In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Alexandria Harper | Artist with a passion for design and all things storytelling

Comfort is that sweet spot where you know exactly what to expect. You have everything lined up: that comfy blanket in a room that’s the right side of chilly enough to get snuggly. The takeout meal begging to be devoured and the new season of your favorite show just ready to be binged. It’s comfortable, it’s relaxing, it’s safe. It’s the moments we’re all hustling for right? Read more>>

Yarnell Talley

I have learned that taking a risk is often the most important step toward success. When you play it safe, you never really realize your fullest potential, or that of your dreams. I have been known to play it very safe, because there is a certain level of comfort in being able to predict the outcome. Read More>>

Ugo Agoruah | Fine Artist, Curator, & Writer

I believe anyone that chooses to take the road less traveled and center their lives within the creative field is a risk taker. To put your livelihood on the line and bare your soul with your art takes a lot of courage. I commend anyone taking a step in that direction. Personally, from the beginning, deciding to change the course of my life from the medical profession, to the deep inner work that would be my artistic practice took a lot of pensive nights and fighting self-doubt. Read more>>

Susan & Hector Diaz | Creative Director / Operational Manager at Boxwood Event Rentals

As entrepreneurs taking calculated risks becomes part of your daily life. We have always trusted our intuition. And we continuously work on improving our chances for success by challenging the fear with logic and identifying the knowledge we need to acquire to navigate the future steps. For us, taking risks turned a doubtful thought into an amazing reality and through that chase, we found seemingly rare opportunities that we may have never have found if we had waited. Read more>>

Thomas Manning | Media Personality

Every step you take in uncharted territory is a risk. I’d like to think I’ve taken risks almost every single time I was faced with a choice or decision I had to make in regards to going up a level in my career. I always revert back to a J.Cole line from his ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ album that keeps me aligned with all the decisions I make. Read more>>

Yara Kamal | Founder & CEO of Scoria World

Risks open can either open big doors or give you a whole new learning. Taking risks played a big part in the success of my life. There was a period were I had to make a pivot to save my business and in order to do so I would be risking it all. But without making a decision and diving deep I wouldn’t have been able to make it all happen. Read more>>

Stefayne Dunn | YouTuber & Tech Professional

I believe being a risk taker is what’s gotten me to where I am today. I’ve made major risk in life that have shaped me for the better. One of the most major risk I decided to do early in my 20’s was drop out of college and go into the workforce full time. Most individuals would’ve looked at this decision as career suicide, but I saw it as a way to gain experience and reach my goal of making 6 figures by the age of 30. Read more>>

Korin | Artist

I’ve been taking a risk my entire life. From young I was taking risks. Taking risks so early on allowed my to find myself earlier than most of my peers, I figured out what I want to do in life and started working on it way before my peers. My family has never understood my risk-taking but they always admired it and learned from it. I believe I inspire them to want to give themselves more. Taking risk gave me every opportunity I ever received. It forced me to never be scared because once I jumped off the ledge I was the only one going to be able to do what needed to be done. Read more>>

Pro$per Xo | Artist

I think if your not willing to risk it all your not willing to succeed and risking everything has developed my career to a whole different aspect of achievements Read more>>

Yella Vanell | Model/Actress, Animal Lover, Entrepreneur

What I think about risk taking is that I believe Risk takes guts, fear, humility, etc….. It’s almost not even a Risk if you aren’t a little bit scared. My whole movement is about truth and the truth is, there are many things you do not know about. You find those things…in Risk. Read more>>

Jhazmin Thomas | Premium Bridal Makeup Artist

Risk taking is a huge part of the entrepreneurial journey! As an entrepreneur you’re faced with many decisions. Let’s be honest, we don’t always have the answers, so we consult our family, friends, & sometimes those who we consider to be mentors for advice. I came to a realization a few years ago, a lot of entrepreneurs (today) are in very unique positions because the ones we are consulting for advice have never run a business in this era! Business looks different 20 years ago, so the “blueprint” could look different as well. Read more>>

Damn Paris | Hairstylist Entrepreneur

Taking a risk is how I started my career ! I was doing hair at my mom house downstairs . My ponytail work had improved so much I had clients everyday , at this time I was charging $50 ponytails with hair included so I figured it was time for my own salon space cause I didn’t wanna keep bringing clients into the house . I searched and I finally found a space the rent was 200 weekly ! *gulp* weekly so I had to think hard on this my what if came to my mind “ what if I don’t get any clients. Read more>>

Monte Moore | Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Ever since I was a child I had this dream of being a model. I always took risks. First I was a dancer, I marched in parades, then in middle school I became a cheerleader. Later in high school, I started discovering new things about myself. I learned that I could draw, make wigs, paint, do nails, design clothes! When I discovered these things, I wasted no time with putting myself out there. Read more>>

Kita Dayé | Plus Size Model & Influencer

Risk! Now that is a definition I like to use for every situation I’m in. For those who don’t know the definition of having risk, it is a noun meaning exposure to danger. Being a plus size model, I’ve experienced lots of versions of nos’ such as “Thank You” or “Try again later.” The thing that helped pushed boundaries and opened doors for me, was being a risk taker. I had to know myself and push pass my insecurities to put myself out there to let others know that I’m more than just another plus size girl. Read more>>

Nassor Tinnin | Director/Entrepreneur

Risk taking has been vital to my success. I believe in taking calculated chances. I made a big risk at the beginning of my director journey by moving to Atlanta with basically nothing and to see how far I have came with the tours, millions of views on YouTube etc, is a blessing. Read more>>

Chandrika D. Phea | Best-Selling Author

Risk taking is, in essence, to reach out for and, perhaps, hold danger. This definition inspires the question, “What was I thinking, getting on a plane with a one-way ticket to San Diego, intending to train for a few weeks with people I’d never met, preparing to teach Chinese college students while, not owning a passport?!” That was the epitome of danger and it positively revolutionized my entire life. Read more>>

Sarah Pavlik | Fashion Designer

Risk is the only reason I have a career and the life I have. I had just graduated college, and landed my first fashion design job in NYC. I knew nothing about NYC, other than that is where I wanted to be. I didn’t know the difference between uptown or downtown, never rode the subway alone, and had no idea what Burroughs even were. My family helped me come up with a plan, I was going to drive my loaded down car to NYC to live in an Airbnb with a stranger for a month until I figured it all out. Read more>>

mark seals | Recording engineer, music producer & artist

Taking risk has been a huge part of my career. Now being a father, my time is so limited and I have to have a more set schedule. Time is literally money now.also meaning there’s not a lot of personal time to myself. Risk taking could be a gift or a curse. Read more>>

Dr. Reamon Bailey | Owner of Church Girl Candles

No risk…No REWARD. How would you ever achieve anything or be successful if you did not take risks? Read more>>

Novie Murphy | Interior Designer & Rehabber

I think taking risks is the only true way to get to your destiny. Of course many factors come into play when taking risks. Your home life, financial situation and priorities play the biggest role in whether or not you take certain risks and the timeline for which it’s done. It won’t happen for the same reasons or at the same time for all of us but I do believe at some point we are all faced with that proverbial fork in the road of life. Read more>>