Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Ja’mes Morrell | Logistics Coordinator & Mentor

When I first started WiM Logistics, I was beginning my journey of finding myself. As a mother and wife, I lost site of who I was and who I wanted to be. Everything I did, everything that put a smile of my face was to the benefit of my children and my husband. I struggled to find things that I desired, things that I could do for myself that would put a smile on my own face. I went through stages of starting businesses, but they didnt capture my true abilites, and began to feel like actual work. I wanted to love the work that I chose, so it wouldn’t seem as if I were working. That was my issue! I didn’t know what I was good at besides being a mother and a wife. Read more>>

Michaela Carter | Content Creator

Content creation is my passion! Whether I’m writing copy or creating minimal designs, I’m in my happy place. I’ve always desired to help others with their business and other projects by providing content that will help them tell their story. So, one day I decided to offer my talents as freelance services. However, my freelance work began to grow, so it was time for me to grow with it and launch my digital and print content agency, ADM Agency. Ultimately, my goal has always been to develop a hub of creative services – copywriting, copyediting, design work; you name it. With ADM, my clients provide their vision and I provide the story. Read more>>

Kimberly Broerman | Spiritual Companion, Guide and Curator

Sometimes, you have these moments or seasons of your life where you sense there is something more you’re meant to offer, that something new wants to emerge from you. After serving as a pastor in a local church for seven years, I felt called to leave the comforts and confines of the church I had known to embark on a new spiritual adventure. As a minister, I always relished the honest conversations I got to have, where people felt safe enough to bare their souls, to speak of the fears that kept them up at night, the moments where they experienced a mysterious grace, the longings of their heart, and more. But amidst all the many other roles and responsibilities, that care of souls could often get lost in the organizational mix. As spiritual direction, small groups, and retreats had been no transformative in my own spiritual journey. Read more>>

Kacie Willis | Producer/Podcaster/Creativity Coach/Sound Designer

I initially started Could Be Pretty Cool as a side venture to throw networking events for the art community in Atlanta. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was laid off from my full-time job and was gifted the opportunity to focus on a new direction for my business and pursue more “pandemic friendly” activities. I turned to podcasting as a way to be able to continue to collaborate with creatives and incorporate my audio background. The company was able to quickly pitch and sell 2 major projects and we are continuing to develop new work which I am super excited about. Read more>>

Ashley Causey-Golden | Creator of Afrocentric Montessori & Gather, Early childhood Educator, Birth Worker and Conscious Parenting Advocate

I wanted something different for Black children. I have been working in many educational spaces that didn’t center blackness or any form of identity outside of Whiteness. It is more subtle than many parents, loved ones, and educators realized. You see the books with diverse faces and the school may recognize the cultural holidays for each month but other than that the child’s identity becomes who that child is in the classroom context. Attentive vs, Lazy, Vocal vs. Quiet, Kind or Generous vs. Bossy or Not willing to share, Smart vs. Slow to learn. What seems like “harmless” measures or labels that are used within education by educators and well-meaning parents who want their child to be successful become sticky labels that children can see those labels as their whole identity. Read more>>

Camille Langston | Professional Trained Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, and Diviner

The very first time I ever received Reiki, I had a vision of my great grandmother Birdie who passed away when I was 11. At that age I would talk to her after she’d passed and I had the ability like most children do to communicate with spirit. However I was shamed for this and convinced that it was evil by adults and so I stopped shortly after. By the time I was 13 I’d completely forgotten I had to ability to see spirits (I suggest looking into the effects of trauma on the mind if you’re curious how that happened). When I got my first Reiki healing at 18, Grandma Birdie came to me and asked why I’d stopped talking to her, and as she said those words the memories came flooding back. I didn’t even know how to spell Reiki at the time, but that vision was so real I took it upon myself to learn everything that I possible could about it. I had no grand ideals of “becoming a healer” at the time. Read more>>

Mardarius Thomas| Career Coach & Resume Writer

It honestly just happened. I remember applying for 60+ jobs while in graduate school and I only received 2 interviews. I can recall feeling so flustered at the thought that I couldn’t find a job in my field even while pursuing a master’s degree. After that experience, I reached out to my mentors, took resume writing classes, updated my resume, and started applying. The business aspect of M3: The Corporate Coach came from sharing my experience after applying to 27 jobs in higher education and corporate America and receiving 19 interviews. My village started reaching out to me asking me to update their resumes and cover letters and after a year or so of freelance writing professional documents, I began M3: The Corporate Coach. Read more>>

Dr. Jackson Garth | President & CEO of Verde Leaf

In the hemp and cannabis space, it is extremely difficult for POC to not only be involved, but have some meaningful equity stake. So, I started Verde Leaf ™ to create access to this space where POC could have real involvement and have a significant voice in the way the industry’s infrastructure is created. Read more>>

Sara Webb | Founder & CEO

I never intended to own my own business OR be a salesperson! Sales scared me. The thought of pushing products on to someone who didn’t want or need them did not sound like fun to me. Our industry has over 1,000,000 DIFFERENT products. And we are creating branding opportunities, conversations, and reminders to keep our clients’ at the forefront. So, once I became part of this industry, I realized that I wasn’t really selling. I was serving, helping businesses of all sizes increase their bottom line. As my business grew, my clients’ needs changed and morphed. The company that I was raised in wasn’t able to accommodate the changing needs of my client base and we decided to separate amicably. It was in that moment that I became a CEO. No training. Read more>>

Robert Cook | Skin Care Influencer & Photographer

One that I never doubted was knowing that I wanted to help people. Mostly I thought about catering to my audience in ways that can help them on their everyday living basis. Creating products that would be essential and affordable for all. Read more>>

Nikki Averett | Virtual Executive Assistant

My WHY was knowing that I was not functioning in my purpose. I had been working in the administrative and customer service field for over a decade. I found a real passion for being the support person. I have never been a huge fan of taking the center stage, but rather supporting those who do. Read more>>

Rachel & Lynn Bagnell & Toornman | Rachel Bagnell – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Lynn Toornman – Chief Operating Officer (COO). Innovative Events LLC = Event Planning.

The dream of working for ourselves, along with our love of fun and creative event planning, inspired us to create Innovative Events. Besides the notion of leaving a legacy for our children, we are damn good at event planning! We take the time to get to know our clients, and we add the perfect personal touch to all that we do. The satisfaction of our clients, the sponsors, and the smiles of the attendees after one of our events is what drives us. We have the ability to adapt while keeping our personal touch at the center of all we do. Since the pandemic began, we have launched interactive virtual events and special gift delivery services for our clients. As a 100% women-owned business, our goal is to utilize other women-owned businesses/vendors in all facets of our event planning. It’s amazing what we can do when we lift one another up. Read more>>

Lorena Wise | Owner of STIX Cigar Accessories for Women

I’ve always been artistic and creative and decorating is one my hobbies. About five years ago I began smoking cigars with my girlfriends and I love it. The cigar experience is very relaxing and enticing. I never could have imagined that it was so much to learn about the flavors, aroma, quality and types of cigars. Not to mention the pairing of alcohol and wine to compliment your palate. During my cigar journey I discovered that there is a large number of women who smoke cigars and the accessories are mostly masculine and the unisex items are simple and boring. In May of 2020 I noticed my God-brother’s fraternity cigar poker and after examining it I knew that I could make it. I researched a few items I decided to handmake cigar sticks/pokers to appeal to the women and a few for the men. Recently I’ve handmade wine glass stemware charms to match the sticks and I plan to add a feminine touch to several other cigar accessories. Read more>>