Your life and your work present opportunities to learn constantly. Some of those lessons can change the trajectory of our lives. We asked some of the brightest stars of our community to share the most important lesson they’ve learned along their journey.

Rod Harris Jr. | Grammy Nominated Jazz Guitarist & Songwriter

The most important lesson I have learned along my journey of being a professional musician/songwriter/producer is to be persistent, confident in my abilities, and to encourage myself with attainable goals. Read more>>

Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly | Global Ambassador, Author & International Speaker

I’ve Learned patience and to remain humble in my journey. I am 9 years in and I have been having Ah ha moments here lately. I pinch myself when I sit quietly and ask myself “when did I do that’. When I mentor and coach my clients, I have to use my pit stops if you will as a Guide for them to know what I had to GIVE up. A woman with a family, Corporate America, Radio Show, Global community Ambassador, Speaking across the nation and internationally (It seemed effortless, because I was so in my PURPOSE. Read more>>

Kate Tilton | Marketing and Publishing Consultant – Kate Tilton’s Author Services, LLC

That it’s okay to screw up! It’s so easy to let the fear of failure stop us from trying new things, but trying new things is how we grow. What matters is that we give it our best try and learn from the process so we can do better next time. I’m always looking for ways to be better at what I do, even if something isn’t a failure it might be even better with some extra thought and experimenting. Read more>>

Vikki Jones CEO of a Book Publishing & Printing Co. | Book Publisher, Book Printer & Book Marketer

The most important I’ve learned along my journey as a business woman is to learn as much as one can learn ‘before’ starting a company. Book publishing and printing are essential to moving the world forward with knowledge and information, but I’ve learned the vitality of a solid, yet evolving business plan to further company expansion. Read more>>

Morgan Lugo | Sculptor

The most important lesson I have learned along my journey as an artist/entrepreneur is the not only value but the necessity of resilience. It has been absolutely necessary for me to understand the value of how to move forward when things do not going your way in art/life. That could be projects falling through, proposal rejections, art work breaking, or any other outside factor that inhibits your specific vision of success at that moment. The truth is sometimes opportunities are just not meant for you. Read more>>

David B Lile | Artistic Design Photographer

In my journey of life, from my childhood on, I realized that to influence others, in positive ways, one must walk the walk and talk the talk, of honesty, character, love and respect. There is no substitution for honesty, empathy and heart felt compassion. This simple concept covers home, family, business, friends, your community and on to the entire world! Peace…Joy…Love Onward And Upward…David B Lile. Read more>>

Royce Hall | Recording artist, musician, actor & screenwriter

The most important lesson I’ve learned, thus far, along my journey is to always remain devoted to the core of who I am. To stay true to my mission and purpose. Anything less than my authenticity is a compromise of existence and power. Read more>>

Gladys Bolding | CEO BioLogue Laboratorium INC & Scientist

The most important lesson that I have learned on my journey is flexibility. Things are changing so rapidly that you must learn to pivot as needed. We live in a society where employment/business survival depends on your capacity to be innovative. Innovation provides you an opportunity for growth and makes you more competitive. Our ability to thrive depends on leaning. For example, due to the pandemic, I can no longer provide hands-on opportunities at BioLogue Laboratorium INC for youth and young adults. Read more>>