Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Kamariah Lewis | Podcaster, Boutique Owner, Brand Accountability Coach

First, I would like to say that my idea of success is very different from the typical definition of success. I don’t measure success in wealth, riches, or materialistic things. I feel that the world can sometimes distort our views or ideas of success. My life and the direction of my brand shifted to a higher level when I created my own definition of success. Read more>>

Emily Peilan | Branding & Web Designer

Upgrading my money mindset Read more>>

Danmanz Sirrah | Creative Designer & Photographer

Integrity is substantial . The trust my customers have put into me has become the driving-force to my motivation. After that has lead to many contacts from referrals. A business or brand doesn’t grow without referrals.. Read more>>

Maia Lor | Dancing Photographer & Graphic Designer

Discipline because without putting your dreams into action, they remain dreams. Take accountability that if you don’t work on your dreams, nobody will ever see it. Read more>>

Ayisha Sims | Spiritual Life Coach / Crystal & Reiki Healer / Author / Spiritual Creator & Inventor

Running multiple businesses with different brands, I’ve learned that consistency is key. It can be a bit challenging at times because of the mulitude of responsibilities. However, having a system in place and patience are key factors. I’m also constantly investing in courses that will allow me to improve in each business. You have to be willing to invest in yourself and surround yourself with the right people to be successful. Read more>>

Chad Turner | Mobile DJ

I feel the most important factor behind my success in my brand success would be professionalism and also great customer service. I am a big believer that great customer service is an art form that mini forget to be consistent with and I hang my hat on giving great customer service. Read more>>

Taviea Quinland | Caribbean DJ

The most important factor to me DJ’n Caribbean music or any type of music is to make sure the people and myself is having fun when I play. Read more>>

Ireland Pellegrino | CEO & Founder

The most important factor behind Fur Every Home’s success has been passion. I created the brand in 2018, and have grown it every step of the way alone. Entrepreneurship can be a tough road, especially when you work full time in a different career field. You have to have a burning desire to keep up the commitment needed to grow your business. If you’re going into business ownership for the wrong reasons, you will most likely burn out when the results take longer than expected. My love for my brand has never faded, and that’s the most important factor. Read more>>

Matt Hicks | Custom Furniture Maker

I’d like to think it’s relationships. With our clients, with employees, with our vendors, with our families. The reason we have good clients and great employees is because we focus on having a relational business that values people. The more healthy we are as people, the better partners, friends, parents we are. And that leads to a better company culture, which leads to a better product. If we keep people as the focus, I think we’re successful. Profit, growth, notoriety, will just be a bonus. Read more>>

Tia & Stephanie | The Pretty Dragons Podcast Hosts

Curating mental and physical wellness with the use of cannabis from people who look like us is the driving factor behind the success of The Pretty Dragons. Ensuring that people of color have a place that offers safe and reliable information on a topic that is still be considered slightly unaccepted in some areas is extremely important to us and we take great pride in breaking that “lazy stoner” stigma. The Pretty Dragons offer various levels of supports from one-on-one consultations for beginners looking for specific help or high-level support with tools like our Cannabis Chronicles Weed Journal (available on or for the more experienced consumer looking to track strains. The Pretty Dragons Podcast is our favorite way to get our message out! Read more>>

Tameka Hall | Atlanta Event Stylist

Being Organized, Prepared, Responsive, & On Time. Read more>>

Carly Martin | Digital Creator | CEO of Gold and Mauve Candles | Corporate Tech Consulting

I am Carly Martin, owner of Gold + Mauve Candles, the Host of an Atlanta base podcast, “Cocktails with Carly and Toks Ogun” and a woman in technology, with focus in Corporate Relationship Consulting and Business Development. I was born and raised in Los Angeles California but has since created deep roots in the beautiful city I call home, Atlanta Georgia! The most important factor behind my success in business and brand is exclusively based on my core values, living with purpose, operating with intention. Read more>>

