Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kratika Jain | Choreographer and makeup n Hair artist

The most fun part of having our own business is able to introduce new ideas without having 2nd or 3rd or whole pile of opinions n approvals . You have your own time n pace to work with . It’s like your own baby nurture it the way u want . Read more>>

Jeremy Jackson | CEO and Creator of Thawed Magazine

My thought process when I entered this business was, there was no one doing it in my city to help Artists. Being an Artist myself, I retired early, at least to me in order to help future Artist. We didn’t have ANY media helping in the Hip Hop culture and very little at all helping businesses to grow. So in 2003, I decided to begin my first magazine that was called Da Hype Magazine. First Issue dropped in 2004 and last Issue dropped in 2014. As it grew, I wasn’t prepared for business. I felt I was only prepared to pass it hand to hand and block to block. I took more of a business approach with Thawed Magazine, my second magazine. Read more>>

Mwabi Murdock | Owner, Juiced With Love

Juiced with Love was born from the pandemic and a way to stay healthy. I’ve always known that fruits and vegetables are immune boosters and grew very concerned that this very important information wasn’t being broadcasted to the masses in such an uncertain time. There was so much information being given to us on how many people were getting COVD-19, the death count, but nothing about how to prevent it as far as food went. I remember at the start of the pandemic when it was a state of panic and shelves were being emptied out, I joked around on social media that I wasn’t worried because nobody was going to empty out the produce section and it saddened me that I was right. I experimented with making juices for myself and family and before long people starting asking for juices. My love helped me order bottles, we made labels, a logo, registered our business, got a website, social media pages and here we are on our way to year 2 of the business. Read more>>

Crystel Saturday | Realtor

I had been taught to earn a degree that will always be necessary and where jobs are readily available, so I worked during the day to support myself in college and went to night school earning my degree in Accounting. I graduated and landed job after job that allowed me to progress up the corporate ladder through various companies. I worked tirelessly to earn my degree and the work didn’t stop once I was employed in my field. I worked long grueling hours constantly for the endless loop of deadlines in the Accounting world. Needless to say, I was “burned out” in my industry after 10 years of what felt like a “rat race” with no true prize. Read more>>

Adonica Robinson | Master Cosmetologist

I kept finding myself to be unhappy and I didn’t have an answer. Life was getting stagnant and becoming routine. So I had to make a decision to continue in this cycle or step out on faith and create my own destiny. Now I’m here and very proud. Read more>>

Joshua & Brittany Opoku | Serial Entrepreneurs

We were born to be entrepreneurs, its in our bloodline. Both of our father’s started businesses early and are still in business for themselves to date. So for us it was truly the initial exposure of a lifestyle that required hard-work and sacrifices but yielded great rewards such as the ability to travel at young ages and seeing a parent at every practice, game or concert. Therefore, when the idea of owning a Tattoo Shop came on the horizon, we both immediately did the research and ran the numbers of the profitability. I mean we are serial entrepreneurs and invested in real estate and stocks. We own consulting and marketing firms yet it was something about the Tattoo Shop business that we just couldn’t ignore. Brittany was searching for businesses to buy during a pandemic which was crazy initially but we kept seeing the opportunity to buy and acquire businesses that were in distress. Read more>>

Latoya Stafford | Postpartum Doula & Author

The thought process that led me to start my Postpartum Doula business came from my desire to help families create balance and harmony after birth. After experiencing complications from a high risk pregnancy, an emergency C-section (cesarean), and having to care for my children while healing from major abdominal surgery, it became natural to me to offer this support for moms who experienced similar birth stories. Read more>>

