artist is to go to the boarder of the unexplored, the uncomfortable, the unknown etc. Read more>>

Derrick Jackson | State Legislator & Retired Naval Officer

I genuinely believe that every “life-changing” decision (i.e., starting a business, getting married, starting a family, career goals, etc.) presents its own set of risks in life. Read more>>

Simeon Kidd | Also know as Sye , Artist and Creator Director Amongst other talents is a man of many hats

Risks taking is necessary if we want to make it in any career field. Risks are at every turn, and sometimes the biggest risks have the biggest out comes. Without it, we wouldn’t get anywhere in life. Read more>>

Lulu Mocombe | MDS Nurse and Business Owner

Society has created such a negative fear around the word RISK TAKING that it seems to paralyze people when they hear or think about it. So when I did a self evaluation in regards to the risk I’ve taken in my life and the 2 things that were consistent no matter the outcome was fear and doubt. Read more>>

Tyler Riney | Entrepreneur | Businessman

Risk to me is something fun, its the edge to me of life. Rather seeing risk as that fearful state in a certain position of life I see it as the universe or God or whatever you may believe in handing you a bit of fun towards your walk of life. Read more>>


Risk gives you opportunity to define who you are and what you are really capable of. Risk allow you to discover the new you and also make yourself understand your gift and talent. I never was interested in doing plus size modeling, because I felt anyone could model, Read more>>

Jroach | Model & Music Artist

Risks are such a huge part in success, if you’re not taking risks your going to be stagnate in anything you do. Im a huge risk taker and the way i think about risks is, its a personal investment. So obviously im not into taking “stupid” risks that require me to risk my life or health. Read more>>

Justin Hill | Lawyer

I’ve invested in myself, and taken a lot of chances. Taking risks are vital to elevate to the next level. The key, however, is calculated risks. Calculated risks require adequate research and a plan. Read more>>

Caitlin Gray | Content Creator, Director and Choreographer

My basic philosophy on risk is: nothing ventured, nothing gained. It sounds cliche, but it really is true. There are so many examples in my life and career over the decades where I took a risk that many people in my life at the time thought was crazy, but those types of risks are exactly what led me to where I am today. Read more>>

Jessica Hylton and Nakia Starling Accent Minded Designs | Social Event Planners

Many are often driven by risk-taking. Risks involve the willingness to pursue a vision through both challenges and success experienced. Those willing to accept risks are most adaptable with managing change and pivoting when needed. Read more>>

Jamal Hawkins | Fashion Model & Vintage Reseller

I believe that with risk there is reward, I have come to a new found understanding that many things in life are never easy until you have confidence to take a chance. My career has succeeded based upon the risks that I have began to take ,in effort of gaining respect and popularity in my community. Read more>>