Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Alison Shores | Operations Ace and Owner

Each month GIRLS CAN! CRATE shares the stories of incredible world-changing women with the next generation of world changers. We share about their determination, their grit, their perseverance, their ambition, and their ability to overcome some really big obstacles on their way to changing the world. This is the most important factor behind our success as a brand. It’s that we’re taking all of the lessons we’ve learned from these amazing women and applying them to our work in the good and the hard. We look to them and the legacy they’ve left, knowing that they’re cheering us on. Read more>>

Kevin Freiberg | Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

The most crucial factor that has led to my successes in my career would definitely be consistency! I’ve always been a firm believer that it doesn’t matter the industry, consistency will always keep the clients coming back. If your consumers know what they’re getting every time, they’ll never feel hesitant paying for your time! Read more>>

Calvin Watt | Interior Designer and Founder of C’VION Company

Being a problem solver is one of the most important factor behind our success. It is what our company is built on. We wanted to solve the problems of your home. and living your best life in it. Wither the problem is in our specific field of design or somewhere else, we love being a resource. I truly believe the more problem you solve for a client, the more that client will keep coming back to you. Just like in corporate America, the more problems you solve for your chain of command, the more they request you. Making problem solving a part of your normal routines is a key to being successful in any career. Read more>>

Allison & Corey | Sneaker Resellers & Product Photographers

Corey: Consistency has been the most important factor behind our business’ success today. Since quitting my job in August of 2020, I have dedicated myself to making sure that we maintain a level of consistency when it comes to creating content and generating revenue. There have been times when the overall market has been slow, but we use that as an opportunity to be more creative about our approach. Read more>>

BLAQ | Artist & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is My Kids. My kids play a major role in Everything I do. They are the reason I started doing music professionally and established my business along with my skin care line, K3. I want to leave a legacy for my kids and let them know that the only way to being successful is Hard work and faith. Read more>>

Nicole Morris | Website Designer, Social Media Strategist, Graphic Designer, Mompreneur

I wish I could say I have one important factor that is behind the success of my company and brand. Honestly, it is numerous factors that helped play a part in my company’s success. God, self-care, my circle, authenticity, integrity, perseverance, and mindset has played a major part in my success. Having that alone time with God early in the morning allows me to be at peace, focused, and faith that I can accomplish anything. Self-care is new to me as of this year but I’ve found how helpful it is in not only my business but as a woman, mom, and friend. It allows me to fully rest and relax. Read more>>

Messiah Marcial | Celebrity Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

I believe that beauty should be attainable for the everyday woman and not reserved for a particular “type” of woman. I feel that beauty is reserved for all women who choose to dismantle the narrative that it (beauty) only comes in the form of influencers, celebrities, or extremely wealthy women who can pay an exorbitant amount of money to look a certain way. For me, true magic happens when I can help a woman reaffirm herself as beautiful, strong, and powerful. Read more>>

Tonia Phanor, PhD | Communication Coach/Speaker/Author

The most important factor behind my success is the success of my former students and clients. Seeing my clients go from terrified to speak or share their business with others, to now doing their own podcasts or being paid to speak at an event is the most fulfilling thing for me. Many of my students I taught in college are now on radio, television, and leading successful businesses. Most of my business comes from the referrals of my clients. I am blessed to work with some pretty amazing people and I am grateful to be a small part of their success. Read more>>

D’Avian Shivers | Esthetician,

Always stay consistent, I was always willing to learn to expand my knowledge behind my brand . I Remained professional at all times so there’s always a good reputation about my brand Read more>>

Shaun Anderson | Youtuber

I would say the way Im relatable to other people especially men when I was starting my YouTube I really just wanted to document my journey in growing my hair and it was inspiring to other men who wanted to do them same thing as me or simply didn’t know how or where to start so I think being relatable to others and my personality I would say would be the most important factors behind my success. Read more>>

Amani Billups | Photographer/Videographer

The most important factor behind my success is my authenticity. I am someone who values my own personality and my own style , regardless of other creators or the pressure I may be under. I am and will always be true to myself and my brand , with also showing love and appreciation to all creators. That also keeps expanding my business and opening doors to new opportunities. Read more>>

Jarvis George | MBA Candidate & Influencer

Nothing is better than having friends keep nagging you about your great idea. The idea started off as a joke. I told my homies that I could create the best tiktok vlogs about the vibes in my life and around Atlanta. I got hooked because it felt like I was vlogging music videos about my life. When I first moved to ATL (Left Florida after I graduating from UCF during the pandemic) I started a TikTok account from scratch with 0 followers. My thought process was to create a social media page full of my favorite vibes in the city that my friends who visited Atlanta could use to find places to go. If it wasn’t for my friends nagging me to take TikTok more seriously, my brand wouldn’t have grown to how big it is today. Read more>>