Justin Schaeffer | Principal Creative

In 2006, I left the Environmental Graphics Industry (that’s a fancy way of saying architectural signage) to work in the non-profit world. It was very fulfilling getting to serve others and ultimately what brought me to Atlanta. I was always using my design skills, and marketing acumen to help lead whatever non-profit I was involved in since I loved getting a chance to utilize my creativity skills. As someone who cares deeply for my city and neighborhood, I would also volunteer my design and marketing skills to help local organizations. I volunteered as the Communications Director for the Martin Luther King Jr. Project when I first lived in Decatur after moving from Seattle, and then after moving to Kirkwood, helped to start Kirkwood Cares which is a committee of the Kirkwood Neighbors Organization that provides critical repairs to low-income neighbors’ homes. Read more>>

Shandra Turner | Charcuterie Artist/The Bougie Grazer

Wow! This is a great question! I spent the last 20 years working in corporate America in the same industry. With all that tenure, experience, and loyalty to an industry I was never able to get past a certain level as an African American female. I have always had an entrepreneur mindset which stems from my mother who raised 3 kids as a single parent. My mother started a very successful home health care business in her late 20’s and then a soul food restaurant in her 40’s. She would have my siblings and me involved in the business and always made us earn anything we ever wanted, This taught me at an early age about entrepreneurship or AKA how to HUSTLE. Although it took 20 years of corporate America sucking the life out of me – I finally realized it was a no-brainer to start my own business and do something I LOVE. Read more>>

Samari Evans | Owner & Chemist

My mother gave me the idea to start my business. I began making a pain relief balm (now Soothing Cream) for family and friends. And I started to get really good reviews so she gave me the initial idea to start it Read more>>

Kevin Rubio | DIY enthusiast

To be honest, how my business started was pure luck. I remember skating with my friends and we were talking about being sponsored by a brand. I told my friends that my dream is to make my own brand and take it as far as I can with my friends and family beside me. Then the next day I woke up and my wife started making shirts with some avocado’s smoking a joint and she called the brand Paltas (Peruvian slang for avocados). My friends loved the design, so I had her make more, pushed the sales and did a lot of soul searching for my skate team. Now I have kids that skate in contests all across the south, we have a bmx rep that helps spread the brand, and we sell more than shirts. We pushed our brand to selling skateboards pants socks and all other types of apparel goods we would be inspired to make. Read more>>

Precious Nwanne | Master Cosmetologist/Platform Stylist

My thought process just happen I think. I didn’t know that doing hair was my passion until that’s all I could think about and I alway ran back to it when I thought I wanted to do something else. Most of all the smiles on all my clients faces after leaving my chair was priceless. Read more>>

Asia Bullock | Sweet and savory private chef and caterer

Honestly I just knew something in me was just very different. growing up I knew I had a passion and love for food but what I didn’t realize I had a love for sweet and savory soul food. I spent my childhood growing up in the kitchen with my great-grandmother Edna Earl she past down a very traditional passion that she didn’t even know that she did but fast-forward to 2014 when I was in college I decided to start my own business wasn’t planned I didn’t have anything mapped out but I knew from there I was destined to become the best chef I can be.. I told my mom I wanted to start my business she supported me it helped me get the things that I needed to get started Read more>>

Kristian Njeri | Owner & Baker

The thought process behind starting my business was a long one, but a journey that is continuing to blossom. I honestly knew as a child that I would be an entrepreneur just never really knew exactly what I would be doing. My parents were both entrepreneurs and worked a 9-5 job as well, which inspired me to really get into discovering what is exactly I would be doing. But once I got into college I decided to focus solely on school and my career working with children with special needs but I always felt like I should be doing something else. So for awhile I would slowly learn how to bake and cook in college not knowing that it would lead me here. I just became fascinated by the amazing flavors I could create with fresh ingredients and little love which how it all begin. Read more>>

