One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Alex Muñoz | Owner and Principal

I’d like to share a story (or maybe two) to help explain this. My Mom and Dad are from Cuba and my Dad was fortunate enough to have met an American at the plant where he was working in Cuba. This gentleman was a graduate from Georgia Tech and he asked my Dad if he had ever thought of going to college – my Dad said no but was intrigued. After some leg work, he became (I think!) Tech’s first international co-op student. What this meant was that he would work a quarter at the plant in Cuba and then come to Atlanta and go to school a quarter – this continued until Castro took over Cuba in the 1959 revolution. If he would have returned to work at the plant, they wouldn’t have allowed him to leave. He stayed here in Atlanta and brought my Mom over and my siblings and I were all born and raised here in Atlanta. Read more>>

Darryl Johnson, SSYB, CSM | Founder / Lead Designer and Researcher

The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. is progressing the fight against systematic racism from our current awareness platform to tangible solutions to change the system. We have a number of human-centric designed projects that focus on the major areas of systematic racism, such as education, healthcare, mental health, and the legislative and judicial system. We used a unique methodology designed by me, the founder. We help the community and the world by changing it for the better of us all. #trueequality #trueequity. Read more>>

Emmanuel Dunbar | Coffee Enthusiast and Innovator

At Royal Diaspora Coffee we focus on “farm to cup”. This means we invest time working with local farmers in South America. In order for to make this happen, we travel to South America and spend several weeks learning how each farmer takes care of their crops and we also make sure that they are compensated fairly. This investment of our time has paid dividends because we establish lasting and trustworthy relationships with our farmer partners. Read more>>

Eddie Daniels | Photographer

My business helps the community or world by capturing the beauty of others in a way that helps built ones confidence and self-esteem. What im able to do behind the lens uplifts others in a way that sometimes words simply can’t do and it brings joy to those who weren’t so joyful before hand. Some are afraid to even step foot infront of my lens but once they do they leave feeling much better than they did than before they walked in. Read more>>

Javan smith | Barber /CEO of Christ Like Co.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t just do things without meaning behind it. My hearts too big for people and I feel like some bodies life relies on my obedience. By obedience I mean by being obedient to my purpose. There’s so many people who are broken, torn up and lack love in the life that need to be lifted up. If I’m not living in that purpose then so many people are still walking around broken .People need a reason to keep LIVING and through barbering and my clothing line I’m able to transform hearts and lead them to God and purpose. With barbering I have the ability to encourage and motivate people to new levels they never thought they could go while also giving people something tangible like a T-shirt to keep them going or to keep them anchored in their faith ,so they can walk in purpose. Read more>>

Tiffany Moore | The Fairy GRADMother, Event Coordinator, & Business Consultant

Timeless Masterpiece mission is to promote and encourage higher education amongst the minority communities through products, services, and resources. Timeless Masterpiece has been featured in the Socially Drive Magazine as a Motor City business fueled by change. We provide graduation accessories, apparel, and resources for students at various levels ranging from middle school students to doctoral candidates. Our main products are labeled as different levels of education: B.S. and Ph.D.. Our Breathtaking Stoles will guarantee to take people’s breath away when they see the work of art. Breathtaking Stoles are graduation stoles that are a decorative sash worn by students to highlight their achievements, educational and personal journey, and their alma mater. Read more>>

Trina Bell | Sex Educator/Business Coach

It gives comfort and believement that you can achieve inside and outside of the bedroom. Read more>>

Ornella Yovo | Business CFO and Financial Coach

Historically, black and brown businesses have been disadvantaged, not only when it comes to funding but also the resources and knowledge necessary to take their businesses to the next level. I often meet too many entrepreneurs who do not understand their business finances, profitability and struggle with the “numbers” side of things. My offerings support business owners and entrepreneurs by helping them make informed decisions based on math and logic. Throughout the pandemic, I have helped my clients secure over 1 Million dollars in funding which has very well been the difference between some of them being able to keep their businesses alive and open and having to close permanently. I encourage and empower my clients to understand their finances, organize their books and put them in the best position to secure financing from rigorous institutions. Read more>>

Pelham Taylor | CEO of .Tesdnim Brand

Tesdnim helps the world by showing that reversing a negative mindset truly is the first step to being and accomplishing any and everything you want out of life. A Positive Mindset is contagious and leads to a Positive life! I believe that every negative situation has a positive lesson in it. Read more>>

Larry Knight | Defensive Line Coach & Recruiting Coordinator

Coaching has a huge impact on our youth. I pride myself on being a developer of men. There’s a huge misconception that football only develops these young men athletically when in actuality there’s so much more. We have to not only teach but also motivate them to be successful academically, strengthen them mentally, assist in spiritual development, as well as inspire them to be positive pillars in their communities. Read more>>

Nate Daniels | Gym Owner

I started Daniels Sports Performance to create a home for youth athletes to pursue their athletic dreams. Our goal is to create better athletes through strength, conditioning, and speed training while also preparing them for life beyond sports. We do this by coaching intangibles such as hard work and goal setting. In addition to training athletes, I also share knowledge from my playing career at the highest level with parents to help families navigate the youth sports landscape through high school, college and beyond. Read more>>

