We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Diane Homer | Makeup Artist & Skincare Specialist

I firmly believe in staying true to myself and that is the number one factor behind my brand. I am a hard worker, ambitious and determined. I know what I want my clients to experience when they book me and I strive to achieve that every day. Staying true to yourself allows the right clients to find you and also attracts your tribe of like minded women. Read more>>

Rachel Hudgins | Realtor

I come from a long background in customer service. My goal for each transaction that I work with my clients is to provide them with the best experience possible. I coach my team to make sure that each client feels like they are the only client so that we are delivering personalized service. Over time I have become known for this, I have been able to build a very strong referral and repeat client business because all of my clients know that I truly care about them and their best interest. I strive to be the family Realtor for everyone I work with. Read more>>

Dave Di Pietro | Writer & Director

Surrounding myself with like-minded people. Any good business, creative or otherwise, is only as successful as the people behind it. In a creative industry like filmmaking, vision is everything. If you can find people who not only share this vision, but can add their creativity to it, you will be able to do remarkable things. Read more>>

Stephen Michael Brown | Public Relations Firm President

The Cookerly Public Relations team is high energy, resourceful and connected. We approach assignments holistically to determine a full integrated communications mix of strategies across paid, earned, shared and owned dimensions. Plus, we experience successes day in, day out – including recently being awarded a coveted five-star rating on the list of 200 Best American PR Firms by Forbes Magazine. Ultimately, collaborating successfully with our clients means keeping a keen eye on target audiences and following a model of research, planning, implementation and evaluation to produce breakthrough campaigns. Read more>>

Sabrina Merritt | Speaker, Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Founder & CEO

The most important factor behind my success is actually two factors – being willing to fail and persistence. I know that might sound a bit cliche as there are a bunch of old adages that point to those very things, but when I think back on the person and businesswomen I am today, those are two of the most prevalent contributors. I’m not afraid to move on or execute my ideas (at least not enough to let the fear stop me) and I am determined to keep moving forward no matter the outcome. In the course of my professional career, I have reinvented myself many times over. I’ve been a professional singer and songwriter with a record deal in Japan, I’ve been an event planner -planning a family reunion for the late Afeni Shakur (Tupac’s mother), I’ve been a technology festival Co-Founder hosting a creative technology festival for 4 years at Spelman College and I’ve been a social media manager leading the social media team for a Fortune 500 across their 4 brands. Read more>>

Elizabeth Gerdes | Custom High-End Window Treatment Fabrication Studio Owner

I put the success of my brand in the name of my company, Stitch Above the Rest is exactly that. As the owner/operator of a small business, making high-end custom window treatments, I wanted everyone to know when they saw the name of my company what they could expect. Transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary one is not something everyone can do. I offer my clients custom, detailed, hand-sewn, over the top, and completely unheard of designs. I also offer traditional small scale treatments. Each job is custom to the client, their space, their vision, and their custom chosen products. Being able to offer any style the client wants or needs, provides a niche in this market. Too many small businesses are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Read more>>

Katy Galli | Forward Mover

My faith is the most important factor behind the success of my Keep Moving Forward brand. In pursuit of helping all current and former athletes successfully transition out of the sporting world and into the real world, a key to this success is identity in something far greater than sport. If you’ve done something your whole life, and because you dedicated your life to this craft, you believed that was the only value you had to give to the world. It’s easy to fall into the trap that your worth begins and ends with your athletic career. But that is not true. An athlete competing in sport is not who you are, it is a thing you do. Even in the creation of KMF and 4+ years later, this is still something I grapple with, but because of this platform and because of my faith, I know better now. Read more>>

Kirri Coleman | Chef, Influencer, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur

I believe The most important factor behind my success is the ability to remain relatable, humble and consistent. I don’t stand out just because I make fantastic food, or talk a good game, you can get that in a lot of places. I stand out because I am authentic. So many women look like me and from where I am from looks up to me. So I don’t hide my story. Sharing who I am through my brand is a success to me. It is important for me to continue to be A role model for so many young queens like myself. That includes never giving up and staying on a consistent schedule. No matter how tough the road to success was, I’ve always gotten through it and Being able to give that reassurance that to the next young entrepreneur “ that they will be successful “ is the important factor behind my success. Read more>>

