Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Deedamodel | Model & Muse

Well first I want to say the meaning of Risk taking to me means go after whatever you believe in if your scared or confused . DO IT ! No matter what life throws at you ! Because that very moment when you sit and contemplate on those situations that take place you’ll eventually start to doubt yourself and live in regret ! That’s my motto live life till the fullest and take those chances . Read more>>

Stevanni Melton | Photographer & Painter

When it comes to the art field, 97% of the opportunities you take are a risk. You never go into an exhibition or event with a guarantee that your paintings are going to sell. Websites and online shops aren’t free and there’s no way of knowing how quickly pieces will sell, but there’s definitely no chance of your work selling if you don’t invest or you don’t take a chance with being a part of things. Time is not something that I have a lot of since I also run a photography business and do part time photo editing work, Read more>>

Chris Johnson | Day Trader & Day Trading Educator

Risk is one of the MOST important factors that is going to separate you from settling and staying stagnant, to opening up doors and opportunities that you never thought you could open or achieve. As far as risk in my personal life, I took one of the biggest risks you can take by up and leaving my salary job in 2019, for a business that I believed in more than anything (Wouldn’t recommend this route by the way). “Belief” doesn’t pay the bills. So I would advise anyone who has a business that they believe in, to stay at their job with a stable income until you’re able to maintain your lifestyle with the profit you pay yourself from your business, Don’t let social media fool you into thinking you need to quit your job to be a “boss.” Read more>>

Cortney Williams | Publicist & Online Radio Host

The famous colloquial “no risk, no reward” best describes my thought process on risk-taking. When I take a chance and bet on myself, I’m taking initiative over my life instead of waiting on my dreams to come to me. Taking a chance allows me to explore my gifts and talents, and when reasonably done, I always see a positive reward. Without risk-taking, I’d simply be left out of opportunities and live in a state of fear and anxiety. I wouldn’t have cultivated meaningful connections with some of the most important people in my life if I didn’t take the risk of simply initiating a conversation. Read more>>

Dena Saginor | Lifestyle Photographer

I think every time we take a step outside of our comfort zone we’re taking a risk. Trying new things is hard and risky because you could fail. Risk taking has played a huge role in my life. The first major risk I took as an adult was moving to Atlanta from Cleveland, OH. I didn’t know anyone except my then fiancé (now husband) and I left my family behind. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I love my life here in the south. Read more>>

Kayla Thompkins | Social Media Strategist & Content Creator

Honestly, I was not a huge risk taker. I like to feel safe, stable and secure. That has held me in less ideal situations longer than I wanted. So, Starting my own business has allowed me to shake it up! Bet on myself, the talent and expertise I have developed. I know my foundation so i get excited when I take a risk and it doesn’t work out! It gives me a chance to level up harder. I have challenged myself in many ways that help me grow everyday! Those risks add up to big rewards when you bet on yourself! Read more>>

Yishaq (Isaac) Poole | Luxury Brand Photographer

Risk taking has been a very important role into my life. I truthfully do believe in high risk, high reward the reason why is because for me it puts me into a work where I have to depend on my own abilities and it removes excuses.I believe people can take calculated risk. In my life what other people would see as a high risk move I see it as a calculated risk. Because I am not afraid to take the risk it has put me into a position to excel my work faster. Moving out of my hometown into my first apartment with complete strangers was a risk. But I do believe it was a good risk to take for my photography career and journey and I would not change it at all! Read more>>

Lisa Torres | Lisa Torres Insurance Agency Agent & Owner

The bigger the risk the more I am interested. You see, big things happen when you don’t hold back. In the risk is the reward and you wont know what you can achieve if you doubt or hold back. I never have. I know there’s people out there better looking, smarter , stronger , wiser and possibly more capable. The difference is I dare to risk and do without worrying about failing. Read more>>

