We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Millie Pessima | Braider & Master Cosmetologist

One major thing I feel outsiders are unaware of is the amount of time, energy and effort it takes to be a hairstylist. The Cosmetology field is a very strenuous career, nevertheless the results that we create is always worth it. Read more>>

Anne Etonga | Owner & Chiropractor of One Eighty Chiropractic LLC

One thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is that there are over 30,320 Chiropractors currently employed in the United States. Although, 50.5% of all Chiropractors are women, black chiropractors make up only 1.6% of the industry population. Read more>>

Imani Harris | Luxury Realtor| Community Advocate & Mentor

Real estate is not all peaches and cream! You have to take the risk & put yourself out there. Everyone has a friend in the business but you have to be able to dare to be different. Read more>>

Triana Akila | Singer-Songwriter

There isn’t a whole lot of money in music right now for up and coming artists because the industry is so saturated. Many artists are producing music because it’s what they love to do, not because it’s paying the bills. So buy the merch, come to the show, share the reel! Read more>>

Coach Zen | Life & Self Awareness Coach for Women

A coach’s aim is to guide and support you to live in your full potential. It is a powerful transformative practice that views people as whole and not broken. You have all that’s necessary to heal and transform your life we guide and empower you on how to lean into that more. Read more>>

William Golden | Radio Personality and Entertainer

The industry that I am in is about taking risks. The art of separating yourself from everyone else. Show business is not what it seems. You need to master your craft but also maintain it. Taking those risks that other do not while investing in yourself. If you don’t do it then don’t expect for anyone to! Read more>>

Madison Cannon | Tattooer and Body Piercer

Tattooing is truly one of the most creative industries I’ve had to pleasure of experiencing. Our industry is usually seen as rugged, mean, and dirty. In actuality, it’s carefully planned and clean. Day by day, the industry becomes more inclusive. Read more>>

Jeiris George | Luxury Timepiece Advisor, Marketing, And Podcaster

This industry is based on the double R’s “relationships and reputation.” Establishing positive longevity with clientele and making sure I have a presence, whether it’s on social media or in-person, that holds consistency—creating trust and representation in my business and myself. Read more>>

Lacey Hill | Artist/ Singer/Singwriter / Human

I know there a huge stigma out there, where ” indians” are BAD and SAVAGES. such misunderstandings in which create barriers out of fear. Im hoping to change it. so thank you for including me in this interview. Here is what I share with the outsiders. Read more>>


One thing that people really wouldn’t usually know about the business is probably how slow and time-consuming it takes to be able to push a product out. Especially if you want to do it as best as you can it is gonna take ore time then you would probably think. Read more>>

Jolie Reine | Author/storyteller

When it comes to being a published author I don’t think that people realize how difficult it is to complete a manuscript. Finishing thoughts, stories, visions, etc. and turning them into a complete work of art takes a lot of patience and consistency. Once you have successfully finished the first draft; the hard part is over. Read more>>

Drecember | Tv Personality

I think most people on the outside looking into the world of entertainment don’t understand how editing really can help or hinder situations and people involved. That’s the craziest s*** I’ve seen working in the reality tv field of entertainment the past five years. Read more>>

Panama Jane | Female Rapper & Anime Brand

The thing that outsiders are unaware of is that all of the underground artist are always copied by mainstream creatives. You might see your favorite artist post something you think is so original or unique. Read more>>

Natasha Barrow | Tasha of Vybz Evolution Band

I am from the Soca industry most people are unaware of what Soca is a and what is sounds like. Some may have heard Soca songs and call it reggae. What I want outsiders to be aware of is how vibrant, energetic and happy Soca music is. It’s hard to attend a Soca event and just stand there. You will have to move some part of your body. Read more>>