Are you a risk taker?  Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family?  We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Shanita Walker | Owner/designer of S.Denton Collection

Risk taking is necessary in gaining rewards. The term no risk no regards rang true when navigating through life. Taking fish has allowed me to elevate in ways I’ve never imagined. Risk is just going against fear to see what’s in the other side. And even when the risk doesn’t seem rewarding they are because you learn valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do moving forward. Read more>>

Bianca T Adams | Healthcare Consultant

Just jump! Many hear this cliché all the time referring to moving to the next level. Jumping means risk taking. It appears to be so scary to jump literally and figuratively. Risk taking has been the greatest gift to my business/career. It appears so frightening but births the greatest rewards. Risk taking is part of the recipe for growing. Please do think it is easy. I am always shaking in my boots when I make up in my mind to do something greater than I have ever done before. Doubt is an evitable nemesis that plays with my mind and emotions and almost punks me before even getting started. Read more>>

Mylah W. | Singer/Performer/Songwriter

I think you HAVE to take risks in order to progress at most things in life. Being an indie artist has definitely been full of what most would consider risk! I’ve put myself out there and been told so many times. I moved to New York alone and with no real plan , but I was willing to chance it for the possibility of getting closer to my goals. And now, the risk is all about chancing it with my finances. I’m indie AND a mother, so the money that I invest in myself could turn out a great thing or a huge fail! I’m always trying to balance that. Read more>>

Jennifer Lunsford: Director of Sales

Risk taking is what I have learned to love. Rahab’s Rope has had many new and exciting opportunities from taking risk. In the beginning of our company and navigating through building a business, risk taking seems a bit scary. It is now something that pushes our team which ultimately grows our company. Read more>>

Carrie Padgett | CEO & Licensed Massage Therapist

I seem to be somewhat fearless when it comes to risk taking and I have learned to slow down over the years. In the past, I had a habit of diving into new and exciting situations without fully assessing what risks may be involved. This has gotten me into a lot of interesting situations! I have had a variety of rich life experiences and I thrive on learning through getting my hands dirty, so I cherish what I have gone through with no regrets. That being said, a lot of what I learned is to slow down, listen, pay attention, and calculate risk in a much more deliberate manner. Read more>>

Krash Benji | Rapper, Model, Actor, Mixed Martial Artists

I believe in taking calculated risk more so now. I will admit in the past, I have done some crazy risk taking, and honestly sometimes it went in my favor, sometimes it didn’t. I do believe when you have nothing, and nothing to lose, wild risk taking maybe necessary. I will say there are many that take wild risk, with no direction, and a lot of times people end up later in situation less ideal. However, failure is apart of success, so sometimes the wild risk takers, learn how to use that energy, but take risk with better direction. I think there’s a balance, some people say don’t play it safe, but sometimes you have to for the sake of the business/goals. Read more>>

Ariel Driskell Driskell | Award Winning Writer & Indie Filmmaker

When approached with a new opportunity that is risky, I often remind myself that there are things in life that will always be hard and that I should choose the thing that will bring me the most growth. For example, I knew that leaving my job with health benefits, guaranteed paycheck, and a 401k, to pursue my passion as a writer and indie filmmaker was risky. However, staying at a job that no longer served me or fed me creatively was worth the risk. Since leaving my job in November of 2019, I’ve been able to find the balance that my life was lacking. Read more>>

Raphael Baker | Entrepreneur | Visionary | King

Without risks, there can be no returns. The greater the risk, the greater the return. In the past, I rarely took risks because I was afraid of failure. That fear often crippled me, and prevented me from walking in my purpose. I finally realized who I am and Whose I am. Once I became fearless, I began taking risks. I was born and raised in Philly, and my hometown was my comfort zone. One day I decided I wanted more for my life, so I quit my job, packed two suitcases and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina. There, I worked at a few low-paying, dead end jobs. I went to a temp agency, dropped off my resume and was offered an interview for a receptionist position at an insurance agency. Read more>>

Courtney Mark | Makeup Artist

I think about the saying “the best things in life lie on the other side of fear” every time I take a risk. Taking the plunge can scary, leaping into the unknown and in our field there hasn’t been anyone else that’s done the exact thing we’re doing. I hate living with “what if’s” I figure if I take a risk, at least I know what the end result will be, with that experience under my belt, I can move forward and make better choices in the future. There’s a lot of pep talks with myself, talking it out with my husband and quiet moments before I hit the proverbial send button. With all that said, all the risks I’ve taken have paid off. Sometimes not in the exact way I thought but when does something turn out *exactly* how you wanted it to? Read more>>

