Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Zebre Jones | The Accessory Plug

Have you ever put your blood, sweat, and tears into a dream that was not yours just to get booted out in the end? I sure have. There was a point in life when I noticed that I was putting so much effort into everything and everyone except ME! Read more>>

Emma Doss | Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Writer, Artist, Founder of DOSS Media

I was never truly happy with any the regular jobs I had prior to starting my own business because I knew I deserved more; given the many creative talents I had and still have. I felt really limited in those positions. I also knew that there was much more out in the world for me than just a nine to five. Read more>>

Rochelle Johnson | Editor in Chief•Beauty Boss•Branding & Marketing Maven

The Processes of starting is hard but once you start and build momentum you’ll discover it wasn’t so hard. Read more>>

Aliyah Perry | entrepreneur, college grad, influencer, content creator, curly hair enthusiast

I didn’t really have much of a thought process, being an entrepreneur at first wasn’t in my plans. I started my business off making gloss and seeing the traffic my business was getting & then decided to expand. Everything was a learning process through social media and research. Read more>>

Beau Talley | Guitar Instructor/Coach and Artist

Great question! My initial thoughts were, I knew I had something to offer people that was different from others. The only way I could properly do that was to start my own business to serve that mission out. I really wasn’t gonna rest properly until I did that. Read more>>

Joanne Goldblum | CEO of the National Diaper Bank Network and Social Worker

When I started the National Diaper Bank Network I wanted to create a way for people to start diaper banks without having to reinvent the wheel. I had so many people asking me what I had done to start the New Haven Diaper Bank ( now the diaper bank of ct) Read more>>

LaTange Baker | Owner & Body Product Mixologist

Greetings Kings and Queens!!!! I am crazy about my skin feeling and looking good! So I decided one day to make my family some body scrubz. After about 10 trys…I said think I got something! So I began to give as gifts and everyone kept asking me to make some. So then I knew it was official. Read more>>

Dylan Gordon | Artist

My initial encounter with art, or at least the idea of being an artist came quite fatefully or by coincidence (depending on how you view it). It began late into my high school years, by grade 10. Read more>>

Jalea Pippens | Professional Cleaning Technician

My cleaning business actually came about as a spin-off of a business I was already in partnership with. I am a co-owner of a vending machine company called…… DRUMROLL… LITERALLY LIT VENDING! We started the vending company during the pandemic. Read more>>

Co-Owners : High Clazz Cuts Barbershop Edroce Ross and Keegan Gates | BAM Investment Firm- Billionaires Amongst Millionaires

The whole thought process behind starting our own business was inspired from childhood dreams of being independent and self sustainable. Both my business partner and myself have also owned separate businesses within our portfolio. Read more>>

Camille Gonzales | Real Estate Broker

I have loved real estate since I was a child! I have been in real estate in some capacity since I was 18 years old. I worked for a foreclosure law firm at 18 and purchased my first investment home at 21 years old while still in college. Read more>>

Vibes By Moolah | Producer & Music Executive

My thought process was originally was just following my dreams. I have a passion for arts and entertainment. Im a musician, an orator, a Dj, an event curator, etc… So I wanted to create something that would allow me to explore all the different avenues in Entertainment & Media alike. Read more>>

Dr. Gary Amkons | Founder

My vision was one of being a positive contributor to the community, veterans, service members and thier families. The thought of giving back mentoring and providing an outlet for servicemen to continue to serve is what drove me and my founding brothers to start Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity, Inc Read more>>

E. Nikk Halliday | CEO of DreamNLive

DreamNLive, LLC originally started out as Dreamxland back in 2016, recently(in 2020) we decided to revamp the brand and name to match the aesthetic of our ideals. Read more>>

DayPaint Owners | Tammie Parks, Rachel Washington, Anna Washington, Jada Washington | Owners

We love business, entrepreneurship, learning, and solving problems. It gives us the opportunity to professionally and personally grow while also connecting as a family. We decided to come together to use our unique skillsets to further explore entrepreneurship in the painting industry. Read more>>

Monica Streat | Owner of Yongskinsoaps

Honestly, I originally wasn’t looking to start a business. I was looking for a way to naturally heal my skin since every winter I faced extremely dry flaky skin. I began researching herbs and soap bases that were natural and didn’t just sit on top of the skin, but absorbs into the skin. Read more>>

Michael Byrd | Fitness Enthusiast & Certified Personal Trainer

My thought process behind starting my own business was how can I create an impactful platform that fulfills my purpose by way of operating in my passion. Read more>>

April Broughton | Entrepreneur & Private Chef

My thought process behind starting my own business was finding another stream of income that was going to always be relevant and didn’t require too much risk. See all my life growing up I was a hustler, I wanted to break free from the street life without loosing, my niche for making a profit . Read more>>

Andrionna Williams | Mental Health Advocate & Clothing Designer

I would say FREEDOM… The freedom to make my own schedule so I didn’t miss anything when it pertained my family. Financial freedom being able to set weekly and monthly goals and crush them. Being able to set my own rules and be available to live life rather just exist! Read more>>

Travis Scarbro | Writer, Composer, Creator, plus Actor of Strange Fantasy Show

Growing up, I knew one thing for certain… I love movies, and I love horror, and I love horror movies. I love everything about them, from the awesome over-acting, to the sets, the lights, the sounds, the gore, the music. Read more>>


My thought process behind my business was someone need to hear my story . Growing up it wasn’t easy I was the black sheep of the family . I would never speak up for myself so I didn’t have a voice . Read more>>

Aliyah Morrison | Photographer

What can I do to get my business started. How do I find the courage, determination, strength etc to put my business into effect. Is this something I really want to do for the rest of my life Read more>>