Shonkeya Shaw | Eyebrow and Makeup Artist

My Spirit. As an introvert I’m a tad shy at times but my spirit connects with people and gives off a vibe that people want around them and their love ones. I just be myself in my own little world and if something doesn’t feel right in spirit, I’m shutting it down. Now let’s be clear this is not about religion. I love god and thank him for everything! What I mean when I say my spirit are those connections I make through positivity, happiness, honestly, support, and love. My spirit is a factor behind my success because I have always been myself even through the struggles. Read more>>

Stephanie Scalise | Strides for Survivors inc, a 501c3 nonprofit

Strides for Survivors was the brainchild of my 3 daughters during a very difficult time in our family: my breast cancer diagnosis. While many families crumble when adversity is thrown their way, my family, specifically my daughters age 11,13 & 15 rallied together to give back to the community that helped me get back to being me. With so many Breast Cancer charities around the world, Strides for Survivors is unique in many ways. First, it was created by 3 preteen/teen girls, who wanted to offer others what they had received: amazing physical therapy from TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in Sandy Springs GA. Read more>>

Kamber Parker | Founder of The YoPro Know, LLC

Vulnerability. Every facet of my business involves some form of openness that no one wants to talk about in corporate America, and it makes its mark. Just yesterday, I was told by an audience member that she trusts my brand because I release honest content – and a lot of it! At the end of the day, I am here to help young professionals succeed in the workplace and if by being vulnerable about my own career journey does that + encourages others to do the same, then I’m here for it. Read more>>

BRANDY Wells | Beauty Consultant + CEO

The most important factor behind my brands success is me, & my determination & accountability I’ve developed over the 12 successful years thriving in the Beauty Industry. Read more>>

Kat Duncan | Chief Organizing Officer

My success is founded on quality of service and personal relationships with clients. I found the white space in the Atlanta market for families that needed help streamlining the efficiencies in their lives. When you couple that with my innate love of organizing, the rest is history 🙂 Read more>>

Phoenix Broom | Editorial Fashion Photograp-HER and Creative Director

The most important factor behind my success is God. Everything I have and done, I owe it to God. I wouldn’t be here or doing what I am doing without the answered prayers, grace, faith and strength that God instilled in me. Of course, hard work, determination, consistency played a factor but overall it was my trust in God and just purely walking in faith that brought me the success I have. I am extremely grateful. I never look at where I wish to be I always ask myself how can I get there and I take action with prayer and faith in the forefront. Read more>>

Maite Bates | Influencer & Life Coach

The most important factor behind my success would have to be my faith in God. To be honest, if it wasn’t for my faith and beliefs, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Because of my faith, the trust I have in putting in time in my desires really take on a new form of courage. I am able to move in so much confidence because I understand that whatever God has for me will be mine regardless of how soon or how tangible these blessings may be. Read more>>

Kaylee Michael | Photographer

My determination to have a life I always dreamed of. | was recently diagnosed with a few mental health disorders. I spent quite a lot of time in a dark place. Photography as a whole has given me something to work towards. My determination to handle my illness while occupying myself. You could say it is the reason behind my success but it isn’t necessarily all of it. It gave me a lot of drive to want to do better, to improve my lifestyle. Read more>>

Sanjay Small | Dancehall Artist

For me it’s all about proper marketing and having the right persons to be working with knowing that you’re well dedicated and consistent in what you do, also always have everything write down and if you back up on a road black skip it and then come back to it another time but never make one thing have you can’t move on or set you back for too long, try to find another another way to execute your plans. Read more>>

Lindsey Seals | Blogger

When it comes to starting a successful brand, I think the most important factors are authenticity and trust. I’ve found that the more genuine I am in the content I create for my blog and social media outlets, the more connections I’m able to make with my readers. Ads blogger, it’s those types of connections that build readership trust and helps them to come back to my content to be entertained, product recommendations and tips to make their lives easier. Read more>>

Aaliyah Taylor | Artist & Jewelry Designer

God and Authenticity. The goal and intention behind Exalting in Beauty is to create wearable art to exalt and enhance the beauty of God’s creation. The idea of creating art without an awareness and appreciation of “who we are”, can alter our motives and hinder the success of our brand. Existing as my authentic self, gives me the freedom to create without fear and trepidation—producing jewelry that embraces the beauty and style of my customers. There’s also the realization that all that I am and all that I do, originates from God Himself. Exalting in Beauty’s success begins with bringing its will and my will into harmony with God’s will. Both God and authenticity has led my brand to be the success it is today. Read more>>