Sheena Brown | Professional Hairstylist & Entrepreneur

The key factor behind my brand is to make sure that I stay true to myself. I love to inspire and help women feel and look good. My goal is to stay balanced and enjoy the journey. I have never been a person to rush into ideas therefore, I definitely believe that a steady pace will the race. I love to share my business and beauty knowledge with others. This is what makes a business grow. Networking and sharing my journey with others are important to me. Read more>>

Sash Witter | Writer/ creative

Remaining genuine, consistent and transparent Read more>>

Jafaea Patterson | Hairstylist, Make Up Artist and Fashion stylist

My Faith and me never giving up, no matter what obstacles came my way. Read more>>

Julien Simon | Venue Manager at The Westside Warehouse

For us I think that the most important factor behind success is really being committed to what we are doing. Since we run our venue with no employees, we have to make sure that we are on top of everything from making sure no inquiry goes unanswered, to constantly checking our space for possible improvements and general upkeep. This can be as small as repainting our walls on a regular basis and as large as deciding to undertake improvements or renovations with the goal of offering our clients a better experience. We try to never stop critically analysing ourselves to see where we can do better. Read more>>

Brandon Greene II | Child Actor & Influencer

The most important factor behind my success was not giving up. I was afraid to act in front of people initially but I had to get over that. Not giving up has gotten me to where I am today. Read more>>

Ahmed McKenzie | Wonaji (recording artist)

Improving on my Musical Craft as a recording artist building my Brand [Wonaji] and Partnership with Buffie Ent. Has Propelled in getting more recognition and Cementing me a place in the Music industry. Read more>>

Ray and Hannah Lawson | Home Remodeling and Design

We give all Credit and Glory to Elohim. We moved here in 2016 and really wanted to figure out a way to make a living doing what we loved. What we love is to create a more beautiful world around us. We’ve used our film set and event production experience and learned to use social media. We had no work connections in the Atlanta arts and Craftsman market, but God.
We had our abilities; a single Miter Saw, drill and handheld tool bag. These items were given to us by Ray’s uncle. They were just chillin in the back of his hay barn. When we first moved to Atlanta we rented a couple rooms from his Aunt. We slept on an air mattresses for almost 6 months…. Read more>>

Cristal Carrington | HIFU Face Lift Specialist & Pop/Hip Hop Artist

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is Results. As owner of American Face Center, a leading facial rejuvenation spa in the Baltimore/DC area, I believe in providing results for my clients. We live in a microwave society and clients want to see themselves more beautiful and radiant now, not later, not after healing or being in pain. Read more>>

Cutty Row Productions | Producers/ Recording Engineers

God, And Having a positive Circle of friends and Family around us. Without Them, we wouldn’t go so hard Read more>>

Fathom Dj | Music Director, Dj, Producer & Artist

I’m very grateful for being versed enough in technology and multimedia arts. From marketing and branding myself, by using a mix of media, I have consistently able to attract the interests of a mix of brands and businesses. Consistency and innovation is key. These are the factors I hope to convey to others who are in pursuit of living their dreams and sustaining incomes to do so. Read more>>

Carlisle Jones | COO of LCY Media/Videographer

Making clients have an experience. Even at ground level at LCY Media, people could see the vision. So when it was completely finished, people were breathless walking through that door. They finally have a place to feel creative. Read more>>

Danielle Lucear | Cosmetologist & Entrepreneur

I would say the most important factors behind Dani Shamice Studio success would be FAITH, doing right by others and believing in myself. Trusting God’s plan is something that people advise often, but the truth is its easier said than done. Once I decided to trust God’s Plan and walk by faith, my business went through a major transition which fueled my success today. I truly believe that if you do right by people, show respect and stay humble you will always be blessed. To be honest it’s hard but it’s worth it. My passion is what keeps me going. Just remember whats for you will always be For you. Be obedient, do the work and trust the process. Read more>>

Marquis Stewart | Actor, Musician, Model, TV Personality & CEO

The Most Important Factor behind my success & the success of my brand, I would say is the ability to be the spark of creating change for the better in the world. Often times there’s only talk about it, we all know talk is cheap. I thank GOD for allowing me to use my gifts and talents to actively create the positive change with my actions and work. Don’t Gossip about the change that’s needed, Stand Up and Act on it. I back up what I say because I’m about it and will Always Do Something about something. Read more>>

