Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Avis Woods | Brand and Creative Strategist

Dedication and hard work! Growing up I was always a hard worker and that is one thing that has remained with me throughout my adult life. Read more>>

JMeel | R&B Artist

Never giving up has been the most important factor behind my brand JMeel Music. As an independent artist, through the wins and loses I have made up in my mind that “giving up” is not an option. I have been on this journey for a while now and although I have so much to be thankful for, I know that I have on just scratched the surface of what my ultimate goals are as an artist. I truly believe that what you put in, is what you get out. I put my all in my brand financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is my goal that the work I put in will allow me to have longevity in the entertainment business. I want to impact the world through music and entertainment. My brand is constantly evolving in efforts to remain consistent, relevant, and innovative. Read more>>

Lalit Devraj | Beatboxer & Finance Guru

I think the most important factor behind my success is the fact that I am Consistent. From the reference of 2 topics, both in similar realm from a learning perspective – Beatbox and Finance. Beatbox has its basics, from sounds to patterns, to the next level of creating whole beats only to graduate to full composition by one human mouth, Such as Finance has its basics, from saving and budgeting money, to the next level of being able to ‘make money’, whose genre/method to perform to earn money- is up to the individual. To rise above this is to relate how, in the real world, music has its forms such as acoustic and electronic, money is such with its evolution from gold, notes and cash to include credit, stock, cryptocurrency as the similar. Read more>>

Iroko Azikiwe Anyogu

The most important factor is CONSISTENCY! I look at life as if it was an Oak tree. The first time you go and try to hack the tree down it would seem as though you are getting nowhere BUT as you stay consistent and continue to hack at the mighty Oak Tree, one day YES ONE DAY the tree will fall and your dreams will be accomplished! Read more>>

Neffy Wells | Event and Red Carpet Host & Entertainment Correspondent

The most important factor behind my success or the success of my brand is whether or not I am able to give back. Did I do the things I promised to do for my mom and grandma? Did I make sure all my cousins are straight, my younger siblings etc. Helping my friends to get to where they want to go, introducing them to people, giving them jobs, and using their name for projects I know they’d be perfect for. Did I start community initiatives to help those younger than me get to where they want to go sooner or more efficiently? Did I allow my blessings aid, in blessing others? In the rare chance I didn’t do those things only then would I feel like a failure. Read more>>

Kenneth Braswell | CEO

Our company values are inspired by the personal value I put on integrity, and the priority we place on relationships and collaboration within our team and with others. Those qualities undergird project stability and foster trust and cooperation among people we serve and work with across the country. People know us; people like us; and people want to work with us. Over the course of my career, I have worked for extremely successful start-ups and nonprofits; I have sat on the boards of great organizations and led more established enterprises to expansion. All of these experiences prepared me to build the financial and organizational capacity of Fathers Incorporated (FI). Additionally, I believe ardently in the value of social entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Lakesha Buckley | CEO & Artist

Determination and commitment are the two principles I attribute to any success of my company. In business you will encounter many challenges and obstacles, it’s how you handle those tests that can make you or break you. Many days your gonna shine, but you have to find courage to push threw the cloudy days. Some days you make 20 sales others you may make one, yet its your responsibility to work diligently under all circumstances to obtain your goals. Read more>>

Emily Haydel | Host, Producer & English Instructor

You can be so sure of yourself in one part of the world or an industry or job, and then when you have to make a change, involuntarily or purposeful, what you thought you knew about yourself and others before will almost always be completely uprooted. It can be humbling and challenging, but you’ll come out much better on the other side if you just try your best to role with the changes, emotions, and experiences. Read more>>

Linda Tatum | Social Worker & Mental Health Advocate

Consistency. My efforts have been unwavering as it relates to learning more and more about custom crafts and the many techniques available used to create beautiful personalized pieces. I continue to watch countless hours of online videos, engage in many community specific craft groups, and practice, practice, practice! I attempt to post interesting content regularly so that I keep my audience intrigued and engaged. I have remained steadfast with creating and marketing despite barriers related to my daughter’s condition, finishing graduate school, and the death of a sibling. Consistency has allowed me to enhance my skills and build a strong audience. Lastly, self help books like James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” have helped me realize that focusing on the process and doing everything I can to perfect this process, even by 1%, will eventually lead me to my goals and ultimately, to the person I am trying to be. Read more>>

Renata Brown | CEO

The most important factor is that I started. Many people have potential and a lot are amazingly talented. However, for whatever reason they live their lives waiting for the right circumstances to start their business or pursue their aspirations. My best advice is to go flat out after your dreams. People look at my platforms and say how did you accomplish this; I simply used my skill sets and strategically implemented my plans and learned and continue to learn along the way. This is not to negate the importance of preparations. Ready, set and GO! Read more>>