We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Dorvell Ferguson | Photographer, Model, Artist

My pursuit towards an artistic career began with a passion for wanting to be different from others. Creativity allows you to showcase your unique self while putting your own spin on things. It is interesting to me how people can have similar characteristics, but still be so vastly different from one another. Due to this factor, two people can take a picture of the same subject, but obtain two completely different results. Read more>>

Ryan Sandlin | Music Producer & Audio Engineer

For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed the arts and the ability to create, whether it be through music, film, photography, writing, graphic design, etc. My interest in technology and computers also played a big influence. From a young age, I would take apart electronics and try to make something cool out of them (at least I would try). I was 11 when my friends and I started a band in my garage (as many aspiring musicians do) and while we certainly didn’t sound very good, our first thought was that if we ever wanted to get noticed, we should be able to record music and put it on the internet. Read more>>

Mia Frison | Beauty and Bridal Pro Makeup Artist

Growing up, my mother reminded me that i would never be as pretty as she was and it started my self confidence issues. I started wearing makeup to try to be pretty like the models in the magazines. Once i learned to love me and see my natural beauty, i learned to enhance my natural beauty while still loving me. I wanted to give that same lesson to my clients so that they could see how makeup enhances the beauty in you! Read more>>

Jasmine/Tanisha Johnson/Cropper | Stylist & Creative/Photographer & Creative

Honestly, we didn’t necessarily “pursue” it. This journey has felt more like a series of inevitable circumstances that led us to combining our long-term passions and experiences. We saw an opportunity to expand on our strengths in a way that allowed us to be a valuable resource to our community. More than anything, we recognize the way this world moves on creativity, and we recognize the importance of operating entirely in your element and doing what you love. Read more>>

Biased Jonny | (Jonathan Fowlkes) Musician and FIlmmaker

I’ve pursued a career in the musical and visual arts because that’s really all my heart wants to do. I am a business man at the end of the day, but I’ve never been passionate about anything other than the crafts that I specialize in. I’ve always wanted to help other creatives with their expressions, as well as push my own convictions through my art. Read more>>

Deseree Tuttle | Cake Artist, Marketing Director, Choreographer

I pursued an artistic career because I believe I was always thinking out of the box. I believe creative careers allow you to connect with people in a different way. I was always wanting to do something different, constantly evolve, create something new, make something better; and in other career paths I don’t think that is always the case. Read more>>

Anime Zayy | Musician (Rapper/ Singer)

Since I was a little boy I always knew that I was gonna do something in the music industry growing up. I just didn’t know what it was going to be. My mom and my day were both artist of themselves. My mom being a neo/soul singer and my dad a rapper. I even have cousins signed to labels so it was bound to happen. Rap wasn’t my first choice tho I started as a producer and a engineer working behind the scenes. I thought that was gonna be my ticket to the top! One of my bros I was recording with was like “ hey you should start rapping too” that’s how it really started for me. I love it and want this to be my career. Read more>>

Late Night Creator | Acrylic Painter

I honestly believe it chose me. Ever since i was Little I’ve always created. I think ever bone is my body is creative lol. Im not sure if everyone can wrap their head around it, but I just know what I am and that’s what i want To do with my life. It’s my safe haven. I dont Need anyones approval. I can Be me. I’ve worked so many different jobs, of course to make a living, but it was never as expressing, or fun like how i am With my Business. Read more>>

Ruya | Artist

Well, growing up I had all ideas of careers I wanted to go into but nothing called me more than to live in my creativity. Me being a jack of all trades allows me to fit into places I probably never thought I’d be in, or care to be in. Creatively; things just came so easy to me, ideas just flows out of me to the point that I know it would be a disservice to me if I never acted on or began to accept that I am creatively inclined. Read more>>

Bianca Ellerbe | Urban Model & Bakery Chef

I pursue a creative career because I’m really big on creative freedom. When you work in a establishment with a set amount of rules , and they have a set way of doing things. You tend to feel trapped if you are a creative that isn’t allowed to express themselves. I believe your career should be one that you enjoy, one where you show people who you are. I like to show people what makes me, well me! I have a brain that comes up with a million ideas in a minute. Sometimes is really hard to contain it all. Read more>>

Khushboo Nayak | Khushboo Uday Nayak: Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist

Hello everyone, thank you, Shoutout Atlanta, for giving me this opportunity to speak about my creative career and passion and share my story with you all. An inquisitive mind and a keen eye for details are what define me as an artist. Ever since I started appreciating colors, I have been passionate about drawing and painting. It pretty much shaped my childhood with colorful memories, and it was probably since then that I desired to be an artist for the rest of my life. Read more>>

Matt Travers | Artist & Producer

Being a creative is more fulfilling than I can describe. Growing up I always put myself in the shoes of those who inspired me and eventually my heart sought out to make that my reality and inspire others as well. It made sense to me to do something I love as far as a career is concerned. I want to give others hope to make the most out of their talents and abilities because I believe what we do can be very rewarding if well-manoeuvred. The creative industry has so much untapped potential especially where I come from. Read more>>

Phoebe A. Moore | Producer | Multi-hyphenate | Founder, The Nu Table Collective

I’ve always been a creative person and theatre has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. The first musical I saw was the film adaptation of The Wiz (1978) starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, and Ted Ross. I knew that I wanted to do *that* whatever that was. As a 4th gen Nashvillian, I grew up immersed in music and arts (in fact, we’re called “The Music City” because of Black people – the Fisk Jubilee Singers). Read more>>

Montana Doran | Comedian & Podcast Host

For so long I believed I didn’t matter. I believed my story didn’t matter. I believed I was too far gone, and that there were things I did that disqualified me from doing anything significant in life. After my own healing journey, and realizing those things are all lies, I am a big believer that every person’s story matters and has the ability to change someone else’s life. Now my life mission is to empower others to use their voice to impact those around them. Read more>>

Kyra Harts | Teen Model and Actress

I chose to pursue modeling as a career because modeling allows me to be creative, it allows me to embrace myself, it allows me to be confident in myself and it allows me to meet and work with all these amazing people in the Industry….I love modeling all the lovely designers clothing, I love being apart of all the wonderful fashion shows and doing creative photoshoots, I also love traveling with it. Read more>>

La-Tesia Poole | Artist and A creative soul

Why not, that is what I would love to say but I started doodling, I was in Art in high school but what got me was, writing poetry due to my very first heartbreak, that got me started then I went through a depression and that led into me painting. And now my creativity it completely frees me in so many ways and this is why I am pursuing my artistic/creative career. It is needed to help, heal, free, and bring joy to me and maybe some other people as well. Read more>>

Ashley, Maya, Oneya, Renee Rosé | Ashley- Auditor & Entrepreneur; Maya- Esthetician & Entrepreneur; Oneya- Waitress & Entrepreneur; Renee Rosé- Marketing Director & Entrepreneur

The impact of the pandemic changed everyone’s lives, including ours. As ambitious women with busy careers and businesses, we were missing out on girls night out dinners, happy hours, shopping and spa days, and other fun activities, where we had girl talk, caught up on everything happening in life, and could just let lose and be ourselves. With this altered element of our lives, we decided we should add to our skill set by embarking on a fun and challenging creative endeavor. Read more>>