Deandre Mitchell | Engineer

The most important factor would have to be.. vigilance. I don not accept no as an acceptable answer. I truly believe we all have the power to mold the outcome of any situation. I can’t be stopped by anyone but myself and I love those words daily. Read more>>

Star Washington | Certified Weight loss Coach & Nutritionist

The most important factor behind my success is my journey! I started out as a client first! Going into the weight loss industry I was a product of the product. I am a mom of 7……yes 7 with a 33” waist and a s/m in clothes, size 8 jeans!! I lost 63 pounds in 4 months and then 50 pounds in 3. It was easy to coach our clients to success because I knew how to succeed and fail on our program! SlimFit Weightloss clinics is a combination of my training and my personal process! It helps make us relatable when you can physically see what the results can be. Read more>>

Khaleeqa Williams | Owner of Unapologetically Natural A Candle/Aromatherapy Company

This is a wonderful question, for me, there would be three tenants that create the most important factor for my business. The three tenants would be purpose, passion, and perseverance, the combination of these encompasses the most important factor behind my success. Purpose is key due to being faith-based, my faith is the cornerstone of my business. I’m a firm believer that when you’re walking in purpose the endeavors that you engage in have a greater likelihood of succeeding. Understanding the purpose of Unapologetically Natural by Khaleeqa and understanding my purpose helps me to keep going during difficult times and keeps me humble during times of success. Read more>>

Shara Jackson | Creative Director & Choreographer

The most important factors behind the success of my business are two key ingredients: Quality customer service and providing a quality product. People like be be heard, People like when their questions and concerns are resolved with positivity and care. At SDP Dance Studio, we make it a top priority to not only give our customers consistent and quality customer service, but we always listen and learn and improve from their feedback. Read more>>

The Kidz | Kidz At Play

The most important factor behind our success would be the vulnerability we have within our team. Our brand is centered around our personalities, and with that takes a lot of collaborating with one another and showing to our fan base that we are relatable. Read more>>

OMG Flu | Music Artist / Entertainer

I want to immortalize myself and I focus on doing that not just through music but by branding myself in a way that the world will never forget me I wanna leave my mark on this mf, that’s why I did things like the mtv cartoon show and the mtv reality show MTV True Life “I’m addicted to weed” because I want the world to know me and be able to still look back on what I’ve done and been through even after I’m gone. Read more>>

Jared Yamamoto | Producer, The Von Haessler Doctrine on WSB Radio/Host, The Power Pod on WGAU Radio

You’ve got to go out there and get it! Nothing in life is handed to you. I grew up with divorced parents bouncing from many different income brackets. At first, I hated it. I wanted consistency, but little did I know how lucky I was to be exposed to so many different people and personalities. As I grew up, the one thing that really stuck with me was watching successful people seeming happier with their lives. I wanted that! Once I figured out that most happy people genuinely enjoy what they do for a living, I quickly found what I loved doing… radio. I’ve always wanted to be great at it and fast-forward 9 years later I’m a producer for a top rated radio show and host my own show. I’m just getting started. You can do it Read more>>

Terrell “Trill” Garth | Artist Management/Branding Specialist

Integrity. That is the single most important factor when it comes to my success. When you have Integrity it spawns into so many more positive attributes. Like for example, in most occupations the snakes and scammers are everywhere. There are so many people in this business that have no real background, track record of success, real industry contacts or morals. So it’s important I provide a high level of service and it all boils down to doing what you say you can do. I have built life long relationships beyond business because of these practices. And when you can have 20+ years of longevity in entertainment, you must be doing something correct. Success is the most important thing when it comes to our clients and artists we serve. That’s why I stay consistent, connected and innovative in all endeavors and campaigns. Read more>>

Maria Antonieta DPaola | Baker-Interpreter & Dentist

The most important factor behind my success has been work, However I consider that is has not been a single factor but rather the combination of them. The dedication, perseverance, the love when you do the job and the most important “Fight for your dreams without resting” have made Manto’s Cakes what it is today Read more>>