Kelly & LaToya Duncan | Creators of Black Lesbian Love, LLC

When you think about love and it’s most valuable traits you as an individual often find yourself in a daze or in a state of warmth and happiness. You automatically display this feeling at work, in your life. with your family, in your business, and in friendship. This is what we found in each other that became the driving force in our life. Martin Luther King said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, hate cannot drive out hate only LOVE CAN DO THAT.. LOVE, through our forum, we display love and love is what draws people to us, with the idea that they too can have what they desire without restrictions. The more we display healthy love the more life becomes easier for a struggling person, who is afraid to express to their family that Love comes in all forms. Where people are no longer afraid of their truth , the community wins. Our platform is not to just display lesbian love but to EMPOWER LOVE, to say that we can do ANYTHING. Read more>>

Katina Davis | Domestic Violence Advocate & Motivational Speaker

HEART. Heart and SUPPORT from family, friends, and community. And that support is part of the collective process. We MUST SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER — especially in the Black community, where domestic abuse is an issue we’ve been dealing with since Jim Crow. There are many reasons why domestic abuse is prevalent within the Black community, and my business is one that enables those who are suffering from domestic abuse to be seen and heard by simply LISTENING to the stories, and letting the speaker have a SAFE space in which to speak, as well as express themselves without fear of repercussions, or JUDGEMENT. And that is where catharsis, and healing commences. Which is what The MelaninMotherhood is all about!. Read more>>

Egypt Robinson X | Film Producer, Director, Writer and Actor

The image of Black people isn’t controlled by Black people. Our movies, tv shows and music is controlled by those who don’t look like us. That’s horrible. Men have been telling the world what women should do, how to behave and what women should consider attractive for decades…centuries. How has that worked? Depression, low self-esteem and poor self-worth which can cause suicidal thoughts or actual suicide. This is exactly what’s happening to Black people. We’re stuck in a world where our music, movies, tv shows and overall image is dictated by those who don’t look like us but claim to know us. My work is designed to reclaim our image and promote healthy images of African Americans. Read more>>

Mahogany “DJ Mos Precious” Henderson | International DJ & Business Owner

Most Precious Promotions & Productions – provides a solid foundation of homely professional services that supports your well-Being. As a certified public relations establishment, we go over and beyond to place your brand and music on the platforms that are necessary and fruitful. We aren’t in the business of over charging. We want to make the world a better place by creating relationships of honestly, trust and results. Read more>>

Dacia The Roving Journalist | Community Journalist

Since a very young age, I’ve always been captivated by stories. I grew up in a home and community where stories were the tool that bonded many narrators and the listeners – it created solid and life-long relationships. When I decided to continue my education, It was no surprise when I chose journalism as my major. Upon graduation, I did a lot of soul-searching and research on how I would use my gift and educational training of storytelling to uplift and strengthen communities across the globe. I started to think about experiences I went through in my life and how I overcame various obstacles. I was a victim of domestic violence, bullying and suffered from low self-esteem for many years. I felt like others did not value my voice. I stayed constipated with emotions, and instead of releasing those toxins, I held them inside as they continued to make me ill. Read more>>

Parisa Hervani | Studio Owner & Instructor

Our business helps the community and the world by helping one person at a time. Yoga helps people shed the things that stop them from or cloud their ability to know and love themselves, and in turn others. If together we are the community that makes the world, then the revolution that will ultimately change the world is a personal one. Yoga has changed both of our lives so profoundly and taught us not only how to lean in and breathe through the uncomfortable moments, but how to be present and cherish the moments of stillness. It’s in working towards this awareness of self in all times that we can recognize the waves of emotions, can choose not to react with conditioned patterns, and can instead choose to act from a sacred place of love deep beneath the waves. When we can act from a place absent of fear and full of love, then we can have a huge impact on those around us. Then they in turn can pass this along. Read more>>

Tracy Woodard | President of Mad Housers Inc.

Mad Housers provides free, temporary shelters for neighbors experiencing homelessness in Atlanta, and then partners with other agencies to connect clients with services such as medical treatment, ID replacement, and permanent housing. Read more>>

Yirser Ra Hotep | Master Instructor of Kemetic Yoga

My business is dedicated to the teaching of a system called Kemetic Yoga. Our system is focused mostly on healing physical and psychological stress as well as the trauma that is deeply ingrained into the psyches of people from the African American and African diaspora community. Our Yoga is also from an ancient African tradition that incorporates our own cultural values and makes it more meaningful to our community. In addition to this we offer traditional African spirituality and healing which is a division of our business headed by my daughter Iyabo IfaKiyaa Faluade who is a priestess in the Yoruba tradition. In addition to our studio in Atlanta we have built a global community of over 6,000 certified Kemetic Yoga teachers through our teacher training courses. Our teachers are taught to be agents of health and wellness in our community. Most work in areas where Yoga and holistic health practices are under-represented and conditions such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and substance abuse are high. Read more>>