Victorian Mcpherson | Owner of Koffee & Grind

Taking risk has always been a major part of my life. Back in the days it was called being rebellious or doing things your way. So if taking a risk meant marching to my own beat then I’ve been doing that since forever (giggles). My move to Atlanta was a huge leap of faith or risk, I left my business, life in Florida and wanted to do something different and switch it up. Starting my Koffee company was a risk, I didn’t know everything I needed to know about the coffee industry except my love for coffee and me working at Starbucks for three years as a Barista, but I took a risk on myself and launched Koffee and Grind and now we’re two years strong all because I believed in what was in my heart. Read more>>

Marcus Roebuck | GAMETIME Construction – President & CEO

The way I think about risk is, How BIG is the REWARD! And do I really want it, because there’s many sacrifices in how big the Risk is. I want the best! So you have to hustle for it. You have to be a savage and relentless. Risks have created me as i stand today. I have the necessary tools from my experience, education, and life lessons to dominate my construction industry. I’ve been able to transition from my sports background into the “corporate world’, in my way. Read more>>

Elliott “Broadway Miller” Brown | Learner * Artist * Entrepreneur

I mean, risks are just a part of life. We take risks everyday without even knowing. Going to church, attending a concert or eating your favorite meal, there is a risk that something can go wrong. Perception is everything, though. Those risks are just opportunities, key opportunities to learn something valuable to apply to your future. I ran a risk putting out the song “James”. But the opportunity to make many people aware of a senseless crime committed against a black man in Texas overrides that risk. I ran a risk at failing with my first company because money wasn’t being generated. This gave me the opportunity to learn more about marketing and tap into resources I never new existed. Miller takes a “L” as a lesson, not as a loss! Read more>>

Susette Castro | Owner + Lead Planner

I’ve never believed the saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” more than I do today. If it wasn’t for taking risks, my path over the last year and a half would look very different. For years I talked myself out of starting my own business. For years I said to myself “I’m not good enough”, “what if they don’t like my ideas and designs?”, “I don’t know how to run a business, I’ll just fail”. If only I had taken the risk sooner – maybe I would have had even greater successes than I’ve had so far. Read more>>

Kiirsten Allen | Pageant Queen | Business Owner | Believer

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” – Denis Waitley As a young child, I never understood the importance of taking a risk simply because I wasn’t afraid of going after what I wanted. No matter what challenges I’d face, I’d go after my hearts desires. As I matured, I began to comprehend that risks are synonymous with opportunities. This realization helped me develop the mindset that without opportunity it is impossible fulfill your God given purpose. Growing out of the adolescent stage, life began to produce more challenges which makes taking the risk an even greater achievement. Read more>>

Chad Dillon | Restauranteur and Entrepreneur

Everyone thought I was crazy trying to open a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic. While a lot of restaurants were closing in such a unfortunate times, I understood that I would need to be innovative and also give customers what they wanted. I was solving a problem and supplying a restaurant market that Buckhead was missing. I noticed their was no crab legs being sold at restaurants in Buckhead/Midtown area, and although it would be a risk committing life savings and agreeing to secure a location in such a high rent area, I believed if I can figure out how to get the doors open, I would be very successful. Read more>>

Marion Pollack | Credit coach

In Life I have been Homeless I have had Cancer 3 times and Survived. My Life Quote I always Say I don’t Look like what I have Been Through. In my Career I Have Ups and Downs But in spite of it All. As A entrepreneur You going and Don’t Give up. If you give up your giving up on yourself. Read more>>

Angel Dust | Singer and Songwriter

I think risk is good. It’s good because all while you’re betting on yourself, investing into something you’re passionate about, or quoting that job to pursue your dreams, it’s the unknown that keeps you going. You never know if something is going to work out, however you go through serious character building moments which bring forth the change needed to suit whatever it is that you’re aspiring to be. Taking risks has done so much for my life and career. It has gotten me shows to perform at. Opportunities to write for others in the industry. To create and sing with talented people. It revealed to me the type of woman I am, how optimistic and motivated I am and how inspiring I am to others. Read more>>

Phylicia Morris | Licensed Esthetician

“Risks can lead to great victories or defeats. Even if you are defeated, the lesson will be valuable for the next stage of life.” ― Lailah GiftyAkita. Would you consider moving over 900 miles away with 2 Children ages 10 & 1 without family or friends, taking a risk? That is exactly what I did when I relocated from my hometown up north leaving my 9-5 career to make a new life here to Atlanta. It was one of the biggest risk I’ve ever taken in my life. I was so overwhelmed and nervous because i had no idea what would be in store for my kids and I. Read more>>

