There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Amina Alvarez Barkane | Model, Biology Researcher, Athlete

Taking risks is the one thing that has brought me to where I am today. When I was 16 I was offered to come to the United States to go to college and everyone told me that it was just too risky, but I came and that changed my whole life. Read more>>

Aejae Kouture | Pose Coach, Makeup/Body Artist, Lash Technician

Life is all about taking risk if you want to accomplish your dreams but I call it having faith. I took a leap of faith relocating to Atlanta. I wanted to expand my brand and collaborate with other inspiring creatives. I’m open minded and optimistic to experiencing a different environment. Read more>> 

MACS | Vocalist & Lyricist

Risks are ultimately what got me where I am today, and no they weren’t always “calculated.” The most impulsive risks have garnered the most fascinating results, but not in this dolla dolla bills y’all way. Read more>>

Akaysha Palmer | Creative and Future Diplomat

Someone very close to me once told me, “Every disappointment is an appointment.” This information has stayed with me for the majority of my life, reminding me that when one door closes another opens. Read more>>

Dacia Kings | The Queen of Country Music

I grew up in a family that was by the book, whether it was the Bible, or Schoolbook. My household was very structured – there was a time and place for everything. During down time, my mother allowed my brother and I to be creative. Read more>>

Justin Lee Ford | Martial Artist

Oooh, this is the “secret ingredient” for life! The courage to take a step into the unknown and bet on yourself is an attribute of success that cannot be overstated. Read more>>

Gary Crenshaw | Film Director ,Actor, Screenplay writer

Chances make champions , plus it pays!! Taking risks has played a big part throughout my career. I remember back working my last job in 2018 at Amazon where I wrote my first movie on my breaks and while i was on the clock. Read more>>

Brandez Tronshaw | Music Artist

When I think about risk I tend to think about any sort of barrier that an individual has to break down to get to the next level. Everything that we do involves a risk when trying to get better. Read more>>

Madhu Challa | Founder and Owner, Pretty Pokets

Risk-taking is an opportunity and is an indicator of growth. I call myself an optimistic risk-taker. Risk-taking is nothing but the clear decisions you are taking to make forward progress. Read more>>

Porshia Blue | Entrepreneur & Hairstylist

Being a entrepreneur risk taking is vital you have to take risk to somehow see something different. Read more>>

Theron T-RON” Lewis | Music Producer | Creative Entrepreneur | Clinical Specialist “

I think I was afraid to take risks early on because I was afraid to fail just like anyone else. I realized that risks are inevitable and we all have to take them at different points in our lives. It’s always scary to put yourself out there, but that’s how we grow as people. Read more>>

Alicia Sample East | Producer/Writer, Brave Voices Media

An interaction with my last boss (who turned into a client) redefined my idea of risk and reset my life’s course. He insisted that everyone had a price and he was looking for mine. What would it take for me to relocate and work every day in the office with him— Read more>>

Kyle Stevenson | Coach & Entrepreneur

Each risk I’ve ever taken has always been calculated. I am naturally a thinker, but not an overthinker. I do my best to be thorough when making life changing decisions. Where most people think A to Z, I think about how was A able to impact B in order for Y to turn into Z. Read more>>

Jamarra Fraley | Master Cosmetologist, Loctician & Product Developer

What is a reward with no risk? Right?! Some of my biggest successes happened after taking some of the biggest risks of my life. Read more>>

Jared McCray | Producer / Engineer/ Dj

With great risk come great rewards. Everything that has come thus far from music has been off of taking risks. I would rather roll the dice at a chance to win big than to not roll at all. All the greatest rewards in life lie in the darkness of the unknown. Read more>>

Melissa Yu | Talent Agent

Being Asian American and not having family be supportive of my career choice was one of the hardest things I had to push through. I even had guests American speakers from a Chinese church say to me that your “Parents know more about you than you think.” This was coming from a lawyer of which her parents knew that would be her occupation. She was more than wrong. Read more>>

Tabatha Terpstra | Florist & Business Owner

You’re not living your life fully without taking risks. Anxiety and excitement are two sides of the same coin, you’ll feel both at the same time when you take any risk. We try to protect ourselves from the unknown even when we know it could make us happy. Read more>>

Omari Johnson | Painter, Poet, Lyricist, Actor

To me, taking risks is something that you have to do in order to step away from the herd and explore your abilities. This year so far, taking risks has been a major factor within the past six months. Read more>>

Charles Mag | Luxury Bag Designer

Risk played a huge part of my life/career. Being a business owner is “all risky” but I also think life is “all risky”. Risk plays an important aspect for growth. Being able to capitalize in an market where people are less likely to take advantage of is a great formula for opportunity. Read more>>

Tiki Walker | Music Producer & A&R

It’s all about the risk. If it’s not risky then it’s not worth it. My entire foundation is based off risks And not just opportunistically. Financial risks are the scariest risk to take and the biggest ones to overcome. Once you understand that then the game becomes easier in a sense Read more>>

Ian Cohen | Educator & 2-Time Founder

One thing I realized during my first venture is that being bolder is always better. We had hit an early rut on the fundraising front because we weren’t getting through to folks on how we were different. But the truth was, we were holding back. Read more>>

Jazz Kennedy | Fashion Influencer | Stylist

Taking risks can be scary but I do believe that sometimes it is necessary. I felt like I took a risk when I started my Instagram page and began posting pictures of people I styled. It’s nothing for me to think that my own work is enjoyable to see but when the public eye is involved the ball game is changed completely. Read more>>

Blaise Harris | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate

When I think of risk, initially, I think of failure. Why would I want to leave the comfort zone to pursue something that I might be a failure at? That was my mindset for years. It kept me from going after so many things that I wanted in life because I was afraid of failing. Now that I think about it though, I have been taking risks my whole life. Read more>>

Roland Carter | Independent film Writer, Director, and Producer

When I take a risk I think about 2 things how my life will impact by it, and our money flows as a team. As a freelance filmmaker it is always a risk with finding work is our field. especially when you first starting out. you are marketing yourself and looking out for money to produce you and your friends content. Read more>>

Yasmine | Film Producer

I have a pretty funny relationship with risk – I traditionally try to play it safe but always still seem to end up in some form of risky situation. In recent times, I’ve decided to really lean into that though. Read more>>