Nikki Teagle | Hoodie Queen & Hairstylist

It was the beginning of the pandemic and I started to wonder what was going to happen next. Everything was closing and we were forced to stay indoors, I started to think about what I could do to ensure I would be able to provide for my children moving forward. I wanted to do something relatable, find a way to leave my mark. I wanted to create something that could leave a lasting impression. That’s were the idea for Iconik Apparel came from. An online boutique, my online boutique! I wanted to create something that would not only reflect my personality, but also my style. I knew there were people out there like me who like to meet in the middle when it comes to the feminine/masculine midpoint of fashion. So I decided that hoodie dresses were the perfect representation of my personality. It expresses every aspect of me! The hoodie has always been an essential piece of the wardrobe. It gives streetwear. It gives hip-hop. Its the influence of the culture that helped inspire.. Its comfortability with style that you can dress down when you’re relaxing, or dress up for a night out. Not to mention who doesn’t just love a hoodie?! Read more>>

Shari Perkins | Makeup Artist & Brand Owner

What was your thought process behind starting your own business? In high school and college years I worked as a babysitter, pet sitter, cashier, salon assistant, etc. and all those experiences taught me that in order to have true happiness in “work” I would need to be my own boss. I went to cosmetology school, got certified in eyelash extensions, and started by own beauty brand that has now expanded into a service and e-commerce company. I figured if I could tap into the billion-dollar beauty business I could do what I am passionate about, offer services to makeup lovers, and provide high-quality products to women and men. My company, The Luxxury Collection, LLC, caters to those who enjoy and expect a luxury experience when receiving a beauty product or cosmetic service. I believe that luxury and extravagance should not be sacrificed for value and convenience. Read more>>

V. Renee Shepherd and Veronica Russell | Dance & Fitness Instructors

Veronica: It honestly started with our desire to support each other as sisters. I was on a journey as a new mom to lose baby weight, and re-learn to love my new body and my sister was exploring the idea of owning her own dance studio. We decided to combine our fitness goals, business skills, and love for dance to support and empower other people – leading us to create V. Power Fit. Read more>>

Sydne Ford, MD | Family and Integrative Medicine Physician

When I was younger, I never dreamed of having a business. I just knew that I wanted to help people and my way of helping was to become a physician. I am in the business of healing and I later realized that if I continued to work for large health institutions, I would never truly be in control of the type of care I wanted to give. Having my own practice allows me to spend as much time as I want with a patient, prescribe (or not prescribe) and recommend what I feel is best for the patient, and ultimately practice on my own terms. I can work as much or as little as I want and I am not limited to the pressure of an organization whose bottom line is the dollar. Read more>>

Nikki Byrom | Mixed Media Artist

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I think I inherited from my grandfather. In this iteration, I really wanted to be intentional about using my creative gifts to make room for me. I took a giant leap of faith, deciding to walk away from stable albeit somewhat unfulfilling career in higher education to live the life I wanted to lead on my own terms. It has had its challenges, but I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned for what I left behind. Read more>>

Leslie Criden | Woman Owned Small Business

I had been making jewelry when the pandemic hit so I was no longer able to do the festivals I had done before, so I started looking for a business that spoke to me. There was a mom who started an eco-friendly business, designing and selling reusable storage bags – Ziparoos. The thought intrigued me as we were using way too much plastic. After our first few conversations I actually passed on moving forward. As I continued to look at other businesses, I knew I wanted to be in the eco-friendly space, so I circled back to Ziparoos. Read more>>

Cameron Cartee | Audio Engineer/ Producer

I honestly was never good with someone telling me what to do and when to do it. I couldn’t hold a regular 9-5 job for longer than a few months. But I will never forget this, at one of the many jobs I had, the Human Resources lady randomly brought me into her office and said “ why are you working here, you’re way too smart to be working here. I watch all of these people look up to you and try to follow in your footsteps. You need to just give the music thing your 100%” So the next day I didn’t show up to work and took on mixing and producing music everyday. There became a need for me and my services in the industry so I just never looked back. Read more>>

Jayda Pace | Children’s Boutique

My thought process was I woke up one morning and told my mom I wanted to start my own business. She asked what type of business it went from I wanted to sell bangles and slime to a store selling different items for girls my age. Me only being 12 years old it seemed easy, but my mom included me in every step of starting my business and boy was I wrong…lol it’s Hard Work Read more>>