Kamissa Clark | Model & influencer

I feel in this world today if you don’t take risk you will forever settle in life . You can’t expect to grow in life if you don’t take risk . For instance , I lived in Boston my whole life never came to visit ATL or anything and one day I woke up and packed up all my stuff and got on the road and drove down from Boston all the way here to ATL . I came down here to follow my modeling dreams in becoming a known model/ influencer . And I feel if I was still in Boston I would never be able to grow and meet the people I have since I been down here in ATL . Don’t get me wrote it was a struggle at first but I kept grinding and did what I needed to do , while I’m still following my dreams this as one risk I’m glad I took and now it’s helping me with my career and other goals I want to achieve in life. Read more>>

April Echols | Realtor

Over the years, I kind of accidentally created a process I run through when I’m faced with risk or failure in life or business, which in other words really means that I had to get up close and personal with it so I could learn to live with risk on a daily basis and not flip out or quit every time it showed up to play. Which it does, like the “likely spam” calls I get every single day. On that same note, I figured I must be attracted to risk or it to me because I decided to start a career in an industry where the majority walk away in the first couple of years. And I am happy to share some of the things I’ve had to learn. Read more>>

Alex Zavistovich | Founder and Artistic Director, The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre

On my desk, I have a paperweight on which is engraved the question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Another way to look at it, to paraphrase Alfred Lord Tennyson, is that it’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. That sums up my opinion about risk in creative pursuits — whether establishing The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre or any of my other professional and creative ventures. Read more>>

Bob Cronin | comedy creator

Every creative endeavor is a risk. You’ll fail. You’ll be judged harshly. The work won’t live up to y0ur own expectations. Frankly- all these things are likely to happen. But without failing, you will never succeed. I push those thoughts to the side and focus on the work, I draw energy from why I do it, and what I want to achieve from it. The people who will experience it, and will get it. Read more>>

DeCoide Brewer | Relationship Coach & Podcast Host

Well, I believe I would have never made it this far with taking the necessary risk!! Those risks that make you question your very existence….. like if you don’t do it, it’s going to bother me because I KNOW I’m supposed to be doing it!! Read more>>

Candice Williams | Licensed Esthetician & Body Sculptor

I think risk taking is essential for growth and success. When you take risks you give yourself the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself to accomplish things that aren’t easy to achieve. Taking risks have played a huge part in my career as an esthetician from the very start. After I graduated from esthetics school I took the risk of opening my own day spa, even after being told by several people that I should go work for someone else in the industry in order to gain more knowledge and clientele before going into business for myself! I wasn’t feeling that, because I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it so 3 months after graduating I opened my very own business, Prestige Aesthetics LLC. Read more>>

Monica Montgomery | Professional Editor and Technical Writer

Personally, taking risk is a vital aspect of life to prevent my limitations and fears from accomplishing goals. I’m an adventurer so taking a risk is intriguing to me since I get to learn more about myself, learn a new perspective and stay out of a comfort zone. I took a risk on starting a business because I wanted to at least attempt the effort and bet on myself instead of wondering what could have transpired. I figured my wins and accomplishments would outweigh any loss of funds, time, and relevance. Read more>>

Nykiah Lee | Beauty Industry Entrepreneur

Taking Risks played a “Teaching” role in my life and career. I am definitely a risk taker and my views on taking risk is that, “You never will know, until you try, so just go ahead and try it!” Being a risk taker has impacted my life at times on different levels. I am now wise enough to know when not to take certain risks and that just comes from experiences of setbacks and bumping my head a few times, and getting back up again, this is what you will experience while doing so. Read more>>

