There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Nykisha Banks | Dance Instructor/Specialist

One habit that has helped me succeed is working ahead or what we call being proactive versus reactive. That phrase sounds like old redundant news but it has been the best news and answered prayers for me. My success in the small things become’s everyone else’s big success. The goal is to not become reactive or fall behind as that shouldn’t be someone else’s panic, worry, stress, strain, or emergency. Working ahead has made communication so much easier and I’ve gained so much respect and most of all trust! I have very minimal push back from parents & dancers. Secondly, I’ve made a choice to nurture the artist of the child. This starts by acknowledging where they are (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and meeting them from their last nourished space. Dance education/technique is a VERY huge factor, however, we cannot pretend that what we do is solely about dance. Knowing that you’re teaching life lessons beyond dance is being a true realist of some of the duties in this industry even if dance isn’t their chosen career. Read more>>

Shay Bayer | Hairstylist and Small Business Owner

Consistency, education and a little bit of work each day. It took me a minute after opening Shay Benz Hair to understand that working in my business and working on my business, were two different things. One hour a day, working on my business helps me stay focused and completely aware of what is going on in my business day in and day out. I am constantly trying to stay up with continuing education in all aspects of my business. Whether its new techniques for hair, or learning more business and marketing strategies. I try to continually keep up with this ever changing industry. Read more>>

Althea Lawton-Thompson | Holistic Healing Specialist

My favorite, can’t-live-without-it habit is meditation. I meditate outside most days in the early morning hours when it’s still dark outside until the first light of sunrise. Being quiet and still while communicating with my spirit guides, grounds and centers me for whatever is coming during the day. I spend time outside every day, regardless of the weather. Communing with nature has an invigorating effect on me that inspires my creativity and helps me focus. Turning my phone completely off at night and waking up without technology (no tv, phone, laptop) allows me to hear myself think. Some of my best ideas come to me in the quiet, uninterrupted minutes as I’m first waking up. Read more>>

Megan Jackson | Founder of Fashion brand B:U

Consistency helped me get to where I am today. I’m not perfect sometimes I slack on self motivation but there are certain things I do to get back in the groove. I listen to podcast, I’d go study the greats & watch their interviews, or lately I’ve been focusing on ways to raise my vibrations. It’s easy to get off track now with everything going on in the world but you have to find ways to pull your focus back together. Read more>>

Summer D’on | Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer, Content Creator, Entrepreneur

I believe that the key to success is, and will always be consistency. If you are wanting to get ahead in your career path and passions you cannot be lazy with that goal. Once you set your heart to a future aspiration, you should put your all into it – it becomes apart of you. I always incorporate my Christian values into my everyday life, and the Bible says, “Faith without works is dead…” I believe that you cannot wish for a goal for yourself without putting the work required in. Consistency within yourself and your brand makes all the difference – setting a schedule, making healthy habits without your aspirations, creating an every working routine, even incorporating appropriate time off to yourself, If you are serious about what your goals are, it will show. Read more>>

Ame Elola | Interior Designer

A habit that helps me succeed is daily check-ins with my state of mind. I believe that our values, our passions, and even our flaws are what makes us unique and that is our superpower! Nowadays, it is easy to compare yourself with others and fall into this social media trap of what others have and you don’t. As a designer, it is also easy to fall into trends and forget to embrace your own design style. I turned these conscious check-ins with myself as a habit to help me stay true to who I am. Embracing my uniqueness is what I believe helps me succeed not just as an entrepreneur but as an individual. Read more>>

Kenise Etwaru | Certified Executive Leadership Coach | Women Empowerment Strategist | Entrepreneur

Building wealth and leaving a legacy takes years of smart decisions physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, spiritually and financially. Over the course of my life, I have focused on being successful. Being successful doesn’t mean that I will not have time where I would lose, but taking those times that didn’t work in my favor as a learning experience. Over time, I have learnt the following habits from my parents and mentors who have exemplified these habits which I have taken as my own in order to help me on my success journey. #1. Wake Up Early – how you begin your day will set your day either in order or in chaos. I begin at 5:55am everyday with prayer and reading the Word of God. That’s what I do to get my day focused and ready for whatever may come my way. You only have one opportunity to set your day in order, begin early. #2. READ. I read a lot. I love to read and write, but I reading is exhilarating to me. My goal is to read one book (regardless of how long or short it may be) per month. I read books that are tied into my goals and vision, so it adds value to my success. #3. Journaling. I journal every day. I write my goals/visions and plans. Read more>>

Jessica Taroff | CEO of Mess In Progress

Over the past year as I have built my multiple businesses and brand, it is important to develop discipline in order to get where I want to be, and establish grit in my everyday actions as well. Read more>>

Sharonda Andrews | Professional Braider & Nurse

It’s funny that you ask, I’m a creature of habit. There are three habits I feel that have helped me succeed. #1: Starting my day earlier, I get up most mornings no later than 5:15am-5:30am. This allows quiet time for me. It also allows me to plan and prepare for my day. I truly get more accomplished by doing so. #2: Creating systems, I try to create a system for just about everything. Hey its thw “Type A” in me. I find that having systems in place, saves time and spares headaches later. It’s like creating a solution before you even have a problem. #3: Being consistent and holding my accountable to my own standards. All three have played a major part in my success. Read more>>

Pamela Grant | Content Creator & Entrepreneur

I feel as though anyone can succeed as long as they put their mind to something. And not just think “I want to do this,” but actually put in the work. Do your research. Don’t compare yourself to others. I believe many people’s downfall is that they compare themselves to the next person. You have to remember that there is only one you! And that within itself is your magic. When you stick to a plan and see it through, you’ve succeeded. The amount of money in your bank account doesn’t determine your success. The number of followers you have. None of that. But it’s your can-do attitude. Your determination. Your ability to create a plan and see it through. I think planning plays a huge part in your success. I’m a planner and I think that my daily habit of writing down what needs to get done, keeping track of my progress, etc has helped me stay on task with reaching my goals. Read more>>

Sharidyn Barnes | Artist

I personally feel like discipline is the biggest key to success. If you lack discipline it will be difficult to reach your end goal. It can be something as simple as doing work daily or trying to create good habits for yourself, every little decision counts. Read more>>

Bo Lavish | Music Artist & Businessman

As a Hip-hop/Rap artist in a city full of “rappers,” a few habits that have helped me succeed are prayer, consistency, and discipline. Without these, success would be impossible. Read more>>

Bria Evans | CEO & Founder of BEBRANDEDMEDiA LLC

remaining open, evolving, and stretching my perspective are all habits that have helped the most. Being open brings me closer to people who can teach me new things. Evolving has pushed me out f my comfort zone so many times and I am grateful for my growth because of it. Stretching my mind and my perspective has made me more successful because I can connect with more people as I continue to have compassion and love for others and their circumstances. Read more>>