Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Deandre (Charm) Spencer | Dancer,Model,Influencer

The most important Factor Behind my success is definitely my drive, determination and discipline . Making content,Going to class, working out to maintain my body, eating right all plays a major part in me! Read more>>

Chimere Haskins | Mrs. New Jersey ASUS 2022

I would have to say the biggest factor that has played a role in my success as been me being consistent. No matter how many times I have run into Roblox frustrations life changes I made the decision to continue to keep going. Read more>>

Casey Jones | Owner and Photographer – Pinnacle Photography LLC

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the love and support of the people around me. Read more>>

Robyn Strown | Founder of BeStrown Fit

The most important factor behind my success is perseverance and passion. I have always had a passion for helping others and after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February 2010, my life changed. Read more>>

Lenaye Shaver | Hair Stylist

The most important factor behind my success is that I am not money hungry or greedy but rather I have a actual passion for what I do that gives me the strength to push on even when things are hard. Read more>>

Syn The Vznary | All Around Creator

The most important factor behind my success and the success of Syn The Vznary would be trust. Trust in the process, trust in myself, and trust in God. Trust has allowed me to be patient and remain authentic. Read more>>

Zerline Hughes Spruill | Co-founder Capstone Crate & Howard University Alumni

The most important factor behind the success of our brand is the people – our clients – and for us that is the Howard University Alumni community. Read more>>

Eser Kucukseyhan | Pastry Chef

There are many factors that come together for our success. However, I would call out consistency at the top of the list. Consistency in bringing the highest quality of product and service to our customers, whether they purchase a single macaron or a large cake for a birthday party. Read more>>

Alisha Brooks | Creator/Owner – The Black Hair Experience

I believe the most important factor behind the success of The Black Hair Experience is the hard work and dedication of our team and also the support of our community. Read more>>

Geoffrey Boyd | Barbecue Pitmaster & Digital Content Creator

I believe that having the discipline to maintain consistency along with the willingness to learn from mistakes and others while picking up new ideas was the key to the growth and movement we have seen with Outdoors With Geoff. Read more>>

Dj Fannie Mae | Dj/Artist

Consistency. I’ve never lost site of making my art a lucrative and freeing career. Life can often seem to fall apart, whether going through a bad breakup, family trouble, life life(ing) my career has remained a constant for me. Read more>>

Jazlyn Bailey | Curator & Serial EnTRAPreneur

The most important factor behind my success starts with me remaining authentic to who I am and what I like. My brands are an exact reflection of me. Read more>>

Karin Rojas | Designer seamstress

The most important factor behind my business success is that I am a high risk taker. I am a person who would invest 50k or 4000 hours on a job or an idea that has proven to not work; Read more>>

Xavier Summons | Record Producer, and Audio Engineer

The reason i’m successful in what i do is because of consistency the more consistent that you are means the more successful, thats goes for anybody thats successful in what they do they put the time in and just kept goin even in your. most darkest times thats when you shine the most. Read more>>

Rial Rye | Visual Artist

The most important factor behind my success as an artist has been having a supportive community of artists around me. Read more>>

Jonet Williamson | Pro Makeup Artist, Content Creator, & Beauty Educator

As a self-employed Pro Makeup Artist and Content Creator the most important factor behind my success aside from talent has been my ability to connect with others. How you connect with people in this industry is extremely important. I show up as myself always and treat everyone with kindness and respect. Read more>>

FRANCIS HILL | Artist and creative

Staying true to us. We never tried to follow trends we’ve always done things off of feeling. It’s so easy nowadays yo get caught up in algorithms and likes which can really alter the perception of a creatives leaving them thinking that what they’ve created isn’t good because it didn’t go viral. Read more>>

Marcus Tankard | International Bible Teacher | Entrepreneur | Dadvocate

Without question the most important factor in my success following my own heart. The times when I messed up the most, were times when I dismissed what I new to be true on the inside and followed the advice of someone who had my best interest at heart. Read more>>

Ronald Flowers | Photographer

When it comes to my art I believe loving the work do it the driving force. What I think of my own work it what’s fuels me. Keeps me grounded and makes sure that I stay true to myself. Read more>>

Chaina Nickole | Cigar Program Director & Writer

It’s the people who support me and by brand that serve as the most important factor to my success. They share such a genuine appreciation for what I have to offer, that it fuels my motivation to actually act on my ideas. Read more>>

Miss Woo | Creator & Microschool Leader

Success to me means staying true to self and having the freedom to do everything that I love. The most important factors behind my success and The Schoolhouse Concept brand are authenticity, a spirit of excellence and passion. Read more>>

Cartier Lopez | Public Figure/ Influencer

Most people know Cartier Lopez as a famous Instagram Influencer, business owner, and over all Public figure. Some new fans may look at her and think these things came easy for us, but day one fans know this is anything but true! Read more>>

Erica Grier | Curator of Beauty

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is authenticity, staying true to myself and my vision. The beauty industry isn’t one size fits all. Read more>>

Curtis Valentine | Founder, Real Men Teach

The rapid growth and expansion of the Real Men Teach brand is in the ownership we’ve ceded to our customers to see Real Men Teach in their own image while not deviating from our core belief. Read more>>

Leon Williams | Entreprenuer

The most important factor behind our success is staying true to ourselves, and be fearless. Try to stick out by being yourself. Read more>>

Gabrielle Lewis | Stylist

The most important factor to the success of my brand would ultimately be my motivation. I’ve always been the type to dig my hands into new things and challenge myself with things that people would easily give up on. Read more>>

Terrell Scott | Pastor

Our ministry focus is on the next generation and restoring people! Our mission is to love people and share the good news of the Gospel. Our success has come from staying consistent and available to help others. Read more>>