In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

K. Kenzie | Writer, Actress & Producer

I believe that taking risk in the entertainment industry is vital. Although we may have doubts and fear, Artist never know what can come out of it. “You will never know, if you don’t try”, is what I tell myself. Taking risk has helped me on my journey. I moved to LA homeless, and I had my housing taken care of. I started writing and producing for myself, instead of waiting for someone to give me a role. I also started my own production company. Which is taking off extremely fast. Overall, I’m proud of the risk I’ve taken, and I believe others should as well. Read more>>

Gregg Ficery | Business Valuation Consultant

Acting on an educated assessment of risk is essential to achieving financial independence, which equates to a greater degree of freedom in life. Corporate careers do not enable the vast majority of people to earn enough in salary to achieve financial independence. I recognized early in life that an active approach to investing with measured risk is necessary to achieve exceptional results. Research shows that only 52% of American families are invested in stocks. Of those, the median holding is only $40,000. This level of wealth is neither sufficient to attain financial independence nor comfortable retirement. It is concerning that so few are achieving the American Dream when the opportunity is available. The stock market is accessible to everyone, and online trading is now free. Read more>>

Giselle Climpson | Founder & CEO

Taking calculates risks keeps you alive! I’ve learned how to create the life I want by taking risks and learning from every move I make. I relocated to Atlanta over five years ago, with no job, and only a few dollars to my name. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed to leave my hometown in order to truly fulfill my purpose in life. Upon my arrival to Atlanta, things just kept getting more and more challenging, but that never kept me from pushing through and navigating my way through both my personal and professional life. Since relocating, I have managed to earn my Master’s Degree, I landed my dream job with my dream company, and I even fell in loved and married my perfect match! I know this may sound like some Disney movie, but believe it or not– our lives CAN be just like movies if we take the first step in doing so! Read more>>

Angelica M. George | Content Creator, Podcaster, Director & Producer

Risk taking is everything in life. Despite what you think you take a risk everyday you wake up and walk outside. It’s levels to risk but living freely is always going to be a risk. Some of my biggest risks was moving to Atlanta not once but twice. The second time I moved to Atlanta I honestly could have given up and said “you already tried this so why do it again” but you have to take the risk you never know until you’ve done it. Everytime I introduce myself I’m taking a risk. I don’t know how I’ll be perceived but I would rather find out later than live with regret. From me starting my podcast “Ain’t No Filter” that was a big one , me being a solo podcast host was new for me. All of the hosting I ever did I always had a partner. I took so many risks and received the reward. Some of the risks I’m taking now I may not see the reward until years from now and I’m okay with that. I continue to take risks with content creation whether I’m directing or producing. Read more>>

Kayla Jones | Professional Golfer

On its own, risk may not be the smartest of options. However, I believe that risk combined with skill, passion, grit, determination, hard work, informed decisions, and planning can be your best friend. As a professional golfer, I have to make decisions that involve risk and reward every day. But, the most influential of those risks was the one I took to pursue my dream in the first place. I played college golf at Florida State University, and upon graduating, I was faced with the biggest decision of my life: to pursue golf as a career or hang up the clubs for good. Initially, I made the safest decision I could. I took the GMAT, applied to graduate school, and planned to take up a career in the field of marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I love marketing and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that decision. Read more>>

Joseph Yang | Actor, Disc Jockey, Model & Emcee

Risk taking- now that’s a powerful word that no one wants to make a statement on. Risk taking is suppose to be fear. It is suppose to be pain. It is suppose to be uncomfortable. I feel like the reason why I have built myself into so much confidence in who I am is that I jump into everything without question, and always be open-minded to trying something at a different angle. When I think about risk, I turn it into a question- why not? Why not try taking the leap? Why not try something that isn’t yours? Why not fail? Because when you don’t take the risk, now you put yourself in a different pain- regret. I just know that I CANNOT and WILL NOT accept “what if’s”; I WILL only invite failure. All of that comes with the very notion of Risk-taking. Read more>>

Arielle, Brittany, Devin Poteau, Sharp, Wyatt | Image Consulting Director, Public Relations Director & Visual Branding Director

For all three of us, risk has always been a pretty major part of our career growth. At some point in each of our lives, we have left jobs without having another position lined up. To be clear, while risky these moves were still calculated (none of us jumped out of the plane without a parachute). And they allowed us to aggressively pursue new opportunities without the guarantee of a regular 9-5 back-up. That uncertainty instilled a certain hunger and drive that otherwise we may not have had. We want to be clear: leaving a job without another is by no means a certain formula for success. However, in each of our situations it was necessary for a certain level of growth. Read more>>

Portia Mazone-Carroll | CEO

I believe taking risk is a necessary part of evolution. In order to fly you must take that first leap off the edge which is a risk. I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking risk. Every step I have taken towards success I had to risk something, money, time, friendships, relationships, stability, however, I like to believe it was all worth it. Read more>>

Scrilla Fulcanelli | Music Producer

To be honest, there was a long time where I would avoid taking risks as much as possible. It wasn’t until I started associating risk with growth that I finally learned to let go and find the faith within myself. We really just need to get out of our own way sometimes. Once I learned that, the risks weren’t as scary anymore, because no matter what happens, I’m able to see it as an opportunity for growth. That’s the realization that led me to quit my 9-5 and move across the country to Atlanta where I founded my music production company, The Saviours Music Group. It was easily the riskiest decision I’ve ever made, but that shift in perspective is what really allowed me to embrace it all. Read more>>

Tran Nguyen | Freelance Artist

Taking risks can be daunting, whether it’s an artistic or business risk. With illustration, my job is to visually problem-solve, but I also have to try new and creative ways to approach the narrative. It requires me to constantly experiment with new ideas and explore techniques that I’m not familiar with. The same goes for my freelance business. Risks are needed so that my business has the opportunity to grow and cross pollinate into other markets. Fortunately, most of the risks I’ve taken have benefited my career. I think it’s important to self-analyze your current situation and pinpoint the level of risks you should take. Sometimes, a low risk investments is what I need while other times, it’s better to go all in. Read more>>

Carrie Williams | Adventurer & Communications Consultant

Risks are inevitable in life. There are no guarantees in anything we do, we may try to play it safe but even in safety there’s unpredictability. The question is, what level of risk are we willing to take? To provide balance, risk taking isn’t merely blind, random or reckless decision making. I look at “risk taking” as simply trying new things with careful consideration. You may not know all of the answers or consequences but you have an idea of how the risk can be beneficial and worth taking. Thoughtful risk taking has helped me build relationships, start new adventures, forgive others, boost my self-esteem, think more critically, acquire patience and trust in God. I believe risk and fear operate under the same principle — they both lack certainty. Where I am today would not be possible without diving into unknown depths. Often, the fear of failure or embarrassment holds us stagnant and unfulfilled. Read more>>

Elijah McClinton | Owner

Risk and failure are the leaves of success. Once you learn that failure is okay, nothing really stops you from reaching what’s yours. Read more>>