Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Lisa van Reeuwyk | Business Coach & Speaker

My business became a teenager this year and when I look back and connect the dots of success, I can see that as my ability to be vulnerable and show up as authentically me grew, so did the impact of my business coaching services right alongside of it. Read more>>

Alexis Magee | Hairstylist & Cranial Prosthesis

The most important factor behind my success of my brand is customer service. I believe that it’s very important to remember how important it is for my clients and customers to feel comfortable, welcomed, and appreciated when they are being serviced by me. Without my customers there would be no Lexury. Read more>>

Whitney Vazquez Reyes | The passion of a business owner

I believe the most important factor that takes part into my success is ambition and passion. I looked at a video on Instagram that was talking about how we should t let passion drive us because it’ll eventually get us nowhere. Well that video was wrong. Read more>>

Makis Raqeem | Hip Hop Artist, Jewelry Creator, Music Producer & Engineer

Creating my hand made jewelry from the heart, soul and A space of good intentions. I feel that energy emanates and magnetizes. Attracting the things, people, situations and opportunities I want in life. Read more>>

Arletha Orr | Certified Grief Coach

What encouraged me to become an author and grief coach was when my family returned to their heavenly home. In 2016, I lost my husband and only two children in a train accident. That was our 3rd year wedding anniversary. My daughter was 7 and my son was 1. A very devastating day for me. Read more>>

Rick Norris | Drummer for Bettin’ On The Mule

Being blessed by God to be able to make music and perform. There is a lot of hard work by everyone involved and we just love what we do. If one person enjoys our music or comes to see us at a live show and has fun then it makes us feel good that we have spread some joy into someone’s life. Read more>>

Brittaney Jenkins, BS, CHES | Public Health Consultant & Outreach Strategist

The most important factor behind the success of Jenkins Public Health Consulting, LLC was choosing to invest in a coach for business growth and personal development. Read more>>

101 TKO RADIO | Black Woman Owned Radio Station in Georgia

The most important factor behind the success of 101 TKO Radio is a mix between our strategy and how we genuinely treat our people. We believe if things are done in integrity, with love and a firm sense of dedication, anything can be accomplished. Read more>>

The Vegan Foode | Vegan Expat Influencer

The one thing that I can think about when I think about the success of my brand is the people that contact me or come up to whenever I am in the world and say that my content helped change their life. Read more>>

Tiana Littlejohn | Founder/CEO of Black Female Owned, LLC.

The most important factor behind my success is my partnership with God. I firmly believe that my faith is what has brought me this far and allowed me to live out my dreams through my brand. Read more>>

Darius Mathis | Rapper songwriter

Family and God the support I get from them is great it’s keep me humble and focus. Read more>>

Bridget Saladino | Business Owner, Construction

Success is defined differently by many people. Some see it as how much money they make, how many clients they have, how many employees are on their payroll While others including myself, see it more as doing something you love, with the satisfaction of making people happy in the process. Read more>>

Gabrielle Gonzales | Female DJ

Adversity! Adversity builds character and allows you to appreciate the growth that comes a long with it. You dont get better without making mistakes! Read more>>

MICHAEL THAXTON | Photographer & Author

Michael Thaxton Photography started during a low place in my life. I had just moved back to Rochester, NY from St. Louis. I was unemployed & homeless. I was staying in a veterans shelter and one of my counselors Wayne saw all these photos I had taken and had the art therapist help me put on my first gallery showing. Read more>>

Kevyn Moulton | Curator & Designer

The most important factor behind our success has been community. Community has always been important to “Last Of a Dying Breed Garments”, we put an emphasis on this during our events by including other creatives that inspire us, Read more>>

Kasseem Burch | Artist & Song Writer

Honestly I’d probably have the stay by saying dedication and perfecting my craft. Been making music for so long , started off with a bunch of people who are no longer chasing that dream. I stuck to it, stayed the course , and continued to grow. Read more>>

Da_Mrs CEO/FOUNDER OF PEACHY TEA TYME | Youtube Commentator & Internet Radio Host

The most important factor behind my brand Peachy Tea Tyme would have to be the Awareness. On Peachy Tea Tyme I have a Special Edition called Peachy News which airs LIVE every Wednesday night. Myself and my Wednesday Night Only (male Co-host Jason) have one family on to Tell their Loved One Story. Read more>>

