Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Kiana “V.” Ware | Owner of BeWare Designs & Senior Project Manager

When I was a fresh undergrad I remember learning about risk factors and how the verse to risk was opportunity. That class changed my mindset on investments including those that involved my time investment, not just monetary investments. If I could evaluate every situation as an opportunity versus a risk, I could then weigh my options from a positive lense. That was the pivot point for my current path. When faced with career-change decisions I looked at them as opportunities to diversify my work experience. The risk? My resume would be “all over the place” or come off as “under-committed”. But the gains I received from taking those opportunities are the same ones that yielded six-figures before 21. I apply that same mentality to my personal business. If there’s a lot to lose, chances are there’s even more to gain. Read more>>

Chanel Murphy-Lowe | Founder and CEO of My Fabulous Food

I believe taking risks in life and business is absolutely necessary. My Fabulous Food would not be where it is today and would not have received the recognition it has without me taking risks. I took a risk in leaving my full time job to pursue My Fabulous Food. I did not know how things would turn out, but I had faith everything would work out for the best. I have a strong faith that helps me take risks. My belief is that I either succeed or learn, but everything happens for a reason. You will not know how great things can turn out if you did not take risks. When it comes to my creative vision, I take risks whenever I create new products. There is a possibility no one will buy them, but that is never the case. Everything in business involves risk. Read more>>

Tiffany Durant | Real Estate Broker and Investor – Tiffany Durant and Associates, LLC, Century 21 Intown Atlanta GA, RE Florida Homes Hollywood FL

Risk taking is a necessary evil so to speak and truly involves processes that I will never shy away from. Overcoming the doubts and the internal questioning of whether or not I can or will be successful in the long run is something that I refuse to hinder me from my positive, forward momentum at this stage of my life and within my career. I fully understand that I must push myself through tough situations and remain resilient and determined no matter what and ultimately this self-determination truly works in my favor when it comes to managing both my short and long term goals for my personal life as well for managing my clients, transactions and for my career path as a whole. From smaller risks to much more sizable risks, I’ve endured them all and I and my company is all the better for it. Read more>>

Lena Anderson | Travel Consultant

I’ve been a risk-taker my whole life, but it wasn’t until recently that I started identifying myself as such, likely because my risks have mostly been calculated. George Addair has a great quote that states, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”. For me, taking risks has always been about overcoming the things I’m most afraid of because, in my heart, I know a great reward will come from it. One of the biggest (and not so calculated) risks I’ve taken so far was quitting my corporate HR job in 2018 without a real plan. That defining moment was the catalyst to starting my travel company and eventually moving abroad – the latter being something I’ve wanted to do for over a decade. My company, Sweet Bean Travels, is flourishing, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Read more>>

Aleks Serdar | Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

Life is boring when you play it safe. Taking the harder path even when it’s unnecessary sometimes makes life more interesting in general. Especially in the music industry. It’s all about taking risks. Taking on new challenges when least expected helps you see what you’re made of. Read more>>

Bahja Bonner | Licensed Esthetician (Pro MUA)

Risk are necessary when starting or doing anything. Risk are all apart of the growing process. I had to risk missing jury duty to work on set for Cantu. Jury duty had been scheduled way before the Cantu shoot. I couldn’t let that stop me from a great opportunity. Read more>>

Suah Sepha | Beautician & business owner

Risk taking has played a huge factor in my life . You can not live life with out taking risk is what I mean . You have to have faith that while you are taking that uncertain pathway you must be confident .When you take risk it improves chances of future goals . Even though you are not certain about the outcome or don’t know have confidence it’s going to work . Don’t doubt yourself ! Read more>>

Richelle Smallwood | Licensed Therapist

The biggest risk that I’ve ever taken was leaving my full-time job as a psychotherapist working with the state to pursue my private practice full-time. It was truly a leap of faith but not only that it was a message to myself that my mental health and my Well-being were more important then a job title or a position. This leap of faith not only taught me to Bet on myself but to choose myself. I think that is a message that can be carried in all situations. Whether you are in a relationship, a job or any situation that is requiring you to sacrifice yourself, you should always choose you. That’s what my journey has been about. My journey has been about self-love self-esteem and self-confidence. That is a message that I not only want to spread to others but a message that I want to authentically live. Last year when I took the risk of leaving my full-time job it was a message to myself that I was enough. I was enough to have a dream and to make that dream come true Read more>>