Half Hot | Rock Band

When it comes down to it? Being honest about who we are, and showing others that true self. It’s all about turning our personalities all the way up and breaking off the knob. We’ve tried so many looks and sounds as a group over the years. Each time getting a little closer to the looks and feel that felt the most natural. When we first started, we tried to be what we thought people wanted to see. We weren’t as genuine about our look or sound, and people picked up on it. It’s obvious, especially to the folks that are supporting you. By being as genuinely on brand with our particular type of strangeness, we felt more at home, and with that folks started to enjoy our act so much more. Read more>>

Rachael Streeter | Creative Confectioner & Baker

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my commitment to provide not just a cake but an overall unique experience. As both a creator and a consumer I’ve found that one thing most people never forget is their overall experience (i.e. service, presentation & product taste). Those elements determine (A) whether a customer will return or not return, (B) loyalty and (C) referrals. While building a brand within an industry with so many competitive options at our fingertips, I focused on what would set me apart from my competitors and uniqueness that will make consumers continuously choose Street Sweets Desserts. I understand that it will take more than just producing a beautiful cake to build a reputable business and relationships with those who choose to support Street Sweets Desserts, which is why my goal is to make every experience a memorable experience. Read more>>

Stephanie Andrews | Founder

I think that the most important factor of the success of Balance Design is tenacity. May sound like a trite answer, but I have found that there are always new challenges and issues, and all that I can do is make the best decision for that moment and move on. So much time can be sent on dwelling on the worst possible outcomes, and luckily that is very rare. Read more>>

Yaminah Childress, J.D. | Social Entrepreneur, Startup Coach & Legal Strategist

The most important factor behind my success and the brand’s success is family and community. I am a social entrepreneur who runs a social enterprise, and I take pride in working with people in the communities in which I live and work. I firmly believe that when we send out positive energy and giving, that we receive it in return without force. I love incorporating my mentoring program into my business model and working with other organizations. What’s really important to me, and that has helped my brand, is showcasing other black-owned brands. Working together, we create an audience that is mutually beneficial and creates success for everyone! Read more>>

Phillip and Eileen Blume | Co-Owners & Chief Photographers

We like to say the success of the “Blume” brands (from our first photography studio near Atlanta to our now worldwide network of photographers and educational products) has really grown up in a mixture of “story and service.” The fact that we create photographs and videos is just a logistical detail about our business. But the soil that has nourished our growth over 13 years and made us a Bulldog 100 Fastest Growing Business consists in our mantra “People first.” Photographers are everywhere. You can probably name half a dozen aspiring photographers you know personally. As a newlywed couple, we began our story the same way — trying to eke out a living as wedding photographers in the over-saturated market. After two years hustling and hyper-focused on “success,” our only achievements were a strained marriage, overdue rent, and neglected relationships. Read more>>

Karen Krieger | Chief Pet Caretaker & Owner

The most important factor behind my success? My determination and clear vision to have the life I have always wanted to create: to do something to support myself that I love and have a passion for, surrounding myself with people who have the same “crazy” love for animals and building a community of people who care and respect each other. I have always been focused on building relationships and being responsive to my client’s needs. With all of those variables in place, launching a pet care service business was inevitable. The most important factor behind our brand success: Our commitment to always choose to live life with integrity. Our team of pet sitters and walkers are focused on providing the most loving, caring and safe environment for our families’ most cherished members, their pets. Read more>>

Tiara M. Tucker | Host & Empowerment Connector

The most important factor behind my success is that I took the time to seek, understand and now own my purpose in life. When this happened, I started boldly, relentlessly and unapologetically walking in it. I became more focused, dedicated and consistent to my brand and dreams. Being serious about walking in your purpose keeps you up at night and wakes you up in the morning. It makes you want to keep moving forward even when you don’t know what lies ahead (faith). It brings your name up in rooms that you haven’t even walked in yet. It adds a seat for you at tables that you didn’t think you were qualified to sit at. It brings you provision (people, resources, blessings, etc) to help you fulfil your vision. It makes you not worry about who is for you and who is against you because you know that if you are doing what you feel led to do, everything eventually falls into place. Read more>>

