We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Michel Valbrun | Tax Strategist & Award-Winning Author

Providing financial transformation and empowerment to over 1 million people. Read more>>

Ingrid Jordan | Award-Winning Actress

I want my legacy to continue the rise of women in film and behind the scenes. Standing in our greatness and purpose humbly, but gracefully as possible. Demanding to be heard and acknowledged for our sacrifices. Dreams live in us too and I want to play my part on helping women succeed at those dreams. Words are great, but remember me for my actions. Read more>>

Kaylie Ramsey | CEO of The Butterfly Effect: Young Ladies Ministry

The dictionary defines “legacy” as a thing handed down by a predecessor. The handing down of faith, compassion, and truth is what I want to leave to young ladies and youth all around the world. I want people to remember that I exuded faith, compassion, and truth. Having and keeping your faith in Jesus Christ and the gifts He has placed within you, no matter how low it gets, will always triumph over fear. Compassion for all will continuously keep you humble and respectful, which will keep your heart joyful. Lastly, speaking your truth without a bit of shame will keep your free. Read more>>

Jenae Cason | Graphic Designer, Website Designer & Consultant, Government Contractor, Mentor, Computer Programmer, & Instructor

I want my legacy to be a creative designer paving the way for others in the field of technology, graphic design, and outreach to the youth. I want people to remember me as a person who did and taught every skill that God has blessed me with and shared freely with others. Read more>>

Alex Sasser | Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader & Mom

This question haunts me, in the best of ways, though. It pains me to think of the mere possibility that my life won’t mean much or make even the tiniest impact on our world. I want my life to be full of purpose — and just like anyone, leave a positive legacy. Finding myself in the box of mundane, ordinary living would be a personal fail in my book. There is too much life, imagination, and opportunity to live like that. To remember that we are going to be gone one day is perhaps the biggest motivator to live our life to the full. I even think what the world needs most from us is to think about leaving it better than we found it by creating an impactful legacy and living outside of the box. Read more>>

Bianca Xaviera Jones | Author & Ghostwriter

I want my legacy to be that I crafted great Black Romance stories, and movies that people will dissect for many years to come. I want people to write about how I introduced new writers to many different avenues. Read more>>

Dessa Nue | Singer/Sonwriter

I want my legacy to be as great as God wants it to be, we never know were we will end up in life and its only by Gods grace that we can climb the highest Mountain and reach the goals that we set for ourselves. I want the people to remember me as a Dream chaser and risk taker but most of all a Honest and Pure soul. Read more>>

Fatima Camara | Fashion Designer

Empowering the artisans that I work with is the core value of my brand. All designs from 10,000 Threads are handmade vu local artisans. I want to be remembered as a black woman from Guinea, West Africa who contributed to the economical development of her country through something she was passionate about: fashion. Read more>>

James Caldwell | Social Change Influencer, Industry Consultant

I want people to know that I was dedicated to adding value to other people’s lives. More than anything, I am driven by service. Everyone can serve in some capacity. We all have experiences which can be shared both good and bad. Sharing our experiences with the next generation of creatives will help them better navigate life. In this time of protest, we should all remember the words of George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This 1905 quote is from, The Life of Reason: Reason in Common Sense. Reason and common sense are needed more than ever in this time of unrest. Read more>>

Jahrobi Ihsan | Bestselling Author & Certified Life Coach

I want my legacy to be long lasting. I would like for people to remember me as a humanitarian. Someone who contributed to knowledge, wealth, and growth within the black community. In terms of my personal traits and characteristics, I want to be remembered by my genuine and loving spirit. Read more>>

Arron Muller | Social Work Therapist

I want my legacy to be that I shifted the narrative about mental health stigma in the Black community. Also that I created a lane to encourage men of color to pursue a career as a Therapist. Read more>>

Jennaé Arnold | Lifestyle Coach

I want my legacy to be that I was a truth seeker. I loved to learn and was always learning. Most importantly I shared what I learned with others, and didn’t harbor the truth for myself. Read more>>