APRICITY | K-pop Dance Cover Group

Having genuine love and passion for what we do and for everyone in our group. We aim to do everything in love and kindness in a world where sometimes these are hard to find. Read more>>

Andre Apparicio | Change Agent, Credible Messenger, Re-entry Specialist, Author, Business Owner

I think the most important factor behind my success are people. I’ve always been big on making an impact in someones life. It’s the only currency that is unlimited for both parties, it gives support and positive energy. Everything I do is people powered. Read more>>

Matt Zobel | NFL Marketing Agent

I’d say the most important factor behind my success is being genuinely interested in what I do. I don’t always just look at it as “work”. I care about my work. I take pride in my work. I think about my work all the time. I don’t “clock in and clock out”. Read more>>

Ayanah Ali | Mompreneur & Makeup Artist

Consistency. I have been doing makeup for 5 years now and when I started, there were times when I was like I can’t do this but kept pushing forward. Consistency helped me stay dedicated to my brand and to the goals I have for my brand. Read more>>

Ashley Garrison, CPA | Certified Public Accountant and owner of GRF Financials, LLC.

I contribute to the success of my company to the idea that I want to change the fear and anxiety that business owners have about taxes and finances by creating a less stressful process, Read more>>

Kailah King | Doula, CPR Instructor

Authenticity and persistence. Comparison can often be a thief of joy, and you have to learn to trust YOUR process, be diligent and consistent in building your brand/infrastructure, invest in continued education and development, Read more>>

Alexis Triniity” Fantroy | CEO & Lead Brand Communications Specialist for Creative iNcarnate”

The most important factors of iNcarnate’s success have been integrity, collaboration and a results-driven strategy. We pride ourselves on a straight forward approach to business. Read more>>

Jon Lootz | Artist/Songwriter

The mentality. With the “It Takes A Village” mentality, I aim to produce an eco-system where no one person is put above any other. I am nothing without the village. It takes community to build something really special. Read more>>

Angelica Smith | Licensed esthetician

My family…. Being able to become successful and have a known brand to continue on in a legacy or family business. Giving my family a head start on owning a business and being able to work for yourself. The authenticity of having a great business with excellent customer service no matter what! Read more>>

Dexter Leonard | Producer/Rapper/YouTu

To be honest I’m nowhere near where I want to be or my brand to be as of right now. But, the biggest factor I would have to say is staying down never giving up. Read more>>

Liam Mahal | Artist

Being resilient. Read more>>

The Life of Lis | Christian Lifestyle Influencer & Motivational Speaker

When it comes to my success on this entrepreneurial journey, my success with my brand, the most important factor is the God factor! Starting my journey into entrepreneurship back in January of 2020, I had no idea what I was doing. Read more>>

Dani Dickinson | Founder/Director of Lolek’s Storytellers

The biggest part that has made Lolek’s Storytellers successful is definitely our volunteers and community who have put so much time and effort into our shows and events. Every element of our shows is made possible by our team members who put countless hours into projects and practice. Read more>>

Joel Hoffman | Co-Owner of Orphintage & Designer

Hands down customer service. We enjoy getting to know our customers and providing an experience that will make them smile long after shopping with us. We are forthright about condition, age, and market value for all of the vintage items we sell. Read more>>

Shay Aguilar | Realtor

I took back my power. I stopped playing the victim. Read more>>

Anita Lamar | Personal Injury Attorney & Business Owner

At Lamar Law Office, we center everything we do around our “We Care” brand. I believe this has been central to achieving a 5-star reputation in our community. When I began practicing personal injury law, I saw firsthand the life-changing circumstances that many clients faced. Read more>>

Brittany Myers | Fashion Designer & Certified Life Coach

FAITH!!! My success is driven by my faith in God! Read more>>

John Woods | Artist/Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my brand is consistency. Can’t stop won’t stop. I believe this assuredly creates steady progression. Read more>>

Pavielle “Paris” Walton | Owner of Parisian Self Care Lounge

The most important factor behind my success is staying true to myself! Maintaining a sense of self and knowing that, that is enough. Never letting myself feel as though I have to do what others are doing despite all the pressures from social media and of life itself. Completely trusting God to lead me every step of the way. Read more>>