We had the good fortune of connecting with David B Lile and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi David B, alright, so let’s kick it off with a deep question: what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned along your journey?
In my journey of life, from my childhood on, I have realized that to influence others, in positive ways, one must walk the walk and talk the talk, of honesty, character, love and respect. There is no substitution for empathy, honesty and heart felt compassion. This simple concept covers home, family, business, friends, your community, your beliefs and on to the entire world!

Lastly…I have a simple philosophy that I often use, to remind myself and share with others …

“Onward and Upward!”…David B Lile        

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Hello! I am David Bryan Lile and being sixty seven years old, I am thankful for every day of life! 

My unique photographic journey started twelve years ago, at the age of fifty five. 

Remember…You are never too old to start an adventure! 

My epiphany and photographic moment came to me when my neighbor was cleaning out his garage!

All types of items were sitting in his driveway. I was immediately drawn to the air gauges, various tools of all kinds and every industrial item known to man! I grabbed my first Canon digital camera and immediately began shooting these objects, then went back to my studio. Working with each image through the power of Photoshop, allowed my creative passion to bring these images to life. 

That intersection of passion filled knowledge, along with the available technology of Photoshop, brought out the hidden beauty of each element captured within the photograph, much akin to the sculptor looking at a boulder and seeing a beautiful statuette within. 

That life changing moment was also the starting point of new opportunities to enlarge my photographic exploration, leading me throughout the United States and throughout Europe, including: Italy, Iceland, Germany, France, and Switzerland. 

My creative passion is grounded thorugh my pursuit to uncover and reveal the hidden, potential beauty contained within any otherwise inanimate object, while integrating architectural and environmental elements into powerful expressions of art. 

Over these twelve years, my journey has taken me from my initial beginnings, through exhibiting my artistic photographs within local exhibits and contests, to the present, capturing images from around the globe and continuing to recreate these photographic expressions through Photoshop CC.  

Presently, I now have the privilege of working with Fortune 500 such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers Headquarters, in Cleveland, OH and Summa Health. Also, with my residence in Northeast Ohio, Ohio based corporations are also important to me, such as my display image work with APG Office Furnishings, Nvironment , Ohio State University, Brenda Kroos Gallery/Design, Port Columbus International Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Western Reserve Academy, and others. 

I have also centered my focus on working with additional, numerous, certified individual, interior designers, design groups and architects, in addition to residential clients, throughout the United States. 

You may ask, “Was it easy?” Well, when one embarks on a business adventure, it is not usually easy! Remember the quote, “If it was easy…Everyone could do it!” In every worthwhile business endeavor, there will be mountaintops to cross and claim, along with deep valleys to endure, accompanied by stretches of both straight and winding roads to travel. Nevertheless, when you continue to persevere you will see your business goals and concepts realized and those ongoing experiences will give you inner strength to continue day by day.

My story began with a concept to bring unusually unique, artistic imagery to the general public, then through an evolving, twelve year process, I reconsidered my initial concept and realized that the greatest opportunities to express my artistic creativity, passion and imagery, needed to be shifted to corporations, businesses, interior designers, architects and 501 (c) (3) organizations, along with other targeted client acquisitions.

Presently, my artistic image portfolio contains over 4,000 images that range in subject matter, from industrial, to photographic abstract, international scenes, urban, landscape, aircraft, transportation, architectural elements and more. 

My images are available as large format prints, matted/framed/ mounted/covered prints, both canvas and mounted individual prints, up to super, large scale, 3M Wallwrap and Commercial Grade Wallcoverings, for large design space environments. These expressions of art may be used in diverse design environments, all the way from small, intimate areas to large, spacious public and corporate design spaces.

My brand of artistic imagery offers multiple artistic options that are powerfully centered on both newly constructed and refreshed/redecorated corporate and business design spaces, along within residential environments. 

Thank you very much, for allowing your time in reading my story.

I look forward to communicating with you, in order to allow your dreams and visions to become a reality! 

Very Best…David B. Lile

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Thinking back, through some of the cities that I have had the privilege of traveling to, along with friends, both for my photo work and personal enjoyment, the city of Nashville, Tennessee, offered a friend and I, its very own “Once in a lifetime look!” at her beauty and majesty.  

It was such an amazing experience,  taking in Nashville’s  overwhelming city vibes,  along with the energy of its immense, ever changing and “Never stop building!” city central, architectural grandeur. 

Nashville also overwhelmed me with its unique neighborhoods, suburbs and niches, with its hundreds of businesses, restaurants, stores and more.  

My close friend and I, that I got to spend time together with in Nashville, were and still are, avid bicyclists. This afforded us both time in the city, each on bicycles, taking in block after block of amazing architectural beauty and also time in the outer Metro parks. These parks offered the gorgeous, natural view of Nashville that not many ever get to take in and experience.

By the way…The Nashville Board Of Parks and Recreation maintains over 10,710 acres of park space, including over 100 stand-alone parks and 7 municipal golf courses!

For us, we chose to ride on the beautiful trails and took in the beauty of nature, mile after mile. What a nice calming retreat, after the earlier, intense, overwhelming energy of the city. 

Remember too…Lasting joy and never to be forgotten memories, of new places visited, are all captured and stored, within the eye and mind of the beholder. Those days we chose to take in the city and the parks, would be memories that we will last forever!

Later, each evening, we would then take time to visit one of the local, Nashville restaurant and enjoy the fabulous food and live music that almost every Nashville restaurant offers.  

It is always a very special moment in life, when one takes time with a friend or a group of friends, to explore a new environment, both within and outside of a city, partake of a special dinner, enjoy a museum or take in a show or live music and just take that time to renew and enhance that friendship!

Those memories will indeed…Never be forgotten!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I’d like to give a “Shoutout” to the Lord, who has graciously given me direction in this fantastic journey called “Life”…Also to my amazing and encouraging wife of 44 years and my daughters, who have given me both love and wisdom, to keep on keeping on,..To my parents for their influence…And to the myriad of additional family, extended family, dear friends and mentors, who have all been a part of my ongoing knowledge and growth. I am humbled, grateful and thankful, to be in such extraordinary company!

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