Courtney Burke | New Author/ Writer

I am an over thinker. I will step by step myself until I have rearranged my initial vision. I had to quickly learn how to take some risk in order to progress in overall life. No one like the unknown. Risk is the possibility or chance of loss, danger, which is an eye opener for anyone. However, “POSSIBILITY” is the key word. There is not a definite and it is still a chance of success in the midst of leaping. I am a new author of a self published suspense novel titled “Drowning Alive.” I cradled my manuscript for almost 2 years before actually releasing to the world because fear. Read more>>

Keith Terrell: Film Director/Television Producer

I’ve been taking risks for as long as I can remember, but I don’t really think of things as risks. I’m very much so a go for it if you want it person. At the end of the day I always look at things like, what’s the worse that can happen? Either they say yes or they say no. Either it works or it doesn’t. Either way, I get to walk away and learn something. I think it has a lot to do with where I’m from and how I grew up. Growing up in South Central, I never thought I would make it to 18, like many others in those circumstances. I know well over 30 people who have been killed. That reality drove me to always just go for whatever I wanted, like what do I have to lose? Read more>>

Charity Wade | Alabama / Georgia Photographer

Risks are always scary. The unknown. The fear of failure. Leaving somewhere you may be comfortable to venture into new territory. It’s terrifying. When I started JustB Photography, I was a full-time Elementary School Librarian. I had three kids (then). It was fine to start with. Librarian was my “real” job that paid the bills, and JustB was just something on the side for some bonus money. And, I loved it! However, everything grew. And, I mean EVERYTHING. My Library grew. Our family grew (SURPRISE)! The kids grew- which meant our schedule grew! Because of my amazing clients, JustB grew. But now, literally every single moment of my day was full….. so, where could JustB fit in? Read more>>

Josh Byrd | Master Barber, Motivator, Businessman

How I think of risk now differs heavily from how I thought about risk as I was growing up. I believe that risk is necessary to advance in life. As we live and grow we will most certainly come face to face with risk. I believe that risk is truly an opportunity that is masked by our fears and perception. How one evaluates risk will determine if a person is left with the pain of regret or with the joy of an opportunity seized. The question I ask myself when faced with risk is, what makes it a risk? Is there real imminent danger or am I being fearful? For most of my life it was the latter. I operated and made many “risky” decisions not to challenge myself, not to grow or evolve, all based out of my perception which was rooted in fear. Read more>>

Savannah Lee | Musician

I believe it’s always important to weigh risk vs. reward when making decisions, especially financially. It’s so easy to find yourself completely out of money as you pursue endeavors in the music industry; things are always changing so quickly. With that being considered though, emotional rewards can be just as satisfying as financial gain. If I know that something might put me out financially (a long drive to a show, new equipment, etc…), but very a very rewarding experience or allow me to be more creative, I’m highly likely to do it anyways. Read more>>

Jeannie Caryn | Singer Songwriter/Performing Artist

“You can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine” – Flip Wilson To me, taking risks is essential to moving forward, so I have always erred on the side of taking the risk versus waiting to see how things will play out. Sometimes it pays off; sometimes it doesn’t. Starting a music career at age 41 was a huge risk as it’s hard work and a game for those with a free spirit, flexible schedule, and high energy. It is also risky every time I walk into a new venue to perform or share a new song. The risk of sharing intimate thoughts in song with strangers is something that I really enjoy about being a performing songwriter. Read more>>

Michelle Rainey: Make-Up Artist & Owner of Snatch’d Cosmetics by Michelle Rainey Beauty

I believe risk-taking is a necessity for make-up artists. Stepping out of your comfort zone to use those not so neutral colors, to create designs, or even using new products were all risks that I took. Honestly, taking those risks has become some of my most admired work to date. My biggest risk thus far was starting Snatch’d Cosmetics by Michelle Rainey Beauty a liquid lipstick/lipgloss company. We invested our savings, and launched in 2017, we hit the ground running selling out our first year in business. Proving the risk was worth it! Read more>>

Michelle Lynch | Celebrity Stylist & Fashion Producer

Risk taking is essential when owning a business and it can be very scary. Every part of my journey has included some type of chance or risk taking leading to me being a Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Producer. You can plan your career path and/or your business but there will be opportunities along the way that will take you on a different ride than you had planned, so you should be open to change and willing to take risks on something unplanned. Now it’s not for the faint at heart, because it usually involves finances so you have to be smart in taking risks. Read more>>

Danielle Grabol | Chief Operating Officer, Personal Care Inc.

I am a big believer in being comfortable being uncomfortable. This means taking risks but it also means being willing to do things that others can’t and won’t do. In my line of work it is risky at times to have certain conversations or make controversial decisions. Because I am more comfortable in areas in which others might feel discomfort, it makes me able to have a “risky” conversation or take a risk with a decision. Of course I am incredibly logical and strategic in my plans. But finding a level of comfort being uncomfortable allows you to charter into territories that are unseen without feeling overwhelmed or emotional. Read more>>