Ace Blanks | Recording Artist & Entertainer

One thing that I believe makes my brand successful is my social media presence. I believe my social media page has had a huge part in my music’s success. I had decided I wanted to use my home as my own stage and came up with a concept of home music video clips to wet appetites while I prepare real visuals where fashion meets artistry. I allow my clothing to set the scene of the song and follow through with choreography I create myself to show people a small portion of my artistic ability. There is so much more than what people see in a minute long video clip. But I believe I’ve figured out how to keep people interested and I am doing something not many others are which I believe helps me stand out visually. Read more>>

Hannah Kim | Storyboarder & Illustrator

When I was in high school, my mentor told me that “I’m not inspired” is not an excuse I get to make as an artist. Inspiration is a thing you can control and create. He said so many artists wait for inspiration to hit them and will only work when that inspiration hits. But he told me that there will be so many times when I don’t feel inspired but have to work, and that’s when I have to inspire myself. I use music, movies, TV, or even snacks and matcha lattes to bribe myself into working. They get me to sit down in front of my iPad and start making art. When I first came to art school, I used to hear my mentor’s voice in my head all the time telling me to inspire myself. And now it’s just become a habit of how I work. But I think that ability, to inspire myself and work when I don’t want to, is a major thing that has helped me be successful. Read more>>

Jessica Bowdoin Kristen Yonson | Founders and Principal Designers at SwatchPop!

Our ability to pivot and evolve with our customers and clients has been crucial for our success. We launched our brand in 2014 when e-design was a brand new concept and our clients were primarily young moms, living in their starter homes and looking for easy and affordable ways to get a “magazine look” in their space. A lot of our clients were intimidated by the concept of professional design and our brand felt welcoming and approachable, often using humor and authenticity to build a connection. As young moms ourselves, we could relate to the decorating dilemmas they were facing. We earned their trust and confidence creating a real community of like-minded individuals who know what they like, but need a little help getting there. Read more>>

Alexzandria Moone | Substance Abuse Counselor & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success/ Zzz’s Sleepwear would be God first always, the support I have had from my mother and my son. I would have never thought I would be the first out of my circle to have a child first, especially while being a sophomore in college. It was incredibly challenging being a full-time single mom, working 2 jobs, as well as being in school full time. However, I seen it through and graduated college August 2019 from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU). I knew that my motivation behind it all was my son. He made me a better person! I knew from the moment I had him everything I did/done and will continue to do would be for him. He is my why! He is the reason I have the drive to be successful and humble with everything I do because I know I have someone that is looking up to me, and failure is not an option. Read more>>

Mariah Scott | Cultural Producer & Curator

Being genuine, being passionate, and not being afraid to work my way up no matter if an instant reward is attached to it, has to be one of the strongest factors behind my success. I’m a true enthusiast when it comes to the avenues I’m attached to. I love to be a student to my craft..I love being a fan..it inspires me to connect & create with others by any means necessary…it’s the way I’ve been able to get my foot in so many doors. I love it! Read more>>

Jamie Muscato | Card Maker & Shift Starter

Commode To Joy shines a light on that little space between crappy situation and decent outcome (even if the decent part only happens within you). It helps people take shifts, emotionally and mentally. Whether through a salty quip on one of our empathy cards, a laugh-out-loud one liner, or an honest share on my online spaces, CTJ taps into the feeling part of life. When you feel seen on an emotional level, or pick up a tip on how to rethink something? Shift taken. It’s good stuff. Read more>>

Allison Hare | Podcaster, Blogger, Reb3l Dance Instructor

I’ve toiled over how to present the ideas and conversations about my Culture Changers podcast and blog for over 2 years. I always vacillated between what I really wanted to share – and wondering what would be popular. In other words, I cared way too much about external validation. However, when I peeled the layers back and got really honest and fine-tuned what was true and authentic for me, is when it started resonating for listeners/readers. Getting quiet and listening to my intuition has driven the direction of the messages and it’s become a fool proof recipe for success. Read more>>

Season Radford | Fitness & Health lifestyle Coach

The most important factor behind Preciously Moss is making sure each customer walk away knowing they apart of something and not just another product.. I try to keep that in mind on each sale because I am myself a customer to someone’s else’s business and I like my money to be appreciated when it’s spent. Read more>>

Parker Lewiz | Artist, Producer, Writer

Being authentic! Staying true to myself has kept me from making bad mistakes, both in business and in life. The success of my brand/music is based on me being me and being transparent. It may take time, but people tend to gravitate towards something or someone if it’s genuine. Read more>>