JoVon “Nubian” Henry | Health, Wellness, Beauty & Finance Consultant

Everything is a risk! The goal is to understand the associated risk(s) as well as one’s risk tolerance level then proceed accordingly. This entire entrepreneurial experience requires a certain level of risk taking, regardless if it’s time, money, family &/or pride. For me, as an entrepreneur, taking the risks associated with creating a grassroots health, wellness, beauty and finance company, that has had its challenges, but has shown tremendous resilience over the past four years in growth and expansion, has been very rewarding. As I continue to learn and grow even more, I plan to continue to take calculated risks as I work to accomplish one goal to another. Read more>>

Tedrien Hill | Speaker, Influencer & Spirit Enthusiast

I used to think of risk as a negative; as something to avoid at all costs. It, along with other things, have contributed to anxiety, fear and procrastination I have experienced. In fact, at this very moment I am avoiding procrastination by “taking a risk”! Which is answering this question instead of letting myself feel and get down because I waited so long to do it. It doesn’t seem like a risk but it is when you look at it from the lens of someone breaking out of negative mindsets and habits into the life they’ve always dreamed of but were too afraid to go after. Read more>>

Jerry Buckner | Jerrimiah James Founder & Principal Personal Shopper

I believe ideas are like relationships. If you don’t treat them right they will find someone else to manifest them. I don’t want to miss out on one could grow to become one of the greatest relationships of my life. I want to tell the story of how I met, nurtured and grew my idea of Jerrimiah James to my future partner, friends and family. In my mind the risk of failing wasn’t the worst possible outcome. The worst possible outcome was never trying and never knowing if it would have worked between Jerrimiah James and myself. I am going to shoot my shot and live with knowing I gave it the best shot. Read more>>

Keitrell Hamilton | Actor & Musician

I feel in life taking risks are very much needed. The risks I’ve taken have got me to where I am right now. Sometimes it can be scary when it comes to making a decision about your career. I’ve took chances of spending lots of money on my acting career. I’ve ran into a bunch of scams time after time. Since I was new to this industry and I didn’t know anybody to help me and show me the ropes I took risks myself and I took them losses. I now accept the fact that stuff like that has happened and I’ve learned a lot. It’s a scary journey when you’re trying to become successful in this industry all alone. But now that I have matured and got help with my music career, my brothers in our rap group called YBS ENT has helped me every step of the way. We went through so many producers, engineers and people we thought we could trust. We spent lots of money on studio time. But through it all we took them risks to make great things happen in our careers today. Read more>>

Michael Williams | C.E.O.

Taking risks when it comes to business or life can be scary due to the unknown. When it comes to myself taking a risk is something i love to do. Granted no 1 likes to loose anything when making investments especially when time and money is involved. Taking a risk is a must, it gives you results on whats right and wrong for business and personal life. Read more>>

Leticia Vicotti | Social Media Strategist & Agency Owner

I’m all about risks. I believe that life itself is a risk, rather you want that to be true or not. We have choices and we can either stay comfortable in our zone or we can risk something. Every decision is a risk because in reality we do not know the outcome. We want to know, we want the outcome to be the one we expect, but not always it is. Being an immigrant and have come to the US at an young age, risks were taken for me and I got used to this risk-taking life. I risked going to college without money, I risked moving across the continent in pursue of a master’s degree, and my most current big risk was quitting my corporate job, where I must say I was pretty comfortable, to start my own business. However, risks are not just that big decision you make that can alter your life, but it is also the little things. As an entrepreneur, I believe I continue to take risks everyday that I continue to want to stay in business. I choose the risk to freedom, to the unknown, to uncertainty every single day! Read more>>