Margaret Jane | Seamstress & Pattern Developer

Kindess! Honestly, I’ve only been open for a little over a month now. I assumed I’d be doing one-off custom clothing orders for the most part, but during the launch a few small businesses reached out to me wanting to know if I could do their small-batch manufacturing. That kind of work was my five-year goal… So I have this big win really early on in my story, and I have to accredit it to how these women heard about me. They met people who I had interacted with in life. It’s such a compliment! They heard a little about who I was as a person and what I do, and that’s all they needed to reach out. I’d say the impression you leave on people in day to day life matters a lot in the growth of your business. Don’t just be kind to your clients, be kind to everyone. And not just because you want business. Do it because people are valuable. Read more>>

Dr. Paul Gross | Chiropractor

The goal has always been the same. I aim to be a pillar for health in the heart of Cabbagetown. I want people all over Atlanta to know me and to know Terminus. To know that there’s a place they can go to get better and be better. I want my office to be easy, smooth, and effective. I want people to know that I believe in them and their ability to heal and their ability to simply live healthy, enjoyable lives! I try to live that brand. I apply so much enthusiasm about wellness and overcoming challenges to myself as well as my patients. The body is always teaching us the same lessons over and over again. We are meant to be healthy and live well throughout our lives! Health is the normal state of affairs, not sickness! Our body has the ability to heal under the right circumstances, and every time we overcome a health challenge we get better and better at that kind of work. Read more>>

Jay Bandy | Restaurant Consultant & Owner

Determination. The ability to keep to a plan and see it through is the key the success of Goliath. It also is an important trait to have in years like 2020 where it’s been tough going for many businesses. When you get to the wall – do you get a ladder, go around it or knock it down? And then you keep going. Read more>>

Brittany Bacinski | Author, Entrepreneur & Podcast Host

The most important factor behind my success would be authenticity. This is the secret sauce, I’m serious. I believe that I win more people over being being authentically honest with myself and with others in a very raw and vulnerable way. Showing up as a real and flawed person has been the greatest way for me to connect with people because it rapidly builds trust. I am consistently sharing unfiltered stories with a broader message that says, “Hey, I’m human, too. We are all more connected than we think.” Truly, be yourself. This is who the world needs. Read more>>

Candi Cain | E-commerce Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success is my determination and also my mother. Read more>>

Aubrey Olden | Multi-Media Maven

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is the determination to dominate and change the industries that I am currently in. The drive to make those who came before me proud is also a huge underlying factor in why I strive to do the things that I do. Showing that women and people of color can strive in white male-dominated industries is very motivating and keeps me going. Read more>>

Karl Vivier

The most important factor behind our success is to provide high quality chocolates, macarons and baked goods with an outstanding customer service. Read more>>

Jeremy Levison | CEO

The success behind the BURN brand is the people that come into our studios every day and the community that we have built. Our staff help in each and every way to make our brand and our business thrive. As the owner, I know that everyone is looking to me to set an example; whether that’s teaching a 5:00 am cycle class, cleaning toilets, greeting members at the door, or rolling up my sleeves to fix equipment. We recognize that our community feeds off of our energy so we are all always putting in 110%. The work ethic of BURN and the desire to provide for our members and community is what keeps us going. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges of 2020, now more than ever with having to pivot and think outside of the box to keep our members healthy and happy. Read more>>

Forrest Tuff | Mr. Multi-Talented

The most important factors behind my success are my Faith, Family, and Fearlessness. My belief in God, ethics and morals help guide my actions. The love and respect of my family gives me purpose and the motivation to stay focused. My proactive exploration of new ventures and ability to overcome obstacles has enabled me to achieve my goals. Read more>>

Susan Gonzalez

The one thing I promised myself never to compromise on was quality and authenticity of my brand. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of what I do. When I am creating a product for my customers or performing a service on a client I always stop and center myself and make sure I am doing for them what I would want to have done as a customer or client. I always ask myself “Am I giving the best I can give?” Being transparent with what I do and creating or performing from my heart has always been my number one rule. This created trust and a real relationship between me and my customers. Read more>>

Maia Berry | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the fact that it is built on pouring positivity & confidence into the lives of brown girls worldwide. Shop Choco Girls is more than just a t shirt brand. Its a safe place for black girls. They can openly say what and how they feel without being judged or looked down upon and that’s why my brand is successful. It’s about the positive impact that I continuously have on the lives of girls worldwide. A lot of brands measure their success by the amount of sales they make, but my results and success is measured on how I positively impact the lives of others. Read more>>