Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Chantele Ashbourne | Dog Breeder

The most important factor behind my success is the thought of my customers in mind and my prior experiences and love of what I do. I am a dog breeder, specifically Quality Champion Bloodline Rottweilers. I strive to do better where I see that there is room for improvement. When I first started this journey to be a dog breeder, I was in search of great quality purebred dogs and while I found great dogs to be the foundation of my program, I did not find the breeder and process to be informative or very helpful. Honestly, it was a horrible experience. Hence, the reason why I am here every step of the way for all of my customers, old and new. I go above and beyond to make sure all of my customers are satisfied. Read more>>

Leon Holmes | “Quince” CEO of Skating Iz Essential Media Group

The most important factor behind my success is the constant question, “What will someone onlooking take from whatever I say and/or do?” It’s all too common to just want to be successful at something you’re passionate about but it’s another level when you move & speak with the consideration of those that will one day hear & see you. That factor alone can condition you to be an even better you that you did not know even existed. Read more>>

Holly Ballantine | Comedian & Producer

With our brand, Hissy Fit Comedy, we want to produce quality comedy shows with diverse line-ups that people want to keep coming back to see. It is important to us that we keep our shows free, because we never want the cost of tickets to keep someone from being able to laugh. The Atlanta comedy scene is full of so many incredible comics, so we always want to make sure we can provide them with a fun, full audience. We have amazing partnerships with several different venues in the greater Atlanta area that work with us so that both the performers and the audience are pleased with the quality of our shows. Read more>>

Marcus Willis | Author, musician, actor, & entrepreneur

Keeping God 1st, staying consistent with everything I do, keeping positive people around me, anything I wanna do in life I stay on it I will never let up Read more>>

Mona Williams | The Journal Book Coach

The most important factor behind my success and brand is my consistency. One thing I can attest to in my seven years as an entrepreneur is that I have never stopped showing up for my community, whether it be through daily encouragement, book vending events, workshops, and conferences. I’m always putting myself out there in some tangible way to support not only myself, but others who follow and support me and the vision. Read more>>

Taneisha Patrick | Owner, Mobile Coffee Bar

Though the measure of success is relative to the standard of each individual, I like to pride the success of my brand to 3 P’s: personability, persistence and product. Although we understand the product we serve is a huge contribution to our success, what is equally important to the success of Ira Lane Coffee is providing each guest with a personable experience when they visit the trailer. I thoroughly enjoy being able to chat with each guest. Read more>>

Princess Thompson | Owner and CEO of MacMomma

The most important factor behind my success as a business owner is embracing and engulfing myself in my community. I truly believe in being my neighbor’s keeper. If you take care of your community they will take care if you. This has really been a mantra for my business and proves itself year after year. Read more>>

Mama Sha | Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach

The fact that I stay true to myself and situations. I bring realness when I speak to my clients. I do not sugar coat, but I am also very compassionate. That’s why I feel my brand has been successful. I stay true to myself in everything that I do. I came from a high stress environment. I went through a transformation that caused me to change my mindset to help me survive the crazy obstacles. That drive helped me get to this space that I’m in today and I will forever be grateful for the process. Read more>>

Jazzaline Campbell | Hair & Makeup Artist

The most important factor of my success behind my brand is transformation. I’m a firm believer in transforming people lives in the smallest ways whether that be smiling back or complimenting their outfit. It’s the simple things that can change a person whole day. Sevyn Cosmetics was built on the idea of transformation. My mission is to enhance your looks and transform your heart through the love of Christ. I want to be sure that once a person leaves my chair they not only feel beautiful but they understand their purpose. The joy on a clients face once they have received their service (hair or makeup) ; motivates me to “continue changing lives one hair style at a time.” Read more>>

Bayly Silverman | CEO and Founder, Your Happy Nest Nanny & Babysitting Agency

The most important factor behind the success of my company, is always striving to do better, adapt and grow. When we make a mistake as a team or a situation arises that didn’t go how we would have liked, I always try to look at the situation and see where we could have done things differently. Whether that is adjusting something in our contract/policies, having better communication or a better process, we always must look for ways to change to make our company better. After almost 10 years of owning this business, I can say we are still adapting and changing all the time to improve or experience for our clients! Read more>>

Ashley Williams | Attorney for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

The most important factor behind the success of the brand is the fact that we lead with integrity, empathy and love. We continuously show up for our clients and make the legal experience one to remember. The mere fact that we provide an unforgettable legal experience, all while protecting our clients’ brands, makes Unorthodox Legal successful. Read more>>

Kamilah (Kami-Tee) Thompson | Business Owner/Music Industry Influencer

The most important factor behind my success is knowing that I am working to provide a more secure future for my children. Throughout my life I’ve experienced being abandoned, raped , abused , homlessness, as well and coming close to loosing my life. When I became a mother at the age of 18 I swore that my children will never have to experience the hurt, and pain that I felt. That determination drives me to go harder everyday and never wanting to quit. Read more>>