Heavy Crownz | Recording artist, Community servant, creative director

I see risk like dice, I see risk like bridges and doorways. Taking risks has been one of the most critical components to musical journey. At one point in my life I was a full time teacher working in a position that did not tap into my full potential. it was at this time that I knew I had to take my music more seriously. it was beginning to feel like life or death. The money was good and the youth loved me but I was deeply unhappy and nearly depressed. I needed a way out. And then it happened, one of my fellow artists Hakim Dough offered me the chance to go on an independent tour focused around the history of the red summer riots of 1919 ; Read more>>

Nefertiti Montas | Owner of UCollection Boutique/Public Figure/Marketing Guru

I Feel like their are so many talented people in this world who miss out on great opportunities because their to afraid to step outside their comfort zone. I always been a risk taker, even if things did not turn out the way I imagined I still was ok with it. Those Risks I chose to take weather they were good or bad made me the person who I am today and to be honest if I didn’t take any of those risks I probably would of never gotten the chance to see how talented I was or what abilities I was capable of. It taught me to become more of a Beast More of a Savage in anything that I chose to be apart of and even if things don’t work out it still taught me to appreciate how much work I put in and how far I came. Read more>>

Lauren Ashford | Space Curator

I am no stranger to taking risk. I have always been a risk taker. That is one of the many attributes that I am known for. Taking risks in life is believing that God has your back and that your leap of faith will work. Taking a risk, was that leap of faith that pushed me to have the confidence to explore a more fulfilling side to my expertise as an a visual curator. Read more>>

Evan Patterson | Woodworker & Risk Taker

Today’s the day! That’s the phrase I start my day with everyday. And this post is actually a letter that I wrote for my wife (and myself) that I read daily as a reminder to myself and I hope it inspires you just as much as it does us. An average lifetime is equal to roughly 28,600 days. And of those days, there are only a few that are truly life changing. A point in time in which your entire destiny is shifted. And often times it’s a result of a single decision/action. A decision to start, a decision to stop, or a decision to keep going. Read more>>

Tony Ohara | Actor

I believe that when pursuing any of the arts whether it be painting, dancing, acting etc. that risk is a huge part of going after those careers. It’s something that we as artist should take into consideration before fully diving in. They definitely call it starving artist for a reason. You have to be prepared for that lifestyle and just remain confident that it won’t be that way forever Read more>>

Handitova | Tech Startup Company

I think about risk as nothing ventured, nothing gained, sometimes you have to take a step out into unknown territory to get results good or bad. The role that taking risks has played in my life/career has played a key one, without taking risks I would have never known what I could or could not do. It allowed things that started as ideas to turn into reality. Hence the start of Handitova. Taking risks goes hand in hand with progress. Read more>>

Randyman | Music Recording Artist & CEO Of World Jam Music Group

You won’t grow without taking risks. You can’t be truly happy or achieve your highest goals without taking risks. You will not fulfill your purpose in life without stepping outside your comfort zone and most importantly you’ll never know what you are capable of if you give in to fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Read more>>

7EEN | Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Content Creator

I feel like everyone should take risks in their lives. When you live in fear of taking risks or staying in your comfort zone you don’t grow & you miss out on opportunities that help you with your purpose and journey. Taking risk helped me a lot with my path & career. I started out scared to be an artist due to my lack of confidence but those risks helped me become the person & artist I am today by trusting Yahweh & knowing that & the end of the day I will be ok & this was meant for me. It wasn’t easy & it isn’t easy but you have to have faith. Read more>>

Faibein Davis | Entrepreneur

Risk is the way of life. We take a risk everyday we wake up and a step out the door. Take a risk on yourself and see how your life will change in positive way. If you don’t who will take a chance on you. I took a risk and betted on my self. I invested in my self by reading books, traveling and networking. I put up my own money up to evolve my business and myself. When you take a risk with your own money you move different. Read more>>

Giovanni Thompson | Poet & Author

I feel as though taking risks is what makes you grow as an individual. You’re able to step out of living with fear and step into growth and chance. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, it’s best to take it because I believe that everything comes at the right time, you just need to know if you have the proper resources and tools and accept it. Read more>>

Elana White | Operations Conssultant

I honestly believe there’s nothing worth having that comes without risks. Where there is risk, faith and conviction are required in order to make those risks worth it. When I consider moves that I’ve made in my life, taking risks was the only reason I was able to make any positive changes for the better. As a mother, I’ve had to consider what was worthwhile over what was safe and that helped me make decisions that would benefit my family as a whole. Read more>>

