We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Paige Swift | Director, Nature Now (chief of content construction)

The films & documentaries that we screen for the festival I arrange address important environmental issues that our communities face today, from a local to a global level. I work really hard to curate film blocks that have a particular theme, built around one of many genres Read more>>

Elianna Samuels | Realtor® -First Time Home Buyer Specialist

I am a believer in setting a new tone for the next generation; specifically, the one I will bring into the world. When I chose to become a Realtor it was a step toward doing something bigger than me. It is two fold for me. On one hand, I am positioned to educate our community on wealth building. Wealth itself is not something achieved only for the present,  Read more>>

Reggie Lewis | Playwright/ Actor & Director

One of the ways my business help the community. It allows me to employ different actors and actresses that had the desire to be on on stage but was never afforded the opportunity. I’m always giving back to my community and different churches/organizations when lead or promoted. Being an acting coach, I also teach/coach individuals on how to sharpen their craft. Read more>>

Susie Tran | Director

Our unique program accommodates families’ needs and assists children in having a smooth transition into structured and quality educational environment. Our exclusive Life Essential curriculum designed for early childhood development. It prepares children academically and helps them acquired practical life skills.  Read more>>

Debra Baynes | Ordained Minister/Founder of Naked-Truth-GA Inc/Sr. Complaint and Appeals Analyst

Naked-Truth-GA Inc. is a ministry dedicated primarily to women ministers (or in ministry), wherein we endeavor to empower them to move forward into their God-given purpose for Kingdom work. Women ministers often find themselves in the positions that require them to operate outside of the true anointing that God created in them from the beginning of their existence, due to seen and unseen barriers.  Read more>>

André Heath | Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur

We as owners collectively gravitate towards the quote, “Find what sparks a light in you and illuminate the world”. Our sole purpose in starting Spark Fit Training is to provoke change in people’s lifestyles and in turn elevate our community to a better way of living through the promotion of healthy habits/fitness. Read more>>

LaQuenna Lewis | Founder/ Executive Director

My business impacts the community because it was created for the community. I specifically designed it to serve and address the needs of all disadvantaged citizens in poverty-stricken communities. My dream is to impact the world by implementing LOVE IS WHAT LOVE DOES programs in low-income communities all over the world. Read more>>

GAVIN BOULWARE | Photographer and Podcaster

Resources for artist are not only limited, but diminishing. For Black creatives, it fades even faster. I started the Paid in Exposure Photography Podcast as a way to inform creatives in my city, about free resources nobody knew about. Growing up in Charlotte, not known for its huge communities of color,  Read more>>

Jennifer Thompson | Food Justice Enthusiast

The Greene Clothe Collective prioritizes making safe, eco-friendly luxurious spaces and experiences for everyone. As a mixed group of Black feminists who steward the land, each Greene Clothe member has a unique way in which they connect to the world, and our goal is just to share that with as many Black people in the global south as possible. Read more>>

Coach Brian Alexander | Sports Performance & Fitness Coach

At Coach Alexander Enterprises (CAEnterprises), we believe if we can positively impact the youth, we can truly change the world because the youth is our future. We think the investment in them will affect the whole family. If we can positively influence people, they will do the same to someone else. Read more>>

Chanda Austin | Children’s Author

I started this journey not really knowing how it would impact children. What I did know is that I had a vision and I needed our voices to hear and our children to be seen. I remember it like yesterday watching my daughter struggle with her self-esteem and hearing how Black hair has been dehumanized in some spaces. Read more>>

Lydia Singleton-Wells | Founder of GEI. Humanitarian & Activist

We are providing resources and support for the unsheltered all across Georgia. We work mainly in downtown Atlanta working with the black unsheltered community. Most of the people we help are black males who struggle with addiction, mental illness, and even disabilities. Read more>>

Tanisha Jenkins | Owner / Caterer

Here at Houseoftancatering we thrive on giving back to our community. Helping others is not just something we do. We spread love through nourishment and outreach amongst our city of Atlanta through various outreach programs. Read more>>

Muffdeezy DaDon | Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

Boss Bae University (BBU) is a creative space that equips entrepreneurs (and future entrepreneurs) with all of the skills necessary to start and run a successful business. BBU helps the community by hosting events such as seminars, expos, popup shops and courses that give upcoming entrepreneurs opportunities to expand their businesses. Read more>>

Kay Kawada | Personal Branding Photographer

My business River Eight & Co helps the community of small business entrepreneurs and creatives with their online presence with content and strategy. I make sure to provide my clients with beautiful images by bringing out their personalities that will attract their ideal clientle. I am all about community over competition and love empowering women so they can be at their best and create photos of them to help pursue their dreams. Read more>>

Davina Ismail | Co-Owner | INI Sips Premium Coffee & Tea

The community has always been at the core of our business however, the pandemic changed how we serve the communities that we are a part of. When we started this business, the goal was to have a café where people can go to sit down and get to know others in the community. Read more>>

Wolf Cub Chlo | Children’s book author

The whole business was started based on how we could help the community and the world as a whole. My daughter Chloé who was 5 at the height of the pandemic. We experienced a lot of loss and grief during that time. Then, one day she turned to me and said: “mom, I’m tired of seeing people sick and sad and want to find a way to use my brain to make more people smile.”  Read more>>

Megan Larkins | Website Developer & Marketing Specialist

When starting The Branding District as my third business venture I set out with a specific goal and mission in mind: to help as many business owners as possible obtain a custom website and/or to assist with their marketing and branding. Read more>>