We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Jerri Reid | Fashion blogger now CEO of The Snobb Collection

In order to go further with anything in life you have to take a risk. There’s absolutely no way around it. I built my platform of over 500k Snobbs without revealing who I was for years. The problem was, my brand began to come to a stand still because I was afraid to show myself and put myself out there. So I took the risk and popped out as Snobb Queen and it’s been up since then. Opportunities came to me that would have never been offered if I didn’t take that risk. Sometimes we hold ourselves back by not taking risks. Read more>>

Edgar Evans Jr | Golf Instructor, Television Host/Producer, Author, and Entrepreneur

Risk is at the very core of being an entrepreneur. In America if you aren’t born into money, or very intelligent in certain fields, the only way to change your financial status exponentially is by being an entrepreneur. When I think of risk the 1st thing I consider is how much can I do on my own and then how much help I will need. A person can only do so much themselves and I think it is important to minimize risk with help as best you can. The best way to go about this is to do your due diligence and get as much accomplished on your own before you ask for help. Most investors not only invest in a product or service but more importantly they invest in the person behind that product or service. Lastly, I always look at risk this way in life, when I grow old I don’t want to have any regrets. I may fail but I will never think what if. Read more>>

Mike Maven | Multi-Platinum Producer and Songwriter

Risk taking has played a major role in my success. I come from a city where the music dream seemed far fetched in a sense. Having lack of musical resources, it lead me to venture on to other places where I felt I would have more of a fighting chance. My risk was at the expense of leaving behind family, friends and the life I was used to. But without risk there are no rewards. I believe they call that having the faith of a mustard seed because the vision wasn’t looking to clear at first. Read more>>

Zachary Toth | Owner+Operator @ Zachary Toth Photography (@ZTothPhoto)

Risk has always excited and intrigued me! Undeniably so, high risk = high reward and low risk = low reward. I always craved a high yield for my risks and the adrenaline fueled me. Ive moved to many different cities on the East Coast and each time I moved it was scary; starting fresh all over in a city where I didn’t know anyone had its pros and cons. Overall, this decision making and risk taking has led me to places I would’ve never been otherwise. From life, friendships and finding love to my career taking off in so many different directions that I ever had planned. If you stay safe in your comfort zone and never play with risk, you will find yourself positioned as so. Read more>>

Victoria Kopp | Anxiety Coach

I think I’m always taking some sort of risk and perhaps most people are, even if they don’t see it that way. From joining the army, to jumping out of a plane in Hawaii, to starting my own business – risk taking has been my life. The amazing thing about the risks or choices I make is that once I’m in, I’m all the way in. Even switching from psychology to life coaching was a risk. But after 6 years in the army, coaching was the thing that helped me manage my anxiety and heal my confidence. If me taking this risk can help anyone who was like I was, then it was the best risk I could have ever taken Read more>>

Leonor Belderes | Women Entrepreneur

I consider a risk as a challenge of everyday living whether its personal life or running a business. I worked in my early age with different job or selling anything that i can make a profit like selling my neighbor flower that the they’ re going to thrown in the trash, recycle it and make money when i was in the Philippines at the age of 9. What will i loss , it’s the time and effort to do it or you will regret that you never try. I feel better to fail and try ,than do nothing at all. Im 33 years old when I moved here in USA with my daughter Tasha who is 6 years old that time. Read more>>

Hasan Dirton Jr | Designer & Creative Director

Risk are necessary for growth. I believe that without them there is no progress that happens. Even when you risk take and fall, there is a lesson that is birthed in that process. My journey has evolved because of the risk that I take. I’ve never been afraid to jump but the process has shown ways to take calculated risk. It’s important to approach every situation with some type of thought or strategy with it. I’ve learned that proper planning prevents poor performance, and with research you can go out on limbs and be able to set yourself up for success or put yourself in a better position if you don’t get the outcome you hoped for. From spending rent on production, to selling my possession to get to an internship in Los Angelos, learning to take more calculated risk will save you from hard falls will building your dream. Read more>>

Dana Benson | Spa Owner/Esthetician/Instructor

Risk can be very scary but I’ve learned that its necessary. I took the risk of leaving a job I loved but was no longer serving me completely to open up my skincare studio. It was very scary at first because i appreciated that security the job brought and I was loosing that, but having that courage to step out, did me well. Then 4 yrs into being in my studio the opportunity was presented to me to move to a 2500 sq ft. bldg. and operate a full spa. Again it was scary because I knew this was what I dreamed of but didn’t necessarily know if I was ready for it. Although it was a well thought out move it went pretty hastily and again I’m glad I took that risk. Read more>>

Jon’tue Cushion | Master Cosmetologist

I believe taking risk is very important and necessary. One of the risk I took when I was opening my salon suite was opening with only 3 clients. I had no idea how I was going to pay the rent or keep my business open. Taking that risk forced me to believe in myself, work really hard and put myself out there. I have over 300 clients now and my business is still growing. One of my favorite quotes is “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali Read more>>

Masani Smith | Barber & Stylist

I recently came across a quote on the internet that read, “No risk, no story”, and I believe that’s the simplest and truest way to describe the role risk has played in my life. Growing up, I often heard the saying, “No risk, no reward” and like most people, I always thought that success was the reward. However, it wasn’t until recently I realized that the real reward is in the journey it takes to get there. The first time I took a significant risk was when I moved away from family to attend college at Howard University. Read more>>

Jesse Mills | Tumbling & Yoga instructor

Risk taking has shown me that I am capable of anything. I literally started my business platform DURING the pandemic. This was crazy! Not only were we all on lockdown, but I was doing virtual lessons, not able to come in physical contact with my students. Not sure if this is obvious, but as a tumbling and yoga instructor I do need to do hands on spotting and adjustments. Me going into this with that on the forefront of my mind, was pure uncertainty. That was the push I needed, I was already trying something new and was uncomfortable. How much more uncomfortable would I be if I just went ahead and put myself out there? In all of the most uncomfortable situations that I have been through, I have always come out on the other side stronger and wiser. This would be different because I would come out on the other side with a business. lol Read more>>