We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Angelina Darrisaw | Founder and CEO, C-Suite Coach

I am very grateful for the growth that I’ve had in the last few years and all we have achieved. I used to joke at my training for small business owners that I would know I made it when I’m paying people’s health insurance. It felt like a joke because it felt so out of reach. But last year, during the pandemic, I began paying my employee’s health insurance. That was a major accomplishment for me and a reminder that the things we say repeatedly are the things that we truly need to start to manifest. So how we speak to ourselves and about our businesses is critical to any success. Read more>>

Krystle Pierce | Stand Up Comedian and Writer

The most important factor behind my success is being authentic and fearless in sharing my story in my jokes. Comedy gives me a chance to show people who I am. I love being able to show that black women are not a monolith. There is no normal, we are all unique and I love that I am able to show this through laughter and something that I love. I am able to speak up on cultural and social issues, not just through stand-up, but through my podcast, web series, writing and even through interviews like this. Read more>>

Antonio Santoro | Publicist/Public Relations Professional

One of the most important factors of success behind my business is my authenticity as a successful publicist. My desire is to lead with love, meaning, as I innately love to encourage, cheer, and support others, my intent is to do the same for my clients. As a public relations professional, it is my responsibility to ensure my clients’ stories shine in the spotlight it deserves. My authentic passion to see others win allows me success. I believe we find our success by serving. It is an honor to serve my clients for both their, and my success. Finally, my authenticity is found in my faith in God, which allows my business to prosper. The same God that brought me the vision, resources, and strategy for my business is the same God that provides the clients and success. I am willing and obedient to God, therefore, I succeed. He establishes my work with great success, for which I am tremendously grateful. Read more>>

Brandie Brancheau | Owner – B.Wild Makeup

The one thing that sets me apart from other local artist and is my biggest successor is customer service. Beyond my talent and pricing, clients will booking me because of the customer service I display from the very first email or phone interaction. From the very first interaction I have with my potential clients, I treat them as if they have been my clients for years. I go above and beyond to accommodate and make sure there needs are not only met but exceeded. People want to feel special and important, I give that to my clients. Read more>>

Jill Tanner | Marketer & Business Owner

We “do work”. That’s our motto and what we live by at Clutch Media Works. We say what we mean, mean what we say and always deliver. If we make a mistake we own up to it and make it right. Success is defined by work ethic, in my opinion. If you truly put in the work, continue to learn new things, and always treat everyone with respect, you will be successful. Read more>>

John Oz Layne | President & Creator

Tenacity. Being in the Television/Film arena presents daily challenges and task hurdles. In order to overcome these, one must persist and take firm hold of the situation to work through the challenge and overcome the hurdle to manifest the desired outcome. To do this, you have to focus on the objective, analyze the situation, formulate a plan, and execute it. This, despite any potential foreseen drawbacks. Read more>>

Legacy 6Star | Singer, Artist, Mother of Divine Blessings

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is God, being true to myself, being genuine, actually giving from my heart because whatever energy I put out into the universe it comes right back to me. By being pure in heart, singing from the heart from experiences and living through my testimony sharing my authentic self and legacy, I Am Legacy 6Star Read more>>

Will Smith | CEO & Dj

God iam nothing without him & iam everything with him & my family my wife & four kids Read more>>

George Roundtree | Owner-D’Truth Kitchen, Co-Owner-D’Truth Inc and Co-Owner/Founder-Uptown Media Group

The most important factor behind my success and the success of D’Truth Kitchen are the teammates! D’Truth Kitchen is successful because everyone that works here has the same vision! The culture here is everyone helps one another become better! We are a work family that builds on bridging our neighborhood’s culture with the appreciation and love of food! Whether the meal is Weekend Brunch, Weekday Supper, or After Midnight Snacks, we cover all palates! The Management, Event coordinators, DJs, Security, Chefs, and Dishwashers are always treated with the same respect. Everyone is pushing each other to be the best that can be! Read more>>

Shekeena Rosier | Travel Consultant

The most important factor behind my brand’s success is the support from my online community. When you genuinely love what you do it shows. I love everything about traveling. I love exploring, and learning. I share my knowledge with my online community through blog posts, social media posts, and YouTube videos. They support me because they trust me. The community I grew are like a family to me. Read more>>

Charlisa Houston | Entrepreneur & casting director

The most important factor behind my accomplishments is “no matter what happens in life, keep going! When I was coming up my father was very competitive. so losing was not an option and over the years I set a standard for myself to become an overachiever. I became my biggest cheerleader and supporter so it is easy to motivate and push myself to go harder. Read more>>

Teraleen Campbell | Caregiver to Caregivers – Author, Speaker, Coach

I connect with those whom I serve. In many cases I serve women, caregivers and those who were caregivers and have lost their loved ones. Having traveled that road myself, I am familiar with the caregiving journey and the subsequent grief and withdrawal that occurs. I also am relatable to multiple generations of women. Serving in ministry, I seek the Lord and provide a balanced perspective that makes enjoying a relationship with Him obtainable and not out of reach. I provide a godly and spiritual foundation while addressing life altering situations. Read more>>