Mallory Nygard | Librarian & Poet

To me, taking a risk is saying yes to something I cannot completely control. I don’t particularly enjoy taking risks or feeling out of control; my immediate reaction is that the pit in my stomach drops out and I second-guess my decisions. I don’t want to acknowledge the possibility of things not working out, of being embarrassed in front of people I know, love, and respect. Read more>>

Vashia F | Founder

Often times as individuals, we are content with our usual way of life, afraid of the unknown. I view risks as thinking outside of the box. Nothing in life will ever happen perfectly. It’s better to be comfortable being uncomfortable. During those times is when you will find your strength as you push through any obstacles that you may face. Having this mindset towards risk has allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone to access places, things, thoughts and ideas that I wouldn’t have been able to if I let the thoughts of risk stop my progression in life. Read more>>

Kyndl | Recording Artist

The way that I think about risk taking? The only real wins in life come from taking risks. Growth doesn’t happen within our comfort zone and even if we don’t willingly embrace it, life will eventually force us into it. I’ve grown through mistakes (that are inevitable) but my most rewarding growth has came from taking risks. The first risk I ever took in my career as an artist is when I decided to release my music for public consumption and critique. And if it wasn’t for that risk, I would have probably never discovered a hidden passion and received as much love as I’ve gotten. If it wasn’t for me facing the fear I had about sharing my art with the world, I would have never gotten the confidence to continue to express myself more authentically. Read more>>

Phallon Long | Business Owner & Marketing Specialist

Risk are a huge part of human evolution and how we as a species are still alive to this day. Taking risk is what got me to the position I have reached today. I now live in Atlanta off of risk, I started my business off of risk, found what i am truly passionate about off of a risk. Entrepreneurship is not a field for those who cannot take risk. You business will never grow and you will never reach the points of success you intend for yourself without calculated risk. Read more>>

Cordarrian Hartsfield | BIINRICH LIFESTYLE LLC

The bigger your risk the bigger the possible reward. Risks played major roles in my life / career. I was a struggling college kid who decided to take a break from school to pursue my career . My ultimate goal was to start a record label . First I found investment opportunities. With the profits I started me a party promoting team and a clothing line thats been growing major. From the influence of my party promoting team , my major goal was able to get up to a start . My two companies are now Biinrich Entertainment LLC& Biinrich Lifestyle LLC based out of Conyers , Georgia . Read more>>

Rhamara Powell | Visual Artist/Creative – Marra Vibes

Risk involves uncertainty about the effects/implications of an activity. The role that taking risks has played in my life/career, is the fact that it put everything into perspective for me as a Creative. I took the risk of leaving a full-time management job, where I made $20 an hour and poured myself into my art. It was my happiness and sanity on the line. Read more>>

Marsh’e Franklin | Clothing & Accessories Retail

Taking risk is a huge thing for me and my brand . When I first started Marsh’e Line I was nervous to failed I was nervous that I wasn’t going to get sales or even get clients attention but I had that mistake I keep pushing for my brand it did take time for my brand to get up there and be successful but I did take a lot of risk that were successful. Around August/ September I had a viral video on TikTok that changed my life , Juneteenth I did a pop up shop that was amazing to experience . Around thanksgiving I took a risk and started to sell toddler clothing for little girls and it went so amazing and I’m so proud of my brand , also sell a new accessories to my brand eyelashes and it was a success. Taking risk definitely played a huge role in my business. Read more>>

Anthony “Premier” Davis | Professional dancer/ Choreographer

I strongly believe Risk taking plays a huge role in my profession. Comfortably is the Enemy of Growth. If you aren’t consistently putting yourself out there whether it be taking classes, going to auditions etc. are you really living up to YOUR best potential? I believe that with any profession is important to push past ANY limits set. Within being a Choreographer, you walk in acknowledging that everyone may not understand your “dance language “. So your thought process becomes what steps can I take to ensure the story I need told is translated successfully on my students. Read more>>