Michael McClendon | Hip Hop Artist Producer

My thought process behind starting my own business was I wanted to become successful with my brand. I realized after reading this business of music, that ownership is the key. My thought process grew more and learning how to weave the music and film with the business. Read more>>

Bri McKinnie | Adult Toy Store Owner

I was getting a lot of questions about the toys I was reviewing for Amazon. People wanted to know if I was selling the toys and how they could purchase them so I started looking into how I could do my own thing. Read more>>

Lori Benning | Owner, Creative Director | Black and Plant Based

The thought process behind starting Black and Plant Based “Black+PB” was how can I make eating plants fun for a wide range of people. Not everyone is going to be interested in living a plant-based lifestyle, right? Read more>>

Franck Mille | Creative Director & CEO

Honestly, I’ve always envisioned myself in the same light as some of the most respected CEO’s in the world. If you have the acumen, faith and enough courage starting your business won’t be the challenge. Keeping it will. Read more>>

Jared McBride | Rapper

If this was made for everybody it wouldn’t be me so making this challenge is great for me Read more>>

Noble | Content Creator & Entrepreneur

I always went by what I was told. Did great at it. Graduated college cum laude with a triple minor in Math, Comm & Law & Business. Even after working hard to beef up my resume to look great, I still found out the ugly truth that nothing was guaranteed. Read more>>

Mark Mogul | Fashion designer & Entrepreneur

My thought process when it comes to my business is being a pioneer and setting a good example for the next generation. Not just for my family but young black people around the world. Detroit isn’t really known for fashion and great events, so I want to be the one who brings it to the city in a positive light. Read more>>

Daysha Crenshaw | CEO of Big Bleu Apparel

To provide clothing that was dope and affordable to families and I was also tired of spending money with big corps so I created my own. Read more>>

Anu Da Sun | Founder of DPO Records & Artist

I grew up in a small town, Morgan City, Louisiana. There were less than five grocery stores in town when i was coming up, so i had to find creative ways to get new things. Read more>>

Chantea Williams | Book Publisher

I want to help aspiring authors with the process of self-publishing and give them what I didn’t have when I was becoming a published author. Educating them on what to do and what not to do. Being the learning curve so they don’t waste time. Read more>>

Sapphire | Hollywood Hair Stylist, Wig Maker, and Owner of a Hair Growth Products Collection

My thought process behind starting my own Hair Styling business was primarily to have a marketing/promoting plan. I was already pretty solid skill-wise, but because I started my Hair styling business from home I knew I had to alot of promoting. Read more>>

Itami Santos | Service CarWash Mobile

my initial thought was to leave my job in an office where I was locked in a room for 8 hours. with my company I would earn more money and have the freedom to do my daily planning Read more>>

Chai Chapman Jr | Photographer and Film-maker

Starting my own photography business took a ton of mental steps to see if this was actually what I wanted to do as a career. • The first mental step that I took was to ask myself “Are you wanting to do this for the money? Or because you actually love creating art through the lens of a camera?”. Read more>>

Maxine Owusu | Medical Doctor & Entrepreneur

I started Shea Seasons as a solution to a problem. As a new mom, I encountered a common issue with my daughter having skin irritation and eczema. After using multiple over the counter products with no improvement, Read more>>

Casandra Stewart | Brand Designer & Strategist

I wanted to start my design business to build a bridge between a beautiful brand and the strategy it takes to reach your ideal audience! I saw a lack in the industry while new businesses were booming in 2020- Read more>>

Tamika Williams | Owner of For Color Girls™

For Color Girls Hair Care was not my idea or even a thought. I had a series of mishaps and unfortunate events happen to me, like seeing a man lose his life, a terrible car accident and a host of other eye awakening experiences. Read more>>

Martha Williams | Cleaner

I wanted to use my passion of cleaning so that I could be proud and enjoy. Working.I wanted to leave behind a generational wealth for my children and grandchildren. Read more>>

Jerrold Few | Visual Artist & Music Producer

Honestly, I didn’t have a “thought process” in traditional terms, like, I want to make a product and change the world! lol, nah ,with me it was more like, this is the natural progression, I grew up thinking everyone who was rich explicitly worked for themselves based off my relatives and what they had. Read more>>

Onyia Ali | Brand Strategist & Web Designer

I was raised in a family full of entrepreneurs and grew up seeing firsthand what business ownership was really about – the good and the ugly. Thinking about starting my own company was intimidating at first. Read more>>

Javan Walker | Photographer & Content Creator

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that has been interested in something and does nothing about it. That’s pretty much how myself and photography were since freshman year of college about 10 years ago. Read more>>

Erica Fuller with EZ Pours & Plates | Personal Chef, Caterer, & Bartender

My thought process behind starting my own business was, “what will differentiate me from others, and why should someone choose my business.” You and someone else could cook the same dish and offer the same services, and it’ll come out completely different. Read more>>

Maritza Gil-Harris | Owner of The Bilingual Decorator – La Decoradora Bilingue LLC

The reason for opening my own business was to start doing something I enjoy doing and such desire became stronger after celebrating my son Chaz Sebastian’s 8th Birthday. Read more>>

Jerica McNair | Credit Consultant

The thought process behind starting my own business pretty much came to me just like any other average american today. I didn’t care about my credit until it mattered. I started my business solely on a leap of faith, literally with 0 dollars. Read more>>

Christina Force | Mentor and branding consultant to professional photographers

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was young, so I think it’s something that I naturally do. I love coming up with ideas and solving problems and helping people, so this feeds into my process. Read more>>

Chiaja Johnson | Brow Artist

There really wasn’t a thought process behind starting my business but more so a leap of faith. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have my own business in the beauty industry so when the time came, I went for it! Read more>>