We had the good fortune of connecting with Ashley Crockett aka Slink and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Ashley, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
The most important factor behind my success is never forgetting where I’ve started, how I’ve started, and where I’ve come from. Success isn’t just based on being the richest or having the most followers. Success comes from being able to start somewhere in life even if it was at a turning point, the darkest moment or even the saddest moment in life. Another important factor behind my success is being able to be transparent and honest within myself. Learn to know what I’m capable of and how to strategize any plan or goal that I have. You have to want better within yourself. You want to have the mentality of “I can do anything” and set no limits on what you can do.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I am most proud of being able to open up about my life which has resulted in me creating a documentary about my childhood. Since a young child I was raised in a home that was unstable. Being mistreated and abused has scarred me deeply on my heart. To be able to have the strength today I had to accept how my past life has turned out. Since then I found the confidence to be able to open up about it and share it with the world. Sharing my traumatic moments has genuinely made me happy. I get to reach out to others about their story and help them along the way. It allows me the ability to connect with others who feel hopeless. . Creating my documentary is meant to be inspiring to help others know their purpose in life when they feel they have nothing to live for. Most importantly it allows me to teach other young kids to never give up on themselves or become a product of bad environment they’ve endured. I couldn’t be anymore happier to share this with everyone.
I’m also most proud of not giving up on myself, like I’ve planned to do so many times In the past. I always felt that I didn’t have a purpose. I always felt that if my parents didn’t love me I couldn’t love myself. My life started to go downhill quick, leading me to experience expulsion In the 8th grade, followed by fights & treating other people unfairly. It wasn’t long until I realized my worth and realized I’m meant to be here to change the world in a better way. Ive grown to allow myself to be a shoulder for everyone who needs it when all odds are against them. I’m proud of myself for developing a heart and carrying love in my heart although it wasn’t something that was taught within my home. I couldn’t be anymore happier to see myself overcome such though obstacles that it looks so easy.

To get to the point of where I am today has taken a lot of time, healing, acceptance but most importantly being hurt. Before you can reach the sun or brighter days, you have to experience the rain and the dark. Living through the dark times has broken me to my core almost wanting to give up on life itself. It took me years to realize this isn’t where I want to be and I no longer want to feel this drought. I’ve cried many tears behind closed doors but I couldn’t let that be the end for me. I found myself all over again and since then I haven’t stopped reaching for the light. At 14 I started working and providing for myself when I realized I wanted a better life immediately. I wanted to be better as an individual and most importantly for the ones around me. I opened up to people being transparent when it wasn’t long before I knew I was making an impact in the most positive way. Since then I’ve stuck to what I love doing best and I never gave up.

This whole experience has not been easy for me, it’s probably been by far the hardest situation I’ve ever had to endure.
I was at the lowest point in my life at an early age I felt hopeless for my future and didn’t know if I could graduate middle school. I faced a lot of challenges mentally, physically and emotionally, but I didn’t let that stop me. I knew growing up I was always different, I stood out the most. I always had a different style. I was always thinking as adult being mature at an early age, as well as carrying myself as an independent individual which basically forced me to grow up quick. I learned a lot by teaching myself. While dealing with being raised by parents who didn’t care for me I couldn’t do much as a child. I overcame that by being kicked out and finally starting to live on my own and flourish. It allowed me to breath again, to feel like a human, to smile and know I wouldn’t be frowned upon for being myself.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you can’t change someone. Not all people are good people and not all people have the same heart as me. I’ve tried for so many years giving my mom chances to step up and be a real mother, but she failed me repeatedly. That taught me that I couldn’t change who she was and I can’t make her wanna do her job as a mother. It was devastating to know I had no control of situations I’ve encountered but I knew I had the ability to at least try with her and be genuine, taking in how she felt, and giving her 100% nothing less. Every struggle I’ve been through has made me 100X stronger, and wiser. I would like to thank her for showing me what life is like on the other side so that, when I have my own family I would know how to raise my family.

I want the world to know that although I’ve been treated poorly and robbed of my childhood, that I still care about my mom from a distance. I want everyone to know that it is okay to love someone from afar and not be hateful towards them no matter how bad you’ve been treated. I want everyone to know that we all have a story to tell it can be good or bad but you don’t have to feel alone. Let someone else’s story be a light or a guidance tool for you. Never be afraid to speak up because you will be heard.

Lastly I want to let everyone know, if you’ve came across my story and you’ve given it a read, thank you! Allow my story to be something that you can learn from. Allow my story to give you hope and inspire you to always stay true to yourself no matter what your past life consisted of. Allow my story to bring awareness to the ones that suffer behind closed doors. Treat everyone with love and respect even if you don’t agree with them. If you know someone that you can help or be a mentor to do be afraid to take on that challenge. Everyday we are evolving as individuals or it can be together as one. Never be afraid to take a stand and make a change for you, for someone else or for your community.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I would recommend a very good eating place in Oakland, Pittsburgh Pa. it’s called Chikn. They literally have the best chicken nuggets, They have a sandwich called Macdaddy – which consists of macaroni and chicken sandwich put together. You also get to choose your level of heat.

Im a shoe person I love shoes and fashion so going to DTLR in downtown Pittsburgh is a cool place.

Ross Park Mall – if you go to Green Leaf & Bananas , they sell healthy salads and smoothies. Healthy wraps to eat and offer much more

Lastly there’s a place called “Sushi” downtown Pittsburgh that literally have the best sushi in town

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
First and foremost i owe a huge shoutout to the one and only Chi llochi herself. Without her referring me and seeing potential in me I wouldn’t be here at this very moment to answer any of these questions or be apart of the interview process. It’s a must I return the favor and love right back, huge thank you.

Secondly would have to be my nephew Jr. Having my first nephew ever has been the greatest feeling ever. At 3 yrs old he inspires me everyday to keep grinding and working hard. He inspires me to spread love to other kids and share my knowledge. He helps me get over my toughest battles. Jr is the reason that today and everyday of my life, I continue to be an outlet and be someone that everyone can talk to when they feel all alone.

Third would have to be my girlfriend Laj. Without her support and humor certain things I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish. Thank you to her for listening and believing in me when no one else did. Thank you for hearing my story and never judging me about it. Thank you for supporting my goal on Tiktok to reach 1K by the end of 2021. She knew all I wanted to do was gain a small following base so I can be the voice for other children who have been abused, neglected or felt lonely like I have in my childhood. I now have 4.6K followers and have created a small family within my supporters

Lastly myself. I know it’s sounds selfish or cliche, but I’ve been through a very very touch child hood growing up. Thank you to myself for never giving up when times get hard. Thank you for not caring what others think of you while you continue to bring positivity and guidance to the children who need it. Continue to speak your truth and get your story out to the world to see. Continue to love everyone as deep as you do and never give up on yourself.

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