Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. What’s tough about all of these vocations is that there is no clocking in and clocking out. So what should one do – work all day? Never work? Work 9-5? Finding work life balance when you work for yourself isn’t easy, but it is important.

Latasha Matthews | Licensed Professional Counselor-Emotional Wellness Expert

My balance has increased significantly as my role and business has grown and evolved. I believe setting healthy boundaries and doing things that you are passionate about will create space for balance, peace and harmony in your life. I know that I have established balance when my spiritual, financial, emotional, professional and mental areas are aligned with my goals and desires. Read more>>

Willesia Crawley | Atlanta Photographer and Creative

Following my last interview with VoyageATL, I was so pleased with the exposure the magazine feature allotted me. With that being said, I’ve had to ramp up how I organize my work life balance. At one point I found myself working on reports for my full and part time job, in between editing images, AND preparing for military trainings. I was SWAMPED. Now I carry a planner everywhere and remain consistent with my daily to-do lists that include some fun for myself and loved ones. Read more>>

Elizabeth Parris | Owner/Operator: ZiL Catering

There is something about us women. We are strong & smart. We are planners, doers & multi-task completers! We are kind & motivators of all. I am a wife , mother, grand-mother, multiple business owner (ZiL Catering, LLC & Tropical Smoothie Cafe’ – Midtown Atlanta) and a Nurse. Being able to balance it all is something inherent in me. I was raised by strong women. My mom, aunts and grandmother are all very strong pillars of the family. I had no other choice but to echo this mentality. Read more>>

Brittany Garman | Chief Creative Officer & Designer, Mina & Vine

Work life balance is a very, very hard lesson for every entrepreneur I’ve ever known, including myself. In the early stages of co-founding Mina & Vine, I’ll admit, there was no work life balance. As an entrepreneur you feel a tremendous amount of pressure to build your business quickly in fear someone might beat you to market or put you out of business even before you start. Taking time for yourself just isn’t a priority when you have a mile long to-do list and despite best efforts, you become obsessive. Read more>>

Glori Beaufort | Professional Photographer

I had none. I’ve struggled with time-management & focus since I was a kid. But when I got to staying up 24-hrs straight without sleep just meet a deadline or having panic attacks in the car before meeting up with a client, that left little-to-no energy for me to devote to my daughter & other things I enjoyed. That’s when I realized I needed some extra help. There wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for me. It was a weakness of mine & I needed a professional to guide me to that balance. Read more>>

Mackenzie Ortiz | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Before I had my son, my life was more balanced understandably. I would work a wedding and within the next month I would often have the photos ready to send to the client. I really enjoyed having the extra time to put the finishing touches on a project. Now, things look a little different. I love being a mom and an entrepreneur! Becoming a mom has pushed me to carve out specific time for editing so that I get my projects done and also have time for family. Right now I use my son’s naps as work time and it’s working well so far! Read more>>

Dawn Halfkenny | Actor/Producer

The most important key to life, is to take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m the type of person who has a daily “to do” list. Being a creative individual, I often find myself moving around almost nonstop; but I definitely rest when needed. When you take care of yourself properly you feel good and it shows in your work. I also eat right, exercise daily and have a consistent prayer life. Read more>>

Christy Luxe | Sports Executive and Talent Manager

A few short years ago, I believed that the only way to truly be successful was to spend every waking moment of every day “grinding”. Busy and productive were synonyms in my head. After years of this mentality, my body began to physically shut down. I realized I was over worked, and not all of my efforts resulted in revenue. I was exhausted, yet I had still not seen the fruits of my labor. I began to refocus, prioritize and “unclutter” my life. Read more>>

Joevan Palmer | Social Worker & Entrepreneur

My work-life balance has changed over time as I am putting more time into my balance and putting systems and people in places where I am not so strong in. When I first got started in entrepreneurship, I was the marketer, social media strategist, decision-maker, accountant, designer, you name it, I was it. Over time, I have found myself stressed out, overworked, and never having enough time to myself. Read more>>

Taylor DeThomas | Talent Agent

Work life balance was something I had to learn pretty early on in my career as a talent agent. In the age of technology where we can literally bring our work with us in the palm of our hands, it can be difficult to know when it’s OK to “turn it off.” When I first started out as an assistant to the owner of a company, I was new to the work force and trying to impress so I would wake up and check emails, then spend my whole work day checking emails, and then even check them numerous times after hours and up until I went to sleep. Read more>>

Amanda Washington | Theatre Director & Educator

Over time I have realized the importance of having a life outside of my work. I used to be so consumed with checking off my job to-do list, it felt that I wasn’t truly living. To have goals and work at accomplishing them is fine, but to be dominated by those goals drains a person. To counteract this, I started dedicating a certain amount of hours a day to myself. Things I do during that time consist of going for: walk, chatting with friends, listening to a new podcast, or just watching a tv show. The things I do to destress or just to get away from work don’t have to be huge, but it cannot be work-related. Read more>>

Joseph O’Reilly | Photographer/Videographer/Musician/Artist

This question hits home to me right now. Unfortunately over the past 7 months or so, I’ve had 2 falls. I broke my feet on the 1st and my shoulder on the second, both within 2 months of each other. Several factors led to both but I do believe that sleep deprivation and pushing myself to hard were key. My full time job was suffering as well as some of my clients because of it. I’ve been forced to take a leave of absence & am just now getting back to holding my cameras. With the time I’ve had to reflect, I have definitely learned the need and power of a balanced life. Read more>>